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Tuesday Morning Links

Yellen takes the host seat – Reuters
What to Watch for in Yellen’s Testimony – WSJ
Wall Street rises ahead of Yellen’s testimony – xinhuanet
Gold At New 2014 High Ahead Of Yellen’s Testimony – Kitco
China’s 500-tonne gold gap fuels talk of stockpiling – FT($)
Treasury’s Little Buddy(.pdf) – International Economy
Bitcoin and Gold: Currency versus Money – Dollar Collapse
The broken limb & burst pipe fallacies – The Burning Platform
Obamacare: Raiding the Assets of the Low Income – Paul Craig Roberts
Dumb Starbucks: Authorities aren’t laughing – CNN/Money
The American Precariat – Brooks, NY Times
Death by Finance – Project Syndicate

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World stocks higher ahead of Yellen testimony – AP
Scary 1929 market chart gains traction – MarketWatch
Investors running from stocks like it’s 2011 again – CNBC
Top Anecdotal Signs of a Market Bubble – CFA Institute
Blankfein: Emerging Markets in Better State Than in ’98 – Bloomberg
The best way to buy stocks if you fear a market crash – Financial Post
Treasuries Fall Before Yellen Testimony, Note Auction – Bloomberg
Gold near 3-month high ahead of Yellen testimony – Reuters
Gold may already be heading for the next up cycle – Mineweb
Entire Precious Metals Complex At Major Resistance – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold Shares Coming to Life – Trader Dan

91 million Americans aren’t looking for jobs – CNN/Money
The Hidden Reason for January’s Dismal Jobs Report – Fiscal Times
Truth And Consequences for Krugman, And Keynes, And Obama – Forbes
OECD: Recovery firms in advanced economies, led by U.S., Japan – Reuters
ECB Bond Buying: The German Court’s Message To Berlin – Real Time Brussels
Europe or Democracy? What German Court Ruling Means for the Euro – Spiegel
Home building in Canada shifts into slower gear – Globe & Mail
Don’t bet on U.K. house price rises persisting – Tim Harford
When Will the Fed End Its Zero Rate Policy? – San Francisco Fed
Markets alert for any new policy signal from Yellen – MarketWatch
Fed’s Forward Guidance Is Working – WSJ


Monday Morning Links

Janet Yellen takes center stage – CNN/Money
The Fed’s waning magic in the age of Yellen – FT($)
US economy may be stuck in slow lane for long run – AP
Bitcoin drops another 20% as Mt Gox highlights bug – CNBC
Suspicious Death of JPMorgan VP Under Investigation – Wall Street On Parade
Americans Renouncing Citizenship Up 221%, All Aboard FATCA Express – Forbes
The WSJ Blames Obamacare for Weak Hiring, but It’s Not Sure Why – CEPR
Latest Health Care Flap Shows Media at its Most Boring – Taibblog
The Week Ahead: Central Banks in Focus – Marc to Market
January Indicator: Truth versus truisms – Economist
EM, Hedge Funds and Corporate Debt – Noland, Prudent Bear
Rand Paul warns Texas could turn blue – Politico
Double Trouble – Hussman Funds

World stocks gain ahead of new Fed chief comments – AP
Traders Debate Whether Worst of Selloff Is Over – CNBC
Always invest in what scares you – MarketWatch
Five reasons to up your 401(k) contributions – USA Today
Selloff, so what? Analysts are sticking to their guns – CNBC
High-Speed Trading Isn’t About Efficiency—It’s About Cheating – Atlantic
Treasuries Rise for Second Day Before Yellen Testifies – Bloomberg
China’s gold demand surges, tops 1,000 tonnes for first time – Reuters
Gold miners to slash reserves as price drop forces revision – Globe & Mail
Return of China sees gold attacking overhead resistance – Mineweb
6 Remarkable Gold Charts This Week – GoldSilverWorlds

Bad weather may cloud retail-sales report – MarketWatch
Boomers Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out of U.S. Labor Force – Bloomberg
What Happened The Last Time The Jobless Rate Dropped This Much – Zero Hedge
Consumer debt swells to $1.4-trillion, but Canadians able to pay it – Globe & Mail
Japan’s current account woes throw spotlight on economic risks – Reuters
EU Banks’ Debt Addiction Threatens ECB-Led Overhaul – Businessweek
Eurozone banks will be allowed to fail, says regulator – CNA
The Dubai real estate is still at risk of another bubble – AP
High prices send Bay Area renters, homebuyers to outlying areas – Mercury News
Some of the world’s largest banks are suffering from financial gangrene – Quartz
As Yellen makes Fed debut, expect theater, not fireworks – Reuters
Janet Yellen’s Fed: A champion of Main Street – Politico


Friday Morning Links

SAC Capital’s Martoma found guilty – CNN/Money
Key Factors in Today’s January Jobs Report – WSJ
US jobs report for Jan. might be hard to interpret – AP
Rosenberg sees inflation lurking in jobs report – MarketWatch
Bitcoin plummets 20% after major exchange halts withdrawals – CNBC
Apple removes Blockchain, last Bitcoin wallet app – PC World
Why Bitcoin Must Die. Long Live Bitcoin 2.0. – Forbes
China, the Death Star of Emerging Markets – Bloomberg
Problems at Sochi Reflect Problems in Russia – Fiscal Times
Sochi’s Global Resort Quest Stymied by Unsold Housing – Bloomberg
Philip Seymour Hoffman and the middle-aged drug epidemic – Reuters
The Farce Is Complete: Blythe Masters Joining CFTC – Zero Hedge
Health, Work, Lies – Krugman, NY Times

The Bulls Have Left the Building – Bespoke
Stocks edge up as jobs data awaits – MarketWatch
Is it Really About US Jobs Data Today ? – Marc to Market
A Cyclical Market Downtrend Is Underway – Comstock Funds
Cracks In The Tech Bubble (That Doesn’t Exist) – Testosterone Pit
Twitter’s first earnings report follows crash pattern – USA Today
We Are About To Learn A Lot About Rally Attempt – Short Takes
Gold set for weekly gain; focus on U.S. jobs report – Reuters
Gold markets, who has the most influence? – The Real Asset Co.
India has no plans now to reduce import duty on gold – Reuters
Germany repatriating its US gold reserves in mini-shipments – Europe Online

U.S. job growth seen snapping back from winter chill – Reuters
Obamacare discourages some from working, and that’s OK – MarketWatch
Troubled Times: Developing Economies Hit a BRICS Wall – Spiegel
Half of Britons cut back on takeaways, heating and clothes – Mail Online
Australia central bank upgrades growth forecasts – Channel News Asia
Emerging Markets’ Submerging Currencies – Project Syndicate
German court: ECB bond-buying may be illegal – Telegraph
A looser monetary policy will favour a weaker euro and a stronger economy – voxeu
The housing recovery is a bank-promoted pump-and-dump scheme – OC Housing News
Welcome Relief for Homeowners, Then the Tax Bill – NY Times
Fed’s Rosengren: Fed Must Be ‘Patient’ in Cutting Back Stimulus – WSJ
Fed Is Misled by Wealth Effect – Bloomberg


Thursday Morning Links

Storm leaves hundreds of thousands in the dark – AP
Here’s how bad winter weather is hurting the economy – CNBC
ECB keeps interest rate at 0.25% despite deflation fear – BBC
Carney Seeks to Keep Low-Rate Outlook as BOE Holds Policy – Bloomberg
Voters in bankrupt San Bernardino sweep old guard from power – Reuters
As Minimum Wages Rise, Businesses Grapple With Consequences – NY Times
‘Job-lock’ and the Republican dilemma over Obamacare – LA Times
ObamaCare trap makes it harder to reach the middle class – Keith Hennessey
JPMorgan to Deutsche: banks exit physical commodities trade – Reuters
Harvard Makes Professor Disclose More After Blinkx Slides – Bloomberg
Don’t Rush to Blame the Fed – NY Times
Interest Rates May Tumble – Barron’s

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Stocks: Looking steady, except for Twitter – CNN/Money
Small-Cap Bears at Highest Since ’12 on Selloff – Bloomberg
Many big stocks already in 10% correction – USA Today
Analysis: Emerging markets selloff bruises big-name funds – Reuters
Why the Dow Theory is still on a ‘buy’ signal – MarketWatch
Treasuries Fall Third Day Amid Outlook for Improving Job Market – Bloomberg
Gold steadies as investors await ECB meeting, U.S. jobs data – Reuters
61 Tonnes of Gold Bullion Flow Out of the West In January – Jesse’s Cafe
The real cost of the gold import curbs in India – Financial Express
Gold could fall to $1,000/oz: BofA Merrill Lynch – Platts
Where the *Bleep* Is Germany’s Gold? – Free-Man’s Perspective

U.S. Job Creation Flat in January – Gallup
January’s jobs number not looking any better – Bloomberg
Sony to cut 5,000 jobs, split off PC, TV operations – Reuters
Dutch would be ‘better off’ if they left the euro – Telegraph
Abe Eyes Window for Biggest Military-Rule Change Since WWII – Bloomberg
Iraq War Critic: NSA Targeted Gerhard Schröder’s Mobile Phone – Spiegel
Halifax: U.K. House Prices Increase Amid Higher Confidence – Bloomberg
Spain Property Market Outlook: Home Price May Fall Another 15% – IBT
Ugly China housing market is scary for its financial system – Quartz
Fed Flails About To Squash Misleading Jobless Measure – Testosterone Pit
From the Bernanke Put to the Yellen Trap – Automatic Earth
Europe Needs the Fed’s Medicine – Bloomberg

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