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Monday Morning Links

Australian Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator – BBC
Buffett issues a fresh warning about derivatives ‘timebomb’ – Telegraph
Longest Negative Rate Experiment Shows Perversions Ahead – Bloomberg
Puerto Rico Will Officially Default on a $422 Million Payment – Fortune
Q&A: Puerto Rico’s debt crisis explained – Associated Press
The Health Globe: A Trip Around the World of Obesity – Spiegel
A reasonable Donald Trump? We’re more than a little skeptical – LA Times
Donald Trump and the Rise of Loudmouth Politics – Time
How Democrats Became the Party of Rich Elites – In These Times
Why Rubio hasn’t endorsed Cruz – Politico
“Justified” Consequences – Hussman Funds
The Red Line – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Stocks: Four things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Japanese stocks tumble as yen surges – Marketwatch
Sell in May? Not so fast! – USA Today
This is what could bring back the turbulence – CNBC
Saudis Heed an Oil Warning From History – Bloomberg
Markets Update: The Global Rally Loses Ground – Advisor Perspectives
Wrong-Way Bets Rule U.S. Stock Market’s $3 Trillion Recovery – Bloomberg
The golden age of investing is over: get used to the ‘new normal’ – Guardian
Gold hits 15-month high, eyes $1,300/oz as dollar wilts – Reuters
Gold Rallies Above $1,300 as Investors Like Low Interest Rates – Bloomberg

Obama Brags About His Economic Record – IBD
America’s economy will rebound from this false dusk – Telegraph
First U.S. cruise ship in decades set to arrive in Havana – AP
China April official factory activity PMI expands, but at slower pace – Reuters
China Lending Inflates Real Estate, Stocks, Even Egg Futures – NY Times
‘A lot of people wouldn’t really care if the property market crashed’ – news.com.au
California’s housing market slows due to affordability ceiling – OC Housing News
Colorado Springs’ housing market 12th hottest in the nation in April – The Gazette
Fed Ponders Catchup With Economic Theory Signaling Rates Too Low – Bloomberg
Why the Fed will never get what it wants: Strategist – CNBC


Friday Morning Links

Prince Dead at 57 – TMZ
Hints of Prince’s Failing Health – NY Times
The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans – Atlantic
Why the S.E.C. Didn’t Hit Goldman Sachs Harder – The New Yorker
The Post-Crisis Economy’s Long Debt Hangover – Project Syndicate
How Fiat Money Fuels Government Spending – Tenth Amendment Center
Merkel says criticism in Germany of ECB is not interference – Reuters
U.S. suicides have reached 30-year high, led by baby boomers – The Week
The chart that shows how close we are to a climate catastrophe – Quartz
It’s not over until the FBI clears Hillary Clinton – and it shouldn’t – Salon
Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters – Politico
Trump: Tubman on the $20 is ‘pure political correctness’ – CNN
Dishonoring General Jackson – Townhall

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
What you need to know about the slowdown in buybacks – CNBC
Chinese Stocks Have Biggest Weekly Drop Since January’s Rout – Bloomberg
Which one of these indicators for the stock market is lying? – MarketWatch
April Cheers Could Bring May Tears, Have a Look… – First Rebuttal
50% Returns Coming for Commodities and Emerging Markets? – Meb Faber
More Americans Say Real Estate Is Best Long-Term Investment – Gallup
Iron ore nears $US70 but analysts warn rally won’t last – ABC News
Gold dips as dollar strengthens versus yen – Reuters
Why is China buying all this silver? – Secular Investor

On the U.S. economy, is the glass half full, or half empty? – MarketWatch
Retailer Bankruptcies Are Hailing Down on the US Economy – Wolf Street
New Zealand Steps Up Scrutiny of RBNZ After Inflation Misses – Bloomberg
U.S. split deepens over Putin’s intentions in Syria civil war – Reuters
Brazilians Hate Politicians, but They Love This Anti-Corruption Judge – Vice News
Why the U.S. Doesn’t Want Britain to Secede from the EU – Bloomberg
Home Sales up in Signs of Strong Spring Selling Season – Reuters
Is there any ammo left for recession fighting? – Brookings
Easy Money Is Like Insulin – Bloomberg


Thursday Morning Links

Soros: China’s Debt-Fueled Growth Echoes U.S. in 2007-08 – Bloomberg
China’s ‘zombie’ steel mills fire up furnaces, worsen global glut – Reuters
Earth Flirts with a 1.5-Degree Celsius Global Warming Threshold – Scientific American
A Black Woman Born Into Slavery Replaces a White Slave Owner on $20 Note – Vice News
What Does It Mean for America to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill? – The Atlantic
Ben Carson: Keep Jackson where he is, put Tubman on the $2 bill – CNN
The Professor Who Won’t Recommend a Pro-Gun Student – reason.com
Merriam-Webster adds “cisgender” and “genderqueer” to its dictionary – Vox
How to fix the Democrats’ broken presidential nominating process – The Week
The Primaries Aren’t Democratic? They’re Not Supposed to Be Democratic. – Slate
Trump campaign brings in lobbyists for key posts – Politico
What Is Sanders’s Endgame? – NY Times

World stocks gain along with oil – Reuters
Anger at 18,000 – Reformed Broker
Why stocks are back near record highs – MarketWatch
Japan, Not Germany, Leads World in Negative-Yield Bonds – Bloomberg
Investors Pulled $15B From Hedge Funds In 1Q, Most Since 2009 – Barron’s
Iran determined to regain oil market share, can handle low price: source – Reuters
Opinion: Stock investors can now ignore the oil market – MarketWatch
Silver hits 11-month high, gold rises more than 1 pct – Reuters
BNP Sees Risk of Central Bank `Overreach’ With $1,400 Gold – Bloomberg
Gold Price Set To Push Higher As Inflation Picks Up – RBC – GoldCore

Who will pay for a $15 minimum wage? – Quartz
A big pension fund could soon cut benefits for retirees – Washington Post
We Can’t Save the Economy Unless We Fix Our Debt Addiction – counterpunch
The $2 Trillion Project to Get Saudi Arabia’s Economy Off Oil – Bloomberg
Brexit means blood, toil, sweat and tears – Telegraph
Obama Turns Hawk As He Intervenes In U.K. Brexit Battle – Newsweek
Home Sales up in Signs of Strong Spring Selling Season – NBC News
Here are the most toxic real estate markets in America – MarketWatch
Household debt and the transmission of monetary policy – voxeu
Is There Any Ammo Left for Recession Fighting? – Real Clear Markets


Wednesday Morning Links

Trump Sweeps New York – Real Clear Politics
Clinton rolls over Sanders in New York – LA Times
5 takeaways from the New York primary – Politico
This is a terrifying chart for Republicans – Vox
Trump Has Reason to Cry Foul Over a ‘Rigged Election’ – Fiscal Times
This election is an unpopularity contest for the ages – Washington Post
BoC’s Poloz Says Global Monetary Stimulus Is Reaching its Limit – Bloomberg
Big U.S. banks grapple with costs as they face an ominous 2016 – Reuters
Female Student says ‘I Wasn’t Raped’, boyfriend expelled anyway – reason.com
Utah declares porn a ‘public health hazard’ – The Week
Living Longer, With More Disability – The Atlantic
4/20: National Weed Day, explained – Vox
The Farewell to Jackson – NY Sun

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Oil falls on end to Kuwaiti strike, supply outlook – Reuters
China’s Stocks Tumble Most in Seven Weeks to Break Trading Calm – Bloomberg
This Market Cycle Diagram Explains the Best Time to Buy Stocks – Visual Capitalist
Oil Market Hype And Crisis Signal Greater Troubles Ahead – Alt-Market
Who’s Buying the US Stocks that Foreign Investors Are Dumping? – Wolf Street
Gold retreats as dollar firms; silver hits 11-month high – Reuters
Silver hits 11-month high. It’s up more than gold in 2016 – CNN/Money
China yuan gold fix aimed at gaining more influence in pricing – Mining.com
Gold mines are exploding again – This is why … – Secular Investor

Intel to cut 12,000 jobs globally – CNN/Money
Bad News for Those Using the Jobless Rate As a Shield – Alhambra Partners
Brazil’s President-in-Waiting, a Political Insider, Is Preparing – Bloomberg
Germany trims 2017 growth forecast to 1.5 percent – Washington Post
We won’t be euphoric if India is the fastest-growing large economy – Reuters
Record Temperatures have Killed Over 100 People in India – Vice News
A 10 Point Checklist for Buying a House – Motley Fool
PBOC Signals Less Appetite for Stimulus as Outlook Improves – Bloomberg
The Case Against Helicopter Money – Project Syndicate


Tuesday Morning Links

The Saudis are going in for the kill – Telegraph
Saudi Arabia turns oil weapon on Iran – Reuters
The bad smell hovering over the global economy – Guardian
Fed’s Kashkari says U.S. economy in ‘uncharted waters’ – MarketWatch
Early Warning Signs of Recession Flash Faintly in U.S. Jobs Data – Bloomberg
Institutionalized Lying—— Why Central Bankers Never See Bubbles – Contra Corner
Dozens Killed in Kabul in First Taliban Attack of Spring Offensive – Vice News
New Yorkers turn up for a lot of stuff — but not at the ballot box – Vox
Will New York Go for the Front-Runners? – Atlantic
How the Donald could defeat Hillary – Washington Times
For Trump and Clinton, winning isn’t enough – Politico
HBO’s High-Tech Lynching – Townhall

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
2016 Fund Flow Trends In Two Charts – Barron’s
Hedge funds post best gains in 4 years in March – CNBC
German Investor Optimism Rises as China Risk Abates – Bloomberg
Why this market rally looks like a classic investor trap – MarketWatch
It’s All Suddenly Going Wrong in China’s $3 Trillion Bond Market – Bloomberg
US 2015 Oil Production and Future Oil Prices – Our Finite World
Gold gains on dollar weakness, silver hits 10-month high – Reuters
Why One Analyst Believes Gold Could Hit $3,000 an Ounce – US Funds
Hedge funds have never been this bullish on silver – Mining.com
Opinion: Gold is 33% overpriced, by this measure – MarketWatch

Worst March, worst first quarter since 2010 – Wolf Street
Most Americans think economy is ‘getting worse’ – CNBC
Sadly, Canada now seems to be the best hope for the global economy – Quartz
Economists blast ‘one-sided’ Treasury warning on Brexit – Telegraph
Argentina returns to bond market after 15-year isolation – BBC
What Makes Housing Too Expensive – Bloomberg
Too Big to Fail From the Eyes of a Specialist – NEP
What Did Fed Chairman Yellen Tell Obama? – Ron Paul Institute
Fed’s Rosengren takes another shot at pessimistic markets – Reuters

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