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Wednesday Morning Links

Dow 18,000 has Americans feeling good about 2015 – MarketWatch
Billionaire Shale Pioneer Cuts Spending 41% on Oil Crash – Bloomberg
First Oil, now Nat Gas Plunges, “Negative Igniter” for Debt Crisis – Wolf Street
Russia on Verge of Junk as S&P Puts Rating on Negative Watch – Bloomberg
U.S. Economy Posts Best Growth in a Decade. Now Will It Last? – Fiscal Times
When They Have to Totally Reconfigure The Savings Rate – Alhambra Partners
Here Is The Real Reason For The “Surge” In Third Quarter GDP – Zero Hedge
The Destruction of the Middle Class is Nearing the Final Stages – Project Chesapeake
Americans Love Holidays, But Spend Them Doing Things They Hate – FiveThirtyEight
Why American Jews Eat Chinese Food on Christmas Day – Atlantic
You Can Go See The Interview On Christmas After All – reason.com
The Most Interesting Statistics From 2014 – RCM

European shares mixed after Dow tops 18,000 – AP
Global Headwinds No Match for Dow 18,000 – Bloomberg
Best performing global markets – CNN/Money
Will 2015 see a currency war? – MarketWatch
Dow 18,000: Have Stocks Come Too Far Too Fast? – Fiscal Times
For an energy investor, Canada beats them all – Globe & Mail
Natural gas prices down 29 percent in a month – AP
Treasury Yield at 8-Year High Versus Group-of-Seven Peers – Bloomberg
Gold close to 3-week lows, outlook dim on strong U.S. growth – Reuters
Could Russia back its currency with gold? – CNBC
Goldman Sachs Is Still The Bearish Of Them All – Kitco

Wow! What the Jump in U.S. Growth Means – Bloomberg
Chances of Finding Full-Time Employment Have Improved – macroblog
Tackling Wage Stagnation May Be Out of Reach for Now – Fiscal Times
U.S. minimum wage hikes to impact 1,400-plus Walmart stores – Reuters
The Biggest Losers in Asia this year – Bloomberg View
Housing Market Recovery Progressed Modestly in 2014 – NMR
The Fed Sets Another Trap – Roach, Project Syndicate
Is the Fed in a Trap?: I Really Can’t See It- Delong, WCEG
China’s shadow-banking boom is over – MarketWatch


Tuesday Morning Links

Opec oil production ‘will not fall’ – BBC
Gas prices fall record 88 days, lowest since 2009 – USA Today
Ruble maintains recovery following central bank action – RT News
Finance minister: Russia is entering a ‘full-fledged economic crisis’ – FP
China quietly joins Asia’s currency wars to avert deflation – Telegraph
Ruble Swap Shows China Challenging IMF as Emergency Lender – Bloomberg
Belarus blocks online sites, closes stores to stem currency panic – AFP
German Yields Near Record Low as Greek Bonds Drop After Vote – Bloomberg
Washington’s Lies About TARP’s “Success” Are Worse Than The Bailouts – Contra Corner
Asking for NYPD Protests to Stop Is Standing on The Wrong Side of History – Vice News
Who unplugged North Korea’s Internet? – Washington Post
QE addiction has made us too complacent – Telegraph

Global stocks mixed after Wall Street record – AP
The stock market’s merry 200-year history – MarketWatch
Private Stock Trading vs. Public Exchanges – Bloomberg
If stocks are at record highs, why aren’t we getting richer? – MarketWatch
Treasuries 5-10 Yield Spread at Seven-Year Low – Bloomberg
Gold rebounds on softer dollar, vulnerable to further losses – Reuters
More Confirmation Germany Continues To Repatriate Gold – Bullionstar
$300K in gold missing from Ukraine Central Bank, swapped for lead bricks – RT News
Path of the gold price is in China’s hands – lawrie on gold
Ronald Stoeferle: Gold Outlook For 2015 – GoldSilverWorlds

Don’t Fear Oil Prices and Deflation – Bloomberg
The Austrian Case Against Economic Intervention – Mises
Is the oil crash about to snuff out the ‘Texas miracle’? – LA Times
How a 2% Inflation Target Became Global Economic Gospel – Washington Post
Singapore experiences deflation for first time in 5 years – CNA
The End of Tolerance? Anti-Muslim Movement Rattles Germany – Spiegel
The housing market took a step back from “normal” last month – Quartz
Over 50 pct of Chinese worried by “too high” house prices – xinhuanet
A Case For A Monetary Rule: It’s Time To End The Fed’s Discretion – Forbes
Looking Backward to See the Future – Fed Watch


Monday Morning Links

Ready for $20 Oil? – Shilling, Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia says won’t cut oil output – Reuters
Gulf Oil Exporters Blame Non-OPEC Producers for Glut – WSJ
Why the Saudis are crashing the price of oil – National Post
China Suggests Currency Swap to Help Russia – Bloomberg
Volcker lambasts Wall Street lobbying – Financial Times
Janet Yellen’s Christmas Gift to Wall Street – Ron Paul Institute
A Call for Racial Tension Cooling After NYPD Murders – Bloomberg
‘White’ Southerners have more African ancestry than they know – Vox
Anonymous Convinced Hack Didn’t Come From North Korea – Daily Beast
What Obama’s Cuba Deal Means for the Future of Cuban Cigars – Vice News
Iceberg at the Starboard Bow – Hussman Funds
“Bo, Bo” – Noland, Prudent Bear

Global markets gain as oil rebounds – AP
Structure Your Portfolio for Turbulence – WSJ
The $6.3 Trillion Frenzy That Vanquished Treasury Bears – Bloomberg
Oil prices likely to rebound in second half of 2015: Reuters poll – Reuters
Meredith Whitney’s Fund Said to Drop 11% as Office Put on Market – Bloomberg
What 2014’s winning stock sectors tell you about 2015 – MarketWatch
Gold inches higher as dollar weakens, strong shares limit gains – Reuters
Most Analysts Expect Gold To Stabilize During Quiet Holiday Period – Kitco
Will Chinese Gold Demand End 2014 With A Boom? – BullionStreet
India Imports Record Amount Of Silver In November – SRSrocco Report

An Autopsy for the Keynesians – WSJ
Do falling oil prices lead to deflation? – Econbrowser
Scenes from Putin’s Economic Meltdown – Politico
Putin is driving Russians away from beer and back to vodka – Quartz
China investigates possible stock-price manipulation – MarketWatch
Draghi Starts Squaring QE Circle in Month of Persuasion – Businessweek
Condos Coming to NYC’s Long Island City After Rental Boom – Bloomberg
The Fed has forgotten that banks caused the Great Recession – MarketWatch
Asked and Answered. Mostly. – Fed Watch


Friday Morning Links

U.S. stocks near records after monster rally – MarketWatch
How The Fed Masterfully Punk’d Algos Into A Stock Buying Frenzy – ZH
Central Banks Are Now Uncorking The Delirium Phase – Contra Corner
The Conventional Wisdom On Oil Is Always Wrong – 538 Economics
The Russian crisis just killed a big German gas deal – CNN/Money
America’s “Defeat Russia with Cheap Oil” Strategy is Failing – Russia Insider
Oil Crash Exposes New Risks for U.S. Shale Drillers – Bloomberg
JP Morgan: Texas Could Be Headed for an Oil-Fueled Recession – WSJ
The Currency That’s Dropped Further Than the Rouble This Year: Bitcoin – Newsweek
Rand Paul Says ‘Embargo Just Hasn’t Worked,’ Backs New Cuba Plan – reason.com
The Cuba Deal: Why is it Happening Now? – The Atlantic
The monologue that changed Stephen Colbert’s career – Vox

Global markets rally for 2nd day after Fed pledge – AP
More of the Same in Emerging Markets – Wealth of Common Sense
Oil Investors Bet Wrong on When Market Will Bottom – Bloomberg
A big year for IPOs—and next year may be even bigger – CNBC
Widest Spread Since 1999 Shows Reading on Fed – Bloomberg
Yellen Drives Treasury Volatility with More to Come – Bloomberg
Gold below $1,200/oz on dollar, shares; heads for weekly loss – Reuters
Banks See Wide Range For Gold In 2015 As Prices Search For A Bottom – Kitco
Is Russia Being Driven Into the Arms of China? – GoldCore
Russia Is Not Selling Gold – BullionStar

Maybe There’s No Such Thing as a Business Cycle – Bloomberg
Why Germany is having a merrier Christmas – CNBC
The sun is setting on the emerging market miracle – Telegraph
China’s GDP Revision Adds Output Equal to Malaysian Economy – Bloomberg
BOJ Keeps Record Easing as Oil Price Tumble Challenges Kuroda – Bloomberg
China’s wealth finds home in Washington state – AP
Risky New Mortgage Rules Could Take Us Back to 2008 – Fiscal Times
Elizabeth Warren allies march outside Citi: ‘Break big banks’ – CNN/Money
Fed Delivers the Message that Our Economy is Dead – First Rebuttal
Fed Grants Volcker Reprieve in Banks Second Big Win This Month – MoneyNews

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