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Brooks on Rose on Trump

When NY Times columnist David Brooks last appeared on Charlie Rose he said he had to get outside the New York – Washington bubble in order to understand the appeal of Republican Nominee for President, Donald Trump. In this return visit, he shares what he’s learned.

Lots of interesting stuff here – Hillbilly Elegy, “word-people” and those who aren’t, Trump’s extremely strong “short-burst” sentences, etc.

Debt, Without the Degree

There should be a great deal of sympathy (and, yes, someone in the gubment should actually do something) for those who failed at their attempt at higher education and are now saddled with the debt sans the degree (that would help then pay back said debt).

In this story at Bloomberg, the default data is tallied and – Surprise! – dropouts are defaulting at alarming rates.

Yeah,  college is nice, but it’s not for everybody, and this is very much a case of giving someone too much rope with which to hang themselves.

Many years ago, when dropouts would walk away with a few thousand dollars in student load debt, it wasn’t such a big deal, but the numbers are much, much bigger today. Most 20-year old dropouts (surely there are quite a few exceptions) shouldn’t have to wear the debt of their failed college experiment like a ball and chain in perpetuity.

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Journalism and Technology

It’s been many, many years since reading the Unabomber’s Manifesto, but his thoughts about the impact of uncontrolled technology development are applicable today in the quandary that journalism finds itself in, as detailed last night by John Oliver.

Yes, the Unabomber was nuts, but he made a number of very good points about technology and society that are even more important to consider two decades later.

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It’s nearly impossible to avoid the goings-on at the Republican National Convention, but I’ve found that it’s much more palatable to only get your RNC news from comedians.

Good point about the Melania Trump speech/plagiarism – “this is a truly astonishing display of incompetence – they ripped off a passage about the value of hard work”.

Generational Overlap

Oh geez … nothing in the headlines (e.g., coup attempts, terrorist attacks, police shootings) to keep the Republican Convention from getting maximum coverage in the news today.

How about generational overlap, courtesy of this item at the Wall Street Journal?

FWIW – I’m in that 5-year overlap – never felt comfortable being called a baby boomer and even less so for Gen X – didn’t know that a big overlap was the exception, not the rule.

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