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Friday Morning Links

U.S. stocks near records after monster rally – MarketWatch
How The Fed Masterfully Punk’d Algos Into A Stock Buying Frenzy – ZH
Central Banks Are Now Uncorking The Delirium Phase – Contra Corner
The Conventional Wisdom On Oil Is Always Wrong – 538 Economics
The Russian crisis just killed a big German gas deal – CNN/Money
America’s “Defeat Russia with Cheap Oil” Strategy is Failing – Russia Insider
Oil Crash Exposes New Risks for U.S. Shale Drillers – Bloomberg
JP Morgan: Texas Could Be Headed for an Oil-Fueled Recession – WSJ
The Currency That’s Dropped Further Than the Rouble This Year: Bitcoin – Newsweek
Rand Paul Says ‘Embargo Just Hasn’t Worked,’ Backs New Cuba Plan – reason.com
The Cuba Deal: Why is it Happening Now? – The Atlantic
The monologue that changed Stephen Colbert’s career – Vox

Global markets rally for 2nd day after Fed pledge – AP
More of the Same in Emerging Markets – Wealth of Common Sense
Oil Investors Bet Wrong on When Market Will Bottom – Bloomberg
A big year for IPOs—and next year may be even bigger – CNBC
Widest Spread Since 1999 Shows Reading on Fed – Bloomberg
Yellen Drives Treasury Volatility with More to Come – Bloomberg
Gold below $1,200/oz on dollar, shares; heads for weekly loss – Reuters
Banks See Wide Range For Gold In 2015 As Prices Search For A Bottom – Kitco
Is Russia Being Driven Into the Arms of China? – GoldCore
Russia Is Not Selling Gold – BullionStar

Maybe There’s No Such Thing as a Business Cycle – Bloomberg
Why Germany is having a merrier Christmas – CNBC
The sun is setting on the emerging market miracle – Telegraph
China’s GDP Revision Adds Output Equal to Malaysian Economy – Bloomberg
BOJ Keeps Record Easing as Oil Price Tumble Challenges Kuroda – Bloomberg
China’s wealth finds home in Washington state – AP
Risky New Mortgage Rules Could Take Us Back to 2008 – Fiscal Times
Elizabeth Warren allies march outside Citi: ‘Break big banks’ – CNN/Money
Fed Delivers the Message that Our Economy is Dead – First Rebuttal
Fed Grants Volcker Reprieve in Banks Second Big Win This Month – MoneyNews


Thursday Morning Links

Fed Will Be ‘Patient’ on Interest Rate Timing – NY Times
Fed calls time on $5.7 trillion of EM dollar debt – Telegraph
Oil prices carry on rebounding after the Fed – MarketWatch
Putin accuses West of trying to sideline Russia – AP
Putin seeks to ease fears over Russian economic crisis – BBC
Russia may seek China help to deal with crisis – SCMP
Switzerland surprises with negative interest rate – Reuters
Obama opens relations with Cuba, easing half-century standoff – McClatchy
Wall Street Salivating Over Further Destruction of Financial Reform – Mother Jones
How Inside Traders Are Rigging America – Robert Reich
The American Revolution Was Not a Party – Mises
12 Great Gifts for the Super Rich – Fiscal Times

Fed rate wording boosts world stock markets – AP
Don’t wait for the Santa Claus Rally – Financial Post
The Secular Extinction Of Stock Market Bears – Zero Hedge
I’m Not Buying the Wall Street Rip, Nor the Keynesian Rap – Contra Corner
Treasuries Drop as Stocks Gain After Fed Rates Pledge – Bloomberg
Gold rises 2 pct as Fed takes patient stance on rate hike – Reuters
U.S. Gold Exports Jump 70% In September – SRSrocco Report
Mining stocks rally across the board – Mining.com
Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap – Gold Eagle
Money, trust and gold – Gold Chat

Public-Sector Workers Are Well Paid And Hard To Fire – IBD
Teen Jobs and the Dog that Didn’t Bark – Political Calculations
German business more bullish as euro weakens – MarketWatch
Greek Markets Suggest Government May Fall – Bloomberg
A Glimpse Into How Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Works – WSJ
Russians Quit London Luxury Homes as Only Super-Rich Stay – Bloomberg
Least Expensive Homes Languish Underwater Even As Equity Rises – WSJ
How the Fed has Wall Street addicted to cheap credit – NY Post
Fed’s Most Interesting Man Exits – Bloomberg
The Fed and the best of all worlds – Economist


Wednesday Morning Links

Russia Is So Screwed – Slate
Russia’s rouble crisis: Going over the edge – Economist
Ruble rebounds on report Russia is selling foreign currency – MarketWatch
Rouble turmoil leads to Apple halting online sales in Russia – Bloomberg
Wrecking Russia’s economy could be a disaster for the west – Guardian
Putin vs. FOREX Markets: What to Know About the Ruble’s Collapse – Washington Post
Fed likely to signal rate hike on track despite global woes – Reuters
Hilsenrath: A ‘Strong Possibility’ Fed Will Drop ‘Considerable Time’ – WSJ
Great Unwind of Oil-and-Gas Junk Bonds to Defund Fracking? – Wolf Street
Humans May Be Causing the Sixth Great Extinction in Half a Billion Years – Vice News
New York Mag says ‘we were duped’ by $72 million teen trader – CNN/Money
How We Got Here – Alhambra Partners

Stock futures higher; focus on inflation, Fed – MarketWatch
Oil holds below $60 as OPEC, Russia keep pumping – Reuters
Eight Things I Wish for Wall Street – Lewis, Bloomberg
What Wall Street’s big-money managers predict for 2015 – MarketWatch
Treasuries Decline Before Inflation Data as Fed’s Decision Looms – Bloomberg
Gold edges back above $1,200 ahead of Fed statement – Reuters
Traders Betting Russia’s Next Move Will Be to Sell Gold – Bloomberg
Opposing Forces At Play In The Precious Metals Complex – GoldSilverWorlds
Europeans want their gold back, and why that’s bad for the euro – MarketWatch
This Is What Gold Does In a Currency Crisis – Dollar Collapse

Yes, Japan Lost a Decade. So Did U.S. – Bloomberg
Oil, Employment, and Growth – Mauldin Economics
Saving America’s malls from the brink of death – CNN/Money
As China’s Economy Slows, So Too Does Growth in Workers’ Wages – WSJ
Mortgage Rates Back to Pre-Taper-Tantrum Levels – Mortgage News Daily
Bay Area housing market throttles back but San Francisco still red-hot – LA Times
Yellen’s Fed Cavalry Low on Ammo as Global Concerns Spread – Bloomberg
Now it’s the Fed’s turn to pour grease on the market fire – Marketwatch
Fed’s Forward Guidance Amounts to a “Considerable (Waste of) Time” – e21
What is China’s Banking System Telling Us? – Capitalist Exploits


Tuesday Morning Links

China’s Manufacturing Shrinks. Stimulus, Please! – Barron’s
Rouble dives to fresh low despite shock 17% rate rise – BBC
Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed – Washington Post
Putin vs Currency Markets: What to know about the rouble’s collapse – Economic Times
There’s No Saving Russia’s Imploding Economy from the World’s Hurt Feelings – Vice News
Fed’s Big Decision: World Markets Hang on The Words ‘Considerable Time’ – Bloomberg
Oil slumps near $59 for first time since 2009 on oversupply – Reuters
Big trouble for the Bakken: Has The Bust Begun? – SRSrocco Report
Icahn: Oil’s woes may be proof of junk-bond bubble – MarketWatch
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Why Paul Krugman is wrong – Telegraph
Watch Out for Your Eyeballs! – Capitalist Exploits
Pigmen win again – Burning Platform

World stocks slip, China surges on stimulus hopes – AP
A Lesson in Market Crashes – A Wealth of Common Sense
Dearth of Airline ETFs Sends Investors to Transport Funds – ETF Trends
Japan stocks slide to six-week low as yen advances – MarketWatch
Treasuries Climb as Russia Rate Increase Spurs Demand for Safety – Bloomberg
Gold up on weak dollar after worst day in a year, Fed eyed – Reuters
Indian gold imports in November close to 150 tns – BullionDest
UK company sells gold, silver refineries after 162 years – Mining.com
France and the Gold Standard – voxeu
Signs of Optimism in Gold – Barron’s

Economic Recovery Spreads to the Middle Class – NY Times
How Fiscal Policy Failed During the Great Recession – Fiscal Times
This Is Why the Oil-Price Crash Will Maul the US Economy – Wolf Street
Spain’s Brief Flirtation with Democracy Comes to Brutal End – Raging Bull
UK inflation slumps to 12-year low as oil prices crash – Telegraph
What can home buyers learn from stock market jitters? The 10-year rule – Globe & Mail
US Real Estate Market Is Edging Closer To Full Recovery – NuWire Investor
Dick Bove: Fed ‘Forcing Bank Transactions Into Shadow Market’ – MoneyNews
Peter Boockvar: Dear Federal Reserve… – Reformed Broker
Industrial Production, Russia – Fed Watch

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