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Friday Morning Links

Going cuckoo for the Swiss – Economist
Swiss companies and currency brokers bleed – CNN/Money
Asia FX brokers hit hard by Swiss franc shock, regulators probe – Reuters
Carnage continues as Swiss stocks head for worst week in six years – MarketWatch
Two Greek Banks Request Emergency Liquidity Assistance – Greek Reporter
Eastern European Currencies Dive as Swiss Loan Costs Hurt Banks – Bloomberg
Crude oil’s collapse will cost 9,000 jobs at Schlumberger – USA Today
The Problem Is Not Insufficient “Aggregate Demand” – Contra Corner
Why the currency wars are likely to hit the stock market – MarketWatch
Still Trying to Make Sense of SNB’s Bombshell – Marc to Market
End of CB Power – SNB Folds – Bruce Krasting
Francs, Fear and Folly – Krugman, NY Times

Global markets fall after Swiss stunner – AP
RayJay’s Saut: ‘It is too late to panic’ – CNBC
Oil up after IEA cuts non-OPEC supply forecast – MarketWatch
Warning: Bond rates are going negative – CNN/Money
The Bond Market Is Warning of Huge Trouble Ahead – Fiscal Times
Euro-Area Bonds Jump as SNB Shock Adds to Speculation for ECB QE – Bloomberg
Gold set for biggest weekly gain in 10 months on risk aversion – Reuters
HSBC Gold Outlook: Bearish Factors May Not Be So Bearish In 2015 – Kitco
China Continues To Drain Global Gold Inventory – BullionStar
Monster rally for gold stocks – Mining.com

Is low inflation good news? – WCI
Why below target inflation is a big problem – mainly macro
Don’t Expect an Economic Boom From Cheap Oil – Bloomberg
How Plunging Oil Prices Could Create Economic Upheaval – Fiscal Times
Why China’s New Power-Use Record Isn’t as Electrifying As it Sounds – WSJ
US housing market booms as foreclosures drop 69% from 2009 peak – Guardian
Without QE, “Eurozone Financial Markets Would Collapse” – Wolf Street
Unfazed by market swings, Fed sticks to mid-2015 hike scenario – Reuters
WSJ Survey: Economists Pare Back Fed Rate Rise Expectations – WSJ
Who Needs A Bank? – Points and Figures


Thursday Morning Links

Swiss currency bombshell stuns markets – CNN/Money
Swiss franc surges after scrapping euro peg – Telegraph
World’s optimism drained as U.S. economy shows signs of weakness – Globe & Mail
Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar – Zero Hedge
Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul – Bloomberg
A Desperate Putin Makes a Private Sector Power Grab – Fiscal Times
China’s yuan shifts into currency major league – Reuters
Drilling declines in North Dakota on low oil prices – Star Tribune
Caesars Unit Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection – NY Times
Glory Days of Muscle Cars Are Back at Detroit Auto Show – NY Times
The only state where less than half its civilians work – MarketWatch
Detroit in the 1940s – Atlantic

Volatile world stock markets swing higher led by China – AP
Swiss stocks sink most since 1989 after shock move – MarketWatch
Is Hugh Hendry A “Greater Fool”? – Global Slant
Oil prices retreat again as Iraq schedules record exports – Reuters
Markets are freaking out for no good reason – Washington Post
Treasuries Advance as Swiss Currency Decision Saps Risk Appetite – Bloomberg
Gold jumps to 4-month high on tumbling shares after SNB move – Reuters
U.S. Mint 2015 Silver Eagle Sales Start Off Strong – SRSrocco Report
Strong dollar, weak oil a lifeline for struggling gold miners – Mineweb
2015 Will Be Good Year For Gold, Not For Equities – Kitco

Inflation Doesn’t Hurt So Much, Does It? – Bloomberg
Weak Retail Sales During Holidays Vex Economists – Barron’s
2014 Jobs Market Produced No Wages, And Now No Spending – Alhambra Partners
Continuing Proof of Structural Changes in the U.S. Workforce – Advisor Perspectives
India cuts key interest rate in surprise move – CNN/Money
Good Signs for Housing in 2015 – USA Today
Russians Scramble to Dump Trophy Homes – NY Observer
Fed’s Beige Book: We Read It So You Don’t Have To – WSJ
The Fed and the Price of Oil – of two minds
House passes Dodd-Frank changes – The Hill


Wednesday Morning Links

Euro falls below 1999 launch rate – Reuters
ECB gets interim green light for OMT bond-buying – MarketWatch
Oil extends losses after World Bank cuts growth forecast – Reuters
Oil Prices: What’s Behind the Drop? Simple Economics – NY Times
Copper Tumbles Amid Commodity Collapse – Bloomberg
Bitcoin Price Continues to Fall, Breaks $200 Mark – CoinDesk
Russia plans budget cuts as oil slump, sanctions bite – MarketWatch
Putin’s Woes Worsen as Russian-Backed Rebels Reportedly Kill Civilians – Fiscal Times
IRS Warns Of Delayed Refunds, Long Waits For Taxpayers & Possible Shutdown – Forbes
Yes, Some Companies Are Cutting Hours In Response To ‘Obamacare’ – FiveThirtyEight
California still needs a ridiculous amount of rain to end its drought – Vox
New Congress, Wall St. Push to Undermine Dodd-Frank Reform – NY Times
Run, Warren, Run – Atlantic

Stocks fall as oil, metals sell-off keeps investors on edge – AP
Three Theories For Why Stocks Reversed Lower – Barron’s
Nerves Rattled as S&P 500 Volatility Turns Ugly – Bloomberg
Here’s the No. 1 portfolio fix you should make now – MarketWatch
China Stocks Rise Most in Week Amid PBOC Support – Bloomberg
Treasury Gains Push 30-Year Yields Toward Record – Bloomberg
Gold edges down from 12-week high as commodities sell off – Reuters
Seasonality Is Supporting Gold In The Weeks Ahead – GoldSilverWorlds
Faber: Gold will rally 30% in 2015 – MarketWatch

Why Wages Won’t Rise – Robert Reich
America’s job market is ‘near normal’ – CNN/Money
Jobless Rate Still Above Pre-Recession Levels in 95 Percent of Counties – MoneyNews
Austrian business cycle theory continues to make a comeback – Marginal Revolution
First Post-Massacre Issue of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Released to Massive Demand – Vice News
How the oil drama will sway the price of homes in Canada – Globe & Mail
The American Dream Goes Bust, KB Home Wrecked, Other to Follow – Wolf Street
Fed’s Kocherlakota backs goal-based policy, wants more stimulus – Reuters
Weakness Overseas May Delay Fed Rate Increase, World Bank Says – WSJ
FRN Follow-Up: Who Are the Market Participants? – NY Fed


Tuesday Morning Links

Brent crude oil falls to six-year low – BBC
UAE says OPEC will no longer shore up oil price – AFP
America’s Going to Lose the Oil Price War – Bloomberg
Russian ruble keeps falling as oil prices tumble – AP
Hope for North American energy independence fades – FP
How Wall St. Drove the Drilling Boom That’s Turning into a Disaster – Wolf Street
RBS bets ECB blitz to reach €4.5 trillion and reignite asset boom – Telegraph
The Politics Behind the ECB’s Threat to Cut Greece Funding – Bloomberg
German Anti-Islam Rally Draws Record Crowd After Paris Terror Attacks – Bloomberg
Prying into Pegida: Where Did Germany’s Islamophobes Come From? – Spiegel
Americans Become More Positive About Jobs in January – Gallup
Democrats Find a Way to Stop Wall Street’s Reckless Behavior – New Republic

World stock markets drift as oil falls, China exports rise – AP
Alcoa kicks off earnings season with a bang – USA Today
A Rare Bull Emerges Among All the Oil Bears – WSJ
It’s Amateur Hour in the Booming Chinese Stock Market – Bloomberg
What a Market Correction Would Really Look Like – Fox Business
Treasury Yield Matches 20-Month Low Before Auction – Bloomberg
Gold climbs as investors seek refuge from volatility – Reuters
Gold In Euros Up 7.2% In 2 Weeks – Surges Over EUR1,050 – GoldCore
CFTC: Money Managers Jumping Back Into Gold And Silver – Kitco
More evidence of a golden bottom – Mining.com

Business travel rebounds into record territory – USA Today
Inside the World of Multiple Jobholders – Advisor Perspectives
Deflation is coming to the UK – and it will impact businesses – Telegraph
This is how India controlled its untameable inflation problem – Quartz
China 2014 exports rise 6.1%, imports up 0.4% – China Daily
China property firm fails to make bond payment – CNA
House prices rises for Britain’s forgotten regions – Telegraph
Calgary Housing Market Among Early Alberta Slowdown Signs – Bloomberg
Elizabeth Warren wins on Antonio Weiss Treasury nomination – Politico
Citigroup quietly scales back in consumer banking – Reuters

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