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Friday Morning Links

China cuts rates to revive growth – BBC
Stocks, Oil Rise After China Rates as Euro Falls – Bloomberg
China’s Financial System Shows Fresh Signs Of Stress – WSJ
S&P’s ‘junk’ report triggers China media storm – MarketWatch
ECB’s Draghi throws door to QE wide open as recovery wanes – Reuters
Confused OPEC Watchers Are More Divided Than Ever – Bloomberg
Is the U.S. Shale Boom About to Go Bust? – Barron’s
Bankers Lie, But So Does Everyone Else – Bloomberg
Stung by criticism, Fed to review how it supervises big banks – Fortune
Fed Faces Pressure to Rein in Wall St Commodity Trading – Bloomberg
Iceland Sentences Banker Involved In 2008 Crash to Jail – ValueWalk
Obama’s Immigration Speech Acrobatics – Bloomberg

China rate cut gives markets a big boost – AP
Junk Bonds Not Confirming S&P 500 Record Highs – GaveKal
Why the Bank of Japan is Wall Street’s new BFF – MarketWatch
How Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Your Portfolio – Fiscal Times
Treasuries Are Biggest-Losers in Past Month on Fed Outlook – Bloomberg
Gold Reverses Losses After China Lowers Benchmark Interest Rates – Bloomberg
China ‘triple bubble’ points to long slide for commodities – MarketWatch
The Netherlands Has Repatriated 122.5t Gold From US – BullionStar
Ukraine slashed gold holdings in October, Russia added more – IMF – Reuters
Why gold is still a solid long-term investment – MarketWatch

Exclusive: America’s part-time economy – CNN/Money
Graphing American Wage Statistics Is Not Pretty – Economic Populist
The very rich get very richer (very quickly) in Canada – Globe & Mail
With Bad Economic News for Japan, Abe’s Magic Seems to Evaporate – NY Times
In blow to PM Cameron, Britain’s anti-EU UKIP party wins second seat – Reuters
T-Shirt-Toting Brooklynite Is NYC’s Top Property Buyer – Bloomberg
A Few Comments on October Existing Home Sales – Calculated Risk
Fed’s Bullard says central bank ‘boxed in’ to June hike – MarketWatch
Low Inflation Replaces Joblessness as Reason Fed Won’t Raise Rates – NY Times
Raise Interest Rates, Make Grandma Smile – Schwab, WSJ


Kass and Rogers on When to Sell Short

In this item at Yahoo! Finance, Doug Kass describes how “it’s painful” to watch and wait for overvalued stock markets to become even more overvalued before their certain denouement and that the Fed has “made a mockery of fundamentals”.

Jim Rogers was also in the news via this interview with Business Insider in which he notes:

Wait until it gets worse and it will, somewhere along the line. At which point, the Fed will panic. It’s all they know how to do, Henry, so they will pump huge amounts of money in. It’s going to go into shares, and that will cause the top. I have no idea when that will be. That’s when I would sell short. By the way, if it happens that way, one should be long, and long big time. I doubt if I will. Either I’m too smart or not smart enough. What we need is a 26-year-old. The 26-year-old will think this is wonderful. She will think she is very smart. She will make a lot of money for a while, and then it will collapse.


Thursday Morning Links

Fed Debate Shifts to Tightening Pace – Businessweek
Fed minutes show debate on low-rates pledge – USA Today
Goldman fires two after internal probe – MarketWatch
Banks Had Unfair Advantage From Commodity Units: Senator – Bloomberg
Obesity ‘crisis’ now a $2-trillion weight on global economy – Globe & Mail
Obama Playing With Constitutional Fire on Amnesty – reason.com
Warren Blasts FHFA’s Watt: “You Haven’t Helped a Single Family” – NC
Millennials Believe Just One Year on the Job — or Less — is Plenty – Main St.
Jim Rogers On Putin, Oil, and 26-Year-Olds On Wall Street – Business Insider
How The Fed’s ZIRP Is Fueling The Next Subprime Bust – Contra Corner
Treasury: Global Investors Pour Record Amount Into US – Money News
Russia has little to offer in oil price war – Reuters

World stocks dragged down by weak manufacturing – AP
Why the Bull Market Is on Borrowed Time – Fiscal Times
Fed and Markets More Co-Dependent Than Ever – Bloomberg
Consumer inflation could be wild card for markets – CNBC
Treasuries Rise With Market’s Outlook for CPI at Three-Year Low – Bloomberg
Gold climbs back towards $1,200/oz as price drop tempts buyers – Reuters
As The “Sanctions War” Heats Up, Will Putin Play His ‘Gold Card’? – Contra Corner
Gold-Mining Industry Mostly ‘Under Water,’ Gold Fields CEO Says – Bloomberg
Support for Swiss gold referendum proposal weakens as campaign heats up – Reuters

Part-time jobs put millions in poverty or close to it – CNN/Money
Federal Workers Goof Off, Get Paid When They Do – Fiscal Times
The Effect of Oil Price Declines on Consumer Prices – Cleveland Fed
China manufacturing activity hits six month low – BBC
Eurozone PMIs slow, raising pressure on ECB – MarketWatch
Hard Evidence: is the UK facing another financial crisis? – Debt Deflation
This year’s housing market was slow; 2015 may not be better – Washington Post
How Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen Spent Her September – WSJ
Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds – Reuters
When Minsky raises an eyebrow, I pay attention – On the Economy
The Fed’s Culture War – Project Syndicate


Wednesday Morning Links

Ferguson on edge awaiting grand jury – Reuters
Keystone XL pipeline bill fails in the Senate – Vox
Russia and Venezuela to fight low oil price – DW
Russia warns of military assault on the east – AP
Kurds say West not providing enough arms to defeat ISIS – Reuters
Federal Private-Pension Safety Net Running $62 Billion Deficit – WSJ
CBO study shows ‘the rich’ pay almost everybody’s share of taxes – AEI
Marijuana Entrepreneurs Should Follow Joseph Kennedy’s Example – reason.com
Lenders say ‘out of control’ interest in new subprime products – Scotsman
Where Do Poverty and Inequality in the U.S. Overlap? – WSJ
What Blows Up First? Part 5: Shale Oil Junk Bonds – Dollar Collapse
Media “Shocked” by Japan’s GDP Fiasco? – Wolf Street

Stocks turn higher in Europe ahead of Fed minutes – AP
Gold vs. Stocks: The 10-Year Winner Is… – WSJ
The latest M&A boom is going to end badly – MarketWatch
Five things to do now if you’re near retirement – USA Today
Treasuries Drop Before Fed Minutes May Signal Economic Optimism – Bloomberg
Gold retreats from near 3-week high ahead of Fed minutes – Reuters
Silver Physical Demand Forecast to Drop 6.7% in ’14: GFMS – Bloomberg
Australia exports two-thirds of gold mine supply to China – SRSrocco Report
India readies draconian gold import rules – Mining.com
Gold mining equities pop – Mineweb

The ultra wealthy get $2 trillion wealthier – CNN/Money
Economists: Inflation Measure ‘Distorted,’ a ‘Statistical Quirk’ – WSJ
Deflation and the markets: Trends in low places – Economist
Americans recognize slow economic recovery – YouGov
Abe’s Tax Decision a Mixed Blessing for Central Bank — BOJ Watch – WSJ
Putin Said to Stun Advisers by Backing Corruption Crackdown – Bloomberg
Housing bubble? Turns out we might need all those condos and houses – FP
American Dream homes: Prices in 10 cities – CNN/Money
Yellen Should Not Let Wages Be Her Guide – Manhattan Institute
Yellen Inherits Greenspan’s Conundrum as Long Rates Sink – Bloomberg

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