The Mess That Greenspan Made

While following U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s tweets is not part of my regular morning routine and, perhaps, there is some important context missing here (none that was obvious after a little poking around), it appears that David Cameron doesn’t think much of China’s economy as he trumpets the recent rate of GDP growth at home.

This came to my attentions via this Telegraph story where it is learned that the next U.K. election is only 37 days away – that explains a lot about the creation of this graphic.

Nonetheless, a simple change from “Major” to “Western” would have been better.

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The Dismal Trend in Median Income

I don’t recall what prompted the search for this chart at the St. Louis Federal Reserve but, when it was found, it was deemed to be so thoroughly depressing that it just had to be shared, knowing that it could be made to look even worse if such things as the dearth of recent household formation and rising health care costs were somehow superimposed.

Sadly, a chart showing real mean (average) household income could not be located at the St. Louis Fed. If one were available, then another good example of rising income inequality vis-a-vis the difference between median and mean could be offered.

Alas, this graphic on median vs. mean wages at the Social Security Administration can substitute – what was once a gap of $5,000 per year has grown to be a gap of $15,000.


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