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Here’s that BBC piece from a few years back about Goldman Sachs’ financial engineering that helped Greece join the eurozone in 2001 despite an already big pile of debt.

Well, at least they had a really swell Olympics back in 2004…


Thursday Morning Links

Greece talks ‘ruled out’ before vote – BBC
A Bankrupt Greece Is Struggling to Stay Afloat – NY Times
Hollande sees quick Greek deal if ‘yes’ wins – AP
Merkel-Tsipras Sparring Leaves Greece in Limbo – Bloomberg
Europe has suffered a reputational catastrophe in Greece – Telegraph
Defiant Varoufakis Says He’ll Quit If Greeks Endorse Austerity – Bloomberg
Greece’s Referendum: The Price of Five Years of Cowardice – Spiegel
The Bill: Germany Faces Billions in Losses If Greece Goes Bust – Spiegel
Don’t Reward the Greedy Vulture Funds Who Invested in Puerto Rico – NR
Why Congress Should Let Puerto Rico Declare Bankruptcy – New Yorker
Government Debt: Jefferson And Gallatin Were Right – Daily Caller
Macy’s parts ways with Donald Trump – WaPo
How About a Global Currency? – Bloomberg

Global stocks gain as US data eclipse Greek risk – AP
Four things investors should know for July – USA Today
Boom times for healthcare mergers bring bankers more fees – Reuters
Why investors need to get out of North America – FP
A Venture Capital Giant Says: Bubble? What Bubble? – NY Times
Chinese stocks tumble again, ignoring Beijing’s blandishments – Reuters
Gold at 3-1/2 month low on dollar ahead of U.S. payrolls data – Reuters
Former US Mint Director Clueless On Gold In Fort Knox – BullionStar
Gold unruffled by Greece as trading range enters 4th month – Mineweb

Robust jobs report could instill confidence – USA Today
U.S. Job Creation Index Holds in June at Record High of +32 – Gallup
Here’s What to Watch for in Today’s Jobs Report – Bloomberg
China manufacturing PMI unchanged at 50.2 in June – xinhuanet
The ‘Demerging’ Greek Economy – Bloomberg
India’s economy picking up; needs more reforms – Business Standard
Ukraine Says Russian Generals Lead Separatists – Bloomberg
7 Things to Know About the $500M Mega-Mansion in Bel Air – Forbes
Cash Homebuyers Pull Back as Foreclosures Vanish in U.S. – Bloomberg
Sweden cuts key interest rate again citing Greek crisis – AP


Wednesday Morning Links

Greece makes concession but no deal seen before Sunday vote – AP
Greece Compromise Bid Faces Resistance as Trust Fades – Bloomberg
Greece, Missing I.M.F. Payment, Is Called Effectively in Default – NY Times
Greek Pension Rationing Begins; Poll Shows Tsipras Backed – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Have Clean Hands in Greece Crisis – Wall Street on Parade
Why Greeks Still Want to Keep the Euro, in One Chart – Wolf Street
Greece: Where Has All The Money Gone? – Confounded Interest
While the World Watches Greece THIS is Happening – Capitalist Exploits
Puerto Rico Bonds Fall to Record Low as Debt Crisis Worsens – Bloomberg
Donald Trump Could Lose $78.5 Million For Pissing Off Mexicans – Vice News
Mexico pulls out of Trump’s Miss Universe pageant – CNN/Money
The Case for Polygamy Begins – reason.com

Markets bounce on leaked bailout memo – USA Today
Bill Gross Warns About Liquidity In Next Crisis – WSJ
What moves the stock market? – voxeu
China’s biggest stock market just lost 5% in a single hour – CNN/Money
Young Fund Managers Lose Out in China Stock Rout – WSJ
Entire S&P 500 Free Cash Flow Is Going Back To Shareholders – Zero Hedge
Gold around four-week low on dollar, hopes over Greek crisis – Reuters
Sorry gold bulls, metal’s best forecaster expects more declines – Mineweb
China targets counterweight in gold trade with yuan fix – Reuters
Gold: A Safe Haven No More? – GoldSilverWorlds

The Economy’s Missing Metrics – NY Times
China’s Economy Signals More Weakness – WSJ
Why Jeb Bush’s growth strategy could work for the UK – Telegraph
For Germans, economics is still part of moral philosophy – Vox
Carney: UK stability outlook has ‘worsened’ in light of Greece – BBC
Home Price Gains Ease in April According to the S&P/Case-Shiller – S&P
Affordable Housing Crisis Grows as Apartment Rents Skyrocket – alternet
Fed’s Bullard Shrugs Off Greek Events, Points to Chance of Sept Rate Increase – WSJ
The state of global monetary policy, in one sentence – Vox
Confirmation bias and bubbles – Money Illusion


Tuesday Morning Links

Greece holds last-minute debt talks – BBC
Greece would challenge forced euro exit – euobserver
Loads of Debt: A Global Ailment With Few Cures – NY Times
Merkel says door open for talks with Greece – AP
Greek PM hints he’ll quit if people back bailout offer – CNN/Money
The Greek Catastrophe Is Finally Here (Unless It Isn’t) – Politico
Greece Staggers Into Economic Unknown With Bailout Expiring – Bloomberg
Why Is this Tiny Nation Causing Stock Market Losses Around the World? – Wall St. on Parade
Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island ‘insolvent’ – Reuters
Puerto Rico facing historic default on its $72 billion debt – USA Today
Citigroup Overtakes JPMorgan as Top U.S. Derivatives Dealer – Bloomberg
San Francisco Hotels Are World’s Priciest as Rates Surge – Bloomberg
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at Risk – Atlantic

European stocks fall again on Greece crisis, Asia rebounds – AP
Chinese Stocks Surge After Biggest Intraday Swing Since 1992 – Bloomberg
U.S. investors are dumping stocks for the wrong reason – MarketWatch
A wicked spike in volatility puts two big bullish trends at risk – MarketWatch
Gold slips as Greek crisis knocks euro – Reuters
Gold Up And S&P Down? – GoldSilverWorlds
Investors add most gold to funds in 5 months – Mineweb
Europeans Buy Coins and Bars Due to Greece Crisis – GoldCore
India Hoards Silver; The Disconnect In Stocks & Bonds – SRSRocco Report

Gigs with Benefits – New Yorker
The “Hangover Theory” of 2008-2009 Fails Because of Timing – WCEG
The Economics of George Orwell – Roger Farmer’s Economic Window
Abe Tackles World’s Heaviest Debt Burden – Bloomberg
WikiLeaks Doc Allege ‘Economic Espionage’ Against France – Vice News
China’s Communist Party: Still Big, and Getting Bigger – WSJ
Report: Sydney’s crazy housing market no mere craze – Reuters
The housing market has an inequality problem – Yahoo! Finance
SF Fed: Robin Hood Economic Policies May Not Boost Economy – WSJ
Events Continue to Conspire Against the Fed – Fed Watch

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