The Mess That Greenspan Made

One might get the feeling that investors are on to something with their reaction to the recent market slide, namely, that Wall Street has, in recent years, created new and different ways to crash that bypass any regulatory measures put in place since the 2008 crash.

From a Marketwatch story this morning comes the chart below showing equity fund withdrawals that, on Tuesday, reached Lehman levels.

Have a look at three other stories in the previous links post if you doubt the premise:

Friday Morning Links

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After the “Great Sedation”

Jim Grant talks about the possibility of sustainable, “free-range” interest rates in the wake of what, increasingly, looks like just a run-of-the-mill, albeit much needed correction for the stock market that, now, should be pretty interesting to watch in the weeks ahead.

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Thursday Morning Links

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$2.1 trillion erased from U.S. stocks in 6 days – CNN/Money
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It’s Getting Tighter – Krugman, NY Times


Cramer Says Sell! Sell! Sell! China Stocks

I don’t know if anyone still watches CNBC and, if so, whether Mad Money’s Jim Cramer still has people tuning in, but there’s a strange sense of deja-vu in this clip from yesterday in which he laments the recent market crash correction and provides some free advice.

Things become kind of surreal at about the 2:15 mark when he comments on (and successfully pronounces, apparently) Guangdong Meiyan Jixiang Hydropower Company and the now failed Chinese government’s support of its share price.

I had to stop the video there…

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