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Friday Morning Links

Relief for Europe as Scotland stays put – Reuters
Scotland votes “no” on independence, spurring relief rally – USA Today
Rush to Invest in Alibaba, but Concerns Linger – Dealbook
In Alibaba’s IPO, where did the skepticism go? – MarketWatch
Market Frets Over Hawkish Dots Despite Dismissive Yellen – WSJ
Fed Signals No Hurry to Raise Interest Rates – NY Times
Yellen says poor Americans live in ‘sobering’ conditions – MarketWatch
Do you have $2,385,036? No? Then you’re not in the wealthiest 1% – Vox
Food-stamp enrollment in Illinois outpaces job creation by nearly 2-to-1 – Illinois Policy
Fed’s Q2 Flow of Funds: Household Net Worth at Record High – Calculated Risk
Shale Fracking Is “This Decade’s Version of The Dotcom Bubble” – Washington’s Blog
Eric Holder’s Shameful Legacy on Wall Street Fraud – Fiscal Times
Retirement savings gap widens between rich and poor – CNN/Money

World stocks rise as Scotland votes to stay in UK – AP
Oil Clogging U.S. Railways Seen Limiting Exports of Grain – Bloomberg
Seth Klarman: “We Are Recreating The Markets Of 2007″ – Zero Hedge
Be like Calpers: Dump your hedge funds – MarketWatch
Treasuries Little Changed Before U.S. Data – Bloomberg
Gold poised for third weekly drop on strong dollar, equities – Reuters
Super-rich rush to buy ‘Italian Job’ style gold bars – Telegraph
China Opens Gold Market to Foreigners Amid Price Ambition – Bloomberg
Asian gold demand to kick in here – Suchecki – Mineweb
Why is the Price of Gold Falling? – PragCap
China’s long term gold plans – Mineweb

America’s Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds – Reason
No inflation, no problem. US not turning into Japan – CNBC
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Remains on Plateau – Gallup
It’s not too soon to worry about the US economy – Fabius Maximus
Who Wins the Battle Between Indian and Chinese Billionaires? – WSJ
Venezuela Default Naysayers Undermined by S&P Downgrade – Bloomberg
Time to give the housing market a shot of adrenaline – Fortune
Mom-and-Dad Banks Step Up Aid to First-Time Home Buyers – Bloomberg
If Builder Sentiment Is So Bullish, Why Are Housing Starts So Low ? – WSJ
Lacker Would Prefer Fed Sell Mortgage-Backed Securities During Policy Exit – WSJ
Fed: Forget “Escape Velocity,” Not Gonna Happen, Ever – Wolf Street
Yellen: Fed balance sheet to take years to shrink – AP
The Fed and Inequality – CEPR


Monday Morning Links

China anxiety knocks shares, oil – Reuters
Why we are forever blowing bubbles – China Daily
China August industrial growth hits 6-year low – MarketWatch
Why the Scottish Vote Is Shaking Up Europe – Politico
Why ‘Bravehearted’ Scots Will Vote for Independence – Fiscal Times
Scottish independence: Campaign leaders stress vote will stand – BBC
Diminishing Deficit Delusion: National Debt Soared By $1T In Last Year – Contra Corner
Will the FOMC remove “considerable time” language from its statement? – Sober Look
Investors tell Fed: don’t fumble interest rates – CNN/Money
Will the Fed Avoid a “Language Tantrum?” – Bloomberg
1937 parallels for today’s global economy – Guardian
King Dollar and the Peripheries – Noland, Prudent Bear
A Warning from Graham and Dodd – Hussman Funds

Global stocks down after weak China data – AP
Rising rates pose headwind for stocks – USA Today
A Closer Look: Market Cap – Alhambra Partners
Stock bull-bear line blurred by pending Fed action – MarketWatch
Record S&P 500 Masks 47% of Nasdaq Mired in Bear Market – Bloomberg
How to Preserve Capital During a Bear Market – Wealth of Common Sense
What You Need to Know about Next Week’s 3 Key Events – Marc to Market
Treasuries Are Little Changed Before Inflation Report, Fed Meet – Bloomberg
Gold rebounds on weak shares, but near 8-month low as Fed in focus – Reuters
Gold Industry Needs ‘Cleansing’ of Weakest, Fidelity Says – Businessweek
Pain for gold, silver price as hedge fund slash bullish bets – Mining.com

The roughed-up American – Washington Post
Pessimism about U.S. growth rates – Econbrowser
Not all the oars of the economy are rowing equally hard – MarketWatch
OECD Trims Developed World Growth Forecast as Risks Build – Bloomberg
Almost Half of Wealthy Chinese Want to Leave, Study Shows – WSJ
Bad Loans Could Be Disastrous for China – Bloomberg
House price cuts point to a shift in Southland market – LA Times
The Entire Housing Market Hit A Wall In August – SRSrocco Report
California Home Sales Dive, Prices Hit Wall, Millennials Blamed – Wolf Street
Draghi’s $3.9 Trillion Ambition Seen Stretched in Survey – Bloomberg
How Does Janet Yellen Spend Her Time? – WSJ
The Fed: On course and on the money – CNBC


Friday Morning Links

Dollar heads for best run in 17 years – Reuters
Japan stocks gain as yen falls further – MarketWatch
The Attack on ISIS Expands to Syria – NY Times
Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria – BBC
Turkey Refuses to Take Part in US-led Attacks in Iraq, Syria – RiaNovosti
Who Really Benefits from Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Index? – WSJ
Can an Independent Scotland, Free of London’s Dominance, Survive? – Businessweek
American Secessionists Are Rooting for an Independent Scotland – Atlantic
What If the Easy Money Is Now on the Bear Side? – of two minds
Bubble forming in US middle market leveraged finance – Sober Look
How the Government Hides Red-Hot Housing Inflation – Wolf Street
Government Interest Payments – Mises
The Inflation Cult – Krugman, NY Times

World stocks drift as investors await Fed meeting – AP
Dollar drives up to ¥107 on policy divergence – MarketWatch
Most Hedge-Fund Managers Are Overpaid, Big Investor Says – Bloomberg
Six Years After Lehman, Wall St. Is as Reckless as Ever – Fiscal Times
Fed rate shift could spook markets – USA Today
Treasury Auctions Attract Most Foreign Demand Since February – Bloomberg
Gold slides to 7-1/2-month low, awaits policy cues from Fed – Reuters
Gold’s Impact On Harvard, University Of Texas and McGill Endowment Funds – Kitco
India’s love affair with gold may be over, as prices slide – Reuters
Gold price erases most of 2014 gains – Mining.com
Silver Loses Its Polish – Barron’s

How ‘Keynes’ Became a Dirty Word – Bloomberg
American credit-card debt hits a post-recession high – MarketWatch
How important is the financial sector to Scotland’s economy? – BBC
Only Germany is holding together as separatists threaten to rip Europe apart – Telegraph
German Business Calls Russia Key Partner Despite Sanctions – RiaNovosti
Australian Statistics Bureau Faces Credibility Test on Employment Data – WSJ
China May Be Heading for a Japanese-Style Economic Crisis – Time
Foreign buyers are fuelling a seismic spike in Vancouver luxury housing market – FP
August slowdown hits Bay Area housing market after red-hot year – Mercury News
Why You Might Pencil in a 3.5% Fed Funds Rate in 2017 – WSJ
The Fed Fails, Um, Does Irony – Naked Capitalism
The Death Of Deflation In The Central Bank Era – Zero Hedge


Thursday Morning Links

Obama’s 6-point plan for defeating ISIS – Vox
Obama’s rationale for Isis strikes: shoot first, ask Congress later – Guardian
Russia, China agree to settle more trade in yuan and rouble – Reuters
155,000 Americans Had Social Security Benefits Cut Due to Student Debt – WSJ
Student Loan Debt Isn’t Just A Problem For Millennials – MFI Miami
The Big Lie in the ‘News’ ‘Reporting’ About Ukraine and Russia – Washington’s Blog
Report: NY Golf Courses Rejected Obama Holiday Weekend Visit – NewsMax
DB: Bubble Must Go On To Sustain “Current Global Financial System” – Zero Hedge
Quantifying the macroeconomic effects of large-scale asset purchases – voxeu
Stop the Anti-Obamacare Shenanigans – NY Times
Transacting in Gold Can Shaft The IRS – Forbes
Features Of The New Apple Watch – Onion
Grade expectations – Economist

Stocks down as Fed’s next policy move mulled – AP
The Virtues of Inactive Investing – Barron’s
The Nasdaq is poised to top 5,000 within months – MarketWatch
The Secret to Investing Success: A Good Case of Amnesia – Daily Finance
Almost no one believes the stock market will fall – MarketWatch
Treasuries Advance as Geopolitical Tensions Boost Haven Demand – Bloomberg
Gold falls to 7-1/2 month low as strengthening dollar, shares weigh – Reuters
China Positions Itself As Global Gold Hub, “In China, Gold Is Money” – GoldCore
Iron ore price bears come out in force – Mining.com
Gold Prices Dropped? I Don’t Care – Outsider Club
Gold Falls for Third Straight Session – Barron’s

The Great Inflation – Money Illusion
Full Frontal Inflation – Dollar Collapse
Europe’s Juncker Revolution – Project Syndicate
China Inflation Subdued as Producer Prices Fall – Bloomberg
RBS would leave Scotland in case of independence – AP
Why big banks fear an independent Scotland, in their own words – Quartz
Scotland Nationalists Claim U.K. Oil in 40-Year Campaign – Bloomberg
Scottish housing market ‘more resilient than elsewhere in UK’ – BBC
Luxury Homes Goosed by Stock Prices, Rest of Housing Market Teeters – Wolf Street
Can The Fed Drop “Considerable Time” Without Spooking Markets? – WSJ
The Fed’s Worst Nightmare: What If ZIRP And Asset Bubbles Retard Growth? – Contra Corner
Fed’s rate guidance on chopping block, new exit plan nears – Reuters

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