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Fed Dollar Swaps Over Time

Since reading about the central bank dollar swap program announced the other day and that it really isn’t anything new, just the resurrection of a 2008-era crisis facility, plotting these swap lines versus everything else on the Fed’s balance sheet seemed like a good idea.

As shown above, the program “sprang to life” in December 2008 and, based on what’s happened in recent days, it looks like it just might spring to life again in the period ahead.

Moral Degenerates, Sociopaths, Psychopaths

Anyone wondering about the worst-case scenario following the MF Global bankruptcy filing, one that included the loss looting of almost a billion dollars in customer accounts, is encouraged to have a listen to this interview with former commodities broker Ann Barnhardt at Financial Sense Online in which the terms in the title above are used to describe the people running the global financial system.

Barnhardt notes that we are no longer a nation of laws, but rather, a nation of men, namely a group of “criminal oligarchs”  like former MF Global chief Jon Corzine who, for all intents and purposes, are above the law.

That particular idea looks like it will be put to the test in short order as the House Agriculture Committee sent a subpoena his way earlier today.

A total systemic collapse is in our not-too-distant future according to Barnhardt and the purchase of precious metals and shotgun shells are recommended over stocks and bonds.

The characterization of the Securities and Exchange Commission as an inept group dominated by affirmative action hires and lots more fun stuff are in this interview that, come to think of it, just might be worth a second listen.

All of this from a woman who looks so sweet and unassuming…

A quick look at Barnhardt’s website and its videos reveals that she’s a bit prone to hyperbole, but this is still food for thought.

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The Labor Department reported that nonfarm payrolls rose by 120,000 in November while there were major upward revisions to data from prior months and the unemployment rate reached a two-and-a-half year low, falling from 9.0 percent to 8.6 percent.

The number of unemployed people fell from 13.9 million in October to 13.3 million in November while the labor force shrank from 154.2 million to 153.9 million, so, it was a combination of these two factors that drove the jobless rate lower. The broader U6 measure of under-employment (including discouraged workers and those settling for part-time work) fell from 16.2 percent to 15.6 percent.


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