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Tuesday Morning Links

Moody’s warns of global shockwaves from China – City AM
Global Trade Is Now Falling to Recession Levels – Fiscal Times
Weak Chinese inflation opens door for more stimulus – Telegraph
Creditors Withhold 2 Billion Euro Bailout Payment From Greece – NY Times
The Republican debate problem, explained – Vox
GOP Voters’ Love of the Unserious – Real Clear Politics
Debate Questions for the GOP Candidates – reason.com
How Ben Carson and Marco Rubio Outfoxed the Media – The Atlantic
America’s Education Bubble – Project Syndicate
Budgetary sleight-of-hand – Bernanke’s Blog
What If Banks Didn’t Create Money? – Bloomberg
ObamaCare’s Failure Contagion – WSJ

World stocks drift lower amid gloomy forecasts – AP
Oil Prices Will Take 5 Years To Recover – IEA – Fortune
Chinese Stocks Slide Most in Week on Inflation Data – Bloomberg
There’s only a 4% chance we’re in a stock market bubble – MarketWatch
Market volatility ticks up ahead of coming rate hike – USA Today
It’s time for short-term investors to pare back stocks – MarketWatch
The 60/40 stock-and-bond portfolio mix is dead in 2016 – USA Today
Gold close to 3-month low on U.S. rate hike prospects – Reuters
What Is The Gold vs Debt Correlation Suggesting? – GoldSilverWorlds
COMEX Deliveries vs SGE Withdrawals – BullionStar

Retailers gear up for big holiday shopping season – CNN/Money
A 19th-century solution to the problems of the gig economy – Quartz
Learning from Japan: It’s Hard to End a Deflation – Money & Banking
Japan Officially Gets Leapfrogged by the Four Asian Tigers – Visual Capitalist
How the Unshackled Ruble Has Changed Russia’s Economy – Bloomberg
Two-Child Policy Will Boost China’s GDP Growth by 0.5% – WSJ
China’s Dirty Air Just Hit ‘Doomsday’ Levels – Vice News
The most expensive housing market is… – CNN/Money
The real reason the Fed is eager to raise interest rates – Quartz
Is US Monetary Policy Made in China? – Project Syndicate


Monday Morning Links

‘Deep concern’ over trade slowdown – BBC
Global GDP Worse Than Official Forecasts – Bloomberg
Chinese Trade Disappoints, Clouding Economic Outlook – NY Times
China’s Trade Drop Means More Stimulus is Coming – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia will not stop pumping to boost oil prices – FT
Just one catch: Black gold under the Golan – Economist
Democrats look to ride Clinton wave to Senate control – Politico
Republican candidate Carson pushes back on veracity questions – Reuters
Why everyone is so high on Marco Rubio – despite his poll numbers – The Week
How Donald Trump Became America’s Insult Comic in Chief – Vanity Fair
Irreversibly Broken and Dysfunctional – CBB
Psychological Whiplash – Hussman Funds
The Uberization of Money – WSJ

World stocks slip on Fed rate hike prospects, China trade – AP
Maybe Financial Markets Have Been Wrong All Along – Bloomberg
Ask Matt: Should I bail on stocks if rates rise? – USA Today
Goldman’s BRIC Era Ends as Fund Folds After Years of Losses – Bloomberg
Investors are ignoring the strong dollar at their peril – MarketWatch
Chinese Buyers Seek Dollar Assets as Promise of Yuan Gains Fades – Bloomberg
Jim Grant Slams The Fed’s Utopian World Of “Economic Sleepwalking” -Zero Hedge
Gold rises, still near 3-month low on U.S. rate rise prospects – Reuters
Deception Rules Gold And Silver Markets, Not Fundamentals – GoldSilverWorlds
Precious metals sector due for bounce but… – Mining.com

Despair, American Style – Krugman, NY Times
Reasons to be cheerful about global economics – Telegraph
Swiss Referendum on 100% Reserves – Marginal Revolution
Berlin Accomplices: The German Government’s Role in the VW Scandal – Spiegel
San Francisco’s Luxury Condo Bubble Turns into Condo Glut – Wolf Street
A tiny 180-square-foot shack for just under $2 million – Daily Mail
Fed Rate Hike ‘Makes Sense’, Says U.S. Central Banker – NY Times
Fed Proves Irrelevant in $2.6 Trillion Slice of U.S. Debt Market – Bloomberg
Not A Done Deal – Alhambra Partners


Friday Morning Links

U.S. employment seen raising December rate hike chances – Reuters
This Payrolls Report Matters Hugely for Data-Dependent Fed – Bloomberg
New York Fed Chief Calls for Improved Wall Street Culture -NY Times
IMF: Deflation Risks May Warrant Radical New Central-Bank Thinking – WSJ
Paul Ryan: New House Speaker, Same Old GOP Favors for Wall Street – Fiscal Times
Over half of Canada’s new cabinet skipped “So help me, God” in their oaths – Quartz
Obamacare makes open enrollment season even worse – U.S. News
ObamaCare leaves 250 cancer patients in peril – NY Post
Obamacare – The gift that keeps on taking – Burning Platform
A Republican Can Kill Obamacare. Will He? – Bloomberg
Jamie Dimon: Virtual Currency Will Be Stopped – Fortune
A Little Humility, Please, Mr. Summers – WSJ
Austerity’s Grim Legacy – Krugman, NY TImes

Global stock markets subdued ahead of US jobs report – AP
Dollar at three-month high as payrolls paralysis sets in – Reuters
Giant Sucking Sound of Capital Destruction in US Oil & Gas – Wolf Street
Gundlach says the S&P 500 can’t handle a December rate rise – MarketWatch
China’s Bonds Complete Worst Week Since May as PBOC Seen on Hold – Bloomberg
A December hike? More investors think that sounds about right – MarketWatch
How China Broke the World’s “Bubble Machine” – Bonner and Partners
Gold above 8-week low ahead of U.S. data, weekly drop looms – Reuters
Gold Market To Eye U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls For Next Clue On Fed Monetary Policy – Kitco
Intellectual Support For Gold-Based Money Is Now Leading To Political Support – Forbes

Baby boomers are what’s wrong with America’s economy – Washington Post
BOJ Survey Data Reveals Signs of Growing Inequality in Japan – Bloomberg
China’s Economy Likely Stabilized in October, But Growth Remained Subdued – WSJ
China, Germany Can Contribute to a New Cycle for Global Economy – Caixin Online
China October Auto Sales Up 11% After Tax Cut Boosts Demand – Bloomberg
First-time Buyers Continue to Retreat from U.S. Housing Market – WPM
It Costs More to Buy a Home This Week, Thanks to the Fed – Fiscal Times
There’s No ‘E’ So ‘Q’ Is Just Formal Imagination – Alhambra Partners
The real impact of a decade of low interest rates – MarketWatch


Thursday Morning Links

Yellen: December is ‘live’ for first rate increase – WSJ
Janet Yellen: The U.S. economy is ‘performing well’ – CNN/Money
Fed’s Yellen sees possible December rate rise, gradual hiking path – Reuters
God Wants Yellen to Delay Rate Hike to Spring, Lawmaker Says – Bloomberg
US Officials: Russian Airliner That Crashed in Egypt Was Likely Bombed – Vice News
Here are 10 countries more ‘prosperous’ than the U.S. – Marketwatch
More than 1 billion people now use Facebook every day – Quartz
Christie to get bumped from main stage at next GOP debate – Politico
Sanders trouncing Trump, media ignores – The Hill
The radical isolationism of Donald Trump – The Week
Tuesday’s Election and the Two Americas – RCP
Ben Carson’s Jeb Bush Problem – WSJ

Chinese gains lead markets higher – AP
Six giant stocks smash all-time highs – USA Today
China stocks enter bull-market territory – MarketWatch
Dollar jumps as markets fix on December rate expectations – Reuters
Bonds Tumble Around the Globe as Fed Rate Odds Climb Past 50% – Bloomberg
How Markets Will Behave in a World of ‘Quantitative Exhaustion’ – Bloomberg
Gold near 1-mth low with December rate rise still on table – Reuters
The Official Chinese Gold Trade Rules By The PBOC – BullionStar
Could Silver Test Its Lows? – GoldSilverWorlds
Fed inflicts more damage on gold price – Mining.com

Middle Class Comeback A Generation Away – Forbes
Money-Rich and Time-Poor: Life in Two-Income Households – Atlantic
Welcome to the Zero Lower Bound Global Economy – voxeu
German manufacturing orders fall for third month – MarketWatch
Inside the Jungle – the sprawling refugee encampment in Europe – Quartz
China Burned Way More Coal Than Officials Previously Said – Vice News
Some ‘Ghost Cities’ in China Are Seasonal, Study Says – WSJ
The Fed’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Phillips Curve – Economics21
Federal Reserve policy in an international context – Bernanke’s Blog
What 2016 Might Bring – Fed Watch


Wednesday Morning Links

Carl Icahn warns of a Fed ‘minefield’ ahead – CNBC
Bubbles: No One Has Any Idea What’s Going On – Motley Fool
The Self-Defeating, ‘Grand Delusion’ of Monetary Policy – WSJ
Big Bank, Regulator Warn of Financial Risks – Wall St. On Parade
Cost of Cheapest Obamacare Plans Is Soaring – Bloomberg
Sugar has caused a global health crisis and should be regulated – Quartz
The Media Are Terrible. But So Are The GOP’s Debate Demands – Federalist
Where are all the conservative university professors? – The Week
Trump says Fed keeps interest rates low on Obama’s orders – US News
Ben Carson and the rediscovery of humility – The Hill
Jeb Bush plummets in latest national poll – Bloomberg
Why Millennials Really Love Bernie Sanders – Vice News
The Case for Bernie Sanders – Taibbi, Rolling Stone

China surge leads world stock markets higher – AP
Oil holds above $50 on Brazil supply worries – Reuters
Chinese stocks jump on hopes for new trading link – MarketWatch
Stanley Druckenmiller Offers a Bearish Warning – NY Times
Barclays: Investors More Scared of China Than Yellen – Bloomberg
Wall Street looks set to build on November rally – USA Today
Gold Sees Corrective Bounce Following Recent Pressure – Kitco
Gold investors foolishly think the yellow metal will rally – MarketWatch
Why Austria Is Repatriating Gold From London – BullionStar
Gold price: Hedge funds ready to dump 430 tonnes – Mining.com

College costs $43,921 this year – CNN/Money
China’s One-Child Calamity – Project Syndicate
China’s Economy Is Worse Than You Think – Bloomberg
China, Taiwan Presidents Poised for Historic Meeting – WSJ
Five Things About the Taiwan-China Talks – WSJ
Credit Suisse: Chinese Home Buying in Australia Easing – Bloomberg
Denver tops list of hottest U.S. housing markets – Mortgage Professional
Dec Fed Funds Rate Hike Chances Now Above 50 Percent – Confounded Interest
The Fed Desperately Tries to Maintain the Status Quo – Mises

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