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Tuesday Morning Links

Game on for economic data watch -USA Today
Ending an Unhealthy Obsession With the Fed – Bloomberg
Why the Federal Reserve has to raise interest rates – NY Post
It’s the end of Goldman Sachs as we know it – CNBC
Investment banks have cut 20pc of their staff in the last five years – Telegraph
Lawsuit accusing 16 big banks of Libor manipulation reinstated by US court – Guardian
‘New age’ for oil prompts Citi to raise 2017 forecast to $65 – MarketWatch
Saudi Arabia’s New Oil Plan Shows It’s Just Not That Into OPEC – Bloomberg
How Donald Trump’s Net Worth Jumped in the Past 10 Months – Fortune
Trump in 2007: ‘I’m Excited’ for Housing Market Crash – CNBC
Republicans Pretend to Like Trump – Bloomberg
Clinton declines to debate Sanders in California – CNN
Sanders: Democratic convention could be ‘messy’ – AP

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Asia stocks extend global losses on oil price drop – CNA
The bond market stares down the Federal Reserve – CNBC
Dollar Rally Gathers Pace, Commodities Drop on Fed – Bloomberg
Stock Share Buybacks Now Bought Out – The Great Recession Blog
5 things rich people do with money — that you should be doing – MarketWatch
Gold hits 3-1/2 week low as U.S. rate hike outlook weighs – Reuters
Is this the Gold Buying Opportunity Investors Are Looking For? – US Funds
This could send gold tumbling below $1,000 again, Citi says – MarketWatch

What Does It Mean To Be Poor? – Spiegel
Zombie Economy Soon to Have its Zombie Epocalypse – SafeHaven
Overtime Regulations Disproportionately Harm Young People and Startups – Mises
Mark Carney doubles down on Brexit recession risk warning – Independent
IMF demands ‘unconditional’ debt relief for Greece, targets out of reach – Telegraph
Ivy Leaguers Keep Grip on Colombia Economy as Drug Chaos Spreads – Bloomberg
Toronto real estate gimmickry hits the limit of our patience: Keenan – The Star
UK Housing Market Resilient Despite Brexit Uncertainty – London South East
Homeowners boost US economy by spending less on mortgage debt – OC Housing News
Why Has The Fed Failed To Generate Inflation? – Forbes


Monday Morning Links

Rosengren: Conditions Almost Right for Rate Hike – Fortune
Bullard: Tight U.S. labor market may pressure inflation – Reuters
Collapsing Venezuela Deploys Military, Tells Citizens US Might Invade – Daily Caller
One of the World’s Most Expensive Countries Is Debating Giving Away Money – Bloomberg
Inside the fight between Daniel Snyder and Native American activists – Washington Post
Americans Cry Out for Third Choice with Record Unfavorables for Both Candidates – RCP
Why Donald Trump might actually believe all the crazy stuff he says – Bloomberg
How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M – NY Post
The college debt crisis is even worse than you think – Boston Globe
Lake Mead drops to record low: What now? – Christian Science Monitor
Unambiguous Signals Disregarded – Credit Bubble Bulletin
The Coming Fed-Induced Pension Bust – Bloomberg

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Global stocks, oil, yields slip as investors start week in cautious mood – Reuters
Asian Stocks Climb as Tech Shares Rise, Chinese Equities Gain – Bloomberg
Despite Rally, Hype, and NIRP, Bear Markets Hound the Globe – Wolf Street
Here’s Why the Market Has Been Going Nowhere Fast – Fortune
Oil Traders Are Borrowing From Banks to Store Crude at a Loss – Bloomberg
The ‘scariest chart out there’ looms over pivotal week for markets – MarketWatch
Gold near three-week lows on Fed rate expectations – Reuters
Trump To Boost Gold; Clinton Won’t Challenge The Fed – Kitco
Gold Favored as Fed May Have to Backtrack, Mideast Bank Says – Bloomberg

Dueling nowcasts – Econbrowser
Keynes Must Die – LewRockwell.com
‘Brexit,’ a Feel-Good Vote That Could Sink Britain’s Economy – NY Times
Slumping Japan exports, factory orders add to headaches for PM Abe, BOJ – Reuters
US Lifts Arms Embargo on Vietnam Despite ‘Dire’ Human Rights Record – Vice News
Tsipras Survives Austerity Vote, Paving Way for Loan Tranche – Bloomberg
Accidents on India’s deadly roads cost the economy over $8 billion every year – Quartz
Existing-Home Sales in April Signal Slowly Building Momentum – Advisor Perspectives
El-Erian Says Fed Is Talking Up Rate Hike as July Odds Increase – Bloomberg
This Is Not A Drill. This Is The Real Thing. – Fed Watch


Friday Morning Links

The Fed Has Something to Prove to Wall Street – Bloomberg
Fed officials to Wall Street: We’re right, you’re wrong – CNN/Money
Lacking new ideas, G7 to agree on ‘go-your-own-way’ approach – Reuters
Why Inflation Targeting Guarantees A Financial Meltdown – Contra Corner
College students run crying to Daddy Administrator – Washington Post
Human flypaper? Google’s solution to collisions between cars and pedestrians – CSM
For abuse survivors, Donald Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly was excruciating – Vox
No, Bill Clinton Does Not ‘Know How’ To Fix The Economy – Five Thirty Eight
Inside the Clinton paid speech machine – Politico
Elizabeth Warren on the Second Gilded Age – The Atlantic
Evaluating the Political Chess Board – Dilbert
Mr. President, we need a new DNC chair – CNN

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The Magic of Compound Interest – ValueWalk
China Stocks in Hong Kong Post Biggest Weekly Advance in a Month – Bloomberg
Wall Street Seems Like a Mel Brooks Film Festival These Days – Real Clear Markets
Yuan Caps Longest Weekly Losing Streak This Year on Hawkish Fed – Bloomberg
What to do with your money as the Clinton-Trump race heats up – MarketWatch
Look out: Three risks Wall Street is underestimating – USA Today
Gold set for biggest weekly drop in two months – Reuters
Bloomberg Markets on the Return of the Gold Standard – Mises
Should Gold Traders Care If The Fed Hikes In June? No, Here’s Why – Kitco

Why Is the Labor Force Participation Rate Increasing? – St. Louis Fed
Are People in Middle-Wage Jobs Getting Bigger Raises? – Atlanta Fed
Brazil’s Financial Chief Says Economy Worse Off Than He Imagined – Bloomberg
British Columbia Tent City to Get Flush Toilets as Calls to Shut it Down Grow – Vice News
Taiwan’s new president sworn in with rock music and a challenge to China – Quartz
Beijing Denies Dangerous Interception of U.S. Spy Plane Over South China Sea – WSJ
The Wealthy in Florence Today Are the Same Families as 600 Years Ago – WSJ
San Jose county’s median home price hits $1 million – Mercury News
Why the Fed still needs fixing – The Hill
Fed Up with the Fed – of two minds


Thursday Morning Links

The Fed’s gambit – Macro Man
US interest rates could rise in June – BBC
Selected highlights from the Fed minutes – MarketWatch
Why I Hate the Internet found so many readers – Guardian
China’s Communist Party goes way of Qing Dynasty as debt hits limit – Telegraph
The real problem with negative interest rates? They are a stealth tax – MarketWatch
The last gun shop in San Francisco is turning into a weed dispensary – Quartz
The Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin Finds a Buyer – The Atlantic
Facebook: Confab with conservatives was ‘constructive’ – USA Today
Your guide to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist – Vox
Hillary loves the ’90s! But she can’t bring them back. – The Week
How Clinton Could Finally Close the Door on Sanders – Fiscal Times
Budweiser and the Selling of America – New Yorker

Futures lower after Fed favors rate hike if economy picks up – USA Today
Violent Struggle Over Oil and Money Rattles Global Energy Market – Bloomberg
Could this post-Fed bond selloff be a repeat of ‘taper tantrum’? – MarketWatch
Which Institution Has The Best Asset Allocation Model? – Meb Farber Research
How Wall Street Led LendingClub Into Crisis – Bloomberg
Gold slides to 3-week low on Fed rate hike expectations – Reuters
Gold prices drop as interest-rate rise looks more likely – MarketWatch
Huge Trend Changes Point To Something Big In The Gold Market – SRSrocco Report

Moody’s downgrades 2016 US growth – MarketWatch
A Long-Term Look at Inflation – Advisor Perspectives
The Real Lesson Behind Brazil’s Mess – Bloomberg
Mob burns Venezuelan man alive over $5 as rule of law fails – AP
British ’shopaholics’ defy economic gloom with spending splurge – Telegraph
Alberta wildfire destroys oil sands work camp as thousands of staff evacuated – Guardian
Rise of the Populists: Austria a Step Ahead in Europe’s Race to the Right – Spiegel
Leaving Europe Is a Risk the U.K. Shouldn’t Take – Bloomberg
Is the Silicon Valley Real Estate Bubble About to Explode? – Vanity Fair
Why London could decide the next US rate hike – CNBC
Monetary Policy For Dummies – Alhambra Partners


Wednesday Morning Links

George Soros bet big on gold – CNN/Money
Fighting the Next Financial Crisis – Project Syndicate
Why millions of US workers will now get overtime pay – CSM
Wildfire causes evacuation of Canadian oil sands camps – Mining.com
Facebook Trending team worker: the most toxic work experience of my life – Guardian
Sanders wins Oregon, battles Clinton in Kentucky, Trump wins Oregon – AP
An Exhausted Democracy: Donald Trump and the New American Nationalism – Spiegel
Why Pennsylvania Could Decide The 2016 Election – Five Thirty Eight
Clinton campaign wrestles with how to attack Trump – Politico
People are angry, but about politics, not the economy – Vox
The Mind of Donald Trump – Atlantic
Reality bites the GOP – The Week

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The ‘black swan’ that could sink surging oil markets – CNBC
Goldman Sachs loses faith in stocks and warms up to oil – MarketWatch
George Soros Sells Stocks, Buys More Gold, Why Investors Should Care – Forbes
Global funds fear ’summer of shocks’ despite boom in money growth – Telegraph
The Commodity That No One Knows About But Everybody Wants to Buy – Bloomberg
Gold slips on dollar after U.S. data boosts Fed rate rise expectations – Reuters
Gold Demand Just Had Its Strongest-Ever First Quarter – US Funds
Junior Miners Surge as Global Elite screams: ‘Buy Gold’ – Secular Investor
Texan Plans to Build Gold Depository – Mises

The Humungous Depression – The Burning Platform
A Growth Rate Weighed Down by Inaction – NY Times
UK employment hits fresh high as jobs market weathers uncertainty – Telegraph
China Needs Fewer Skyscrapers, Says Manager of Country’s Tallest Building – WSJ
Japan’s economy dodges recession in first-quarter, sales tax decision eyed – Reuters
There’s a strange consumer paradox playing out in India right now – Quartz
China April home prices accelerate, recovery spreads to smaller cities – Reuters
Recession-scarred Millennials fuel growing interest in tiny homes – USA Today
Revolving Door Swings As Feds Take Posh Jobs At Big Banks – Daily Caller
Fed Officials Come Looking For A Fight – Fed Watch

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