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Tuesday Morning Links

The S&P500 tops 2,000. Should you care? – MarketWatch
What to Expect Next in Iraq and Syria? – New Yorker
Islamic State Captures Syrian Air Force Base – Vice News
The Islamic State: Can it govern? – Economist
Israel Destroys 2 Gaza High-Rises in Escalation – AP
Putin in Minsk for bilateral talks with Ukraine’s Poroshenko – RT News
Why U.S. conservatives love Russia’s Vladimir Putin – Washington Post
Ukraine moves another step closer to default – Fitch – RT News
Why Burger King wants to become a Canadian citizen – Washington Post
Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People – Foreign Affairs
Iowa farmers to see record corn crop – Daily Iowan
Stick a Fork in Your Newspaper – Bloomberg
The Challenge – Reformed Broker

Global stocks lower, US economic data awaited – AP
Geopolitical pressure could return as S&P reaches for 2,000 – CNBC
Surging U.S. Stocks Echo Dot-Com Rally With Cheaper P/E – Bloomberg
Don’t lose faith, the Dow uptrend is intact – CNBC
This is the chart that stock bulls don’t want you to see – MarketWatch
Treasury Two-Year Notes Yield Most Versus Germany’s Since 2007 – Bloomberg
Gold up around 1 pct as dollar rally pauses; U.S. data eyed – Reuters
Shanghai Silver Warehouse Stocks Fall 24% In One Week – SRSrocco Report
Is Asian gold demand really slipping so much? – Mineweb
Commodity Index Turns Negative On The Year – Kitco
Copper on the Rise – Barron’s

Mimicking the airlines, hotels get fee-happy – AP
What Kind of Job for Part-Time Pat? – macroblog
6 things you should know about the U.S. economy – CBS News
Eurozone opens doors to QE as Germany and France stumble – Telegraph
German Exports to Russia May Shrink by One Quarter This Year – Ria Novosti
BOJ to stay bullish on prices even as it cuts Japan GDP estimate – Reuters
Hollande Replaces Cabinet as EU Austerity Rebellion Stirs – Bloomberg
German anti-euro party set for gains in eastern votes – Reuters
China’s falling real-estate prices trigger protests, clashes – MarketWatch
The  Mortgage Crisis is About to Flare Up Again – New Republic
No, Professor Cochrane, The Fed Is Not Getting It Right – Forbes
The Fed Is Not As Powerful As We Think – Slate


Monday Morning Links

Milestone watch: 2000 on S&P 500 – USA Today
Draghi Pushes ECB Closer to QE as Deflation Risks Rise – Bloomberg
Pressure builds within Fed to signal new policy course – Reuters
More Economists See Fed Policy As Too Loose – WSJ
Fed’s Lockhart not convinced economy ready to lift off – MarketWatch
Janet Yellen’s Fed is more revolutionary than Ben Bernanke’s ever was – Quartz
Broken Links: The Growing Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street – Hussman Funds
Retirees’ Social Security checks garnished for student loans – CNN/Money
Government Dependency In U.S. Nears The Tipping Point – IBD
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats – Politico
Look to ‘The Simpsons’ for economics lesson – Boston Globe
Piketty’s Errors Mirror Marx’s, Paper Finds – WSJ
Reflexivity, Bubbles and Profits – Prudent Bear
Krugman’s Kryptonite – NY Sun

Global stocks mostly up on stimulus outlook – AP
Yield-Starved Investors Take Bigger Risks – WSJ
You are your portfolio’s worst enemy – MarketWatch
The Decline and Fall of Fund Managers – WSJ
Hey, America — Do you believe in (market) magic? – MarketWatch
Treasuries Rise as European Rally Boosts Relative Value Appeal – Bloomberg
Gold near 2-month low on stronger dollar, interest rate expectations – Reuters
China’s Hong Kong gold imports drop – fifth month in a row – Mineweb
Gold Is the Money of Kings, Debt the Money of Slaves – FSO
Why The Gold Price Is Trendless – GoldSilverWorlds

Unemployed take their case to Fed officials at Jackson Hole – Reuters
Nobel-winning economists challenge conventional thinking on recovery – Guardian
Kuroda Douses Japan Stimulus Expectations – WSJ
French PM Manuel Valls cabinet falls amid economy row – BBC
China’s Embrace of Markets Is Responsible for Its Growth – Caixin Online
German business-confidence weaker than expected – MarketWatch
Here’s How Your Laptop Is Manufactured in China – WSJ
Chin policy change kills Coastal California housing market – OC Housing News
Central bankers struggling to say no to easy-money policies – Australian
What did quantitative easing accomplish? – Econbrowser
The Jackson Hole Snoozefest – Alhambra Partners
Nightmare of debt deflation stalks Europe – FT


Friday Morning Links

Ukraine border guards to inspect Russian aid convoy – BBC
Islamic State Said to Challenge Al-Qaeda for Leadership – Bloomberg
End of the Wirtschaftswunder? Germany’s sudden slowdown – Reuters
Policing Protests Like Soldiers Makes Everyone Less Safe–Even Police – Atlantic
American Consumer Debt Declines for First Time In a Year – Bloomberg
Study Finds Americans Plagued by Outstanding Debt – Fiscal Times
Will subprime auto loans ignite another credit crisis? – MyBudget360
Why China Might Begin Dumping Its $1.3 Trillion Hoard Of US Treasuries – ContraCorner
What Happened During Previous Reserve Currency Transition? – Economic Reason
70 Years Later – Warren Buffett’s Dad Is Proved Right – Zero Hedge
Warren Buffett stock tops $200,000 a share – CNN/Money
The Forever Slump – Krugman, NY Times
Robin Williams Had Parkinson’s – Daily Beast

Futures up; consumers may be in better mood – MarketWatch
Why Are The Bulls Regaining Momentum? – Short Takes
Commodity Prices, Bond Yields Send Warnings Signals – Fiscal Times
Investors Pour $680 Million Into U.S. Junk Bonds in Latest Week – WSJ
China Mobile leads Hong Kong to highest close in years – MarketWatch
Treasuries Advance as Manufacturing Data Drop More Than Forecast – Bloomberg
Gold prices turn lower as European stocks climb – Reuters
Russia may become World No. 2 gold miner this year – Mineweb
Paulson holds onto gold ETF, Soros adds gold miners in quarter – Reuters
Iron Ore Prices Tumble as Four Large Producers Ramp up Production – Caixin Online
To prosper, gold needs China and India more than fear: Russell – Reuters

30-yr Treasury Yield: “The Economy Is Collapsing” – IRD
ECB under pressure to boost growth, analysts say – BBC
Is the eurozone being dragged into deadly spiral of deflation? – Telegraph
U.K. Keeps Momentum in Second Quarter With 0.8% GDP Growth – Businessweek
Argentina’s blue dollar market hits 60% premium to official rate – Sober Look
Modi Promises Bank Accounts for All Families in India – NY Times
Worries over China growth as July lending plunges – Channel News Asia
Canadian economy added 42K jobs in July, not 200 as originally reported – FP
Winners and losers in Canada’s housing market – Globe & Mail
US homeowners stay unemployed for longer – Lindau Nobel
More quantitative easing to come? – MarketWatch
Asian Eyes on Jackson Hole – WSJ


Thursday Morning Links

Enough is enough in Ferguson – Vox
Eurozone growth slows to a halt – BBC
German GDP signals stalling euro-zone recovery – MarketWatch
Italy’s Renzi must bring back the lira to end depression – Telegraph
Charting Nouri al-Maliki’s turbulent eight-year tenure as Iraq’s prime minister – Quartz
JPMorgan Joins Goldman in Designing Derivatives for a New Generation – Bloomberg
Cisco Terminates 8% Of Workforce While Buying Back $1.5 Billion In Stock – Zero Hedge
Brown Signs $7.5 Billion Plan to Ease California Drought – Bloomberg
Canadian dollar nears 92¢ again (but hold that thought) – Globe & Mail
Richer, But Not Happier: Hong Kong’s Quality of Life Drops – WSJ
These guys used to issue the world’s reserve currency too – Sovereign Man
The oil spike that wasn’t: Prices defy global turmoil – CNBC
I’m 57 and owe $152,000 in student loans – CNN/Money

Here’s why stocks can keep going higher – CNBC
30 reasons not to worry about a stock market crash – MarketWatch
Junk Bonds Gain Favor as Europe’s Banks Reduce Lending – NY Times
Blackrock Examines The High-Yield Bond ETF Exodus – Barron’s
German bond yields drop below 1% for first time – MarketWatch
U.S. 30-Year Bonds Outperform Stocks in 2014 Before Sale Today – Bloomberg
Gold down as Putin comments help shares; soft data, dollar limit losses – Reuters
Total Gold Demand Falls 16% Year-Over-Year To 963.8 Tons In Q2 – Kitco
Global gold demand returning to positive long term trends – Mineweb
India Gold Imports Seen Dropping as Rajan Protects Rupee – Bloomberg
London gold fix lawsuits to be consolidated in New York – Reuters
U.S. gold stocks jump to highest since March 2013 as demand wanes – Reuters

It Really Is Deflating – Alhambra Partners
The Middle Class Is A Power Behind Wage Inequality – Forbes
What should the European Central Bank actually do? – Marginal Revolution
China’s retail sales maintain steady growth in July – xinhuanet
Chinese Buyers Are Driving a Boom in Australian Real Estate – WSJ
Stated income loans make comeback as mortgage lenders seek clients – Reuters
Levine on Wall Street: Repo Fails and Defaulted Mortgages – Bloomberg
Boston Fed Chief Warns of Dangers to Repo Market – NY Times
One of the biggest cracks in the financial system still isn’t fixed – Quartz
How The Fed Turned A Flood Of Treasuries Into A Scarcity Of Repo Collateral – Contra Corner
Uh-oh: Trouble is brewing again in the repo market – CNBC

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