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Thursday Morning Links

European Central Bank Takes a Radical Step – NY Times
Q&A: Just what are negative interest rates? – Guardian
ECB cuts rates, installs negative deposit rate – MarketWatch
Draghi-Yellen Split Widening to Revive Markets – Bloomberg
The Bank of England keeps interest rates steady – AP
The nagging fear that QE itself may be causing deflation – Telegraph
Growth Has Been Good for Decades. So Why Hasn’t Poverty Declined? – NY Times
New IEA Report Forecasts Decline In North American Oil Supply – SRSrocco Report
As Bitcoin Rallies, What Are The Best Opportunities For Investors? – Forbes
College Graduates Struggle to Find Employment Worth a Degree – Bloomberg
Grandparents are paying for college…again – CNBC
Wd u rite a resume like this? – Fortune
Russia’s Loving Obama’s Wimpy Workout – Bloomberg

Global stocks tepid ahead of ECB policy decision – AP
Strategist: Don’t listen to strategists – USA Today
The Implications of a Better Economy – Barron’s
Stocks at a record, but bonds look to break bad first – Reuters
Americans Aided by Fed Favoring Record REITs – Bloomberg
Tracking the Peak in Corporate Profits – Financial Sense
Treasuries Advance for First Time in Six Days as ECB Cuts Rates – Bloomberg
Gold trades above 4-month low ahead of ECB rate decision – Reuters
Despite gold’s fall fundamentals suggesting rebound – but when? – Mineweb
Gold Bores Investors as Volatility Drops to 14-Month Low – Businessweek
Gold’s monsoon boost – How this season is shaping up – Mineweb

US employers plan to cut payrolls by 52,961 in May, up from April – CNBC
Welcome back dropouts: data suggests Americans rejoining workforce – Reuters
Household indebtedness greatest domestic risk in Sweden: Central Bank – xinhuanet
China Gov’t Makes Two Moves to Ease Liquidity – Selectively – Caixin Online
IMF says that containing China’s financial risks a priority – AP
Ukraine ready to sign EU trade deal ‘immediately’ – Poroshenko – RT News
House prices rise £7,000 in a month in largest leap for a decade – Telegraph
In Toronto’s housing market, ‘$2-million is the new $1-million’ – Financial Post
More Evidence Suggests The Housing Market Is Caving In – Seeking Alpha
Home Price Gains of 20% Vanish as Hottest Markets Cool – Bloomberg
The Fed’s Exit Strategy: A Delicate Balancing Act – Cato Institute
US economy growing across country: Fed’s Beige Book – CNA


Wednesday Morning Links

QE for Europe and China? – BBC
‘Stuttering’ eurozone keeps pressure on ECB to act – Telegraph
25 Years Ago in Beijing, A ‘Movement Unlikely to Die’ – WSJ
The American Dream is now out of reach – CNN/Money
The economy’s in great shape; we just don’t believe it – MarketWatch
‘A European War’: The Fight for Ukraine’s East Gets Bloodier – Spiegel
Walmart’s ‘Made in USA’ push exposes strains of manufacturing rebirth – Reuters
U.S. Imposes Steep Tariffs on Importers of Chinese Solar Panels – NY Times
China dissatisfied with US plan to slap high duties – China Daily
California Hit with $31.6 Billion Audit Misstatement – Chriss Street & Co.
Trading to influence gold price fix was ‘routine’ – FT
Bitcoin is back: Price quietly jumps 80% – Bitcoin
Where $1 of QE Goes: The Untold Story – Cyniconomics

World stocks drift as US jobs report, ECB awaited – AP
14 ’summer stocks’ getting ready to bloom – USA Today
Seven steps to a stock market crash – MarketWatch
Equity Traders See Draghi Turning Throttle Up on Rally – Bloomberg
Hedge funds: the mysterious power pulling strings on Wall St. – Guardian
Treasuries Rise as U.S. Jobs Growth Trails Forecast – Bloomberg
Gold holds above 4-month low, awaits U.S. data – Reuters
Gold Bull is ‘Wounded’ But Alive: Ned Davis Research – Barron’s
Gold price vs rates shows rally catalyst ‘already in place’ – Mining.com
Gold drifting down – but what will the Chinese do? – Mineweb
Wall Street concerned over China’s gold hoarding – China Times

Economics as Engineering – PragCap
Reconciling Hayek’s and Keynes’ views of recessions – voxeu
US recovery hits 5-year mark, but long way to go – CNN/Money
Euro zone economy stutters as ECB gears up for action – Reuters
UK services sector expands by more than expected in May – BBC
Singapore Joins China With Dangerous Debt Level, GMT Says – Bloomberg
Europe remains a jobless swamp, despite the Spanish miracle – Telegraph
Just 10 states have a ‘stable’ housing market, report finds – Washington Post
Half of Americans can’t afford their house – MarketWatch
JPMorgan Sees Record $100 Billion in Loan Funds – Bloomberg
Fed Officials Growing Wary of Market Complacency – WSJ
Fed may shun global risk rules banks spent billions to meet – Reuters


Monday Morning Links

ECB Plans Negative Rate on Bank Deposits – Spiegel
Draghi Isn’t Doubted as ECB Stimulus Awaits – Bloomberg
Concerns grow as real estate cool-down continues – China Daily
Putin orders troops near Ukraine border to return home – AP
China ships reportedly evacuate almost 2,000 from Vietnam – CNA
China, Russia, and Iran have friendly get-together to sort out security in Asia – Quartz
No job and no money? Here’s why it’s the perfect time to move out – Financial Post
Looking for a last minute graduation present? How about crushing debt? – Housing Wire
Smoking gun from the Fed murder of the middle class – The Burning Platform
The Case Against the Bernanke-Obama Financial Rescue – NY Times
High Ho! Disneyland hikes ticket prices by up to 10% – USA Today
The Journeys of Sisyphus – Hussman Funds
Nervous Time – Noland, Prudent Bear

Global stocks lower after weak China housing data – AP
The Many Reasons for the Bond Rally – The Reformed Broker
Stocks are telling you a bear market is coming – MarketWatch
Wall of Worry Rebuilt as Nasdaq Rout Sends Cash to High – Bloomberg
Russell 2000 nosedive means it’s time to take stock of investments – Telegraph
U.S. Yields Approach Six-Month Low Before Fed Minutes – Bloomberg
Gold back over $1,300 as equities weaken – MarketWatch
European Central Banks to Coordinate Gold Transactions – WSJ
China Real Estate Debt Settled In Silver, SGE Premium 5.7 % – In Gold We Trust
Hedge Funds Cut Gold Bull Bets Most in Month – Bloomberg
Give gold ’some credit’ for resilience – Mineweb

The deflation bogeyman – Gresham’s Law
What Thomas Piketty Doesn’t Say – Bloomberg
4 reasons US is recovering…and leaving the world behind – CNBC
Swiss voters reject $25 minimum wage – CNN/Money
Greek Selloff Shows Rush for Exit Recalling Crisis – Bloomberg
China: Biggest Loser In India’s “Modislide” Election – Forbes
China Home-Price Growth Slowdown Spreads as Sellers Discount – Bloomberg
BOE’s Mark Carney highlights housing market’s risk to UK economy – Guardian
Two Housing Markets for the Two Americas – Fiscal Times
“Generation rent” raising demand for multifamily housing – Sober Look
Clueless Geithner: Never saw the meltdown coming – NY Post
Yellen: China’s Financial Woes Manageable – WSJ


Friday Morning Links

Gundlach: Long Bond ‘Melt-Up’ Coming – Think Advisor
Morning MoneyBeat: All Eyes On the Bond Market – WSJ
Treasury-bond market shows signs of fear, panic buying – MarketWatch
When was the last time treasury yields were this low? – Sober Look
Russia Can’t Be Trusted Over Ukraine, NATO Chief Says – Bloomberg
Russia Dumping US Treasuries? But Why the Heck in Belgium? – Testosterone Pit
Russia: Moving away from international rating agencies only ‘question of time’ – RT News
Greenspan: Taxpayers on the Hook to Rescue JPMorgan in Crisis – Money News
Young Adults, Student Debt and Economic Well-Being – Pew Research
Government Employee Unions Tee Up California’s Bankruptcy – Forbes
Geithner Still Can’t Explain Lehman – Bloomberg
Confusion – aucontrarian

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Stocks end lively week on fearful note – CNN/Money
How Bear Markets Begin – Comstock Funds
Deutsche Bank boss warns ‘vulgar’ traders – CNBC
Is the U.S. dollar headed for a breakdown? – MarketWatch
Tech dividend plays may give you the last laugh – USA Today
Treasuries Fall First Time in Four Days Before Confidence Data – Bloomberg
Gold Near Steady; U.S. Treasury Market Sensing Trouble Ahead – Kitco
Paulson Keeps (Mostly) Steady on Gold Bets – Barron’s
China: Gold Demand Drops 30% During May Day Break – IBT
Are The London Gold Vaults Running Empty? – In Gold We Trust
Modi win renews calls for gold import regime to end – Mineweb

Deflation, Indeed! – E-piphany
Discouraged Workers in the Unemployment Rate – St. Louis Fed
ECB Urged to Buy Bailout Bonds; Rate Cut Won’t Aid Growth – Bloomberg
Commentary: Cool heads needed in viewing China’s economy – xinhuanet
Nonperforming loans may eclipse the level of 2008 – China Daily
China’s Ghost Cities Are About to Get Spookier – WSJ
Bank of England sees ‘no housing bubble’ – Independent
The 10 best cities to flip a house – MarketWatch
Get the federal government out of housing market – AZ Central
Larry Summers: Stormy weather ahead for the Fed – Fortune
Fed Policy, Inflation and the ‘New Normal’ – WSJ
At Last, Recovery Heads Where the Fed Wants It – NY Times

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