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The “glass half empty” folks over at Zero Hedge hoisted this item back up the other day, no doubt aimed at anyone basking in the schadenfreude, now coming in wave after wave, associated with the ongoing global stock market swoon.

Of course, this classic Quantitative Easing Explained xtranormal offering pops up as a related item when viewing the video above at YouTube, helping to explain why BTFD may not be working so well anymore, that is, until QE4 arrives.

They’ll Probably Ask About This…

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen just released her semi-annual Monetary Policy Report to Congress and will soon trudge up to Capitol Hill where, based on the chart below, she’ll have some ’splainin’ to do.

Question number one for those elected officials who aren’t otherwise preoccupied with such things as auditing the Fed will likely be, “Do you regret raising interest rates two months ago?”, for which Yellen will surely have an eloquent prepared response.

Two-Term Presidents and U.S. Stocks

Another fine infographic over at the Visual Capitalist reminds us of how the last few eight-year stock cycles coinciding with two-term presidents haven’t worked out so well toward the end of those periods, that is, unless you’re a short-seller.

Of course, the main subject for the infographic is gold as an investment and it’s worth pointing out (as many others have already done so far this year) that the yellow metal is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do at times like this.

Gundlach on the Fed

From this story at Barron’s detailing the views of DoubleLine Capital bond fund king Jeffrey Gundlach at a recent conference come these gems about the central bank’s group therapy session now underway in snow covered Washington D.C.

“Frozen in their thinking”

“The Fed really needs to dial down the rhetoric or the markets will humiliate them with further declines”

The Fed’s models are based on “GDP forecast that has been wrong for years — it’s like the triumph of hope over experience, like a second marriage.”

“What the heck are these people doing?”

“Whistling past the graveyard.”

Of course, it’s all about that little squiggle to the right in the chart below (via this item at Quartz) and, more importantly, the possibility that more squiggles appear.

Boy, that 2004-2006 Greenspan “baby-steps” campaign is a thing of beauty. No?

Gallows Humor: 2016 Stock Market Edition

Philip van Doorn at Marketwatch has compiled a set of ten hilarious cartoons about the recent stock market swoon with the one below, understandably,  topping the list:

Sadly, this probably describes the experience of a lot of retail investors who, over the years, have paid too much attention to the day-to-day developments and suffered as a result.

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