Ilana Mercer talks to Karen De Coster about the origins of the government’s dietary recommendations and the official “food pyramid” in this item at

The government deserves all of the blame because the food pyramid was not founded on science, but rather, it was based on politics and serving special interests. The food pyramid is a purely political animal developed by politicians for political purposes. It was Senator George McGovern and his Select Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs that gave us these politicized and destructive federal dietary guidelines.

Food PyramidThe food politics of the Committee were set in motion and McGovern’s Dietary Goals for the U.S. were hammered out at the hands of federal politicians and a journalist who wrote the final draft. These dietary guidelines attacked the meat and dairy industries while they propped up the powerful grain cartels. The guidelines were heavily influenced by lobbying from the food industry foot-soldiers who vilified animal fat and won, in spite of the numerous, highly qualified scientists who debunked their political agenda with the power of science. The Dietary Goals for the United States (The McGovern Report) were issued in 1977, leading to the 1980 publication of Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans, first edition. Since that time, the government has had a non-scientific lock on dietary-nutritional central planning.

This political catastrophe set the stage for the Industrial Food Machine corporatocracy and 3+ decades of the government Conventional Wisdomists and their Big Food allies making Americans fat and sick, while also sending our calamitous food “culture” overseas to make everyone else fat and sick, too.

There’s more there about diet recommendations (e.g., “the government pyramid sells agricultural products; it doesn’t sell health”), Frankefoods (genetically modified food), and CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) for anyone who might be interested.