Amazon’s Bezos buys Washington Post – BBC
Australian central bank cuts rate to record low – AP
Australia Interest Rate Policy Risks Home Bubble – WSJ
Australia’s decade-long boom built on China demand turns to bust – NDN
Fisher: Fed should cut bond buys next month unless data worsens – Reuters
Fed September Taper Decision Dependent On One Data Release – BI
Summers-Yellen Debate Could Threaten Economy – Washington Post
Fed Should Reverse Commodity Policy, CFTC’s Chilton Says – Bloomberg
What student debt? How the other millennials think about money – Reuters
The Recent Bond Market Selloff in Historical Perspective – NY Fed
Economists: The Case for Admitting You Just Don’t Know – Bloomberg
Blame the Economists . . . – The Big Picture

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Futures edge lower in very light trading – AP
Public Pensions Up 12% as Stocks Soar – Bloomberg
Australia dollar fights losses after rate cut – MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall Before $72 Billion of Sales This Week – Bloomberg
Gold falls below $1,300 as economic data hurts – Reuters
Silver motorbikes and staggering silver imports in India – Mineweb
Financing for miners drops 56 percent in Q2 2013 –
Sorry, Silver Bulls: HSBC Sees Metal Stalling Out at $23 – Barron’s
China’s Gold Imports From Hong Kong Decline as Demand Slows – Bloomberg
Gold miners insist they are not in ‘dire straits’ – CNBC

Jobless Rate More Like 7.9% – Barron’s
10 jobs created by Obamacare – MarketWatch
India’s Rupee Plunges to Record on Fed Concern – Bloomberg
In struggle for clear message, policymakers harm rupee – Reuters
To end the Eurozone crisis, bury the debt forever – voxeu
British manufacturing output rebounds in June – CNA
Obama to Claim Some Credit for Housing Rebound – Fiscal Times
Mortgage closing costs up 6% this year – CNN/Money
Demand for luxury residences goes sky-high in New York – FT
Summers’ Enron Connection Is Reason Not To Make Him Fed Chief – HuffPost
The Case for Fed Tapering Sooner Rather Than Later – oftwominds
Who Does America’s Banker Wants as Fed Chairman? – Bloomberg
Fed’s Fisher Weighs In on Chairman Succession Debate – WSJ