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Friday Morning Links

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes – Bloomberg
Hungary suspends gas supplies to Ukraine – BBC
Ukraine prime minister says Russians ‘want us to freeze’ – Reuters
After selloff, stock market in search of stability – USA Today
Winners and losers from the dollar’s recent rally – CNBC
Alibaba options set for strong demand on market debut – Reuters
The solution to Italy’s woes is quite simple – leave the euro – Telegraph
Draghi’s Trillion-Euro Pump Finds Blockage in Spain – Bloomberg
US public pension gap at least $2 trillion: Moody’s – Reuters
Gas prices headed below $3 a gallon – USA Today
Bad loans pose worsening risk – China Daily
The Show-Off Society – Krugman, NY Times
Being Wrong – Alhambra Partners

Stock markets turn higher after Wall Street drop – AP
First take: Did Alibaba IPO mark a top for stocks? – USA Today
This stock selloff has everyone talking about ‘divergence’ – MarketWatch
Correlations Revive as China’s Slowdown Beats Rates – Bloomberg
Bonds Worldwide Pull Out of Tailspin on Growth Concern – Bloomberg
Gold down on strong dollar, but set to snap 3-week losing streak – Reuters
The Workings Of The Shanghai International Gold Exchange, Part One – BullionStar
Junior miners ‘starting to disappear’ as grim market reality takes hold – FP
Gold markets waiting for the Asian festive demand – BullionStreet
Death Of ‘Safe Haven’ Gold Greatly Exaggerated – GoldCore
Falling Out of Love With Gold – Bloomberg

Decelerating Money Supply Increases Risk of a Bust – Forbes
China official PMI seen steady at 51.2 in September but pressures remain – Reuters
China’s slower GDP growth worthwhile for long-term sustainability: IMF – xinhuanet
UK cuts to last five more years, ex-civil service boss says – BBC
Conflicts weighing on German consumer confidence – AP
Japan consumer inflation up 3.1% on-year in August – CNA
Singapore is top foreign investor in Australian commercial properties – CNA
London Home Prices Post First Fall Since 2012 on Demand Drop – Bloomberg
House prices have finally started to fall after two years – Telegraph
2015 Prediction: California Housing Markets Will Post Biggest Gains – HBI
PBOC official sees bright side of shadow banks – China Daily
Low inflation fuels caution at Fed over rate rises – Reuters


Thursday Morning Links

Big price swings return to Dow – USA Today
The Dollar Rally May Have a Long Way to Run – Barron’s
The Dollar Short, What and Where Now? – Alhambra Partners
US Dollar Breaks Through Overhead Resistance; Euro Sinks – Trader Dan
Forget The “Alibaba Top” – This Is The Chart Everyone Is Watching – Zero Hedge
Islamic State Oil Refineries in Syria Hit in Airstrikes – Bloomberg
The forgotten financial crisis of 1914 has parallels 100 years on – Telegraph
German Central Bank Head Weidmann: ‘The Euro Crisis Is Not Yet Behind Us’ – Spiegel
Standard & Poor’s Warns on Germany Triggering the Next Debt Crisis, – Wolf Street
Household Net Worth Just Hit A Record High: Here Is Who Benefited – Zero Hedge
Zero Hedge: Wall Street’s daily dose of doom and gloom – CNN/Money
Why Fears of a Subprime Auto Bubble Are Overblown—For Now – WSJ
Student loan default rate drops to 13.7% – CNN/Money

Global stocks track US higher; dollar marches on – AP
Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street – Bloomberg
Japanese stocks turn positive for the year as yen drops – MarketWatch
With China Set to Open Stock Trading, Investors Lay Groundwork – NY Times
Get ready for rising interest rates — and stocks – MarketWatch
Gold drops to 9-month low as dollar hits 4-year peak – Reuters
Gold’s fall to pump up Indian demand – bullion traders – Mineweb
Gold Downside Risk Seen ‘Significant’ to Goldman Sachs – Businessweek
Shanghai Silver Stocks Fall As Silver Eagle Sales Explode Higher – SRSrocco Report
Gold price seen near tipping point for mine cuts, closures – Reuters
Is This A Triple Bottom In Gold? – GoldSilverWorlds

Watch US inflation expectations – Sober Look
Where macroeconomics went wrong – mainly macro
Rich Gain More Ground in Every US Expansion – Naked Capitalism
Housing Prices, “Real” Interest Rates, and the “Real” CPI – Mish
Weak euro zone lending data underscores need for ECB stimulus – Reuters
Putin leaves Germany’s factories in a worse state than anyone imagined – Telegraph
China steel demand shrinks for first time in 14 years as slowdown stings – Reuters
House prices: Londoners threaten to flee the capital over housing costs – Telegraph
Last Time this Happened, the Housing Market Crashed – Wolf Street
Fed’s Fisher says rates may rise ’sooner rather than later’ – Reuters
Federal Reserve Policies Cause Booms and Busts – Mises
Connecting “the Dots”: Disagreement in the FOMC – NY Fed


Wednesday Morning Links

World leaders meet with multiple crises on agenda – AP
Islamic State crisis: New strikes near Syria-Turkey border – BBC
A Month of Bombs Dropped in One Night of Strikes on Syria – Bloomberg
Why ISIS Hasn’t Really Scared the Stock Market – Fisca Times
Did Alibaba’s IPO signal a top in the stock market? – MarketWatch
Yellen Warns on Market Calm Before ‘Considerable Time’ Up – Bloomberg
Dudley Opens New Front for Fed Doves With Dollar Warning – Bloomberg
Dollar Hollers – What does it say? – Market Anthropology
Credit Warnings Starting To Penetrate – Alhambra Partners
The Euro and Commodity Prices – Marc to Market
Billionaires are hoarding more cash – CNN/Money
The short-sighted US buyback boom – FT
America Out of Whack – NY Times

Stocks drift as divergent economic fates weighed – AP
Draghi helps halt European stock sell-off – Reuters
A Coming Winter of Investor Discontent – Real Clear Markets
On The Market’s Central-Bank-Induced Bipolar Disease – Zero Hedge
Here’s what will happen to stocks before and after rates rise – MarketWatch
Gold steadies as dollar rally halts, wary ahead of US data – Reuters
Gold: Why ‘golden’ is worse than ‘death’ when it comes to crosses – MarketWatch
50 tonne gold smuggled into India in 10 days, 30% reached Mumbai – Hindu Times
What’s behind the current silver disconnect? – Mineweb
Silver Loses its Shine – Syncubate
Iron ore price below $80 – Mining.com

Inflation Watch as Fed Hawks Retire – Fox Business
Markets and the economy: Losing momentum – Buttonwood
ECRI recession call: unhappy three year anniverary – Bonddad
Developing a Narrative: The Great Recession and Its Aftermath – NY Fed
New U.S. tax rules chill ‘inversion’ deal-making; shares dive – Reuters
German Business Confidence Drops for Fifth Month – Bloomberg
Moscow’s ‘Mr. Yuan’ Builds China Link as Putin Tilts East – Bloomberg
Subprime loans are making a comeback, and it’s a disaster – Vox
After Mucking up Housing Market, Investors Flee – Wolf Street
The Fed’s Credit Channel Is Broken And Its Bathtub Economics Has Failed – Contra Corner
Explaining Why U.S. Rates Have Suddenly Gone Negative – WSJ
Mathew D. Rose: “We Need A Banking evolution” – Naked Capitalism


Tuesday Morning Links

Israel shoots down Syrian jet – Guardian
Why Bombing Syria to destroy ISIS won’t work – Vox
Julian Robertson sees TWO bubbles brewing – CNBC
Could ‘front running’ be the next banking scandal? – BBC
Yahoo emerges as biggest Alibaba loser as investors dump stock – Independent
They Do Ring A Bell At The Top: Alibaba Proves Wall St. Is Off Its Rocker – Contra Corner
Dropping Prices, Supply Glut Sends Oil Into Storage At Sea – Wolf Street
Climate change isn’t the problem. A population bomb is killing us – MarketWatch
Why 80% of Women Take Social Security Too Early for Full Benefits – Main Street
Bread, Circuses, & Bombs – Decline of the American Empire – Burning Platform
Student homelessness hits another record high – CNN/Money
Bees and Ants on How to Make Decisions – WSJ
Why Isn’t Housing A Bubble? – Dollar Collapse

Soft data, Syria strikes knock European markets – AP
Fear factor: Investors are scared again – CNN/Money
The Dollar’s Impact on the S&P 500 – Reformed Broker
Would a Repeat of the 1987 Crash Be That Bad? – Wealth of Common Sense
Everyone is a genius in a Fed-induced stock rally – MarketWatch
Treasuries Gain for Fourth Day on Geopolitical Tension – Bloomberg
Gold rises 1.5 percent on softer dollar, equities – Reuters
Has The Gold Price Drop Run Its Course? – GoldSilverWorlds
Established rivals may keep Shanghai gold exchange in check – SCMP
Gold, Silver Bullion Coin Sales Robust Despite Sell Off – GoldCore
Buying gold has never been this easy – CNN/Money

Is the economic recovery real? – CNN/Money
Credit Card Delinquencies at Historic Low – St. Louis Fed
Germany’s Economic Mirage – Project Syndicate
Eurozone business growth slows in September, PMI survey finds – BBC
Manufacturing Rebound Relieves Growth Concerns in China – Bloomberg
Economists React: Surprising Signs of an Uptick in China’s Economy – WSJ
China’s Housing Bubble Puzzle Isn’t So Confusing After All – WSJ
Why First-Time Homebuyers Should Get Their Checkbooks Ready – Fiscal Times
Analyst Predicts Home Price Decline In Report to White House – DSNews
A Few Comments on August Existing Home Sales – Calculated Risk
Plosser, hawkish chief of Philadelphia Fed, to retire in March – Reuters
Dudley: ‘I would love to’ raise rates in 2015 – CNBC

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