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Friday Morning Links

Macy’s is closing another 100 stores – CNN/Money
Three major indexes end at records for first time since 1999 – Reuters
UBS: China’s is Already Started Bailing Out its Banks – Bloomberg
China’s Stimulus Efforts Show ‘Malinvestment Still Hard at Work’ – Bloomberg
Negative Rates for the People Arrive as German Bank Gives In – Bloomberg
Wall St. banks ask Fed for 5 more years to comply with Volcker rule – Reuters
US Student Debt Just Dropped for the First Time in Years – Fiscal Times
NBC’s coverage of the Olympics is atrocious. Here’s why. – Vox
Brazil Is Still the Country of the Future – Bloomberg
America’s birth rate is now a national emergency – The Week
Gary Johnson-Supporting PACs Ready TV Ads – reason.com
Trump’s Contribution to Sound Money – WSJ

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Summer Markets Grind into the Weekend – Marc to Market
U.S. stocks shape up for more gains after record trifecta – MarketWatch
The VIX and Junk Bond Spreads Are Out of Whack – ValueWalk
There’s already another dotcom bubble – we just haven’t noticed – Telegraph
This popular stock market indicator just suffered another major fail – MarketWatch
Emerging markets are popular with investors again – Economist
Gold lower as dollar steadies, global shares surge – Reuters
What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like – International Man
Gold’s Rally Losing Steam as Stocks Climb and Dollar Strengthens – Bloomberg

The Phony Job Recovery – Ron Paul
The Great Productivity Puzzle – New Yorker
Consumer Optimism Is Not the Key to Economic Growth – Mises
Venezuela and Colombia are going to reopen their border – Vice News
China’s Stability Falters as Factory Output, Credit Growth Slow – Bloomberg
Why China Trade Hit U.S. Workers Unexpectedly Hard – WSJ
Fannie Mae: Millennials finally starting to buy homes – Housing Wire
Home Equity Loans Come Back to Haunt Borrowers, Banks – WSJ
Fed needs to gradually take its foot off the gas, Williams says – MarketWatch
ECB negative rates at limit, should focus on asset buys, IMF economists say – Reuters


Thursday Morning Links

Billionaires are holding $1.7 trillion in cash – CNBC
Ferraris and fine wines lure investors hit by rate ructions – Reuters
Failed BOE bond purchase another crack in image of central banks – MarketWatch
Pitfalls of Global Yield Hunt Exposed in Mongolia, Ukraine Routs – Bloomberg
Putin accuses Ukraine of trying to provoke a new conflict over Crimea – Reuters
More Old Than Young: A Population Plague Spreads Around the Globe – Bloomberg
Why it’s twice as expensive to retire today as it was 25 years ago – MarketWatch
BLS Just “Revised” Away Obama’s “Fastest” Wage Growth Since The Crisis – Zero Hedge
Undecided Moms Say Clinton Will Win by Default – Real Clear Politics
Trump’s Second Amendment Comment Cannot Be Excused – The Atlantic
Donald Trump is losing his war on political correctness – The Week
Racial bias found in ‘every stage’ of Baltimore policing – Vice News

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Many are cashing out of stock mutual funds – USA Today
IEA: ‘Massive’ stock overhang is capping oil price – MarketWatch
Saudi oil production rises to record level in July – Financial Times
Asian Stocks Fall From One-Year High as Commodity Shares Tumble – Bloomberg
The Dow at 20,000 in a year is now the consensus forecast – MarketWatch
Rosenberg: Confused? Wait until you see what the ‘smart money’ is doing – Financial Post
Gold eases as firm dollar prompts investors to cash in gains – Reuters
Smashed Silver Snaps Back into Ferocious Bull Market – Money Metals Exchange
Investment demand for gold jumps to all-time high – Mining.com

Breaking The American Consumer – ValueWalk
The real reason Americans are eating out less – CNN/Money
What’s Really Wrong With the Unemployment Rate – Bloomberg
The Difficulties of Moving Millions of People – WSJ
German economy lost growth momentum in Q2 – Reuters
India’s forests are worth $1.7 trillion, more than the GDP of Russia – Quartz
There Are All Kinds of Signs of a High-End Real Estate Slowdown – Bloomberg
Lopsided Housing Rebound Leaves Millions of People Out in the Cold – WSJ
Demystifying Monetary Finance – Project Syndicate
Does Fiscal Stimulus Work – Cleveland Fed


Wednesday Morning Links

Bank of England Bond Buying Hits Early Snag – WSJ
Negative yields are doing the opposite of what was intended – CNBC
Soaring Debt Has U.S. Companies as Vulnerable to Default as 2008 – Bloomberg
Companies defy logic with record bond issuance and tighter spreads – MarketWatch
America’s worst borrowers are grabbing credit cards like it’s 2006 – Business Insider
Election Update: Polls Show Pennsylvania Back In Clinton’s Firewall – Five Thirty Eight
Media justify anti-Trump bias, say he’s too ‘dangerous’ for normal rules – Fox News
Donald Trump Sells Out to Trickle-Down Economics – New Yorker
Carl Icahn: Economy will tank unless Trump wins – CNN/Money
Warren: Trump ‘can’t handle … losing to a girl’ – Politico
My Education in Climate-Denial Jujitsu – Scientific American
An Updated Version of the “Peak Oil” Story – Our Finite World
5 Things the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Olympics – Anti-Media

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
World stocks hit one-year peak, dollar sags on weak U.S. data – Reuters
Why Would Anyone Buy Negative Interest Rate Bonds? – Motley Fool
Wall Street waits for a catalyst as stocks hold near record levels – MarketWatch
S&P 500 Daily Volatility Vanishes as Index Sets Records: Chart – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia Said to Report Record Oil Output on Summer Demand – Bloomberg
Be A Contrarian Investor: 3 Ways To Think Differently In The Stock Market – ValueWalk
Palladium surges to 14-month high; gold shines on weak U.S. data – Reuters
Gold at ‘Rich Level’ to Struggle as Fed May Hike Three Times – Bloomberg
Bullion Investors Versus the Machines – GoldSilverWorlds

Why Did Productivity Fall? Look To The Price of Oil and Gas – WSJ
Government Statistics May Be Wrong, But They’re Not Manipulated – Bloomberg
Federal Civilian Workforce Soars to 2.79 Million After Years of Restraint – Fiscal Times
Japan’s Plunging Jobless Rate Is All About Aging, not Abenomics – Bloomberg
Exclusive: Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed S.China Sea – Reuters
Canada seizes 50 million doses of elephant tranquilizer that’s killing people – Vice News
Homeowners Now Have Real Estate Agents Over a Barrel – Bloomberg
How To Restore Honest Capital Markets – Abolish The FOMC – Contra Corner
The Fed Is Losing Control of Global Monetary Conditions: Chart – Bloomberg


Tuesday Morning Links

How Trump’s Economic Vision Measures Up – Bloomberg
Wall Street’s Reluctant Embrace of Clinton – The New Yorker
Can Clinton or Trump Recapture Robust American Growth? – NY Times
50 Republican officials say Trump is a national security threat – Vox
Venezuela’s death spiral is getting worse – Washington Post
Shattered Dreams: Brazil’s Olympic-Sized Political Headache – Spiegel
New flaw puts a billion phones at risk and shows Android security is still a mess – recode
Feds Don’t Care If You’re a College Dropout, They Want Their Money Back – Bloomberg
A Global Derivatives Expert Shines the Light on Systematic Risk – Garret/Galland
States Vie to Shield the Wealth of the 1 Percent – NY Times
America’s looming debt decision – Guardian
Minsky’s moment – Economist

Stocks: 3 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Why this complacent market may not be that bad – CNBC
Global stock markets up after weak China data – USA Today
Why Morgan Stanley Still Expects The 10Y Treasury To Drop To 1% – Zero Hedge
Oil prices: OPEC may finally take action if crude’s slide continues – CNBC
Why you’ve been reading the stock market’s ‘fear gauge’ all wrong – MarketWatch
Gold treads water as traders await clues on U.S. rates – Reuters
The Victory for Gold Bulls Is Only Just Beginning – Financial Times
Gold and Silver Dominate the ETF Charts – WSJ
The Last Known Gold Deposit – US Funds

Our Economic Malaise Is Impacting Young Workers the Most – Mises
Multiple Jobholders: Two Decades of Trends as of July – Advisor Perspectives
UK industrial output growth fastest for 17 years – BBC
Brexit Bulletin: What the Rest of the EU Wants – Bloomberg
Thailand tops list of world’s least miserable economies – RT News
Saudi Building Bust Traps Thousands in Desert Nightmare – Bloomberg
Fannie & Freddie would need another bailout in severe economic crisis – Housing Wire
Bright future seen in 55+ housing market – Consumer Affairs
Will the Bubble Pop Even if the Fed Never Raises Rates? – Mises
Lending their Way into Trouble – Handelsblatt


Monday Morning Links

Chinese trade drop adds to global economic woes – BBC
Globalization and its New Discontents – Project Syndicate
We’re in a Low-Growth World. How Did We Get Here? – NY Times
Are We Reaching the End of World Records? – Scientific American
The ancient Olympics were dirty, violent, corrupt affairs – PRI
Trump advisers defend all-male economic team – Bloomberg
Is Donald Trump trying to throw this election? – The Week
Trump is right: It’s time to rethink NATO – Politico
EXCLUSIVE Gary Johnson op-ed: There’s another choice – The Hill
A Third Of Sanders’ Supporters Aren’t Backing Clinton Five Thirty Eight
How Central Bank Enabled Financialization Divided America – Contra Corner
Updating Government Finance Quasi-Capitalism – CBB
The Seven-Year Short – Bloomberg

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Earnings beats are concealing bad results – MarketWatch
Stock markets and U.S. dollar both climb as ‘risk-on’ mode dominates – Reuters
Oil prices plummet amid continued oversupply, with no end in sight – Guardian
The Indexing End Game: The Wilshire 5000 Only Has 3,607 Stocks – Dark Bid
Waiting Forever for Fed Model Bull Case on Stocks to Come True – Bloomberg
Sell everything? This stock-market rally dares you – MarketWatch
Gold inches lower on U.S. payrolls, rate hike fears – Reuters
Investing in Gold in 2016: Global Paradigm Shifts in Politics and Markets – Acting Man
The Colors of Money Andrew Jackson Still Fights the Banking War – GoldSilverWorlds

A Realistic Look at July’s Nonfarm Payrolls – Wall Street on Parade
Can a North Dakota Oil Town Break the Boom-Bust Cycle? – The Atlantic
Is now the time to switch Britain’s mix of economic policies? – Telegraph
Venezuela’s zoo animals are dying, and people could be next – Quartz
The spy saga of an Iranian nuclear scientist ended with his execution – Vice News
Ordinary people can’t afford a home in San Francisco. How did it come to this? – Guardian
The boom that never materialized: boomerang homebuyers – OC Housing News
PBOC Signals More Use of ’Innovative’ Monetary Policy Tools – Bloomberg
Will the Bubble Pop Even if the Fed Never Raises Rates? – Mises

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