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Wednesday Morning Links

Global stocks pull back further from record highs – Reuters
American Companies Are in Love With Themselves – Bloomberg
U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxes – Bloomberg
Top U.S. General Says Washington Should Consider Arming Ukraine – Time
Some 12,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine supporting rebels: U.S. commander – Reuters
Wall Street Has Its Eyes on Millennials’ $30 Trillion Inheritance – Bloomberg
What to do with a big, fat inheritance – CNN/Money
Halt to Obamacare subsidies could come swiftly – Politico
How Warren Buffett Does It – NY Times
Greece’s Next Move – New Yorker
The Fed Is Weird. Get Over It. – Bloomberg
Warren Warns Fed to Curb Emergency-Lending Powers – WSJ

Stock futures lower as investors await ADP data – MarketWatch
How a 25-Year-Old Investor Spurred Lumber Liquidators’ Plunge – Bloomberg
Innovation, not easy money, is behind the Nasdaq’s return to 5,000 – MarketWatch
Nasdaq 5,000 Is Different This Time……But Not In A Good Way! – Contra Corner
It’s Not A Stock Bubble But A Bigger Corporate Bubble – Alhambra Partners
Draghi Split From Yellen Drives Treasury Premium to 25-Year High – Bloomberg
Gold snaps 2-day losing streak; U.S. data in focus – Reuters
Where Did The Gold In Fort Knox Come From? Part One – BullionStar
From prime rib to chips and dip: Lean times at mining’s annual conference – Reuters

Target to cut thousands of jobs – CNN/Money
Sluggish U.S. car sales blamed on blustery weather – Reuters
Eurozone economy picks up speed as retail sales rise – BBC
Rajan Cuts India Rates After Modi Agrees to Inflation Target – Bloomberg
Macau casino revenue plunges record 49% in February – Straits Times
After Chinese Smog Documentary, Oil Industry Pushes Back – WSJ
Denmark Can’t Print Money Fast Enough – Bloomberg
Get Ready for Another Real Estate Bubble – Fiscal Times
Zero Down Payment Mortgages Return! – Confounded Interest
Shelby Says Fed Should Be Held Accountable for Its Actions – Bloomberg
Fed’s Yellen Reports Assets Worth Between $4.9 Million and $13.3 Million – NewsMax


Tuesday Morning Links

Nasdaq hits highest level since 2000 – Reuters
Nasdaq at 5,000: Time to be very, very afraid? – LA Times
China’s Debt Binge Spawns Asset-Backed Bond Boom – Bloomberg
Greece eyes last central bank funds to avert IMF default – Telegraph
Greece’s Bailout Extension No Panacea for Bond Market – Bloomberg
Theater Of The Absurd: Spain To Provide 14% of Third Greek Bailout – Zero Hedge
Walker’s War on Workers and the Wall Street Journal’s Cleaned-Up Coverage – NEP
Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests? – Robert Reich
The Other Obamacare Lawsuit Moving Through the Courts – Fiscal Times
How Americans define “rich,” in one chart – Vox
Retirement at the End of a Rope – Mises
Ukraine Hyperinflates – Cato Institute

Global stocks limp after Nasdaq milestone – AP
Europe is the market to watch now – Financial Post
Chinese stocks fall as liquidity concerns emerge – MarketWatch
SEC’s Gallagher: Corporate-Bond Market Poses Systemic Risk – Bloomberg
What would the Dow look like if it included Apple? – Reuters
Company Cash Bathes Stocks as Monthly Buybacks Set Record – Bloomberg
Gold above $1,200 as dollar eases, U.S. rate outlook caps gains – Reuters
Gold appetite in February highest in nearly a year – MarketWatch
‘Worst bear market in decades’: Kaiser at PDAC – Mining.com
MEXICO: World’s Number One Silver Producer Slips In 2014 – SRSrocco Report

ISM manufacturing PMI falls to 13-month low – Nasdaq
The Deflation Bogeyman – Project Syndicate
How’s that deflation working out for your? – TBP
The 15 Most Miserable Economies in the World – Bloomberg
The Eurozone: on the road to recovery with a lingering risk – Sober Look
German retail sales surge at fastest pace in seven years – Reuters
Ukraine’s central bank hikes key rate to 30% – MarketWatch
Does The Fed Have a Currency Problem? – Fed Watch
Bill Gross: Central banks have gone ‘too far’ – CNBC
Janet Yellen Is A Coward – Global Slant


Monday Morning Links

Fed Ushers in a New Era of Uncertainty on Rates – WSJ
China’s central bank cuts interest rates as slowdown deepens – AP
Nemtsov murder prompts major anti-Putin rally – euobserver
Are the Germans Going to Crash the World Economy? – Politico
The Next Subprime Crisis Will Ride on Four Wheels – New Republic
The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet? – Spiegel
Naomi Klein Interview: ‘The Economic System We Have Created Global Warming’ – Spiegel
Jihadi John’s Past Has Ignited a Debate About Britain’s Treatment of Muslims – Vice News
Obamacare’s Survival Hangs on Four Words at U.S. High Court: Q&A – Bloomberg
14,600 blighted properties demolished in Ohio under program – Washington Times
Don’t bother to save – there’s no point any more – Telegraph
Periphery Fragility List – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Futures rise, Asian stock markets higher – USA Today
Dot-com deja vu: Nasdaq closes in on its record high – AP
Plan to Exit Stocks Within the Next 8 Years? Exit Now – Hussman Funds
Five reasons retail investors should act like institutions – FP
Treasuries Rally as Yellen Sees Low Inflation Declining Further – Bloomberg
Gold hits 2-week high as China rate cut seen spurring buying – Reuters
Could China actually have 30,000 tonnes of gold in reserves? – Mineweb
Union Budget 2015-16 proposes steps to monetise gold, contain imports – The Hindu
PDAC 2015: Optimism clashes with reality on day one of conference – FP
The pros and cons of investing in gold – Bankrate

As Oil Prices Fall, Houston Shudders – NY Times
Dearth of jobs a barrier to post-bankruptcy Detroit’s growth – AP
Euro zone Feb prices fall less than expected, unemployment down – Reuters
China’s economic growth expected to slow to 7% in Q1 – CNA
Argentina’s Bonds Are Doing So Well, It Tried to Sell More – Bloomberg
UK manufacturing recovery ‘back on track’ as output rises – Telegraph
UK house prices fall 0.1 percent in February – Guardian
Bedazzled by the Bewilderment Surrounding the Fed’s Behaviour – First Rebuttal
Negative yields: What could go wrong? – CNBC
My Presentation To Janet Yellen – Forbes


Friday Morning Links

German MPs back Greek loan extension – BBC
Greek protesters clash with police in first backlash against Syriza – Reuters
Forget Greece, Japan is the world’s real economic time bomb – Fortune
Cyprus praises Russia, lets in warships – euobserver
Russia’s Insider Traders Know Putin’s Plans – Bloomberg
Cash-strapped Ukraine struggles to keep Russia gas supplies – AP
Why Millennials Aren’t Moving Out Of Their Parents’ Homes – Bloomberg
First German Edition of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Since 1945 Stirs Old Feelings – Vice News
The FCC Just Voted to Regulate the Internet Like a Utility – reason.com
That Awkward Moment When Stocks Rise While Profits Fall – Bloomberg
Saudis’ Oil Price War Is Paying Off – Bloomberg
America’s trading desks are imploding – Quartz

Global stocks lackluster ahead of revised US growth figures – AP
10 Things to Know About Negative Bond Yields – Bloomberg
Will there ever be another correction? – MarketWatch
As Hedge Fund Returns Falter, Money Continues to Flow In – NY Times
Buffett, a cheerleader for America, takes his checkbook abroad – Reuters
Oil rebounds, with Brent set for biggest monthly gain since 2009 – MarketWatch
U.K. Bonds World’s Worst in Biggest Monthly Decline Since 2009 – Bloomberg
Gold down on strong shares, set for biggest monthly loss since Sept – Reuters
UBS Chinese Gold Demand Nothing Exceptional After Lunar New Year – Kitco
Apple buying a third of world’s gold to meet demand for iWatch – Mining.com

Technology is not a job killer – CNBC
CPI Really Didn’t Cooperate – Alhambra Partners
Why Is Korea Inc. Going Shopping? – Bloomberg
India sees growth over 8 percent, set for ‘big bang’ reforms – AP
Nigel Farage Roils U.K. Politics as Anti-Immigration Tide Surges – Bloomberg
China’s Neighbors Bolster Militaries Despite Charm Offensive – WSJ
Chinese House Prices Falling At A Faster Rate Than In The US Pre-recession – Reuters
Jim Cramer on the Housing Market: The Boom Under the Radar – The Street
Reforming the Fed: Who’s Right; Who’s Wrong? – Wall Street on Parade
100 Reasons Why the Fed hould Be Audited – Zero Hedge


Thursday Morning Links

Yellen navigates tricky path on interest rates – AP
House Republicans Intensify Attacks on Federal Reserve – NY Times
Greece to stop privatisations as Syriza faces backlash on deal – Telegraph
When do we decide that Europe must restructure much of its debt? – CFM
Ukraine heaps on economic pressure as central bank confuses – Reuters
Russia could cut off gas to Ukraine by ‘end of week’ – AP
Morgan Stanley agrees $2.6 billion settlement – CNN/Money
Opinion: J.P. Morgan’s real size advantage – MarketWatch
‘Irresponsible’ Millennials Saving More Than Anyone Else – Fiscal Times
How Obamacare’s Tax Complications Are Playing Out – WSJ
Obamacare’s Vending Machine Power Grab – e21
Domestic Fear Is the Price of Empire – reason.com

Stocks hit new record as cheap money reigns – Reuters
Japan stocks touch 15-year high again – MarketWatch
Goldman Employees Reap $2B From 2008 Options – Bloomberg
Stock-market crash of 2016: The countdown begins – MarketWatch
Treasuries Climb for Fifth Day as Analysts Chop Yield Forecasts – Bloomberg
Gold rises 1 pct on U.S. rate hike view, Chinese buying – Reuters
Bank of England Admits 22% of Austria’s Gold is Gone – Daily Coin
Have the big banks been manipulating gold and silver prices? – Mineweb
Austria Expresses Concern Over Their Gold At BOE – BullionStar
The world’s top 10 gold producers – Mining.com

The dog that did not bark – The Money Illusion
Deflation, Growth & The Next Recession – Capital Spectator
It’s official: NSA spying is hurting the US tech economy – ZDNet
Emerging Economies’ Demographic Challenge – Bloomberg
Euro-Area Consumers Help Recovery as Confidence Rises – Bloomberg
German consumer confidence at new high as energy costs drop – Washington Post
Spanish Consumers Drive Recovery as Exports Plateau – Bloomberg
New-Home Sales Are Surging. Why Aren’t Existing Homes As Hot? – WSJ
Lure of Wall Street Cash Said to Skew Credit Ratings – Bloomberg
The U.S. Federal Reserve and Shared Prosperity – The Globalist

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