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Olympic Golf Course Overrun by R.O.U.S.

Fans of the movie Princess Bride will no doubt recall the unusually large fire swamp dwellers known as R.O.U.S. when seeing what golfers are dealing with at the Rio Olympics.

Better than playing alongside alligators, I would think…

Escaping Fort McMurray

Can’t imagine what it would be like to be one of the ~90,000 people being evacuated from Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta Canada, just a day’s drive north of Banff/Jasper where we’ve visited often in the summer, but, here’s the view from someone’s dashcam.

It sounds like global warming is to blame (well, at least according to the BBC).

Hope for Human Evolution?

Don’t know exactly how this video was stumbled upon (blue whales were somehow in the mix) but it’s kind of interesting to think about what might be next for human evolution, particularly given the state of the species today (e.g., Syria, Trump).

The possibility of C-sections allowing brains to develop in the womb to sizes greater than the birth canal allows is one of the more outside-the-box notions here.

Of course, the downside (or, maybe not a downside…) would be big-head, small-body alien type features for future generations.

Put a Fork in Him

Didn’t know that former Daily Show regular Samantha Bee had her own late night show, one that debuted last night on TBS, but if this little segment is representative of the work being done there, setting up the DVR to record might be a good idea.

It really is time for Jeb to go, but it’s not really his fault. In another election year, he might have been just what GOP voters want, but not with the mood of the electorate as it is and loud mouthed front-runners offering simple solutions for all their grievances.

North Korea and their Bombs

Financial markets likely see this as “piling on”, what with the Saudis causing trouble in the Middle East and China again teetering as politburo members attempt to prop up the stock market, all of which is setting the stage for another potentially horrific day on Wall Street.

I’ve tried to watch some of those PBS and Vice News documentaries about what life is really like in North Korea but they’re all so thoroughly depressing that I never make it to the end.

For those who like gallows humore, there’s this:

Here’s North Korea’s official hydrogen bomb statement. It’s a doozy.

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