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Wednesday Morning Links

Obama to name Yellen as next Fed chair – Reuters
Yellen’s Calm Needed to Guide Fed Easing Exit – Bloomberg
Yellen props stocks, but room for another drop – MarketWatch
Economists React: Yellen ‘What We Really Need in a Fed Chair’ – WSJ
Rejoice: Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs – Telegraph
They’re back in force: The debt limit deniers – Politico
Obama Seeks Post-Debt Talks With Senate Republicans Open – Bloomberg
So what if there’s a default? 5 things to remember – Net Net
12 things I know about the debt ceiling and the shutdown – CNN/Money
My Obamacare Report Card: After One Week, an ‘F’ – Fiscal Times
Has ANYONE Been Able To Sign Up For Obamacare Yet? – American Dream
Obamacare a different law in red states – MarketWatch
Why America Needs a Stock-Market Crash – New Yorker

Markets welcome Yellen’s Fed nomination – AP
Big US data gaps start to unsettle market – FT
Asian shares lifted by news Yellen tapped for Fed chair – CNA
US dollar advances as Yellen tapped to lead Fed – Economic Times
Reluctantly, market faces a real default threat – Net Net
T-bill yield spikes to levels not seen since financial crisis – CNBC
What’s happening in the T-bill market should terrify you – Washington Post
Gold dips as Yellen lifts dollar; US shutdown underpins – Reuters
Goldman Says Sell Gold – Did Same In Nov 2007, Gold Then Rose 12% – GoldCore
Are gold equity premiums a thing of the past? – Mineweb
U.S. budget standoff no savior for gold – Reuters

Weekly Drop in U.S. Confidence Largest Since ‘08 – Gallup
Recession Looms If Treasury Must Prevent Default – Bloomberg
Chinese Think Tank Puts Shadow Banking at 40% of GDP – WSJ
China’s economic stumble has Asia worried – CNN/Money
India trade deficit narrows to 2-1/2 year low – Financial Express
Swedish Bubble Concern Grows With Soaring Home Prices – Bloomberg
Fresh concerns for America’s housing market – CNBC
A Lonely Housing Bear Predicts a Big Tumble – Bloomberg
The Slow Rise And Quick Fall Of Fed Credibility – Zero Hedge
Everything you need to know about Janet Yellen – Washington Post
Janet Yellen… In Her Own Words – Capital Spectator
A Study in Scarcity: Women at Central Banks – NY Times
Credibility on the Line – Fed Watch


Tuesday Morning Links

Top Bankers Warn on U.S. Debt Proposal – WSJ($)
Republicans downplay impact of U.S. debt limit – Reuters
Don’t Blame the Computers for a Default – Baum, Bloomberg
The Costs of Debt Default Are Sobering – Real Clear Markets
No Way U.S. Would Allow Debt Default? Don’t Bet on It -NY Times
Shutdown Costs at $1.6Billion With $160 Million Each Day – Bloomberg
When could the debt ceiling put the U.S. in default? – Reuters
Social Security issues debt-ceiling warning – MarketWatch
‘Big lender’ China urges US to avoid bankruptcy – RT News
GOP Didn’t Sabotage Health Exchanges, Obama Did – Bloomberg
Suddenly, Being a Politician is Hard – Dollar Collapse
US adults score below average on worldwide test – AP

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Debt drama darkens investors’ mood – CNN/Money
The Dow and the shutdown – key triggers – CNBC
Kass: Complacency Rules the Market – TheStreet.com
Little Fear on Wall St. of Default, at Moment – Dealbook
A one-month shutdown risks triggering 20% to 30% correction – Marketwatch
Short-Term Rates Rise as Investors Seek Default Protection – Bloomberg
Gold gains for 2nd session on worries over U.S. default – Reuters
Goldman Says Gold “Slam Dunk” Sell, Ready To Buy All Its Clients Have – Zero Hedge
China’s gold imports from Hong Kong remain above 100 tonnes in August – Reuters
Mainland & Hong Kong Net Gold Import Jan-Aug 1154 Tons – Koos Jansen
Looming gold & silver ‘production cliff’ now accelerating – NBF – Mineweb

Global expansion: Too fast? – China Daily
Alcatel-Lucent to slash 10,000 jobs – BBC
German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fall – Bloomberg
UK Economy ‘Grew 1.2% In Third Quarter’ – Sky News
APEC’s CEOs urged to keep faith in ‘Abenomics’ – Japan Times
Young Japanese Men With No Interest in Cars Baffle Toyota CEO – Bloomberg
Gazumping returns to U.K. housing market in battle of the bidders – Telegraph
Osborne Boosts Mortgage-Boosting Plan as Concerns Remain – Bloomberg
Fresh concerns for America’s housing market – CNBC
A Lonely Housing Bear Predicts a Big Tumble – Bloomberg
When Bernanke speaks, the world listens — and pays for it – Washington Post
Tense Fed tug-of-war paved way to taper surprise – MarketWatch


Monday Morning Links

Smash-mouth Reid – The Hill
Boehner vows no deal without spending talks – CNN
No. 2 House Democrat: GOP lawmakers running scared – AP
Congress enters crucial week in budget, debt limit battles – Reuters
A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman’s Fall – Bloomberg
Niall Ferguson: The Shutdown Is a Sideshow. Debt Is the Threat – WSJ
Washington’s Mess Damages U.S. Global Standing – Fiscal Times
Obamacare glitches give paper applications new life – Politico
Tech Experts Warn of Obamacare Site Flaws – Fiscal Time
Exchanges Will Raise U.S. Health-Care Costs – Bloomberg
The Business End of Obamacare – Surowiecki, New Yorker
When Economic Data Is Worse Than Useless – Hussman Funds
Night and Day – Noland, Prudent Bear

Stock futures tumble onbudget stalemate – MarketWatch
Embattled dollar faces fifth striaght week of losses – CNBC
Four debt ceiling scenarios freaking out traders – Fortune
On Investing: The Obamacare portfolio – Ritholtz, Washington Post
This Secular Bear Has Only Just Begun – Advisor Perspectives
Treasuries Advance as Lew’s Default Warning Boosts Safety Demand – Bloomberg
Gold gains as U.S. shutdown drags on, debt limit looms – Reuters
China Surreptitiously Acquiring Gold Via The Perth Mint? – The Perth Mint
The Debt Ceiling And Implications For Gold Investors – GoldSilverWorlds
Indian customs clear remaining gold at Mumbai airport-officials – Reuters
Gold bulls may face austere Indian festive season – CNBC

US growth in danger as shutdown heads into second week – CNBC
New American Economy Leaves Behind World Consumer – Bloomberg
Goldman Warning: “Rapid Downturn In Economic Activity” – Zero Hedge
World Bank cuts China, East Asia growth forecasts – Reuters
Greece forecasts it will emerge from recession in 2014 – BBC
New Signs of Pricing Power in Japan – Wall Street Journal
Angela Merkel’s Pyrrhic Victory – Soros, Project Syndicate
Fed taper won’t cause another financial crisis in Asia – CNN/Money
Japan emerges from “crossroads” of economic stagnation: Abe – CNA
U.K. Treasury will raise billions from Help to Buy – Telegraph
Long shutdown could hurt housing market recovery – LA Times
Housing: The First Economic Victim of the Shutdown – Time
Gold Befuddles Bernanke, Central Bank Loses $545 Billion – Bloomberg


Friday Morning Links

Bad blood: Four feuding leaders – Politico
GOP Begins Search for Broad Deal on Budget – WSJ
Boehner Seeks Republican Unity on Debt-Ceiling Increase – Bloomberg
IMF: Resolving debt ceiling ‘mission-critical’ for global economy – Telegraph
Bank of Japan warns of severe global impact from U.S. fiscal standoff – Reuters
How a Debt Ceiling Crisis Could Do More Harm Than the Shutdown – NY Times
Federal Government Can Survive Without a Debt Ceiling Increase – Forbes
Frozen by shutdown, US warns of “catastrophic” default – Channel News Asia
Jack Lew’s dilemma: Which bills to pay and when – CNBC
First a default, then a depression? Some think so – Net Net
James Madison Would Take All Sides of Shutdown – Bloomberg
Obamacare enrolment ‘a trickle, not a wave’ – Washington Post
California gives illegal immigrants driver’s licenses – AP

Washington budget impasse keeps markets in check – AP
An Energy Boom That Could Last a Very Long Time – Time
Shutdown And Debt Ceiling Are Not The Only Worries – Comstock Partners
CFTC chairman Gensler to step down at end of 2013: WSJ – Reuters
Treasuries Drop as Bill Gross, Larry Fink See Standoff Solution – Bloomberg
Gold treads water as U.S. shutdown grinds on – Reuters
Uncovering China’s Rush for Gold – The Real Asset Co.
Gold trading or gold hoarding – which will win out? – Mineweb
Ronald Stoeferle: Gold Bubble or Bargain? – GoldSilverWorlds
Crucial China support for gold may fade – CNBC
Why Uncle Sam is hoarding gold – MarketWatch

Jobs report delay leaves a void – CNBC
Some Economic Consequences of the Shutdown – NY Times
Economists fear debt ceiling fight may bring recession – CNN/Money
China services PMI hits six-month high, supported Q3 pickup – Reuters
Britain should not take its credit status for granted – Rogoff, FT
Bank of Japan holds off new monetary easing measures – CNA
Fleeing Foreigners Impede Portugal’s Own Exit Plans – Bloomberg
Germany’s Merkel to start tricky coalition talks with SPD – Reuters
Spain’s sluggishness: It’s a time zone thing – CNN/Money
Competitiveness: Italy’s productivity puzzle – Economist
7 reasons rentals are rocking the housing market – The Week
Fisher feels ‘angst’ about Fed’s balance sheet – Reuters
The New Normalization of Fed Policy – Pimco

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