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Gas Prices and Recessions

Anyone wondering about the relationship between rising gasoline prices and recessions might want to have a look at the chart below from the St. Louis Federal Reserve’’s FRED data base and observe that we seem to have “escaped a bullet” last year. But, if gas prices go as high this spring and summer as many are predicting, we may not be so lucky this year.

Energy Department data for retail gasoline prices only goes back to 1990, so, Labor Department data from the Consumer Price Index is used instead, presumably the only difference being that you get the CPI Gasoline index instead of gas prices on the left.

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Asset Class Mean Reversion

Here’s another fascinating chart by Jake over at EconomPicData in which the reversal of fortunes (well, at least, relatively speaking) for various asset classes is plotted in a scatter chart, a graphic format that, in my view, is underused by those wielding spreadsheets.

Of course, upper right being best and lower left being worst, it’s clear to see which assets have been the most consistent performers. But, interestingly, going back to the start of 2011 and using the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TLT), Long Treasuries are still outperforming spot gold, the former up 29.3 percent and the latter 25.1 percent higher.

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