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ISM Manufacturing Index Still Improving

Given all the recent better-than-expected reports on the U.S. economy, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see the ISM manufacturing index at a six-month high, up from 52.7 in November to 53.9 in December with a strong reading for leading indicators.

The new orders component rose from 56.7 to 57.7 and the drawdown in backlog orders improved, up from 45 to 48 while employment, production, imports, and exports gained.

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Not Understanding Krugman on Debt

It is not entirely clear which is more entertaining this morning – re-reading Paul Krugman’s “Nobody Understands Debt” commentary from yesterday’s New York Times, in which he ignores the flight to safety from the eurozone over the last half of 2011 while arguing that low Treasury yields are a vote of confidence in the dual U.S. policies of record deficit spending and record money printing (the latter also helping to push bond prices up and yields down) … or the many retorts to his recent offering:

I’ve not read through all of these yet and my guess is the third item on the list above might express agreement with Krugman, though the fourth one probably does not.

There are no doubt lots more where these came from and, to be fair, there are probably an equal number of positive reactions as there are negative ones (just have a look at some of the comments on the original commentary). I suppose we’ll be hearing a lot more about the nation’s debt as the election season heats up…

The Farmland Boom in Iowa

After today, we won’t be hearing much about Iowa anymore as aspiring presidential candidates pack up and leave town following today’s caucuses, but, this NBC report on the farmland boom there puts things in a slightly different perspective than you may have heard after listening to talking heads on MSNBC and Fox News for the last few months.

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There are some pretty impressive statistics associated with the boom – per acre prices in Iowa up over 30 percent from last year and, across the entire Midwest, up about 25 percent … and you thought the real estate bubble was over.

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