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A Solution to the Greek Debt Crisis

Perhaps the IMF, EU, and ECB should try attaching a pair of these to the legs of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis prior to their next meeting.

From this story at the Atlantic which is actually kind of disturbing due to the enjoyment that law enforcement professionals get from this, particularly the test subject.

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Little Man Takes a Ride

From ViewMixed comes the image below depicting a tiny man riding on the back of a woman who saw fit to have herself photographed after he jumped on (either that or it’s a good example of “forced perspective“, a concept that one can learn more than you’ll ever want to know about by watching the Lord of the Rings DVD bonus material).

Another pretty good one can be found here and, of course, this being 2015 with a now pretty mature internet, you could probably spend the rest of the day amusing yourself with forced perspective images via a simple Google search.

The Impressive ISIS PR Machine

Perusing just the first few pages of the latest issue of Dabiq, the official propaganda magazine of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, you’ll quickly realize what an uphill battle it will continue to be for those in the West to keep home-grown terrorism in check.

This is available at Scribd and you’ll quickly see how they appeal to young Americans in particular, praising those responsible for the failed terrorism attack in Texas. It kind of makes your skin crawl but, viewing the photo above, the appeal is understandable.

Turbo Encabulator

Gotta get me one of these (hat tip ES)…

For more, see the Wikipedia offerings on Turboencabulator and Technobabble.

On Root Cause

My engineering background is no doubt responsible for the discomfort that is experienced when listening to others talk about root cause (i.e., in the peer reviewed world of hard sciences, you can’t just say you’ve found the root cause) and the latest example of this comes from the White House via this Friday Funny at

Other examples in the world of economics and finance involve “the lack of aggregate demand” being the proximate cause of our recent malaise and you can take your pick of many root causes (which are highly dependent upon your world view and who signs your paycheck) for the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression that, almost uniformly, reject the view that, as so eloquently noted by Pavlina Tcherneva in this item at New Economic Perspectives, “We live in a casino economy driven by serial asset bubbles”.

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