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Thursday Morning Links

Dow, up for 9 days, hits a new record again – USA Today
Global stocks nurse nine-month highs before ECB meeting – Reuters
Kuroda Says No Need and No Possibility for Helicopter Money – Bloomberg
Why Italy’s bank crisis could be ‘ticking time bomb’ – MarketWatch
Emerging market debt triples since 2005, posing threat, Moody’s says – Reuters
The world is taking its revenge against elites. When will America’s wake up? – Guardian
Trump Chooses War With Cruz at Convention Aimed at Unification – Bloomberg
A Disappointed ‘Stop Trump’ Delegate Reflects On What Went Wrong – Five Thirty Eight
Ted Cruz’s Refusal to Endorse Trump: ‘That Took a Lot of Cojones’ – Atlantic
Magical Economic Thinking at the G.O.P. Convention – New Yorker
Will the Rust Belt ever be great again? -USA Today
Ignoring Politicians – reason.com

Six things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Japan stocks rise on $186bn stimulus bets – BBC
Stock rally has downside: pricey P-E ratios – USA Today
The VIX Is Crazy Low; Time To Run For Cover – Barron’s
Republicans’ Scary Plan to Restore Glass-Steagall – Bloomberg
Dow, S&P 500 overheating – and Wall Street is freaking out – MarketWatch
‘Fear of missing out’ rally could continue with Thursday’s earnings – CNBC
Here’s What’s so Crazy about this Stock Market – Wolf Street
Gold edges above 3-week low ahead of ECB meeting – Reuters
US elections to give gold prices fresh boost – Mining.com

Five Decades of Middle Class Wages: June 2016 Update – Advisor Perspectives
Delayed retirement is both a symptom and a cause of a troubled economy – USA Today
IMF predicts 700% inflation, 10% GDP contraction in Venezuela this year – RT News
The Global Economy Is Slow… But Steadier Than Ever – Bloomberg
Brazil’s Lost Decade: We Must Free Our Economy – Mises
Could India Be the First to Get Rid of Cash? – Bloomberg
‘Significant’ drop in confidence in U.K. commercial property – Telegraph
Responsible homeowners did not lose their homes in foreclosure – O.C. Housing News
Central banks must realise the last thing we need is back door nationalisation – Telegraph
Our Disastrous Monetary System: A New Must-Read Book – Mises


Wednesday Morning Links

It’s official: Trump is the nominee – CNN/Money
Ten Reasons Why Trump Could Win – National Review
Donald Trump’s Great Gay Rock-Star Spectacle – Atlantic
The Trump convention is a triumph of narcissism – Washington Post
Christie jolts crowd with prosecutorial takedown of Clinton – Politico
There’s the real GOP convention, and then what the media ‘reports’ – The Hill
Hillary Clinton tweets sassy responses to the Republican National Convention – The Week
Roger Ailes negotiating exit from Fox News amid sexual harassment claims – Guardian
The decades-long, post-war growth of America’s middle class is at an end – MarketWatch
The rare weather phenomenon that produced a giant mushroom cloud in Arizona – Quartz
First Half of 2016 Blows Away Temperature Records – Scientific American
The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It’s Not Oil – Bloomberg
The world is ‘addicted to debt’ – Business Insider

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
To the mattresses: Cash levels highest in nearly 15 years – CNBC
The strength of this market is the strength of this market – MarketWatch
Inside the High-Profile Downfall of a $8 Billion Hedge Fund – Bloomberg
Yes, Risky Investments Have a Place in a Portfolio – US News
The question isn’t whether the market is rigged, but how much – MarketWatch
Are Americans Finally Getting Smarter About Money? – Bloomberg
Gold falls on firmer equities, dollar after robust U.S. data – Reuters
After Doubling Shares, This Gold Miner Says Rally Will Go On – Bloomberg

Recession coming? Here’s how to find out – MarketWatch
Americans’ Economic Gloom Festers, Gallup Stumped – Wolf Street
IMF cuts UK growth forecasts following Brexit vote – Guardian
UK employment hits record, ‘fundamentals of economy are strong’ – Telegraph
120,000 desperate Venezuelans poured into Colombia to buy food – Vice News
IS Flag Found: Teen Dead after Perpetrating German Train Attack – Spiegel
Republican Party calls for significant changes to housing in 2016 – Housing Wire
Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens is for sale at $1.65 million – MarketWatch
Why Interest Rates Could Fall as Low as Negative 0.50% – Motley Fool
Fed’s Mission Is Accomplished. So Why No Change? – Bloomberg


Tuesday Morning Links

How to Really Make America Safe Again – Mises
Finding the humor in Melania’s plagiarism blunder – The Week
Republican platform calls for return of Glass-Steagall – MarketWatch
Trump’s 60 Minutes interview left me wondering if he wants to be president – Vox
What Anti-Republican Protesters in Cleveland Care About – Atlantic
Trump supporters who are open-carrying firearms all over the place – Quartz
Gary Johnson’s Polling Numbers Reach All-Time High – HeatStreet
The World Anti-Doping Agency wants Russia banned from the Rio Olympics – Vice News
Economist Karl Case, Who Studied Housing Bubbles, Dies at 69 – WSJ
UN: Soaring Temperatures Will Make It Too Hot to Work – Bloomberg
Breaking: It’s Now Officially Cool to Hate Pokémon Go – Wired
Financial Stress Hurts, Literally – Scientific American
The Saudis Did 9/11 – Antiwar

5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Equities: the only game in town – Economist
Global stocks slip as rally fatigue sets in – Reuters
Here’s Why the Next Recession Isn’t Around the Corner – Fortune
Debt dims boomers’ retirement prospects – Investment News
Trading The Chaos: One Hedge Fund Manager’s Strategy – Capitlist Exploits
Mark Cuban: Here’s What You Need to Do Before You Start Investing – Fiscal Times
Gold edges up on receding investor appetite for risk – Reuters
Top Anti-Gold Bankster Now Says “Gold Looks Pretty Good” – EPJ

Coups Don’t Depress Economic Growth – Bloomberg
Millennials: First generation to earn less than their parents – CNN/Money
To ease food shortages, Venezuela opens border with Colombia – CS Monitor
Venezuela’s Inflation Is Set to Top 1,600% Next Year – WSJ
Turkey’s Erdogan recounts night of coup, mulls death penalty – AP
Hong Kong Running Out of Its Most Valuable Asset: Land – WSJ
These Sicilian Mortgages Show How Difficult It Is to Rescue Italian Banks – Bloomberg
Luxury home sales plunge in Long Island’s tony Hamptons – Reuters
No U.S. rate hike until 2018 – and it’s the consumer to blame – MarketWatch
Forecasting Interest Rates over the Long Run – New York Fed


Monday Morning Links

10 Things to Know for Today – AP
Erdogan’s Wrath Jeopardizes E.U. Bid – Handelsblatt
Turkey coup arrests hit 6,000 as Erdogan roots out ‘virus’ – BBC
The Coup Failed, But Erdogan’s Wrath Keeps Investors on Edge – Bloomberg
Republican Convention 2016: RNC speakers, schedule, platform, and what to expect – Vox
Ohio’s open-carry gun law comes under fire ahead of GOP convention – Vice News
Why Republicans’ new anti-immigrant platform spells doom for them -Washington Post
Donald Trump’s Loud, Proud and Pissed Off Female Supporters – Newsweek
GOP insiders dreading Trump’s convention – Politico
The End Of A Republican Party – Five Thirty Eight
Scrounging Through the Dumpster – Hussman Funds
Scary Time – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The price of panic: Missing the rebound rally – USA Today
Dow on track for fresh record high, as earnings season roars on – MarketWatch
Oil Must Go to $40 and Stay There to Buy Russia Reforms at Last – Bloomberg
Why Land and Homes Actually Tend to Be Disappointing Investments – NY Times
Yuan Weakens Past 6.7 Versus Dollar for First Time in Five Years – Bloomberg
Rising Gold And Oil Prices Are Brightly Flashing Economic Slowdown – Forbes
Gold falls on revived risk appetite after failed Turkey coup – Reuters
The worst gold bear is now the most convinced bull – Secular Investor
Gold’s Run Could Hit Roadblocks – WSJ

The Two Biases That Keep People From Saving Money – The Atlantic
How attempts to fix the global economy have ignited unrest – MarketWatch
Brexit ‘will be horrible for UK economy’ – fund manager – BBC
Ireland Hits Brexit Alarm in Biggest Foreign Crisis in 50 Years – Bloomberg
My Venezuela Nightmare: A 30-day hunt for food in a starving land – Bloomberg
Top six worst manifestations of mortgage equity withdrawal – OC Housing News
The Housing Market Is Waving a Red Flag – Bloomberg
Don’t Reform the Fed, Fed-Exit! – Ron Paul
Destination Mars – Economic Prism
Helicopter money – Econbrowser


Friday Morning Links

Snipers kill five Dallas police – Reuters
5 officers dead, 6 hurt in Dallas protest shooting – AP
Obama: Dallas shootings ‘vicious, calculated, despicable attack’ – DMN
Ryan Gives Up on Gun Control Vote as Conservatives Revolt – Fiscal Times
Jobs Report in U.S. to Get Extra Scrutiny in Post-Brexit World – Bloomberg
World faces deflation shock as China devalues yuan at accelerating pace – Telegraph
Standard & Poor’s lowers Australia’s credit rating outlook to negative – Guardian
American Pessimism: Only 6 Percent Think the World Is Getting Better – reason.com
Electorate Tremors: The Era of the Angry Voter Is Upon Us – Spiegel
How Long Until the World Has Its First Trillionaire? – Fiscal Times
The Inexorable Result Of Modern Central Banking – Contra Corner
Snapchat sued for being too sexy for minors – LA Times

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Jobs rebound could lift stocks, bond yields – USA Today
Wall Street’s safest bets are now in bubble territory – MarketWatch
Yen Rises to Top This Week on Haven Demand as U.S. Payrolls Loom – Bloomberg
European stocks pull higher as financials find relief – MarketWatch
Big Oil’s $45 Billion of New Projects Signal Spending Revival – Bloomberg
Investment firm that called the 2008-09 crash doesn’t like stocks or bonds – MarketWatch
Gold set for sixth weekly gain despite dip ahead of U.S. jobs data – Reuters
Angst-Ridden Japanese Investors Seen Seeking Haven in Swiss Gold – Bloomberg
Gold to $1,500? One bank is ahead of the rest with its bet on bullion – CNBC

Is the U.S. economy at a tipping point? – CNN/Money
The world economy is turning Japanese – Washington Post
Squeezed US middle class: We’re in bad shape – Guardian
What slowdown? GM, Ford sales rise in China in June – USA Today
My 10-point plan to kick-start the economy after the referendum – Telegraph
U.K. consumer confidence plunges at fastest pace since 1994 – Telegraph
Business pessimism ‘doubles after Brexit vote’ – BBC
This Chinese Dynasty Needs a Name – Bloomberg
30-year mortgage rates approach all-time lows – USA Today
Everyone Should Raise Rates, Starting With the Fed – Bloomberg

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