Bank of America liable for Countrywide mortgages fraud – Reuters
Countrywide defrauded Fannie and Freddie, jury rules – CNN/Money
Central Banks Drop Tightening Talk as Easy Money Goes On – Bloomberg
Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose – Ron Paul, Freedom Foundation
Hot Water: German Foreign Minister Summons US Ambassador – Spiegel
Greenspan Knew There Was A Bubble In 2008, But Refuses To Apologize – Zero Hedge
The Man Who Won a Nobel Prize for Helping Create a Global Financial Crisis – Triple Crisis
18 Signs Economists Haven’t the Foggiest – Unlearning Economics
McDonald’s helps workers get food stamps – CNN/Money
Obamacare Deadline Pushed Back Six Weeks – Fiscal Times
White House reveals key flaw in Obamacare website – CNBC
Heckuva job, Sebelius – Politico

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World stocks rise on better Chinese manufacturing – AP
Indian shares hit near three-year highs – Channel News Asia
SPITZNAGEL: This Distorted Stock Market Is Set Up For A Crash – BI
Difficult to see what will support a bull market over next 5 years – MarketWatch
ETF Investors Now More Deeply Invested in Dividend Funds Than Treasuries – Barron’s
TIPS Head for Biggest Two-Month Gain in a Year Before Auction – Bloomberg
Gold edges up towards 4-week high, focus on U.S. data – Reuters
Sprott open letter challenges WGC/GFMS gold demand figures – Mineweb
Delay in Fed taper puts gold at key juncture – Bullionvault
Switzerland Has Never Exported This Much Gold – Koos Jansen
China’s Demand for Gold – Peterson Institute

The Biggest Economy Killer: Our Government – NY Times
The Disability-Industrial Complex -Conversable Economist
Did Obamacare Cause an Increase in Part-Time Jobs? – Mish
China central bank fuels fears of inflation clampdown – Reuters
China manufacturing improving: HSBC data – Marketwatch
Has China’s Debt Crisis Moment Arrived? – Wall Street Journal
Europe already has one foot in ‘Japanese’ deflation grave – Telegraph
Will The Entire Japanese Banking System Blow Up? – Teststerone Pit
Home affordability sinks as housing slows – CNBC
Has Housing Peaked? – Standard & Poor’s Housing Views
Kyle Bass: Fed Won’t Raise Rates for 3-5 Years – Financial Sense
World War Zirp – FT Alphaville