Though it’s cousin “fugly” has yet to make an appearance, “ugly” seems to be the operative word for those writing headlines associated with this morning’s labor report:

• Ugly Jobs Report Shows US Payrolls Add 18K, Unemployment 9.2%
• Unemployment Report July 8… UGLY!!!
• June Jobs Report: the Ugly, the Ugly and the Ugly
• Diving Down into the Jobs Report: Ugly, Ugly, Ugly
• US Jobs: How many ways to say ugly?

Even uglier (or so it would seem) is the long-term trend in long-term unemployment as charted by Reuters in this story over at FT Alphaville:

In an informal survey, the phrase “unmitigated disaster” ranked a close second to ugly – for both this morning’s June payrolls and the dismal multi-decade trend shown above.