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Wednesday Morning Links

World Bank: Global economy at turning point – BBC
Bank of America profit impresses Wall Street – CNN/Money
Central Station: The Fed’s Looming 6.5% Dilemma – WSJ
Pushback: Lessons from Gold’s Rise & Fall – The Big Picture
EU Lawmakers Seal Deal on Financial Market Rules Overhaul – Bloomberg
Early ObamaCare Demographics Worse Than RomneyCare in In 2007 – Forbes
Opening Up the Black Box of U.S. Health Care Prices – Fiscal Times
Can Wall Street Change Its Workaholic Culture? – Businessweek
U.S. Economic Confidence Steady So Far in 2014 – Gallup
The Financial Fire Next Time – Shiller, Project Syndicate
Jim Rickards: The Fed is tapering QE into a recession – Market Sanity
10 money lessons from elderly Americans – USA Today
How the Poor Get Washed Away – NY Times

Global recovery hopes shore up markets – AP
Stocks: Can good economic news gather steam? – USA Today
What Five Days of Trading Tell Us About 2014 – Bloomberg
Stock analyst herd mentality highest in nearly 30 years – MarketWatch
Bond investors will find out that PIGS can’t fly – MarketWatch
Treasuries Gain in ’14 as Gundlach to Goldman See Rates on Hold – Bloomberg
Gold Lower, Pressured By Higher U.S. Dollar Index And Firmer Equities – Kitco
Deutsche Bank jumps on the gold bear-wagon – MarketWatch
Two foreign banks get licences to import gold into China – SCMP
Goldman’s Currie still looking for $1050 gold – Mineweb
Gold isn’t the only precious metal in 2014 – CNBC

Retail sales suggest strong U.S. growth – Reuters
France: the new sick man of Europe – The Guardian
Carney Fight Against Higher Rates Helped by Inflation – Bloomberg
The Eurozone’s Really Bad 2014, In Two Charts – Dollar Collapse
China Dwarfs U.S. in Monetary Stimulus – NY Times
India inflation eases as vegetable prices fall – AP
German economy grew just 0.4 percent in 2013 but picking up steam – Reuters
Sales of new private homes in Singapore down 80% in December – CNA
Troubling evidence of Coastal California housing bubble – OC Housing News
Home lending plummets at Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase – MarketWatch
Fed’s Fisher: Glad Fed Tapered, but First Cut Should Have Been Bigger – WSJ
CORNYN AND BRADY: Federal Reserve needs checkup – OA Online
Plosser wants Fed to exit QE before end of 2014 – MarketWatch


Tuesday Morning Links

Madoff costs hurt JP Morgan profits – BBC
It’s not just the ‘Obummer economy’ – Fortune
Who’s Dropping Out Of The Labor Force and Why? – RCM
Who’s Buying Obamacare, in Three Charts – Bloomberg
Not enough young people are buying Obamacare – MarketWatch
Four New Mysteries in the Obamacare Enrollment Numbers – Fiscal Times
Greenspan Warned of Housing Bubble–in His PhD Dissertation – Mises
FBI suspects front running of Fannie, Freddie in swaps market – Reuters
The Magic “Wealth Effect” On Our Hapless Renters – Testosterone Pit
Inequality and the Masters of Money – Marginal Revolution
How Real Estate Bubbles Push Rents Higher – oftwominds
How Big Money Keeps Populism at Bay – alternet
When is a Bubble a Bubble? – INET

Global markets drift lower after US sell-off – AP
5 reasons why stocks off to slow start in ‘14 – USA Today
Japanese stocks suffer worst day in five months – BD Live
Are stocks attractive just because bonds are not? – MarketWatch
Goldman Sachs doesn’t think stocks go much higher from here – Quartz
Gold steadies on lower stocks, U.S. growth fears – Reuters
What the Future Holds for Stocks and Gold – Barron’s
Are gold and silver prices ‘manipulated’, or not? – Mineweb
Silver-Coin Premiums to Climb as Mint Supplies Ease – Bloomberg
Arab shoppers buy into gold as asset theory – Gulf News
A golden corridor – Indian Express

It Is Expensive to Be Poor – Atlantic
Poverty and Inequality, in Charts – NY Times
Why is the Recovery so Agonizingly Slow? – Fiscal Times
We Will Be Told Hyperinflation is Patriotic and Ethical – Mises
Eurozone industrial output surges in November – Washington Post
UK inflation falls to 2% target rate in December – BBC
Japan logs record current account deficit – Channel News Asia
Brazil Swap Rates Rise as Central Bankers Convene – Bloomberg
Coast enjoying second-home boom – Mississippi Business Journal
Higher rates will slow housing market growth in 2014 – Washington Post
Fed to Release Plan to Limit Banks’ Commodities Activities – Bloomberg
Inflation, Strangely Low, Holds Key to 2014 Fed Policy – Money News
Lockhart Greenlights Tapering – Fed Watch


Monday Morning Links

Quiet Start Puts U.S. Investors in a Fix – WSJ
Bonds Captivate $16 Trillion of Pensions – Bloomberg
The Coming Epic Collapse Of The Bond Bubble – Daily Reckoning
What if this bull market is just a very old bear? – Financial Post
Goldman: Underweight US Equities, Risk Of 10% Drawdown – Zero Hedge
10 Reasons Barry Ritholtz Is Wrong About Gold – Salmon, Reuters
Getting at the truth of those big, bogus bank penalties – LA Times
Everyone in this Country is a Millionaire Thanks to Oil – HuffPost
Looking for Lessons in Iceland’s Recovery – Spiegel
Why more businesses may adopt bitcoin – USA Today
The Departing Bernanke on Macro-Prudential – Prudent Bear
Bubbles and Equality – Baum, Bloomberg
Hovering With an Anvil – Hussman Funds

Markets solid as focus turns to US bank earnings – AP
Why Stocks are a “Harder Call” Now – Reformed Broker
A Market Streak Has Ended, but the Echoes Haven’t – NY Times
Stocks Lose Allure With Highest Valuation to Bonds – Bloomberg
Stocks Are Priced to Deliver Dismal Long-Term Returns – Cyniconomics
Treasuries Hold Gain Before Retail Sales, CPI Data This Week – Bloomberg
Gold steadies off 1-month high after U.S. payroll data – Reuters
Gold Coin And Bar Shortages Likely To Lead To Rationing – GoldCore
US selling of gold likely nearing exhaustion – Mineweb
Should you be buying gold? That depends – Shanghai Daily
Investors pile back into gold stocks – Mining.com

Disappearing male workers are not a joke – NY Post
Jobs report highlights the aging of Baby Boomers – USA Today
Loss of jobless aid leaves many with bleak options – AP
Gold mine stirs hope and anger in shattered Greece – Reuters
Is China Really The World’s No. 1 Trader? – Forbes
Scottish independence: Treasury makes debt pledge – BBC
German Choice for ECB Heralds Shift as Rate Clout Slips – Bloomberg
No resistance as crowds occupy Thai capital in festive protest – Reuters
Is housing market set to calm after wild ride? – Herald Business Journal
5 Not-So-Hot Housing Markets Set to Fall in 2014 – Motley Fool
Federal Reserve Said to Probe Banks Over Forex Fixing – Bloomberg
A Bullish Case For Janet Yellen, Our Confused New Fed Chairman – Forbes
Banks Seek to Limit Volcker With Challenge to Meaning of ‘Own’ – Bloomberg


Friday Morning Links

China ‘overtakes’ US as top goods trader – BBC
Jobs report may guide taper timing, scale – USA Today
Jobs report could show things are looking up – CNBC
Jobless workers plead with Congress for help – CNN/Money
GOP-led House again targets Obama health care law – AP
For First Time, Most Lawmakers are Worth $1 Million-Plus – Open Secrets
Stock surge aids Jerry Brown’s $155 bln Calif. budget – MarketWatch
The Mississippi Bubble of 1720 and the European Debt Crisis – NY Fed
For Bentley, 2013 Was a Very Good Year – Businessweek
Is Larry Summers Right About “Secular Stagnation”? – New Yorker
The most damning critique of DSGE – noahpinion
Why fiscal sustainability matters – voxeu
Debt and Demand – Project Syndicate

Stock futures up ahead of payrolls – MarketWatch
Will earnings season give the bull new life? – USA Today
Investors Are Chastened. That’s A Good Thing. – ProPublica
What Can Investors Learn From the Indianapolis Colts? – Servo
The Rebound In Stock Prices & Inflation Expectations – Capital Spectator
Market Optimism Is Excessiv, Economy Still In A Rut – Comstock Funds
Treasuries Close to Cheapest Level Versus Peers Since ’07 – Bloomberg
Gold edges up on flat dollar ahead of U.S. jobs report – Reuters
Moody’s Cuts Gold Forecast to $1,100 – Barron’s
Australian for Gold – Market Anthropology
Gold bears of the world unite – Mining.com

U.S. Economic Indicators Improve in 2013 – Gallup
Yellen hopeful for 3 percent GDP growth in 2014: Time magazine – Reuters
European Central Bank ready for ‘decisive action’ to aid economy – LA Times
Barroso triumphant as jobless Europe wastes five (precious) years – Telegraph
UK industrial output and construction data miss forecasts – BBC
The sick Canadian dollar: Who wins and who wins big – Globe & Mail
China Exports to Face Tough 2014 as Yuan Climbs – China Real Time
New home prices in Canada were steady in November – Reuters
Wall St. predicts $50B bill to settle US mortgage suits – NY Times
The forecast for housing in 2014: Higher prices, rates – Baltimore Sun
The Booming Housing Market for Boomer Retirees – Fiscal Times
Warren: Yellen Will Boost Fed’s Bank Oversight – Businessweek
Federal Reserve’s Kocherlakota: Fed May Need to Do More – WSJ

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