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Thursday Morning Links

The Wreck Of The Monetary Hesperus – Contra Corner
Fed upbeat on U.S. economy, cites strong job gains – Reuters
Who Doubts Yellen’s Policies? Summers for One – Bloomberg
Is the Economy Still Threatened by Secular Stagnation? – New Yorker
EU parliament president to meet with new Greek government – AP
Lack Of Reform, Not Austerity, Doomed Greek Economy – Investors.com
‘We have all seen this before’: In Calgary, end of the oil boom has yet to sink in – FP
Shell Cuts $15 Billion of Spending as Profit Misses Expectations – Bloomberg
Yellowstone oil spills fuel arguments over Keystone line – AP
Investment Riches Built on Subprime Auto Loans to Poor – NY Times
Older Millennials Keep Moving in With Their Parents – Slate
Will The Next Super Bowl Ring Outshine The Rest? – Kitco
The Individual Mandate – Bloomberg

Global stocks hit by oil plunge, Fed mention of rate hike – AP
Oil holds above $48 a barrel after U.S. supply hits record high – Reuters
Funding Markets Just Called The FOMC’s Bluff – Alhambra Partners
How Tim Cook’s Apple conquered the world – Telegraph
David Rosenberg’s top 8 things giving investors angst right now – FP
Treasuries Halt Rally That Was Headed to Be Biggest in 3 Years – Bloomberg
Gold falls 1 pct as Fed’s upbeat outlook boosts dollar – Reuters
How significant was the 32% fall in HK gold exports to China? – Mineweb
Goldman Sachs stays ultra-bearish on gold long term – Mineweb

Obama’s fictional economic recovery record – Washington Times
Obama Is Finally Getting Credit for the Recovery – New Republic
Sorry, Ukraine, You Can’t Beat Putin – Bloomberg
Philippines: Growth shows we’re no longer sick man of Asia – AP
Dozens of flights cancelled in German airport strikes – AP
Hamptons Home Prices Hit Seven-Year High in Luxury Surge – Bloomberg
IRAs, not lower rates, would ease Obama’s housing market fears – NY Post
Interest Rates, First-Time Buyers Key To Sustained Housing Market Improvement – CoStar
‘Two Percent Inflation’ and The Fed’s Current Mandate – Ron Paul Institute
The Lemmings of QE – Roach, Project Syndicate


Wednesday Morning Links

What to Watch at This Week’s Fed Meeting – WSJ
Fed to remain patient amid global turmoil – Reuters
Sadly, cheap money is here to stay. Get used to it – Telegraph
Greek stocks slide to lowest since 2012 – MarketWatch
How Greece Could Change the Future of Europe – Vice News
In Singapore, Central Bank Eases Currency Policy – NY Times
Apple Has China to Thank For Its Blockbuster Earnings – WSJ
How Apple sold more phones than anyone in China – at twice the price – Quartz
Davos Man Fears Social Instability Due to Inequality and Injustice – Jesse’s Cafe
In the US, people are paid more to care for pets than young children – Quartz
Bread and Circuses (Not All Inflation Is about Footballs) – Money Metals
Super Bowl XLIX Is Already Setting Records – Fiscal Times

Stocks drift as weak earnings fuel growth concerns – AP
Too late: We’re already in a bear market – MarketWatch
Looks like we got us  a ballgame – Reformed Broker
Why Jim Rogers is Wrong – Capitalist Exploits
What the oldest stock market index is telling us – MarketWatch
China’s yuan joins top 5 most-used global currencies – AP
Treasuries Advance With Fed Seen Holding Rates – Bloomberg
Gold eases on steadier dollar; focus on timing of Fed rate move – Reuters
US Gold Exports to Hong Kong & China Doubled in October – SRSrocco Report
Netherlands Did Not Increase Gold Holdings In December – BullionStar

How Obama Could Champion a Real Middle-Class Agenda – reason.com
How Much More GDP “Growth” Will Be Due To Obamacare? – Zero Hedge
Why Stupid Politics Is the Cause of Our Economic Problems – Huff Post
China plans to set 2015 growth target at ‘around 7 percent’ – sources – Reuters
Putin Throws $2.5 Billion at ‘Anti-Crisis’ Plan – Fiscal Times
Putin Goes All In as Ukraine Fights for Funding – Bloomberg
New mortgage rules help millennial home buyers – MarketWatch
10 Signs the Housing Market Will Keep Booming in 2015 – Investor Place
Beware of Woolly-Minded Attacks on the Fed – WSJ
While We Wait For Yet Another FOMC Statement… – Fed Watch


Tuesday Morning Links

How did the blizzard forecasts go so wrong? – NJ 101.5
S&P downgrades Russia’s credit to junk status – Guardian
Russia announces anti-crisis plan after rating downgrade – AP
Greece debt repayment in full is ‘unrealistic’, says Syriza – BBC
Greece’s Odd-Couple Only Agrees About Ending Austerity – Bloomberg
Greek bailout critic says he will be new finance minister – AP
Goldman’s Cohn: Oil Price May Hit $30 in Extended Slump – Bloomberg
U.S. oil well shut-ins start as crude rout batters small producers – Reuters
CBO: Deficit to shrink to lowest level of Obama presidency – AP
IRS commissioner: ‘It’s a challenging year’ – USA Today
A Staggeringly Lopsided Economic Recovery – The Nation
The Texas Miracle – The Atlantic

Asia stocks rise, Europe drifts as Greek nerves ease – AP
Why iron ore won’t rebound any time soon – CNBC
What Clampdown? China Margin Traders Boost Debt to Record – Bloomberg
How betting on the Super Bowl is similar to buying mutual funds – MarketWatch
U.S. 30-Year Yield Verges on Record Low as Fed Seen Holding Rate – Bloomberg
Gold steadies on soft dollar ahead of Fed rate meeting – Reuters
Gold Prices Look Toppy As Spec Longs Rise To Two-Year High – Kitco
Russia and Dutch Central Banks Buy 30.34 Tonnes Gold In December – GoldCore
BofAML: Hedge Funds Buy Gold – FINalternatives
Barclays: Gold rally to burn out – Mineweb

The dark side of ‘sharing economy’ jobs – Washington Post
Only a Third of the Oldest Baby Boomers in U.S. Still Working – Gallup
UK economy records fastest growth rate since 2007 – BBC
EU Renews Push for Russian Sanctions; Putin Blames Ukraine – Bloomberg
Venezuela tops list (again) of most miserable countries: Cato Institute – CNBC
Canadians don’t just love home ownership, they like income properties too – FP
Why the housing market fell to Earth – San Diego Union Tribune
7.3 Million Boomerang Buyers Could Be Homeowners in Next 8 Years – RealtyTrac
IRAs, not lower rates, would ease Obama’s housing market fears – NY Post
Why the Fed won’t blink on rate hike timing – MarketWatch


Monday Morning Links

Europe’s Austerity Moment Is Ending – The Atlantic
Tsipras Forges Anti-Austerity Coalition in EU Challenge – Bloomberg
Syriza victory: ‘Worse than expected’, ‘Spells trouble’ – MarketWatch
Greeks See Light at the End of the Austerity Tunnel – Fiscal Times
Greek vote could be only the beginning for debtor states seeking a euro-exit – Telegraph
The new Greek PM’s first tweet after winning was to the lead actor in “House” – Quartz
PEGIDA Holds First Protest in Germany Since Leader’s Hitler Selfie Went Viral – Vice News
This is what stores in the Northeast look like when a snowstorm is on the way – Vox
Fat and broke? Why overweight people may be (financially) miserable – MarketWatch
Oil & Gas Default Wave, “Outright Liquidations” Next – Wolf Street
Is Q-ECB a Favorable Development? – Hussman Funds
The Deflation Threat – Alhambra Partners

Stock Futures Fall After Syriza Wins Greek Election – Bloomberg
Did Goldman Call The Top Of The “Strong Dollar” Trade – Zero Hedge
What’s been driving the price of oil down? – Econbrowser
America’s Losing the Currency War – Bloomberg
Treasury Yield Gap at Lowest Since 2008 – Bloomberg
Gold slips as equities recover after Greek vote – Reuters
Euro Gold Surges To EUR 1,168 After Greek Election Landslide – GoldCore
Precious metals coveted once more as Draghi acts – Mineweb
Booming SGE Withdrawals In Week 2, 2015: 70 Tonnes – BullionStar
Despite higher gold price Chinese demand still surging – Mineweb

GDP: Annual and Q4-over-Q4 – Calculated Risk
How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation – NY Times
Oil-soaked nations are biggest losers in this price war – MarketWatch
Can China Avoid Deflation? – Project Syndicate
Is QE a defeat for Germany, or a strategic retreat? – Telegraph
Nothing Is Going to Save the Housing Market – Bloomberg View
11 Home Trends for 2015: From small homes to basements – Fiscal Times
Foreclosure Echo: Former homeowners face huge insurance claims – NECIR
The Fed Has Declared a Winner in the Generational Financial War – of two minds
Behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Treasury takedown – Politico

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