The Mess That Greenspan Made

More Retirees at Risk

Via this Marketwatch story detailing the latest U.S. retirement survey data comes the chart below depicting how less than half of U.S. retirees will be able to maintain their standard of living after they pick up their golden watch and their last paycheck.

Of course, one easy solution to this worsening problem is to lower your standard of living (i.e., spend less) while you’re working so that the transition into your golden years is much easier, but that’s kind of an un-American thing to do.

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A Dovish Fed? The Same, Just Different

I’m still catching up on what happened today at the Fed meeting that resulted in stocks turning in their best day of the year. Apparently, stock traders liked what they said.

After looking at the photo above from this Marketwatch story, clearly, a lot of people have placed a lot of trust in a lot of white-haired economists at the Fed.

UPDATE: OK, I’ve read a bit about what went on today and this WSJ item does a good job of detailing the tortured semantics that necessitated a title change above.

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