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Back in a Few…

We are off to the Crazy Mountains for the next few days…

Bowman Lake

As one might imagine from the picture below taken by the missus earlier in the week at Bowman Lake in the North Fork section of Glacier National Park, it’s been difficult getting back into the swing of things here on a Friday in July.

We had never been to this area before and were glad we finally ventured up that way. As detailed here, it’s in one of the more remote parts of the park and it’s meant to be kept that way, something that comes fairly easily when the roads are kept as they are.

Back In a Few…

We’re off to Glacier National Park for the next few days – whatever this is, I hope we see it.

Back in a Few…

The weather looks pretty iffy, so, we may beat a hasty retreat back here and in short order, but we’re off to the park for a few days of camping, hiking, and such.

We were last in Yellowstone in March when they still had snow piled 10-15 feet high in some places so, it should be interesting to see how things look now after a pretty severe winter and, lately, lots of rains (and snow at the higher elevations).

We never get tired of the place, though we do our best to avoid it during July and August (with the exception of some day trips) since people flock here from all over the country, making the roads crowded with first-timers and the campgrounds packed.

Where we’re going is a little higher elevation and they just opened up for the season on Saturday, so, we’re expecting to see some snow on the ground and have some cold nights.

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