Culled from the Police Reports page of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle come the best of the Bozeman police reports from the last week along with some items from the Sheriff’s Office. Note that a new book featuring the very best of these police reports is now available from the Chronicle for only $10 – just click on the banner below to find out how to order.

It’s been quite some time since Bozeman police reports have appeared here and, after going back a couple of weeks in the newspaper archives,  I was hoping to find some fun reports of bears during their hyperphagia stage (i.e., when they eat anything and everything prior to hibernation), but, so far, it’s been slim pickins. It’s probably still a bit early as the first sustained blast of cold weather has just begun, so, checking back in a week or two sounds like it would be a good ideas. Nonetheless, here’s what turned up:

  • An injured bear was seen limping on Bridger Drive.
  • A black bear tipped over a trash can at a Willson Avenue home.
  • A cow and bull were on Chief Joseph Middle School grounds at 11:40 a.m.
  • An extremely intoxicated man wanted to meet with officers. It was unknown exactly what the problem was, but he mentioned needing a timeout.
  • A black bear seen running across Kagy Blvd. was carrying a bag of what looked like trash.
  • An officer stopped a man who he saw running on Main Street earlier but was unable to stop at that point. The man said he was racing his roommate home from the bar and now he has lost the race.
  • A man who turned in a laptop he found requested that it be returned to him. An officer explained that, while he found it, it is not his property.
  • A man reported that a woman “scratched the hell out of his arteries.”
  • A man threatened to shoot a married couple and “put them up in a tree like a bear cat.”
  • A man was standing over a woman who was face down in a puddle and yelling at her.
  • A woman reported that her “stupid husband” exposed himself to a mother and daughter.
  • A man asked how he could get a car off his property that had been there since 1996.
  • A couch was on fire in front of a Grant Street house.