The Mess That Greenspan Made

Put a Fork in Him

Didn’t know that former Daily Show regular Samantha Bee had her own late night show, one that debuted last night on TBS, but if this little segment is representative of the work being done there, setting up the DVR to record might be a good idea.

It really is time for Jeb to go, but it’s not really his fault. In another election year, he might have been just what GOP voters want, but not with the mood of the electorate as it is and loud mouthed front-runners offering simple solutions for all their grievances.

Tuesday Morning Links

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Echoes of the 2008 Financial Crisis

I’d have titled this “Explaining the 2008 financial crisis in one commercial”, as one individual in this article at CNN/Money characterized the QuickenLoans Super Bowl commercial below that makes us all think of ten years ago, but that title was too long to fit.

I mean … nice commercial and everything, but QuickenLoans was one of the worst offenders during the era of mortgage madness, giving the unwashed masses more than enough rope to hang themselves vis-a-vis tapping their home equity and such.

I’m repeatedly amazed to see that they’re still around, given the role they played.

There were these comments too: “Thanks Rocket Mortgage for thinking the ‘08 housing crisis needed a sequel” and “Correct me if i’m wrong, but the last time mortgages were this easy there was some sort of global meltdown, right?”

Monday Morning Links

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The Elephant Not in the Room

We will find out soon enough if the absence of front-runner Donal Trump at last night’s Republican presidential debate has any impact on his chance of capturing the GOP nomination. Meanwhile, cartoons such as the one below are providing a boost for those already weary of the marathon 2016 presidential election cycle.

From the Dana Summers archive at the Tribune Content Agency.

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