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North Korea and their Bombs

Financial markets likely see this as “piling on”, what with the Saudis causing trouble in the Middle East and China again teetering as politburo members attempt to prop up the stock market, all of which is setting the stage for another potentially horrific day on Wall Street.

I’ve tried to watch some of those PBS and Vice News documentaries about what life is really like in North Korea but they’re all so thoroughly depressing that I never make it to the end.

For those who like gallows humore, there’s this:

Here’s North Korea’s official hydrogen bomb statement. It’s a doozy.


Yeah, big Fed meeting today, but there’s this too…

Sleep overcame me before getting too far into last night’s Las Vegas GOP debate on DVR (where the 30-second advance is extremely handy) but, according to most of the pundits, nothing much changed – it’s still Trump, Cruz, and Rubio followed by a cast of characters that includes one-time front-runner Jeb!

I guess most or all of the single-digit crowd will see it through until after the voting starts, hoping for a big stumble between now and then by you-know-who, but the handwriting is on the wall, this exchange via Vox summing things up rather nicely.

Trump: You’re a tough guy, Jeb. I know.

Bush: You’re never going to be president of the United States by insulting your way…

Trump: I’m at 42, and you’re at 3. So far I’m doing better. You started over here [gestures next to himself in the center of the stage]. You’re moving over further and further. Pretty soon you’re going to be off the end.

The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made

You can skip the background info by going directly to about the 2 minute mark to see what it looks like inside a watch containing 2,800 components.

Also see this related Bloomberg story in which a new word is learned – horological … not sure that I’ll ever see that one again.

Dreading His Next Performance Review

More tarnish on the Deutsche Bank shine (i.e., rate rigging scandals, record fines, etc.) comes in the form of what was first reported as a “fat finger” mistake by a rookie trader, but later revised to a misunderstanding about “gross vs. net” according to Bloomberg.

Either way, it’s not going to be a fun day for the responsible individual when he goes in for his next performance review, that is, if he survives at Deutshe Bank between now and then.

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Yellen: Agonizing to Watch

In a speech at the University of Massachesetts last night, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that the prospects for the U.S. economy “generally remain solid” and that the central bank is “on track” to raise interest rates in the months ahead.

Then dehydration is said to have caught up with her and she cut her speech short:

She received medical attention then resumed her schedule as the stock market ripped higher, traders concluding that she was just fake vomiting, something that Stephen Colbert popularized on his Comedy Central show and brought to CBS with Emily Blunt the other day.

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