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Thursday Morning Links

The crash of 2016? – Washington Post
The Fed is making a huge mistake – Quartz
Negative rates in US? Why it could happen – CNBC
Sweden cuts interest rates further below zero – Marketwatch
Hyperinflation Paranoia Continues to Guides the Fed – Bloomberg
Dow futures sink more than 200 points as global rout gains pace – MarketWatch
Gold Surges Most in a Year as Global Turmoil Boosts Haven Demand – Bloomberg
William White on the Failure of QE, Danger of Negative Rates – Naked Capitalism
Here’s Why Our National Parks Are Billions of Dollars in the Hole – Fiscal Times
Here’s Donald Trump’s best strategy for winning the White House – Vox
It Gets Harder From Here For Bernie Sanders – Five Thirty Eight
Priebus on Bloomberg run: ‘We’ll take it’ – Politico

U.S. stocks poised for sharp sell-off – CNN/Money
Markets Don’t Work as Well as We Thought – Bloomberg
Oil falls on U.S. supply record, weak demand outlook – Reuters
Stock Rout Deepens, Bonds Surge as Faith in Central Banks Fails – Bloomberg
Just one thing can cushion investors as markets hit bottom – MarketWatch
Another financial crash could destroy capitalism as we know it – Telegraph
The simple rule at the heart of finance is being broken – Quartz
Gold jumps 2.6 percent on U.S. interest rate outlook – Reuters
Gold Above $1,200 As Yellen Waffles During Testimony – Kitco
China is on a massive gold buying spree – CNN/Money

So this is what ‘full employment’ looks like? – CNBC
Real Jobless Rate Is 42%? Trump Has a Point, Sort Of – NY Times
What Slowdown? Chinese Consumer Confidence Still Strong – WSJ
It’s Italy’s Turn – George Friedman Soundss the Alarm on European Banking Crisis – FSO
Canada Wants to Legalize Weed, But First It Needs to Deal With the UN – Vice News
This Is Why China’s Housing Market Is Such a Mess – Fortune
Home-Price Growth Sped Up Last Year, Realtors Say – WSJ
These Renters Were Hit Hardest by the Financial Crisis – Bloomberg
4 takeaways from Janet Yellen’s testimony – CNN/Money
ECB Gets Ready for More Easy Money – Value Walk


Wednesday Morning Links

Yellen’s task: Soothe market’s frayed nerves – USA Today
Five questions Janet Yellen must answer – MarketWatch
Yellen faces tough sell on Fed rate hikes in Congress – Reuters
Deutsche Bank shares soar 11% on bond buyback speculation – BBC
How the Bank Debt That Everyone Is Talking About Works: Q&A – Bloomberg
Stung by Low Oil Prices, Companies Face a Reckoning on Debts – NY Times
Cheap oil may trigger a new era of OPEC dominance, warns IEA – MarketWatch
The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics – Vox
Republicans Need To Treat Donald Trump As The Front-runner – Five Thirty Eight
Why the Working Class Is Choosing Trump and Sanders – Fiscal Times
Sanders Scorches Clinton in New Hampshire – Real Clear Politics
Who’s Winning the Presidential Delegate Count? – Bloomberg

Dow futures up 100 points, Yellen to speak – MarketWatch
Bull Markets vs. Bear Markets – A Wealth of Common Sense
Japan stocks close at lowest level since 2014 – MarketWatch
Banks lead Europe shares higher, oil up before Yellen – Reuters
Why investors are freaking out over European banks – CNN/Money
Emerging-Market Currencies Rebound With Oil Before Yellen Speech – Bloomberg
Stock market rout intensifies amid fears central banks are ‘out of ammunition’ – Guardian
Gold retreats from 7-1/2-month high on shares, eyes US rate guidance – Reuters
Gold Hits a Wall at $1,200 With First Two-Day Slide in a Month – Bloomberg
Something Has Changed in Gold Stocks – GoldSilverWorlds

The Great Economic Task Ahead – Alhambra Partners
Fiscal Policy Has Failed the US Economy – Pragmatic Capitalism
Five Wacky Notions Believed By Many Economists – Cafe Hayek
Founding members say European Union is in bad shape – Reuters
Lagarde Says Ukraine Must Reform or Risk IMF Program Failing – Bloomberg
Germans buy everything with cash, and the government thinks that’s a problem – Quartz
Jingle mail rears its ugly head in Alberta again – CBC News
No One Wants to Be Fed Chair Janet Yellen This Week – Wall Street on Parade
Central banks can cut rates well below zero, says JP Morgan – Reuters
This Is What Central Bank Failure Looks Like (Part 2) – Zero Hedge


Tuesday Morning Links

Investors dump stocks – Reuters
European banks face major cash crunch – CNBC
Global Bond Rally Near `Panic’ Level With Japan Yield Below Zero – Bloomberg
Treasury Yield Curve Flattens To Lowest Since Jan 2008 – Confounded Interest
IEA Raises Estimate of Surplus Oil Supply on Higher OPEC Output – Bloomberg
New Hampshire poised to deny GOP an alternative to Donald Trump – Politico
Trump and Sanders are doing so well because they tap into the same anxiety – Quartz
Hillary Clinton won’t rule out Wall St. Treasury Secretary – CNN/Money
Michael Bloomberg Tells FT He’s Considering Run for President – Bloomberg
Bloomberg run would break up the two-party tyranny – Boston Globe
Why conservatives are attacking Beyoncé – Vox
The Math Revolution – The Atlantic

U.S. stock futures buffeted by global selloff – MarketWatch
Don’t expect oil prices to rise soon, IEA warns – CNN/Money
Nervousness About Global Banking Giants Intensifies – NY Times
Will A Market Selloff Turn Into Worldwide Recession? – ALT-Market
How Bottom-Up Stock Pickers Endure Bear Markets – Reformed Broker
What the ‘Chart of Doom’ is saying about a global recession – MarketWatch
Whiff of Panic? Global Bear-Market Progress Report – Wolf Street
Inflows of gold-backed ETF make biggest jump since 2011 – Reuters
Goldman No Believer in Gold Rally as Fed to Hike Three Times – Bloomberg
Gold bulls keep smiling — metal price pushes past $1,200 mark – Mining.com

Three Reasons to Be Worried About the Economy – Mises
The World’s Economy Soared Last Year (or Plunged) – NY Times
Will the Economic Recovery Die of Old Age? – San Francisco Fed
Greek protests escalate over refugee-camp plans – Marketwatch
Abenomics Fails Miserably As Japan’s Workers “Get Nothing” In 2015 – Zero Hedge
Why India’s GDP numbers need to be taken with a generous helping of salt – Quartz
North Korea’s Rocket Launch Could Screw China in a War Against the US – Vice News
The Surprising Problem That’s Holding Back the Housing Market – Fiscal Times
Central Banks Make Global Economy Vulnerable, OECD’s White Says – Bloomberg
5 Questions for Janet Yellen – Bloomberg


Monday Morning Links

Peyton Manning has no choice but to retire now – USA Today
Inside One Of The Best Defensive Matchups In Super Bowl History – Five Thirty Eight
Emerging-Market Central Banks Battle Capital Flight – Wall Street Journal
China’s Foreign-Exchange Reserves Decline to $3.23 Trillion – Bloomberg
China’s Tricky Problem With eZubao, Shadow Banking And Financial Repression – Forbes
As world economy flirts with recession, prepare for years of zero interest rates – Telegraph
Expecting the unexpected: Why the oil price keeps surprising us – voxeu
Donald Trump really did try to take an elderly widow’s house – Vox
How Hillary Clinton plans to stop Bernie Sanders’ momentum – Politico
How Christie exposed Rubio as an untrustworthy pretender – The Week
When Stocks Crash and Easy Money Doesn’t Help – Hussman Funds
The Adjustment Cycle – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Dow futures drop 200 points – MarketWatch
Equities: Get ready for dividend cuts – Economist
Dot Com 2.0 – The Sequel Unfolds – Mark St. Cyr
What the Heck is Going On in the Stock Market? – Wolf Street
The Magic Formula That Powered Japanese Stocks Is Falling Apart – Bloomberg
Ponzi Scheme in China Gained Credibility From State Media – NY Times
Holding Back China’s Capital Flight ‘Dam’ Is Key – Bloomberg
Gold hits new 3-month high on global economy concerns – Reuters
Here comes another Venezuela gold fire sale – Mining.com
The Golden Age – Sober Look

The World’s Most Famous Case of Deflation – Visual Capitalist
Healthy Economic Growth Is Our Missing Ingredient – Reason.com
Keynes helped us through the crisis – but he’s still out of favour – Guardian
Here’s the strange bad news in the latest jobs report – The Week
British steel sector ‘at risk of impending collapse’ – Telegraph
This Is Why You Can’t Afford a House – The Daily Beast
Yellen to Balance Confidence With Caution – Bloomberg
Our Dysfunctional Monetary System – Forbes
Japan’s Wrong Way Out – Project Syndicate
Negative interest rates – Econbrowser


Friday Morning Links

Japan adopts negative interest rate in surprise move – BBC
BOJ stuns markets with surprise move to negative interest rates – Reuters
BOJ Q&A on Adoption of Negative-Rate Policy: Full Text – Bloomberg
Bernanke: Fed likely to add negative interest rates to tool kit – MarketWatch
US election 2016: Republican rivals mock Trump over no-show – BBC
Why Protesters Interrupted Donald Trump’s Veterans Rally – Think Progress
Fox News’ Iowa focus group on Donald Trump’s debate absence – The Week
The Big Mystery in Iowa: Donald Trump’s Ground Game – National Journal
Will Trump Voters in Iowa Balk? – The Weekly Standard
The Rising Pull of the ‘Change’ Candidates – Real Clear Politics
FBI’s Hillary Clinton email probe not letting up – The Hill
Deconstructing Hillary and Bernie – NY Times

Stocks surge on Japan’s negative rates surprise – CNN/Money
This reliable indicator says we’re in a bear market for stocks – MarketWatch
Japanese Banks Drop as BOJ Unveils Negative Interest Rates – Bloomberg
Explaining the Selloff: China’s January Outflows Soar To Second Highest Ever – Zero Hedge
Russian Minister: Decision On Oil Cut Only Possible If All Exporters Agree – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia Keeps Pumping Oil, Despite Financial and Political Risks – NY Times
Why Stocks Fell: It’s not Oil, China or the Fed – Reading the World
Gold down on dollar, heads for biggest monthly gain in a year – Reuters
Reasons for the Fearful to Be Fearful of Gold – Bloomberg
Comex bleeds to death … fast! – Secular Investor

Cracks in America’s economy are growing – CNN/Money
U.S. economy likely hit a speed bump in fourth quarter – Reuters
Durable Goods Orders Tumble -5.1% In December – Confounded Interest
China’s Three Dizzying Factors – Alhambra Investment Partners
German leaders agree to tighten refugee policy – MarketWatch
Brexit threat hangs over London-based EU medicines agency – Reuters
How the EU ganged up on Brexit wargame and denied ‘Cameron’ a deal – Guardian
Home Ownership Remains Near Its Interim Low – Advisor Perspectives
2015 Spurred Billions in Bank Fines, But Not Enough for Warren – Bloomberg
A humiliating day awaits the Federal Reserve – NY Post

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