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Thursday Morning Links

State of emergency in Charlotte – CNN
The Fed: Just Plain Pathetic – Contra Corner
Central Bank Tools Are Losing Their Edge – WSJ
Dove-Turned-Hawk Rosengren Leads Triple Dissent – Bloomberg
Yellen downplays dissent as Fed holds key interest rate steady – LA Times
The contradiction in Yellen’s ‘Whites-of-eyes’ comment – MarketWatch
Japan’s Central Bank Experiments at the Wrong Time – Bloomberg
The latest from the Bank of Japan – Ben Bernanke’s Blog
Hillary Clinton: My Plan for Helping America’s Poor – NY Times
Monday’s debate: the Donald Trump Show, starring Hillary Clinton – Bloomberg
Stop-and-Frisk: Trump’s Bad Idea for Fighting Crime – Atlantic
How Trump Can Win the First Debate – Fiscal Times
Brangelina matters – The Week

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Dollar adds to losses as Fed’s credibility questioned – MarketWatch
Indian Summer Comes to Emerging Markets as Fed Spurs Fresh Gains – Bloomberg
Hedge-fund manager warns of biggest market correction since 2008 – MarketWatch
The Retirement Blunder That 65% Of Americans Make – IBD
This is no time for speculators to stay on the sidelines – MarketWatch
Gold down as December U.S. rate hike seen more likely – Reuters
Federal Reserve gives gold a reason to rise – MarketWatch
Gold Could Touch $1900 by Year End- Robert McEwen – Market Slant

How to Protect Workers From Job-Stealing Robots – Atlantic
OECD warns of financial distortions and slow global growth – OECD
Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are the biggest global health threat, UN says – Vice News
World’s saddest polar bear one of many “wild” animals living in malls in China – Quartz
Why US and Russia don’t want to give up on Syrian cease-fire yet – CSM
Divorce rates go up and down with home prices in China’s big cities – Quartz
Bay Area Housing Market Appears To Be Cooling Off – CBS SF Bay Area
Is the American Dream dead to the Millennial generation? – OC Housing News
Fed Monetary Policy Is Being Held Hostage by Wall Street Banks – Wall Street on Parade
No, the Fed Doesn’t Have a Plan. Yes, the Fed Really is Monetizing Government Debt – Mises


Wednesday Morning Links

Fed faces a credibility problem – CNN/Money
The Fed Should Be Clear and Raise Rates – Bloomberg
Fed’s dot plot may signal dark economic times – MarketWatch
Bank of Japan alters monetary policy to spur growth – BBC
BOJ reboots policy to target interest rates, steps up inflation drive – Reuters
OECD: Negative rates threaten global financial stability – MarketWatch
Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: resign, give back earnings, submit to inquiry – Guardian
Clinton weighs in on ‘deeply disturbing’ Wells Fargo scandal – Housing Wire
EU Parliament President: ‘Trump Is a Problem for the Whole World’ – Spiegel
AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s bogus birtherism claim about Clinton – AP
The US has ‘evidence’ that Russian airstrikes hit an aid convoy in Syria – Vice News
The Dangers of the Putin-Trump Relationship – The Atlantic

Japan lifts markets; Fed up next; oil prices rise – CNN/Money
Investors can beat the Fed at its own game: Here’s how – USA Today
Yen pares losses after Bank of Japan decision; Fed outcome awaits – Bloomberg
“The Big Short’s” Steve Eisman Reveals What The Next Big Short Is – Zero Hedge
Fed Rate Increase: What Financial Advisors Should Tell Their Clients – Bloomberg
Chart Of The Day: Are The Financial Markets Rigged Or What? – Contra Corner
These Securities Could Get Crushed If Fed Raises Rates – Forbes
Get ready for the mother of all stock market corrections – Telegraph
Gold ticks higher after BOJ, awaits Fed decision – Reuters
Gold Seen Entering a Long-Term Bull Cycle – Bloomberg

Household Net Worth: The “Real” Story – Advisor Perspectives
Low unemployment could spur inflation — but when? – USA Today
America is finally back on its feet but the poor are being left behind – Guardian
Brexit vote has had ‘no major effect’ on the UK economy so far – BBC
How Bad Off Is Oil-Rich Venezuela? It’s Buying U.S. Oil – NY Times
Down and Out? How Merkel Could Win Re-Election Next Year – Spiegel
Why Canadians Are Being Offered Cash to Abandon Their Homes – Bloomberg
Prime London property prices to fall 9% this year, says Savills – Guardian
3 Major Headwinds For The Housing Market & Housing Stocks – Forbes
What economists would ask Yellen if they attended the press conference – MarketWatch


Tuesday Morning Links

The old Fed is dead – Washington Post
Why the BOJ may overshadow the Fed this week – CNBC
China’s Biggest Banks Quicken Pace of Bad-Loan Security Sales – Bloomberg
Wage gap between white and black Americans is worse than in 1979 – Guardian
Letter from Philadelphia: Millennials Go Mild for Hillary – Politico
Are the Trump Kids Becoming Political Liabilities? – Fiscal Times
The Top ‘Must-Win’ States For Trump And Clinton – Five Thirty Eight
Voters on both sides increasingly see a Trump win as a possibility – LA Times
The New York bombing suspect’s family restaurant is getting slammed on Yelp – Vice News
That $100,000 Painting Bought to Flip Is Now Worth About $20,000 – Bloomberg
The Coming Anti-National Revolution – Shiller, Project Syndicate
Donald and the “Maestro” – Antonius Aquinas

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
U.S. stocks set for small bounce ahead of Fed, BOJ meetings – MarketWatch
Dollar Falls With Treasuries Amid Fed, BOJ Countdown; Oil Rises – Bloomberg
Meet the affable bear who expects the S&P to tumble to 20-year lows – MarketWatch
Investors abandon principles as low interest rates put pressure on returns – Telegraph
The canary in the 35-year bond bull market is singing – CNBC
The True Stock Return Can (Almost) Never Be Negative – ValueWalk
Gold gains as investors bet against Fed hike – Reuters
Central banks have been buying gold with a vengeance – MarketWatch
Gold Bugs Rejoice – Central Banks Think You’re On To Something – GoldCore

Why All the Confusion in Macroeconomics? – Mises
Five Decades of Middle Class Wages – Advisor Perspectives
The Post-Brexit Boom is Baffling Elites – Mises
UK Has Zero Chance of Having Brexit Cake and Eating It – Bloomberg
Irish Reunification; Merkel Not For Turning; the City’s ‘Passport’ – WSJ
NAHB: Housing Market Hasn’t Been This Hot In 11 Years – The Mortgage Reports
Ask an economist what’s happening with the housing market – US News
Fed again poised to cut longer-run interest rate forecast – Reuters
Here’s one big reason the Fed can wait to raise rates – MarketWatch
Japan’s Negative Interest Rates Explained – NY Times


Monday Morning Links

Global banking watchdog warns over Chinese banks – BBC
Fed Meeting Shouldn’t Obscure BOJ’s Big Moment – Bloomberg
Central bank developments are only game in town for markets – MarketWatch
China facing full-blown banking crisis, financial watchdog warns – Telegraph
Hanjin bankruptcy is the tip of the iceberg for flailing shippers – LA Times
Merkel’s Party Suffers Worst Berlin Loss of Postwar Era – Bloomberg
Toomey vs. McGinty is this year’s most consequential Senate race – Trib Live
Donald Trump Does Have Ideas—and We’d Better Pay Attention to Them – Politico
Milo Yiannopoulos is the Pretty, Monstrous face of the Alt-Right – Bloomberg
Juan Williams: Clinton spoke the truth on ‘deplorables’ – The Hill
The Curse of Hillary Clinton’s Ambition – Atlantic
Risk Off, the BOJ and China – CBB
Support Drops Away – Hussman Funds

Global Stocks Rise, Buoyed by Commodities – WSJ
The Greatest Bubble of All-Time? – Wealth of Common Sense
Oil prices rally as Venezuela spurs OPEC deal hopes – MarketWatch
OPEC ‘Very Close’ to Agreement to Stabilize Market, Maduro Says – Bloomberg
For Yellen, a September Fed surprise could close confidence gap – Reuters
Emerging markets now the dominant component of the global economy – ValueWalk
Gold up as dollar slips but Fed and bond yields cap gains – Reuters
Funds Dump Gold at Fastest Pace Since May as Fed View Shifts – Bloomberg
MKS: Chinese Buy Gold Upon Return From Two-Day Holiday – Kitco

Once again, the rosy view on U.S. economy wilts – MarketWatch
The 5% “Increase” in Median Income Is Pure Illusion – of two minds
Europe Through the Eyes of the Next Generation – Spiegel
Venezuela: Over 15% of People Eat Garbage to Survive – Vice News
India’s falling exports killed 70,000 jobs in just one quarter – Quartz
China property price bubble and the end of Chinese deflation – ValueWalk
China’s Home Prices Rise Most in Six Years as Sales Gain – Bloomberg
Is California’s housing boom finally coming to an end? – Housing Wire
What Do We Need to Give the Fed’s Hawks More Room to Fly? – Bloomberg
How a ‘twist’ by the Bank of Japan could upstage the Fed – MarketWatch


Thursday Morning Links

UK interest rates left unchanged at 0.25% – BBC
Paradise Lost: Why the Good Times Are Over for Global Bonds – WSJ
The Bond Market Is Flashing a Signal That Traders Haven’t Seen Since 2012 – Bloomberg
Unprecedented Global Bond Bubble Threatens Holders of Cash – Money Metals Exchange
Warren: Next President Should Investigate (and Maybe Jail) Wall St. Bankers – Bloomberg
Election Update: Has Clinton’s ‘Bad Weekend’ Moved The Polls? – Five Thirty Eight
Libertarian Gary Johnson Scores a Major Victory in His White House Bid – Fiscal Times
Colin Powell insults Clinton and calls Trump ‘national disgrace’ in leaked emails – Vice News
Household Income Jump? People Aren’t Suddenly Getting Big-Fat Paychecks – Wolf Street
U.S. Household Finances – It Only Looks Like the Good Life – DiMartino Booth
Deconstructing Median Income Bullshit – Decline of the Empire
1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths, study finds – Telegraph
Wackos Have Alan Greenspan Running Scared – Dealbreaker

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Asian Stocks Extend Losing Streak to Sixth Day as Japan Falls – Bloomberg
3 critical factors are leading to investors to shun risk – MarketWatch
Volatility Erupts in Currencies as Stimulus Appetite Seen Waning – Bloomberg
Will the Perceived Safety of the U.S. Dollar Turn It Into a Bubble? – Value Walk
What Could Go Wrong? Funds Desperate for Returns Load Up on Risk – Bloomberg
Bond yields are surging despite deflation, and that is dangerous – Bloomberg
Gold slips on steadier dollar and equities ahead of Fed meeting – Reuters
Holding Gold Getting Scary for This Former Bull as Yields Rise – Bloomberg

Key hurdles for the U.S. economy could soon disappear – MarketWatch
Infrastructure Spending Does not “Grow the Economy” – Mises
How China’s Past Stimulus Is Dogging Its Growth Prospects – WSJ
Japan wants more women to work—but what do women get in return? – Quartz
France to open first ‘de-radicalization’ center for potentially violent extremists – Vice News
This trait may explain why Danes are the happiest people on earth – MarketWatch
Brazil’s Lula charged as ‘top boss’ of Petrobras graft scheme – Bloomberg
The new Wall Street scheme to make money with your home – MarketWatch
Why the Fed Can’t Hold the Stock Market Together Much Longer – Casey Research
Markets’ Focus on Timing of Fed Hike Is a Distraction – Bloomberg

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