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Monday Morning Links

Ukraine braces for action – Reuters
Oil prices rise on Ukraine tensions – BBC
Beef prices reach highest level since 1987 – SF Gate
Amid Warnings of Low Inflation, JPMorgan says Prices Set to Rise – WSJ
Ranchers and Empire in the American West – Mises Institute
Farmland REIT debuts IPO as bubble fears deflate – MarketWatch
Margins, Multiples, and the Iron Law of Valuation – Hussman Funds
Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach – Reformed Broker
Financial Advice for People Who Aren’t Rich – NY Times
Tech insiders dumped shares ahead of slide – FT
Don’t Get Dazzled by Glittering Growth – WSJ
Hope Springs Eternal – Alhambra Partners
Financial Stability – Noland, Prudent Bear

Fear, uncertainty and earnings – CNN/Money
Why Stocks Won’t Crash (For Now) – Forbes
Ignore the Market, Watch the Data – Bloomberg
Only Two Things Can Stop The Bull Market – Forbes
Don’t bet on treasury rally to continue – Sober Look
Investors dip a toe back in emerging markets – CNN/Money
Treasury Yields Fall to Six-Week Low Amid Ukraine Tensions – Bloomberg
Gold up as Ukraine tensions saps risk appetite, palladium rises – Reuters
Bank PM analysts: out of touch, out of context, off the mark – Mineweb
Palladium, Gas And Wheat Surge On Russian Supply Fears – GoldCore
Gold Bears Wager Wrong Again as Fed Talk Favors Bulls – Bloomberg

Recovery for Whom? – Krugman, NY Times
How well do economists predict turning points? – Vox
Long-term unemployment: What the U.S. can learn from Sweden – Fortune
Europe’s Sluggish Recovery: A Delusion of Growth – Fiscal Times
Draghi Euro Warning Looms as ECB Debates Policy Measures – Bloomberg
Euro bruised as ECB opens the door for more easing – MarketWatch
There Are Benefits to Being Beholden, China’s Central Banker Says – WSJ
Singapore economy grows 5.1% in Q1 as manufacturing accelerates – CNA
In China, it’s seven times better to be on welfare than to be a pensioner – Quartz
Beijing high-end housing market retreats in Q1 – xinhuanet
Multiple Factors Affecting Housing Market Decline – Epoch Times
Stein: Financial Stability Consistent With Fed’s Dual Mandate – WSJ
Listening to the Canary – Casey Research


Friday Morning Links

Tech stock rout continues in Asia – CNN/Money
This stock market needs a correction – buckle up – MarketWatch
Rising Stock Market Boosts College Savings – Fiscal Times
Marc Faber says ‘This will be the worst since ‘87′ – Daily Mail
Biggest Credit Bubble in History Flashes Warning – Testosterone Pit
Ukraine wants to buy European gas to boost energy security – Reuters
Bitcoin Falls Below $400, Down More Than 60% From Record High – TechCrunch
Sebelius Resigns After Troubles Over Health Site – NY Times
Kathleen Sebelius is resigning because Obamacare has won – Vox
SEC eyes test that may lead to shift away from ‘dark pools’ – Reuters
Why We’re in a New Gilded Age – Krugman, NY Book Review
The Next America – Pew Research

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Tech sell-off roils global markets – AP
5 reasons why Nasdaq sell-off spells caution – USA Today
The Collapse Of Momentum Stocks Is An Ominous Change – Comstock Funds
No, It’s Not A “Stock Picker’s Market”, Whatever That Means – Zero Hedge
Investor Pessimism At Nine-Week High, But Little Concern About Ukraine – Barron’s
Treasuries Head for Biggest Weekly Gain in Month on Rate Outlook – Bloomberg
A.M. Metals Roundup: Gold Steady-Firm, Holding Thursday’s Gains – Kitco
Hugely outnumbered – Western gold bears by Asian gold enthusiasts – Mineweb
The US Government Has Rigged Precious Metals Markets For 80 Years! – Coin Week
Large Decline Of Shanghai & Comex Silver Stocks – SRSrocco Report
Exploration spending – at 4 year low – to fall even more – Reuters

How Not to Do Macroeconomics – Unlearning Economics
Inconvenient Truths To Slow Income Inequality Bandwagon – Forbes
The world economy may well be stuck in neutral for years – Telegraph
China’s inflation accelerates to 2.4% year-on-year in March – CNA
Osborne to rebuke austerity critics in first major US speech to – Guardian
Weidmann Citing QE Legitimacy Paves Way for ECB Consensus – Businessweek
Property prices are rising swiftly. The Bank of England may intervene – Economist
Homes sales in D.C. region fall for third straight month – Washington Post
When Will The Fed Change Its Reaction Function? – Fed Watch
Bernanke Settles Back Into Research World – WSJ
Losing Interest – Project Syndicate


Thursday Morning Links

Huge demand for Greek five year bond – BBC
The rebound in Greece is astonishing – Reuters
Fed Plays Down Own Interst Rate Forecasts – Bloomberg
Bank of England holds fire but set to lead on rate hike – CNBC
UK and US interest rate rises: who will blink first? – Telegraph
Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Lowest Level Since May 2007 – Bloomberg
Currency War: Europeans Ordered to Start Consuming – Dollar Collapse
Putin Expected to Sign China Gas Deal as Crisis Forces Hand – Bloomberg
Report: 85% of pensions could fail in 30 years – USA Today
Yes, the SEC was colluding with banks on CDO prosecutions – Reuters
SAC Capital to be sentenced in $1.8B fraud deal – Washington Post
Ambivalence About Front-Running – Forbes
What you need to know about the Heartbleed bug – AP

Asia stocks seesaw as China trade drops – AP
Who wins when ‘activists’ invest? Not you – MarketWatch
Why Do Investors Make Bad Choices? – Bloomberg
Do you own stock? You’re getting a 23% raise – USA Today
Yes, stocks are rigged and Fed is the biggest rigger – MarketWatch
U.S. To Withdraw $430B From Stocks In 2014 – Most Since Last Bubble – Zero Hedge
Treasuries Advance, Yield Drops to 3-Week Low on Fed, China Data – Bloomberg
Gold at 2-1/2-week high after Fed minutes ease rate fears – Reuters
Solid Gains for Gold as Market Place Deems Fed More Dovish – Kitco
Citi remains negative on Gold mining sector – BullionStreet
China ‘has more gold than official figures show’ – Telegraph

The Rise of the Secular Stagnationist – PragCap
Stiglitz: Inequality an Equal Concern for China, U.S. – Caixin Online
China says no major stimulus planned; March trade weak – Reuters
Economists up German growth forecast to 1.9 pct – AP
Unemployment still main worry for Spanish: study – xinhuanet
Spain Borrowing at German Yields? It’s Possible, Thanks to U.S. – Bloomberg
How Western Is Germany? Russia Crisis Spurs Identity Conflict – Spiegel
Canada’s housing market boosts soft landing view – Finance & Commerce
Banker Who Helped Crash Housing Market Crafting Mortgage Reform – Free Beacon
Fed’s hard line on funding to bring more pain to Wall Street – Reuters
Fed officials fretted over investor reaction to rate forecasts: minutes – Reuters
How the Feds Blind Us To Our Malaise – RCM


Wednesday Morning Links

Respected Analyst Warns Russian Invasion Imminent – Forbes
Russia tries to reassure West, Ukraine over troops – Reuters
Kerry, Congress Agree: Superpower Status Not What It Was – Bloomberg
IMF warns of risks as global economic recovery continues to improve – xinhuanet
Study: Whites more conservative when told they’re becoming a minority – Vox
Manipulate Me: The Booming Business in Behavioral Finance – Bloomberg
A Closer Look at Post-2007 Labor Force Participation Trends – macroblog
40 Central Banks Bet This Will Be The Next Reserve Currency – Zero Hedge
The 401(k) Loan: America’s Pricey New Piggy Bank – Fiscal Times
Top Medicare Doctor Paid $21 Million in 2012, Data Shows – Bloomberg
SEC lifer: We’re way too soft on Wall Street – CNBC
Why Don’t the 1 Percent Feel Rich? – The Atlantic
Beef prices hit all-time high in U.S. – LA Times

Market mood steadies after Alcoa earnings – AP
Investors’ Appetite for I.P.O.s Seems to Ebb – NY Times
Biotech Suffers Record Exit at Largest ETF Signaling Turn – Bloomberg
U.S. stock market may have stumbled, but signals still say ‘go’ – Reuters
Has the correction in stocks rebuilt the wall of worry? – MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall for First Time in Five Days Before 10-Year Sale – Bloomberg
Gold steadies near two-week high ahead of Fed minutes – Reuters
Silver Money Would Consume Half Of Total Mine Supply – SRSrocco Report
Protect Yourself Against Financial Winter with Physical Silver – GoldSilverWorlds
ETF Securities: Commodity ETPs Post Net Inflow In 1Q, Led By Silver – Kitco
Daily Nugget – gold experts are bearish – The Real Asset Co.

Explainer: Why is deflation so harmful? – CBS Moneywatch
America’s Structural Unemployment Crisis in Two Charts – Testosterone Pit
The Born Again Jobs Scam: The Ugly Truth Behind “Jobs Friday” – Contra Corner
BOJ Beat: Calibrating Kuroda’s Optimism: Easing Still Possible – WSJ
Ridiculously, investors are about to let Greece borrow again – Quartz
Renzi Cuts Italy Growth Forecast, Calls for Rich to Give – Bloomberg
IMF: UK economic growth to reach 2.9% in 2014 – BBC
China auto sales rise 9% in March – China Daily
West Coast Condo Values Continue to Rise – WSJ
When Wall Street becomes a landlord – CNN/Money
Kocherlakota: Fed could cut rates again – Reuters
Janet Yellen’s game of Jenga – Detlev Schlichter

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