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Tuesday Morning Links

China devalues yuan to boost flagging economy – Guardian
Yuan devaluation raises new currency war anxiety – Reuters
China’s shadow banking sector collapsed in July – Financial Times
China, Hong Kong shares choppy as yuan devaluation digested – SCMP
China “Loses Battle Over Yuan”, Global Currency War Begins – Zero Hedge
5 Things to Know About China’s Currency Devaluation – WSJ
Greece says bailout deal broadly agreed – BBC
Greece’s Aid Addiction – Project Syndicate
Targets of Greek bail-out deal branded ‘fantasy’ – Telegraph
Stop Financializing the Human Experience – of two minds
What the Heck Did Google Just Do? – Fiscal Times
Donald Trump and Fox strike a truce – Politico

Global stocks, Asian currencies fall as China devalues yuan – AP
Is There a Dark Side to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? – WSJ
Stock Buybacks Draw Scrutiny From Politicians – NY Times
Has the bear market in stocks already begun? – MarketWatch
European Stocks Drop as German Consumer Confidence Shaky – The Street
Beware of the bubble in stock market bubble warnings – MarketWatch
Monetize This: Bond Strategists Pressed to Earn Their Keep – Bloomberg
Gold hits 3-week high as investors assess China currency move – Reuters
Gold Bullion Holds Its Own As Media Stocks Collapse – GoldCore
“Smart Money” Ready To Bet On Gold? – Dana Lyons

How Economic Growth Fails – Our Finite World
Expected Household Spending Tanks – Confounded Interest
How the U.S. Achieves a 5.3% Unemployment Rate – Wall St. on Parade
Impeaching Rousseff would set Brazil on fire: Senate chief – Reuters
Puerto Rico Bond Payments Depend on Cash Levels, Official Says – Bloomberg
German economic sentiment deteriorates in August – MarketWatch
Why Risky Borrowers Still Aren’t Getting Mortgages – WSJ
This ‘red flag’ should scare amateur home flippers – MarketWatch
Gibson’s Paradox And The Fatal Error Of Keynes And Friedman – GoldMoney
How the Fed will tighten – Money & Banking


Monday Morning Links

Police killings since Ferguson, in one map – Vox
Greece, lenders in final push to seal new bailout – Reuters
Oil Futures Signal Weak Prices Could Last Years – WSJ
Grim China data keeps stimulus hopes alive – Reuters
Quantitative Easing With Chinese Characteristics Takes Shape – Bloomberg
China Slashes U.S. Debt Stake by $180 Billion, Bonds Shrug – Bloomberg
The reality of global warming: We’re all frogs in slowly boiling water – Reuters
New Poll: Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates – NBC News
Thin Slices from the Top of a Bubble – Hussman Funds
The Big Picture with Marc Faber – Marcopolis
Core of the Core – Credit Bubble Bulletin
Mornings in America – Krugman, NY Times

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
OPEC and world oil supplies – Econbrowser
The Saudi Oil Price War Is Backfiring – OilPrice.com
The Correction Gains Momentum – Alhambra Partners
What is keeping this bull market alive? – MarketWatch
Here’s What China’s Rescue Fund Is Buying to End the Stocks Rout – Bloomberg
Stephen Schork: Commodity Crash Is “A Canary In The Coal Mine” – Zero Hedge
Gold stalls as US jobs data keeps door open to Sept Fed hike – Reuters
How Low Can Gold & Silver Go? Have Miners Reversed? – GoldSilverWorlds
Has the gold price finally got the rate monkey off its back? – Mining.com

1 out of 3 American workers support the rest of the country – My Budget 360
Four Economic Myths that Perpetuate the Euro Crisis – Mises
For Norway, $50 Oil Is Worse Than the Global Financial Crisis – Bloomberg
Weak Demand for Chinese Products Adds to Case for More Stimulus – Bloomberg
German trade surplus to rise to new record in 2015 – Reuters
China’s Hard Landing Suddenly Gets a Lot Rougher – Wolf STreet
Robot Invasion Undercuts Modi’s Quest to Put Indians to Work – Bloomberg
London Buy-to-Let Boom Meets Higher Borrowing Costs – Bloomberg
A lack of supply drives up housing prices – Marketplace
The Ethics of Helicopter Money – mainly macro


Friday Morning Links

The Worst Expansion Since World War II Was Even Weaker – WSJ
Economy’s Top Speed Probably Overestimated for Years – Bloomberg
IMF refuses to join third Greek bailout without debt relief – MarketWatch
Bailout Money Goes to Greece, Only to Flow Out Again – NY Times
China is trying to save its market with failed policies – CNN/Money
China’s Stocks Fall to Cap Worst Monthly Decline in Six Years – Bloomberg
What I learned talking to stock-market investors in Shanghai, China – MarketWatch
Unintended (and Terrible) Consequences of GOP Debate Format – Fiscal Times
Jeb Bush Takes Positions on Climate Change, EPA Rules, Other Issues – Bloomberg
Insiders warn Jeb: Don’t engage with Trump – Politico
How Rich People Raise Rich Kids – Atlantic
The Complex Story of American Debt – Pew Research

China drops, other markets up after US data – AP
The thing about flat stock markets – Fortune
China’s Stock Markets: Nearly 25 Years of Wild Swings – WSJ
Bears Outnumber Bulls, Many Can’t Decide: AAII – Barron’s
Hedge fund Elliott eyes fresh market turbulence – Reuters
Treasury Buyers Can’t Get Enough as Fed Hike Looms – Bloomberg
7 “Saves” in 7 Months: A Market Going Nowhere Fast – of two minds
Gold heads for longest weekly losing streak in 16 years – Reuters
Gold ‘fire sale’ offers refuge from the Fed – MarketWatch
PEAK GOLD vs. PEAK SILVER: Must See Chart – SRSrocco Report
Prepare for gold prices to plunge…as low as $350 – CNN/Money

Current economic conditions – Econbrowser
If It Takes 3 Years For The 2012 Slowdown To Hit GDP… – Alhambra Partners
Why Do So Many Americans Choose Not To Enter The Workforce? – Zero Hedge
Eurozone inflation and unemployment hold steady in July – BBC
Russia’s central bank cuts key interest rate – AP
Japan Spending Slump Heightens Chance of Contraction – NY Times
Liar Loans Pop up in Canada’s Magnificent Housing Bubble – Wolf Street
Brooklyn Home Sellers Name Prices and Get More – Bloomberg
Bill Gross says Fed recognizing zero percent rates causing harm to U.S. – Reuters
The Fed’s Bathtub Economics Brigade Blathers On – Contra Corner


Thursday Morning Links

Fed: Prepare for rate hike in 6 weeks – CNN/Money
Alan Greenspan: This is ‘extremely dangerous’ – CNBC
China’s Great Short Seller Turns Bullish – Bloomberg
Gold Bets Weigh on Paulson and Einhorn – Barron’s
Einhorn Punished by Gold as Greenlight Re Drops 16% – Bloomberg
Hay for cheese? Barter booms in cash-squeezed rural Greece – Reuters
More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job Market – Pew Research
Wall Street’s Secret Dividend from Fed May Go to Fixing Potholes – Wall St. on Parade
Canada Just Bought Israel’s Iron Dome Radar Technology – Vice News
All 512 animals Teddy Roosevelt and his son killed on safari – Vox
Trump’s Net Worth Isn’t His Only Claim That’s Fake – Fiscal Times
Donald Trump surges, Jeb Bush slumps – Politico

Stocks higher on earnings, ahead of US data – AP
1 In 5 US Stocks Now In Bear Market – Zero Hedge
Letting China’s Bubble Burst – Project Syndicate
Chinese farmer invested life savings in stocks, lost it all – CNBC
Chinese stocks end lower after wild swings – MarketWatch
Gold falls 1 pct as dollar rises on Fed rate expectations – Reuters
What You’ve Heard About Gold and Interest Rates Is Wrong – Casey Research
Deutsche Bank’s Gold Price Outlook: A Contrarian Indicator? – GoldSilverWorlds
The cheapest entry point into cheap gold – Mining.com
Stock picks at $1000/oz gold – Mineweb

The Confidence Experiment – Alhambra Partners
Independent Contractors and the Emerging Gig Economy – AAF
Conference Board of Canada sees disappointment ahead for economy – FP
Spain’s economy grows at its fastest rate since beginning of 2007 – ET
BOJ’s Ishida Warns of Stimulus Costs, Future Imbalances – NY Times
Brazil Raises Benchmark Rate to 14.25% From 13.75% – Nasdaq
The Shaky Foundation For U.S. Housing-Price Growth – WSJ
What’s Left of the American Dream Withers at Record Pace – Wolf Street
To Fix the Fed, Simplify It – NY Times
FOMC Recap – Fed Watch


Wednesday Morning Links

Caroline Baum Slams Paul Krugman – EPJ
Only 3 new U.S. banks opened since 2010 – CNN/Money
Why Economists Have Trouble With Bubbles – Bloomberg
Chinese stocks close higher, halting 3-day skid – MarketWatch
China’s Currency Policy Sinks Into Disarray Amid Rout in Stocks – Bloomberg
China-Tied Hackers That Hit U.S. Said to Breach United Airlines – Bloomberg
Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation – Spiegel
Cecil the Lion: the killing that’s enraged the internet, explained – Vox
The Animal Serial Killer Who Shot Cecil The Lion – Daily Beast
Media punishes Trump, Sanders for not playing by its rules – MarketWatch
Trump Schools Republican Establishment – Politico
Could Trump Win? – Pat Buchanan

Stocks rise ahead of Fed, wary eye on China – AP
Nobody Knows How Much Bonds Cost – Bloomberg
The Dow just broke a pretty dubious record – CNBC
Investors wait for the ‘Big One.’ No correction in 4 years! – CNN/Money
What you don’t know about the stock market can haunt you – MarketWatch
Gold steadies as investors seek cues on U.S. rate hike timing – Reuters
Deutsche: Gold price has another 30% to fall – and soon – Mining.com
China’s gold imports to plunge as financing deals unwind – Reuters
Investors need to consider that gold may fall to $350 an ounce – MarketWatch
Gold Is Only Going to Get Worse – Bloomberg

Your Rent’s About to Get Even Higher – Bloomberg
Why Americans workers are becoming less productive – The Week
Economists Try To Find ‘Missing’ GDP Rather Than The Lost Economy – Alhambra Partners
In Hideaway for Brazil’s Rich and Famous, a New Scandal Emerges – Bloomberg
Special Report: Ukraine struggles to control maverick battalions – Reuters
The Russian Bear is Back, Just Itching to Start a New Cold War – Fiscal Times
Lew Warns That Puerto Rico Crisis Could Get Costly for U.S. – Bloomberg
Are Home Prices Again Breaking Records? Not Really – WSJ
Fed expected to push ahead with rate hike plan – Reuters
China would have to get a lot worse to stall Fed – CNBC

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