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Tuesday Morning Links

Russia warns of investor flight – BBC
U.S., other powers kick Russia out of G8 – CNN
Punishing Putin Fuels Energy-Export Drive in Congress – Businessweek
Dancing with the Bear: Merkel Seeks a Hardline on Putin – Spiegel
Fed’s Plosser: Yellen’s ’six months’ comment was no mistake – Reuters
Has Janet Yellen Given Up On Her 2% Inflation Target? – Econospeak
John Williams Acknowledges the Fed’s Forecast Change – Fed Watch
Money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it – alternet
Madoff Aides Convicted After Decades Working for Firm – Bloomberg
IceCap: “Which Bubble Is Created Next?” – Zero Hedge
The Fourteen Year Recession – The Burning Platform
American Patrimony – Krugman, NY Times

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Stock futures up ahead of data – MarketWatch
Who’s the Sucker? – Alhambra Investment Partners
Wall Street wary of potential escalation in Ukraine – CNBC
Fears of rising rates killing bull overblown? – USA Today
Should retail investors continue plowing into stocks or follow the smart money? – FP
Treasury Notes Cheapest Versus Peers Since 2010 Before Auctions – Bloomberg
Gold holds above 1-month low, but U.S. rate hike fears weigh – Reuters
How hard top gold miners fell since the metal’s turn – Mineweb
Gold forecaster with 100% accuracy says gold to remain weak – Gold Chat
Peak Gold: How The Romans Lost Their Empire – SRSrocco Report
How Yellen’s gamble screwed up gold – MarketWatch

Graduate student loans are ballooning – CNN/Money
When long-term unemployment becomes self-perpetuating – Washington Post
Welcome to the Currency War, Part 13: China’s Turn – Dollar Collaps
German business optimism slips amid Ukraine crisis – AP
UK inflation hits 4-year low, house prices up sharply – Economic Times
A depressingly familiar reality lies behind the UK’s economic miracle – Telegraph
National Bitcoin Alternative Auroracoin Launches To Save Iceland’s Economy – Forbes
Wealthy Chinese home buyers boost suburban L.A. housing markets – LA Times
Housing Recovery Hits a Soft Patch, Prices Still To Rise By 5% In 2014 – IBT
Message to the Fed: Here Are a Few Things That You Can’t Do – Cyniconomics
Stein: Fed Should Weigh Risks in Stoking Job Gains – Bloomberg
The Fed’s Big Mistake – Short Takes


Monday Morning Links

Ukraine fears Russia ‘ready to attack’ – AFP
Durbin, Ayotte want military aid for Ukraine – Politico
New worries on China growth, flash PMI contracts – Reuters
NSA Spied on Chinese Government and Networking Firm – Spiegel
Big climate report: Warming is big risk for people – AP
Venice votes to split from Italy, form a new independent state – Daily Mail
What’s the Primary Cause of Wealth Inequality? Financialization – of two minds
The Primacy Of Growth And The Human Future – Decline of the Empire
Fisher Outs Bubbles Ben: QE Was A Massive Gift To The 1% – Contra Corner
What’s behind epidemic of financial industry deaths? – NY Post
Would Keynes Have Called this a “Liquidity Trap”? – PragCap
Fed-Induced Speculation Does Not Create Wealth – Hussman Funds
April/May/June Dynamic? – Noland, Prudent Bear

China data hits Europe shares – Reuters
Preparing for a rush of IPOs – CNN/Money
‘Pretty incredible’ changes in bond market coming – CNBC
Is the Stock Market About to Go Totally ’90s? – Businessweek
Wall Street to Investors: Time to Cash In Some Chips – WSJ
Markets dismiss the risk of higher rates inhibiting growth – Sober Look
Morgan Stanley Economist Worried About The Bullishness Of His Own Clients – BI
Gold Falls on Fed as Palladium Reaches Highest Since 2011 – Bloomberg
Analyst: Gold Prices To Move Lower As U.S. Economy Improves – Kitco
Hedge Funds Defy Goldman as Gold Bears Thank Yellen – Bloomberg
Is it time to give up on gold? – MarketWatch

Graphs of key economic trends – Econbrowser
Favoring Wealth Over Work – Krugman, NY Times
U.S. economy not springing ahead – just yet – MarketWatch
Secular Stagnation and Wealth Inequality – House of Debt
Economic consequences of income inequality – China Financial Markets
Renminbi: the world’s next reserve currency – HSBC Global
As China Slows Down, Is Stimulus in the Offing? – WSJ
Singapore inflation at four-year low as car prices drop – CNA
The best long-term real estate investment: Farmland – CNBC
The Stunning History Of “All Cash” Home Purchases In The US – Zero Hedge
Fed guessing game intensifies while West isolates Russia – Reuters
Ben Bernanke Gets His Reward – Mises
Post-FOMC Fedspeak – Fed Watch


Friday Morning Links

Russian shares fall over sanctions- BBC
Putin orders Russian CB to help sanctions-hit bank – AP
Investors retreat from housing market as prices heat up – MarketWatch
Whalen: The single biggest question facing the mortgage space – Housing Wire
Yellen Drives Dollar Toward Strongest Week in Two Months – Bloomberg
Fed to Entrepreneurs: Party Like It’s 1999 (While You Still Can) – Inc.
Emerging markets face ordeal by fire as Fed’s Janet Yellen turns tough – Telegraph
How the Fed hurts seniors: Policies do more harm than good – Marketwatch
Mt. Gox says it found 200,000 bitcoins in ‘forgotten’ wallet – Reuters
Can the Bloomberg terminal be toppled? – CNN/Money
Fitch takes US off negative ratings watch – AP
The Timidity Trap – Krugman, NY Times

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World markets bounce on upbeat US data – AP
U.S. Sanctions Over Crimea Sting Russian Shares – WSJ
Buttonwood: Peering into the entrails – Economist
Emerging-Market Stocks, U.S. Futures Rise as Dollar Drops – Bloomberg
Fleckenstein Reopening Short Fund; Sees Opportunity Later this Year – FSO
China Funds Post Record Outflows as ETF Money Exits Bear Market- Bloomberg
Gold heads for biggest weekly fall in four months – Reuters
Why Copper Could Be A Challenge To The Gold Price – GoldSilverWorlds
Yellen knocks gold. Will Putin drive it back up again? – Mineweb
Gold & The Last Financial Advice John Templeton Gave Me – King World News
Gold’s Biggest Slump in Five Months Underscores Goldman Forecast – MoneyNews

For Janet Yellen, a single mandate now – MarketWatch
Russia-Ukraine Crisis Threatens Europe Economy – Bloomberg
The myth of Britain’s ‘credit-fuelled’ recovery – Telegraph
Harper Visits Ukraine Amid Russia Moves Ahead of G-7 Meet – Bloomberg
China housing crash could be more disastrous than America’s – Quartz
Housing markets: Double bubble trouble – Economist
Investors see decade of risk ahead for real estate – China Daily
Private landed property transactions fall to lowest since 1995 – Channel News Asia
Hanson … Why we could be back in a housing bubble right now – Mark Hanson
Low Inflation Gives Yellen Room to Retreat From Key Rate Outlook – Bloomberg
The Fed: Masters of the Universe or Trapped Incompetents? – of two minds
The Fed’s Futile Quest For Transparency – Comstock Funds


Thursday Morning Links

Stocks hammered by Fed – USA Today
Yellen and the Fed Go Dark – Bloomberg
Yellen Debut Rattles Markets – WSJ
An Unintentionally Hawkish Fed – Fed Watch
What Janet Yellen Really Said About Rate Hikes – Fiscal Times
What does “around six months” mean? – Calculated Risk
Dissenter: Kocherlakota Claims Title of Fed’s Highest-Flying Dove – WSJ
4 Reasons Why Obamacare Premiums May ‘Double In 2015 – Forbes
3 Reasons To Tap Into Home Equity To Buy Stocks – Benzinga
In Hong Kong, Betting Big on Bitcoin – NY Times
EU reaches deal on banking union – AP
Silent Minority or Majority? – aucontrarian

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World stocks fall on Fed interest-rate message – AP
At financial news sites, stock promoters make inroads – Fortune
Asia Stocks Drop on Fed; H-Share Index Enters Bear Market – Bloomberg
Dollar upbeat on rate rise expectations, bonds fall – Reuters
Likelihood of First Market Correction in Two Years Developing – FSO
Dr. Copper can’t find a cure for ongoing Chinese flu – Mining.com
Treasury Yield Premium to G7 Near Highest in Four Years on Fed – Bloomberg
Gold Solidly Lower, At 3-Week Low, As Bulls Losing Technical Control – Kitco
How Gold Performs During FOMC Weeks (Spoiler Alert: Not Good) – Zero Hedge
Gold Stable For Now Amid Strong Bearish Momentum – Investing.com
Yellen Whacks the Gold Market, Too – Barron’s

Capital Ownership and Inequality – House of Debt
Starbucks CEO backs minimum wage raise – CNN/Money
5 Reasons Why Long-Term Employment Is Dead – Forbes
Britain’s recovery is a credit mirage, unlike real one in US – Telegraph
China to Accelerate Measures to Stabilize Growth – Bloomberg
Japan passes record US$937 billion budget – Channel News Asia
Goldman Sachs slashes China economic growth outlook – CNBC
Latest default ’sign of stress’ in property sector – China Daily
SoCal is a real estate seller’s market this spring – LA Times
US monetary policy moving in the right direction – Sober Look
The Fed and Return to Ad Hocery – Marc to Market
Ex-Communication Policy – E-piphany

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