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Tuesday Morning Links

Do China’s GDP numbers matter? – Marketplace
No one believes China’s growth, but… – CNN/Money
Canada’s Trudeau topples PM Harper in shock election win – Reuters
PAUL SINGER: Developed countries are hopelessly and utterly insolvent – BI
As debt limit deadline nears, Lew worries about ‘terrible’ accident – LA Times
No, the U.S. will not default on its debt, no matter what – MarketWatch
Illinois Downgraded by Fitch as State Budget Crisis Worsens – Bloomberg
For Hedge Funds, a Can’t-Miss Trade Goes Bust – Bloomberg
China’s watchdogs step in to avert Sinosteel bond default – SCMP
The Trouble With Financial Bubbles – Project Syndicate
Robert Shiller Is Shilling for Socialism – Mises
Ghost Towns of the 21st Century – Atlantic

Global stocks waver as China growth remains key – AP
Saudi, US Oil Inventories Hit Record High as Demand Fizzles – Wolf Street
This sector is what’s keeping S&P 500 rally hopes alive – MarketWatch
“Shadow Convexity” Means The Death Of Modern Portfolio Theory – Zero Hedge
Here’s Why Japanese Investors Have Gone Ga-ga Over That Leveraged ETF – Bloomberg
Chicago trader accused of ’spoofing’ on Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Chicago Tribune
Irrational Fear of Rate Hikes You Can Bank On – Forbes
Gold rises as euro reclaims ground ahead of ECB – Reuters
Gold: Third Time’s The Charm? – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold price rally fizzles – Mining.com

Top 10 disappearing jobs in America – Fortune
The 10 jobs that attract the most psychopaths – Statista
Should We Be Concerned about Declines in Labor Force Growth? – macroblog
Household Incomes: The Value of Higher Education – Advisor Perspectives
Venezuela’s currency is so worthless that even some thieves won’t steal it – Vox
Reasons behind the poor earning power of Japanese firms – voxeu
Fannie and Freddie are not going to go away – Fortune
Homebuilder Confidence Reaches Decade High – Bloomberg
Fed’s Williams Sees Reasons to Increase Rates Soon – Bloomberg
Five Bad Reasons For The Fed To Raise Rates Now – Econtrarian


Friday Morning Links

Solid growth is harder than blowing bubbles – FT
Fed’s Mester Says Economy Ready for Higher Rates – Nasdaq
Fed’s Dudley downplays divisions at central bank – Reuters
Taylor tells Fed’s Dudley: ‘No one knows what you’re doing.’ – MarketWatch
What’s Coming Next from Our Comedian Central Bankers – Bonner & Partners
Here comes more QE in Europe as ECB combats deflation – MarketWatch
No Cost Of Living Increase For Social Security Recipients In 2016 – NPR
The Cost-of-Living Adjustment Is What Really Needs Adjustment – Time
What’s really causing the student debt crisis, according to Sheila Bair – MarketWatch
Why Clinton and Sanders Are Both Wrong About How to Fix Wall Street – Fiscal Times
Trump warns of a stock market bubble. Is he right? – CNN/Money
Sanders and His Followers Are Not Outliers – Mises

Global stocks higher on optimism from US rally – AP
Chinese Stock Investors Regain Risk Appetite – WSJ
Credit Suisse: Clients Are More Confused Than Ever – Bloomberg
How fast we forget what drives stock prices – MarketWatch
How the Recession Hurt Americans’ Retirement Accounts – Atlantic
The biggest American debt selloff in 15 years – CNN/Money
The VIX Index: The Stock Market’s Crystal Ball? – Motley Fool
Gold slips from 3-1/2 month high, but set for weekly gain – Reuters
How To Know When Gold’s Bull Market Has Resumed? – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold’s rallying — but should investors still be wary? – MarketWatch

Empire Fed Index SCREAMS Recession Warning! – Confounded Interest
How Student Debt Broke The “Birth/Death Adjustment” Model – Zero Hedge
China vs. United States: A Tale of Two Economies – Visual Capitalist
China’s Economy May Be Even Bigger Than You Think – Bloomberg
Argentina’s Ruling Party Eyes Bigger Banknotes amid Soaring Prices – PanAmPost
Petrobras has a powerful ally as it sorts out its financial mess – Quartz
Canadian housing market activity eases into fall – EconoTimes
Why the U.S. government holds nearly 50% of all residential mortgages – MarketWatch
Four Words That Have the Fed in a Panic: “Pushing on a String” – Wall St. On Parade
How Banks Funded the U.S. Oil Boom and (So Far) Escaped the Bust – Bloomberg


Thursday Morning Links

Fed Doubts Grow on 2015 Rate Hike – WSJ
Goldman: This is the third wave of the financial crisis – CNBC
The Pitfalls of the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy – Caixin Online
Citibank’s Buiter: World faces recession next year – CNBC
Billionaire Singer Lauds Gold as Central Banks Aid Recovery – Bloomberg
Atlanta Fed: U.S. economy seen growing 0.9 percent in third-quarter – Reuters
Oil Slide Means ‘Almost Everything’ for Sale as Deals Accelerate – Bloomberg
Illinois Will Delay Pension Payment Because of Cash Shortage – Bloomberg
Evidence of an Alien Civilization? Probably Not. But Still Cool. – Slate
Wine isn’t special: drinking small amounts of any alcohol can be healthy – Vox
Capitalism vs. Socialism: Why Both Clinton and Sanders Are Wrong – Fiscal Times
Trump: Economic bubble about to burst – The Hill
NYPD has super-secret X-ray vans – NY Post

Global stocks spike as US rate hike fears fade – AP
Dollar falls after Beige Book, retail sales – Marketwatch
Largest Leveraged ETF Halts Orders, Cites “Liquidity Constraints” -Zero Hedge
Wal-Mart Stock Hammered as Profit Warning Triggers Price War Fears – NBC News
The Chilling Thing Wal-Mart Said about Financial Engineering – Wolf Street
Wal-Mart Heirs See $11 Billion Vanish in a Day on Share Fall – Bloomberg
The Ultimate 1929 Stock Market Comparison – ETF Reference
Gold steadies off 3-1/2-month high as dollar recovers – Reuters
Gold Stocks Rebound as Fed Speculation Spurs Volatility – Bloomberg
Gold price makes a break for $1,200 – Mining.com

Retail Sales And GDP Still Far, Far Apart – Alhambra Partners
No raise in store for 60 million on Social Security – CNN/Money
Kenya’s central bank tries to stop bank failure from triggering panic – Quartz
Treasury says not in talks to undertake Puerto Rico obligations – Reuters
China’s White Elephants: Ghost Cities, Lonely Airports, Desolate Factories – NPR
China economic growth seen slowing despite policy easing – Reuters
Here’s Why Housing Must be Propped Up – of two minds
hy the Fed is wrong about deflation – MarketWatch
Get ready for ‘panic’ signals from the Fed – MarketWatch


Wednesday Morning Links

China to post worst growth since 2009 – CNN/Money
Fed governor warns against raising rates this yearn – Washington Examiner
Brainard, Tarullo reject Phillips Curve and, in doing so, Yellen, Fischer – MarketWatch
Putin Says Some States Have ‘Oatmeal in Their Heads’ Over Syria – Bloomberg
An open letter to tormented young bankers everywhere: Stop whining – Quartz
Half of world’s wealth now in hands of 1% of population – Guardian
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders finally face off – CNN
Biden needed Hillary to stumble — instead she finally shined – NY Post
Wall Street has made Hillary Clinton a millionaire – CNN/Money
Insiders: A runaway victory for Clinton – Politico
How CNN Shapes Political Debate – Consortium News
How to Beat Hillary Clinton – New Yorker

Global stocks extend losses on China concerns – AP
Why the stock market has to go down – Reformed Broker
VIX Charts Show How Unsettled the U.S. Stock Market Still Is – Bloomberg
As Some Hedge Funds Sink, the Challenge Buoys Others – NY Times
Fed‘s ‘maddening’ policy statements are just confusing markets: Plosser – MarketWatch
The Real Reason Global Stocks Are Flashing Red this Morning – Wall St. On Parade
Global Growth Worries Whet Appetite For US Treasuries – Capital Spectator
Gold hits 3-1/2 month high on talk of delay to Fed rate hike – Reuters
Gold Stays Near 3-Month High as China Data Suggest Rates to Hold – Bloomberg
Gold May Head Higher; Charts Imply Bottom Is In – Barron’s

Fed Consumer Spending Survey Plunges To Record Low – Zero Hedge
2015’s Nobel prize-winning economist has practical punch – CBS MoneyWatch
UK unemployment rate falls to seven-year low of 5.4% – BBC
Oil workers in Canada find there’s no free lunch as perks end – Mineweb
China inflation cooler than expected, producer prices extend slump – Reuters
Brazil’s Next Big Crisis Is Scaring Bankers and Wiping Out Jobs – Bloomberg
As Home Prices Soar in Shanghai, Gov’t Halts Land Auction – Caixin Online
U.S. Housing Policy’s Two Basic Ideas Pull Cities in Opposite Directions – Atlantic
Global Dovishness – Krugman, NY Times


Tuesday Morning Links

China imports in sharp decline – BBC
Cracks Emerge in the Bond Market – WSJ
Schaeuble warns against addiction to low rates – Reuters
Dumbfounded Central Bankers Brace For “Rolling Series Of Crises” – Zero Hedge
The golden age of central banks is at an end – is it time for tax and spend? – Guardian
Russia’s Superpower Play: Putin Bets Big on Aggressive Syria Policy – Spiegel
Oil Sands Boom Dries Up in Alberta, Taking Thousands of Jobs With it – NY Times
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to face off in first Democratic debate – The Week
The Get-Rich-Quick Schemers Who Love the GOP – Slate
Where Fantasy Sports Meets Stock Market Scams – New Republic
Playboy magazine to end publishing fully nude female photos – AP
UK ‘hoverboard’ crackdown: all you need to know – Guardian

Global shares fall as Chinese data dims economic outlook – Reuters
Why it may be time to cut your losses on the S&P 500 – MarketWatch
Citi dials down risky block trading amid market turmoil – Reuters
What Volatility? Plunging VIX On Pace For Record 10th Straight Slide – Barron’s
Oil Surplus to Persist in 2016 as IEA Sees Demand Growth Slowing – Bloomberg
Switzerland Said to Impose 5% Leverage Ratio on Big Banks – Bloomberg
These stocks went from worst to first, prompting a Wall St. debate – MarketWatch
Chinese investors put $400 million into U.S. startups – CNN/Money
Gold drops from 3-month high on profit taking – Reuters
Do China Gold Imports Still Correlate to SGE Withdrawals? – BullionStar

Nobel Economist Showed We’re Helping the Wrong People – Bloomberg
Angus Deaton: A Skeptical Optimist Wins the Economics Nobel – New Yorker
German investor confidence down as VW adds to worries – AP
Britain falls back into deflation as tumbling fuel prices take effect – Telegraph
China to put growth before reform ambitions amid slowdown fear – Reuters
China imports slump 20% amid falling commodity prices and weak demand – Guardian
House prices for first-time buyers rise to record high as supply dwindles – Telegraph
NYC Housing So Bleak People Would Happily Live in a Bar Bathroom – Jezebel
In South Florida housing market, food-service workers flounder – Palm Beach Post
Where’s the Courage to Act on Banks? – Bloomberg

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