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Like a Ball and Chain

Someday, these post-financial crisis years will be looked back upon as being one of the most damaging periods to the American psyche with soaring wealth/income inequality topping the list of ills due, in large part, to monetary/fiscal policies enacted by TPTB.

Not far down said list is the burgeoning student loan problem that is transforming an entire generation and this CNN/Money story provides a view of things from recent graduates.

Interestingly, I have some first hand experience with this issue recently where a surprising number of ski instructors I’ve worked with over the winter are 20-something recent graduates who, you’d think, should be doing something different at this time.

A common refrain is that the four-year degree is the new high-school diploma and they all dread the student loan bills coming due.

Here’s the chart from about half-way through a highly entertaining Ted talk (due in part to a Tennessee twang) given by hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones depicting where the U.S. stands on a measure of inequality via-a-vis social ills (go here for the entire clip).

It’s not clear how that left scale is calculated, by my guess is that the American obesity epidemic is what puts this nation off the chart.

Of course, the headlines that were generated from this talk had to do with how situations like those depicted in the chart are resolved and I’ve obliged in the title above.

Our Fat Future and Other American Ills

More evidence that Devo was right comes via this Marketwatch story explaining why our collective American future may not be so bright. It includes the chart below (along with three others that all point in the same direction) as the reason for concern.

About the only good news here is that we seem to have licked the hunger problem…

With each passing year, the prospect of Federal Reserve rate hikes seem more and more like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football held in place by Lucy Van Pelt in one of the better known scenes from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

That point should be pretty clear in the chart below that appears in this Bloomberg story.

“Ha! You’ll pull it away and I’ll land flat on my back and kill myself.”

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