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Wednesday Morning Links

As Fed meets, key issues likely to stay unanswered – AP
Decision-Day Guide: QE Tapering to Inflation – Bloomberg
Five Things to Watch in Wednesday’s U.S. GDP Report – WSJ
Time almost up for Argentina to avoid debt default – Reuters
How Argentina’s Default May Trigger $29 Billion in Claims – Bloomberg
New sanctions for Russia—here’s where they’ll hurt – CNBC
West seeks to inflict more economic pain on Russia – AP
Carnage at U.N. school as Israel pounds Gaza refugee camp – Reuters
Europe’s bond yields lowest since 15th century Genoa on deflation, Russia – Telegraph
WSJ Reporter: “The Entire U.S. Market Has Become One Vast Dark Pool” – Wall St. on Parade
Pay yourself first: The habit that can help you build wealth – The Week
Profit Soaring After Disgrace at Steven Cohen’s Hedge Fund – NY Times
This billionaire is still trying to make you panic about federal debt – LA Times

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Stock Futures Rise on Earnings – Bloomberg
Twitter 2Q results soar, stock flies high – AP
What’s next for this wishy-washy market? – MSN
Wall Street to read economic tea leaves from Fed, GDP – CNBC
pstart trading venue IEX may prompt U.S. market rule change – Reuters
Hong Kong may soon end its link with the US dollar. It’s about time. – Sovereign Man
Bonds Surge From U.S. to Germany on Outlook for Record-Low Rates – Bloomberg
Gold treads water below $1,300 ahead of Fed, economic data – Reuters
China’s Hong Kong gold imports continue to dive – Mineweb
The Coming Silver Shortage – SRSrocco Report
Gold Could Go To Infinity – Ron Paul – GoldCore

Economy picking up as consumers turn bullish – USA Today
What Debate? Economists Agree the Stimulus Lifted the Economy – NY Times
Italy Borrowing Costs Drop to Record at Six-Month Bill Sale – Bloomberg
Japan’s factory output drops 3.3% on-month in June – CNA
Japan’s Retail Sales Drop in Challenge to Abe Reflation – Bloomberg
Spain’s GDP to grow by 1.5 pct in 2014: minister – xinhuanet
Housing Market in France in ‘Meltdown’ After Hollande Rent Caps – Bloomberg
China’s struggling housing market has one bright spot – MarketWatch
Hong Kong Popping Housing Bubbles London Can’t Handle – Bloomberg
ARMs Race Leaves Yellen Able to Raise Before Carney – Bloomberg
The Fed’s Failure Complicates Its Endgame – of two minds


Tuesday Morning Links

The Fed in denial – CNBC
A third of Americans delinquent on debt – USA Today
Geopolitical Risk Rises for Global Investors – Bloomberg
Israel Strikes Fuel Tanks at Gaza’s Only Power Plant – NBC News
Significant new EU sanctions on Russia expected – Washington Post
Argentine Default Drama Nears Critical Stage – WSJ
Social Security – The Train Wreck That Doesn’t Need to Happen – Fiscal Times
Medicare, Social Security Disability Fund Headed in Different Directions – WSJ
Is This The Chart That Has High-Yield Investors Running For The Hills? – Zero Hedge
I quit working full-time years ago—here’s why I recommend it highly – Quartz
Grieving parents hit with $200,000 in student loans – CNN/Money
Our Totalitarian Future – Part One – The Burning Platform
And That’s a GOOD Thing?? – Dollar Collapse

Europe, Asia stocks up ahead of US data – AP
Markets: Exuberance is not always ‘irrational’ – Reuters
Japan stocks close at six-month high on upbeat earnings – MarketWatch
China Stocks Rise for 6th Day in Longest Winning Streak in Year – Bloomberg
Here’s What Wall Street Bulls Were Saying In December 2007 – Contra Corner
Why the 10-year Treasury could yield 4% by Thanksgiving – MarketWatch
Bund Yield Falls to Record, Surpassing Euro-Crisis Levels – Bloomberg
Gold rises on Ukraine, Middle East conflicts; Fed eyed – Reuters
Gold Price Projection Based On Elliott Wave Since 1970 – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold retailers wind down installment schemes in India – Mineweb
Three Signals For A Huge Silver Spike In 2014 – SRSrocco Report

Inflation OCD – Krugman, NY Times
Shilling: U.S. may fall back into recession – Financial Post
U.S. Economic Confidence Down Sharply From Last Week – Gallup
Inflation Hawks Have Been Wrong for Years. Should We Listen Now? – New Republic
Modi’s New Indian Government Is Off to a Bad Start – Bloomberg
Keep UK interest rate low for now, IMF tells Bank of England – Guardian
South Korea posts largest current account surplus in H1 – xinhuanet
U.S. housing market still isn’t all fine and dandy – MarketWatch
Goldman unit eyes foray into China amid metals financing scandal – Reuters
China’s Banks Pose World’s Largest Systemic Risk – WSJ
Tame inflation expectations a trump card for Fed doves – WSJ
Don’t Be Fooled by the Fed’s Facade – Bloomberg


Monday Morning Links

Banks accused of rigging silver price – BBC
The Danger of Too Loose, Too Long – WSJ
Is the Fed fueling a giant stock market bubble? – Motley Fool
Ultrawealthy pile into private equity, hold line on stocks, cash – CNBC
EU Agrees to Russia Sanctions; US Could Arm Ukraine – Fiscal Times
Reports: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Were with Malaysian Flight 17 – Washington’s Blog
Secret Tunnels Under Israel Reveal Threat From Gaza – Bloomberg
Why the super rich are running scared of inequality – Business Spectator
California High-Speed Rail—Some Views from the Valley – Atlantic
China food crisis spreads to foreign brands – MarketWatch
Yes, This Is An Equity Bubble – Hussman Funds
Bubbles & Schemes – Prudent Bear
No Decency – aucontrarian

China profits boost Asia stocks, Europe unenthused – AP
Even modest GDP bounce may support market – Reuters
Heads or Tails? Either Way, You Might Beat a Stock Picker – NY Times
The Case for a Bull or Bear Market in Two Charts – of two minds
An Emotional Gut Check For An Aging Bull Market – Forbes
How investors should react to a nervous bond market – Telegraph
Treasuries Fall Before Fed Policy Makers Meet, Bond Sales – Bloomberg
Gold slips on steady dollar ahead of U.S. data, policy meeting – Reuters
Gold for bitcoin new fad as e-currency count nears 500-mark – Business Standard
Gold Bugs Meet Bitcoin Believers to Supplant the Dollar – Bloomberg
A Chinese Gold Standard? – NY Sun

Get ready for 48 hours of economic fury – MarketWatch
The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less – NY Times
Swedes in Household Debt Binge Seen Provoking Policy Slap – Bloomberg
No meeting scheduled between Argentina and court mediator – Reuters
China’s industrial profit surges, headwinds lurk – MarketWatch
China’s financial risk – Econbrowser
No plan to ease property curbs in Beijing – China Daily
U.K. homebuyer confidence tumbles over high prices – Telegraph
Cities Reacting to Drought, SoCal’s Tough Housing Market – LA Curbed
3 reasons Yellen’s FOMC remains dovish – Sober Look
Financial stability and monetary policy – voxeu
In praise of… Janet Yellen – Guardian


Friday Morning Links

181 bodies found at Malaysia crash site in Ukraine – AP
Putin: If MH17 Crashed in Ukraine, It’s Ukraine’s Fault – Time
European Stocks Drop for Second Day on Ukraine Conflict – Bloomberg
‘Further Escalation Not Out of the Question’ in Ukraine – Spiegel
Israel ready to widen Gaza ground offensive – PM – BBC
Netanyahu Orders Military to Ready Wider Gaza Incursion – Bloomberg
Value of worldwide mergers and acquisitions hits $2 trillion this year – Reuters
What a pet insurer’s IPO tells us about America’s dog and cat obsession – Quartz
APNewsBreak: Shipwreck’s gold inventory released – AP
The Real Message of the BRICS Summit – Bloomberg
We Now Know Janet Yellen Is Not Very Bright – IRD
7 reasons the gold standard is a terrible idea – Vox
Trust Will Kill Bitcoin – Bloomberg

World stocks shaky as jetliner downed over Ukraine – AP
Market reaction could be harsh but short-lived – CNBC
6 events that spooked the market in 2014 – CNN/Money
Bull market sends 401(k)s soaring to record highs – USA Today
VIX Jumps With Gold Bets as Ukraine Ignites Stock Selloff – Businessweek
Russian stocks slide for fifth day after MH17 crash – MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall for First Time in Three Days as Safety Bid Wanes – Bloomberg
Gold dips after spike on Ukraine crash, set for first weekly fall in 7 – Reuters
Amid economic revival, gold duty cut unlikely – Mineweb
After winning the silver fix, CME goes for the gold – Mining.com
Commerzbank neutralises outlook, may fall to 1286 levels – BullionStreet

Addicted to Inflation – Krugman, NY Times
Another Nail In The Payroll Coffin? – Alhambra Partners
Kuroda Softens Yen Stance as Export Pain Evaporates – Bloomberg
Growth slightly lower than 7.5 percent ‘acceptable’: China’s Li – Reuters
China Bailouts Questions as Second Company Faces Default – Bloomberg
Canada housing market skewed by handful of hot markets – FP
Home prices continue to fall in more cities – China Daily
Is a Housing Crash Coming to the U.S.? – Investor Place
The Debate Over FHA’s Growing Role in the Housing Market – WSJ
Bullard Says Fed May Need to Move Forward Start of Exit – Businessweek
Janet Yellen Uses Fed Failures to Expand the Fed’s Mandate – RCM
The Fed in Danger – NY Sun

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