The Mess That Greenspan Made

Tuesday Morning Links

China growth slows to five-year low – BBC
China’s Slowing Growth Is OK – For Now – WSJ
Ebola crisis turns a corner as U.S. issues new treatment protocols – Reuters
When It Comes to Beheadings, ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia – Newsweek
Oil at $80 a Barrel Muffles Forecasts for U.S. Shale Boom – Bloomberg
Triple Whammy Looms for China’s Oil Refiners as Crude Plunges – Businessweek
“Anti-Petrodollar” Total CEO Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow – Zero Hedge
Goldman: Stock Market is Manipulated, Buybacks Drive Valuations – Naked Capitalism
Forex-Rigging Fines Could Hit $41 Billion Globally: Citi – Bloomberg
How Markets Need $200 Billion Each Quarter From Central Bankers – Bloomberg
Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early – Reuters
Inheritance and Inequality – Project Syndicate
Poor Ron Paul… – Bonner & Partners

China relief helps shore up markets – AP
Wealth is outpacing income…and that’s a scary sign – CNN/Money
Value Investors Hoarding Cash See Few Bargains After Rout – Bloomberg
How investors can make the most of a rising dollar – MarketWatch
Sovereign Bonds Beating Stocks in October by Most in Two Years – Bloomberg
Gold hits one-month high on slowing China growth – Reuters
Gold Buying Rebounds in India on Diwali Jewelry Sales – Bloomberg
What The Strong Dollar Does With The Price Of Gold – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold price: ETF investors, hedge funds catch up to rally –
How Much Gold Is On Loan Worldwide? – SRSrocco Report

Cautious optimism on the economy – Washington Post
Social Safety Net Lifted 39 Million Out of Poverty in 2013 – Fiscal Times
What NCR just Said about the American Retail Quagmire – Wolf Street
No, Higher Velocity Will Not Necessarily Mean Higher Inflation – PragCap
Does the Egertsson/Mehrotra model of secular stagnation work? – Marginal Revolution
Hong Kong leader indicates possible concession as student-govt talks start – Reuters
Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says – Quartz
Oil Slump Rings Alarm Bells for Nigeria as Elections Loom – Bloomberg
Is Mortgage Credit Too Tight, Too Loose or Just Right? – CoreLogic
How big should central bank balance sheets be? – Money & Banking
Why you weren’t invited to the Fed’s ‘ethics’ talk with Wall Street – MarketWatch
How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers – Washington’s Blog
The Fed’s New Labor Market Measure – Mises


The History of Money

After stumbling upon this item at the Telegraph with an infographic on the history of money, I went searching for the source, only to find that there are tons of infographics on the subject as shown below:

You’d think the central bank powers that be would have some appreciation for this subject and, more importantly, a recognition of how far we have strayed from whatever might have been considered “normal” for the last few thousand years, but they probably don’t.

Monday Morning Links

Dow futures fall sharply after IBM miss – USA Today
Asia shares surge after Wall Street rally – Channel News Asia
Four Lessons of a Wild Market Week – Bloomberg
European Central Bank starts stimulus purchases – AP
Russian rouble weakens on debt downgrade – BBC
Russian Finance Minister: Oil prices won’t recover – RT News
Who’s Afraid of the Russians Cutting Natural Gas Supplies? – Bloomberg
BIS chief economist warns of dangers of easy money – Channel News Asia
On the Tendency of Large Market Losses to Occur in Succession – Hussman Funds
The Downside of Do Whatever it Takes – Noland, Prudent Bear
The history of money: from barter to bitcoin – Telegraph
Replica of Monticello is up for sale at $6.5 million – LA Times
Move over, Dallas Cowboys. America has a new team – CNBC

European markets fail to pick up Asia’s baton – AP
Does Wall Street have another wild week ahead? – USA Today
Wall Street attempts to navigate the era of ‘Yellen put’ – Washington Post
Markets not looking to repeat Black Monday – MarketWatch
Investing for dummies—and smart guys—in a whipsaw market – CNBC
The deja-vu selloff is reaching a ‘crisis bottom’: McClellan – MarketWatch
Leveraged Money Spurs Selloff as Record Treasuries Trade – Bloomberg
Gold climbs above $1,240/oz as European stocks retreat – Reuters
Gold Bulls Lured Back for First Time in Two Months – Bloomberg
The Chinese Precious Metals Market Is On Fire – BullionStar
India’s Diwali festivities could push Gold higher – BullionStreet

Economic malaise clouds Florida governor’s race – AP
Stop with the fiction of a binary economy – Washington Post
UK economic growth to fall to 2.4% in 2015, says EY Item Club – BBC
‘Poets and Alchemists’: Berlin and Paris Undermine Euro Stability – Spiegel
Why the Chinese Yuan is Being Courted in Canada – FP
How eurozone gloom is blighting the UK housing market – Telegraph
Housing market slowing down, fewer millennials buying homes – Fresno Bee
FHA is set to return to anti-house-flipping restrictions – LA Times
Market action reinforces need for policy patience: Fed’s Rosengren – Reuters
Amid QE, indiscriminate investing has taken place: Dallas Fed’s Fisher – CNBC
Volatility Unlikely to Alter Fed’s Policy Course – NY Times
The boom-and-bust Fed’s rental society – Asia Times


Hopeful at Barron’s

There’s a clear sense of “let’s just get this correction over with” at Barron’s over the weekend in Big Money Poll: The Bull Will Be Right Back ($) where the graphic below appeared.

We’ll see if Mr. Market cooperates. So far this morning, Mr. Market seems grumpy.

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