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Thursday Morning Links

Ukrainian currency hits 10-year low – BBC
Russian jets patrol Ukraine border, markets pull back – CNBC
Russia reportedly sheltering Ukraine’s president – Washington Post
Yellen back in hot seat before Senate panel – Marketwatch
How the Fed Let the World Blow Up in 2008 – Atlantic
Why monetary policy should ignore bubbles – Quartz
Dream of Oil Independence Up Against Shale Costs – Bloomberg
Mt. Gox bitcoin customers could be out of luck – Reuters
SecondMarket jumps to give legitimacy to Bitcoin – USA Today
These six investors made $1 billion-plus last year – CNBC
New food labels would highlight calories and sugar – AP
Beyond Unemployment: Obamacare’s Long-Term Problem – RCM
The Affordable Care Act’s Multiple Taxes – NY Times

World stocks muted ahead of Yellen testimony – AP
How to Profit from the Yellen Fed – Merk Investments
Most Chinese Stocks Fall, Led by Energy, Material – Bloomberg
Beware the Ides of March, Early Strength Frequently Fades – STA
Treasuries Rise on Slowing Recovery, Ukraine Concern – Bloomberg
Gold steadies off 4-month high as dollar firms – Reuters
Three warning signs from higher gold prices – MarketWatch
Credit Agricole Says Easy Money Shorting Gold Over on China – Bloomberg
The 2014 Gold Rally: The Real Deal, or a Flash in the Pan? – Financial Sense
China’s January Hong Kong gold imports soar 326% year on year – Mineweb
On gold – the banks they are a’changing – Mineweb

Job Creation/Destruction by Firm Age and Size – macroblog
Why China is Making its Currency More Flexible – WSJ
Yuan to supersede dollar as top reserve currency: Survey – CNBC
The BOE is too pessimistic – our economy is set to surge – Telegraph
Samsonite trumps LVMH as China retail moves downmarket – Reuters
Financial group warns on Scottish independence – AP
‘A Perfect Storm’: The Failure of Venezuela’s New President – Spiegel
Improving Housing Market Eases Financial Stress for Americans – CNBC
Home buyers are losing confidence in the housing market – Washington Post
The Smart Money Quietly Abandons The Housing Market – Testosterone Pit
Euro zone lending contraction compounds ECB headache – Reuters
Those FOMC Transcripts: Watch Out Below – aucontrarian


Wednesday Morning Links

How bitcoin can turn it around – MarketWatch
Collapse of Mt. Gox exchange spells trouble for bitcoin – AP
Bitcoin believers keep the faith, see more robust system – Reuters
Fed must ‘actively’ plan for fighting bubbles: Tarullo – MarketWatch
Tarullo Backs Option of Using Rates Against Price Bubbles – Bloomberg
Transcripts show Fed struggle to deal with 2008  crisis – Washington Post
Was 2008 a liquidity crisis or a solvency crisis? – Noahpinion
Geithner: ‘We Saved the Economy … We Lost the Country’ – WSJ
China Crisis Gauge Rises to Record High as Swaps Avoided – Bloomberg
China’s $12 trillion corporate debt pushes up refunding costs – Reuters
Obamacare Will Increase The Cost Of Employer-Sponsored Insurance – Forbes
Obamacare Jumps 33 Percent to 4 Million Sign Ups – Fiscal Times

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Asian stock trading muffled by Wall Street fade – AP
Checking In On The 1929 Stock Market Parallel – Short Takes
Canada Stocks Top Among Biggest Markets on Gold Surge – Bloomberg
Tesla’s stock is up 644%. Why it may not last. – Washington Post
S&P 500 chips away at major resistance – MarketWatch
Natural Gas Plunges Another 11% and It’s Not Over Yet – Barron’s
Treasuries Trail Stocks by Most Since July on Liquidity Bets – Bloomberg
Gold hits 4-month high above $1,340/oz on economic concerns – Reuters
China’s gold imports from Hong Kong slip as demand weakens – Bloomberg
Gold Being Used As Hedge Against Stock Correction – Kitco
Seven Nations Buying the World’s Gold – 24/7 Wall St.

Rich People Save; Poor People Don’t – Baseline Scenario
JPMorgan cutting jobs, slimming branches – CNN/Money
Google Buses Fuel Inequality Debate as Boom Inflates Rents – Bloomberg
BOJ’s Ishida: recovery on track even if GDP falls after tax hike – Reuters
Trade Leads U.K. Economy to Growth as Recovery Broadens – Bloomberg
German consumer confidence rises again: Survey – Economic Times
London First-Time Homebuyers Climb by a Third, Lending Rises – Bloomberg
In China, property promotions add to price correction concerns – Reuters
America’s Hottest Housing Market Has Suddenly Cooled Down – WSJ
What Fed doesn’t want you to know about QE5 – MSN Money
The FOMC Meeting of September 16, 2008 – New Monetarism
Globalizing the Fed – Project Syndicate


Tuesday Morning Links

Top Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes offline – BBC
Regulator to sound alarm on bitcoin – MarketWatch
‘Pony’ botnet steals bitcoins, digital currencies – Reuters
Laughing all the way to the next economic crash – MarketWatch
What’s to Blame for Slower Potential Growth in U.S.? – WSJ
ECRI claims we’re in the longest recession since 1929-32 – Bonddad Blog
Disintegration: An Interview with The Daily Bell – aucontrarian
The High Cost of Young PhDs on Food Stamps – Fiscal Times
This app is fueling the uprising in Venezuela – Quartz
Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact – Casey Research
China’s raw materials bubble bursts – Sober Look
The Mobility Myth – Surowiecki, New Yorker
Here Comes the Climax – Reformed Broker

Global stocks mostly lower as China jitters linger – AP
What a bond bear market really looks like – MarketWatch
Either analysts are wrong, or stocks will go crazy – CNBC
Hedge Funds Most Short Into Latest Ramp Since Late-2012 – Zero Hedge
Mark Zuckerberg Says WhatsApp Worth More Than $19 Billion – Bloomberg
Do top fund performers hint at rising inflation? – USA Today
Gold consolidates below 4-month high ahead of U.S. data – Reuters
Gold To Struggle Once Again, Morgan Stanley Says – Barron’s
ETF investors fall behind gold price curve – Mining.com
The London Gold Fix: the saga continues – The Real Asset Co.
FT Removes Article on Gold Price Rigging – GoldSilverWorlds

It’s not the weather, stupid, it’s the economy! – CNBC
Harsh weather tests optimism over U.S. economy – Reuters
Inequality worse now than on ‘Downton Abbey’ – MarketWatch
Here’s How Confident Warren Buffett Is In the Economy – Barron’s
Fears Australian dollar could hit new lows – Yahoo! Finance
Banks deny halting new home loans – China Daily
UK Mortgage approvals back to 2007 highs – Telegraph
Is Wells Fargo back into subprime mortgages? – MarketWatch
The Housing Market Is Plunging. Is It Time to Panic? – Daily Finance
Geithner Among Fed Losers in 2008, Dudley Among Winners – WSJ
Fed transcripts: The Great Recession! It’s right behind you! – Economist
Ben Bernanke’s Biggest Mistake – Slate


Monday Morning Links

Euro-zone inflation falls at record speed – MarketWatch
G20 pledges to add $2 trillion to global economy – CNN/Money
Yellen Wins G-20 Praise as Emerging Markets’ Angst Eased – Bloomberg
Ukraine calls for aid, says needs $35 billion in next two years – Reuters
Ukraine Bond Rally Seen Tied to New Aid Amid Default Concern – Bloomberg
Osborne: EU ready to provide financial aid to Ukraine – Channel News Asia
BOE and the Fed Encouraged Interest Rate Manipulation – Washington’s Blog
Curriencies, Carry Trades, Fat Pigs and Pythons – Noland, Prudent Bear
Mt. Gox CEO resigns from Bitcoin Foundation board – MarketWatch
This Is the Age of Fairy-Tale Economics – Real Clear Markets
What Was Tim Geithner Looking at in January 2008? – WCEG
Federal Reserve Minutes Reveal “Ignorance” – Sense on Cents
Mixed Grades at Best For NY Fed in 2008 – WSJ

Stocks: Steady start to the week – CNN/Money
Markets drift amid Chinese property fears – AP
A World of Manipulated Markets – Dollar Collapse
Emerging Stocks Decline With Copper as Natural Gas Surges – Bloomberg
U.S. stock market is starting to ride a tech M&A wave – MarketWatch
Corporate Bond Spread vs. Treasuries Near Six-Year Low – Bloomberg
Gold Entering A ‘New Turning Point,’ Say Analysts – Kitco
Commodities conundrum: As good as gold may not hold true – The Standard
Can physical demand boost gold during traditionally dour March? – Mineweb
Barclays is bullish on Gold: Target 1362, 1416 – BullionStreet
FT: Gold Price Rigging Fears Put Investors On Alert – GoldCore

Is economy merely suffering from a cold? – MarketWatch
The US manufacturing recovery: Uptick or renaissance? – voxeu
Draghi: ECB Prepared to Add Stimulus on Deflation Risks – Bloomberg
German business confidence hits 2.5-year high – Channel News Asia
Cyprus: Striking power workers scuffle with police – AP
Greece ‘very close’ to bailout agreement with troika – ekathimerini
China’s home price rises ease for first time in 14 months – Reuters
Housing Weakness: Temporary or Enduring? – Calculated Risk
Debating the Recent Weakness in Housing – S&P Housing Views
Can The Fed Stop The Next Recession? Business Can’t Bank On It – Forbes
NABE economists divided over pace of Fed tapering – AP
In a Dark Year, a Lighter Side at the Fed – NY Times

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