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Friday Morning Links

181 bodies found at Malaysia crash site in Ukraine – AP
Putin: If MH17 Crashed in Ukraine, It’s Ukraine’s Fault – Time
European Stocks Drop for Second Day on Ukraine Conflict – Bloomberg
‘Further Escalation Not Out of the Question’ in Ukraine – Spiegel
Israel ready to widen Gaza ground offensive – PM – BBC
Netanyahu Orders Military to Ready Wider Gaza Incursion – Bloomberg
Value of worldwide mergers and acquisitions hits $2 trillion this year – Reuters
What a pet insurer’s IPO tells us about America’s dog and cat obsession – Quartz
APNewsBreak: Shipwreck’s gold inventory released – AP
The Real Message of the BRICS Summit – Bloomberg
We Now Know Janet Yellen Is Not Very Bright – IRD
7 reasons the gold standard is a terrible idea – Vox
Trust Will Kill Bitcoin – Bloomberg

World stocks shaky as jetliner downed over Ukraine – AP
Market reaction could be harsh but short-lived – CNBC
6 events that spooked the market in 2014 – CNN/Money
Bull market sends 401(k)s soaring to record highs – USA Today
VIX Jumps With Gold Bets as Ukraine Ignites Stock Selloff – Businessweek
Russian stocks slide for fifth day after MH17 crash – MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall for First Time in Three Days as Safety Bid Wanes – Bloomberg
Gold dips after spike on Ukraine crash, set for first weekly fall in 7 – Reuters
Amid economic revival, gold duty cut unlikely – Mineweb
After winning the silver fix, CME goes for the gold – Mining.com
Commerzbank neutralises outlook, may fall to 1286 levels – BullionStreet

Addicted to Inflation – Krugman, NY Times
Another Nail In The Payroll Coffin? – Alhambra Partners
Kuroda Softens Yen Stance as Export Pain Evaporates – Bloomberg
Growth slightly lower than 7.5 percent ‘acceptable’: China’s Li – Reuters
China Bailouts Questions as Second Company Faces Default – Bloomberg
Canada housing market skewed by handful of hot markets – FP
Home prices continue to fall in more cities – China Daily
Is a Housing Crash Coming to the U.S.? – Investor Place
The Debate Over FHA’s Growing Role in the Housing Market – WSJ
Bullard Says Fed May Need to Move Forward Start of Exit – Businessweek
Janet Yellen Uses Fed Failures to Expand the Fed’s Mandate – RCM
The Fed in Danger – NY Sun


Thursday Morning Links

Microsoft set to axe 18,000 jobs – BBC
Two Camps in the Fed’s Rate Debate – WSJ
Fed hawks: Start draining the punch bowl! – CNN/Money
Fed kicks off global dollar squeeze as Yellen turns hawkish – Telegraph
Yellen Balks at Proposal to Tie Rates to Formula – WSJ
Should Janet Yellen Be Giving Us Stock Picks? – NY Times
Bubble Paranoia Setting in as S&P 500 Surge Stirs Angst – Bloomberg
India to head the BRICS Bank for first five years – Economic Times
The Buzz in Berlin: Is Merkel Thinking of Stepping Down? – Spiegel
Record 57 Million Americans Living in Multi-Generational Households – WSJ
What Happens When Detroit Shuts Off the Water of 100,000 People – Atlantic
U.S. gold dealer launches first digital currency backed by bullion – Reuters
Downtown L.A. is now driest since rain records started in 1877 – LA Times

Global stocks down ahead of US data, earnings – AP
Here’s why stocks could keep hitting new highs – CNBC
China Rallying for All Wrong Reasons to Top-Rated Analyst – Bloomberg
Russian stocks drop as Putin hints at sanctions revenge – MarketWatch
Treasuries Rise on Safety Demand as U.S. Adds Russian Sanctions – Bloomberg
Gold edges above $1,300/oz as price drop draws buyers – Reuters
How Eastern Gold Demand Is Transforming The Gold Market – GoldSilverWorlds
Bulls might take heart from latest gold smashdown failure – Mineweb
India Imported 713 MT Of Silver In April, 1921 MT YTD – BullionStar
Gold Should Rise if Stocks Fall — But Here’s When It Didn’t – Barron’s
Scorching June for gold imports in India – Mineweb

The Rise of the Non-Working Rich – Robert Reich
Why Amity Shlaes is dead wrong about inflation – AEIdeas
The Post-1979 Shortfall in American Economic Growth – WCGC
Euro zone June inflation unchanged at low levels as expected – Reuters
Yes, China is Beginning to “Rebalance,” But There’s a Long Way to Go – WSJ
Services sector offsets gloom in manufacturing – China Daily
Scotland’s economy stands above pre-recession peak – xinhuanet
Eight biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make – CNBC
States with the biggest house price discounts – MarketWatch
Bay Area housing market keeps surging, but lending remains tight – LA Times
PBoC follows other central banks in suppressing volatility – Sober Look


Wednesday Morning Links

China’s economic growth picks up – BBC
BRICS establish $100B bank, currency pool to cut out West – RT News
Yellen: Fed Will Continue to Prop Up Economy – NY Times
Janet Yellen on the Everything Bubble – The Upshot
Fed tries new role as line judge for markets – WSJ
‘Artificial’ Interest Rates Are the Real Deal – Bloomberg
A word of caution about a tech bubble from Janet Yellen – Salon
What Yellen said on junk bonds isn’t what the market heard – CNBC
Yellen, Fed Still Worried About Slowdown in Housing Recovery – WSJ
Mark Carney blasts BIS for calling for rate rises in a “vacuum” – Telegraph
CBO Warns Unchecked Entitlement Spending Is ‘Unsustainable’ – Fiscal Times
Fear running short of cash in retirement? What to do – USA Today
The Immorality Of Paper Money – Personal Liberty Digest

Stock Futures Rise as Apple, IBM Rally on Deal – Bloomberg
Midterm elections aren’t good for stocks – CNN/Money
Hoisington Investment Management – Review and Outlook – Mauldin Economics
High valuations like today’s aren’t justified by low interest rates – MarketWatch
Global equity melt-up in full swing even if investors hate themselves – Telegraph
Treasury Volatility Drops on Yellen Low-Rates Message – Bloomberg
Gold below $1,300 on stronger dollar, interest rate fears – Reuters
ICBC: A New Global Currency Setup Is Being Conceived – BullionStar
An update on Gold charts — has the bull been injured? – Peter Brandt
Surging gold imports widen India’s trade deficit – Mineweb
Monsoon – Better Late Than Never For Indian Gold Demand – Perth Mint

Hershey raises prices by 8% – CNN/Money
Austrians Can Help You Predict the Economy – Cyniconomics
China growth picks up as stimulus kicks in, more support may be needed – Reuters
China Banks Said to Have $3.2 Billion Exposure in Qingdao Probe – Bloomberg
China knows it has a problem, but it just can’t kick the investment habit – Quartz
Employment hits new high but wage growth weakens – Telegraph
Mortgage volume tanks; Jamie Dimon bashes the FHA – CNBC
JP Morgan; If Foreclosures Are More Difficult We’ll Lend Less – Forbes
The Homeownership Rate for Millennials Has Hit Bottom – WSJ
Fed’s George says strengthening economy warrants quick rate rise – Reuters
Yellen Tells Whoppers to the New Yorker – Naked Capitalism
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right – E-phipany


Tuesday Morning Links

Yellen may face grilling on Fed rate hike plans – USA Today
What to Watch for in Yellen’s Testimony This Week – WSJ
Draghi Seen Handing $1 Trillion to Banks in ECB Offer – Bloomberg
Traders look for Yellen to push S&P500 over 2,000 – Arabian Money
How Janet Yellen is redefining the Fed – New Yorker
CNBC’s Rick Santelli Loses It Over Fed Policy – Time
Santelli’s Rant Shows What Janet Yellen Is Up Against – New Republic
Santelli Slams Fed: “Not Created To Be A Feel-Good Institution” – Zero Hedge
Top 1 Percent Is Even Richer Than Surveys Say, ECB Paper Finds – Bloomberg
China Joins Furor Over Fox News Host’s ‘Chinaman’ Comments – WSJ
The Old Regime and the French Revolution – aucontrarian
Collision Course – Reformed Broker

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Futures up on J.P. Morgan, Goldman beats – MarketWatch
JPMorgan earnings: Thanks, Main Street! – CNN/Money
Goldman Sachs earnings rise, beating estimates – USA Today
Stocks or Gold? Choice Has Been Relatively Easy – Ciovacco Capital
In Bizarro Market, stocks rise along with pessimism – MarketWatch
Treasuries Halt Steepest Drop in a Week Before Yellen Testimony – Bloomberg
Gold edges up, still near 4-week low ahead of Yellen, U.S. data – Reuters
U.S. Exports More Gold To Hong Kong Than It Produces – SRSrocco Report
Chinese Gold Demand 973 MT YTD, Copper In Backwardation – BullionStar
Gold and silver smashdown: More to come? – Mineweb
The Silver Conspiracy – GoldSilverWorlds

U.S. Jobless Rate Closing in on Nairu Estimate – WSJ
U.K. inflation in sharp rise to 1.9% in June – BBC
Singapore’s Q2 GDP growth slows to 2.1% – Channel News Asia
Germany Prepares Further Spying Clampdown – Spiegel
China’s Property Market is Now Past the Tipping Point – Forbes
Mark Carney grilled on rising house prices: as it happened July 15, 2014 – Telegraph
Fitch calls for more action in ‘overvalued’ Canadian housing market – Financial Post
Phoenix Housing Market Hit By Unprecedented Plunge In Demand – Housing Wire
Should the Fed crash the economy now to prevent a crash later? – Noahpinion
Looks like the Fed wants to have even more power – CNBC
ECB caught up in economists’ spat – FT

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