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What Could Go Wrong?

Via Deutsche Bank and this Business Insider item comes the graphic below that is only slightly out-of-date following geopolitical developments yesterday in Ukraine and Gaza.

It appears that markets are already getting over both of these stories as prices for safe haven investments such as Treasuries and gold are tumbling while stock market futures are up, though the latest data indicate only a portion of yesterday’s decline has been reversed.

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Get Ready for a New Middle East

This Atlantic report shows where Middle East international borders are probably headed as the recent invasion by ISIL (formerly known as ISIS) has most of the world thinking the “democracy and capitalism fairy dust experiment” in Iraq (I forget who characterized it as such recently, but it kind of stuck – also see Was Joe Biden Right?) has finally failed.

You know the rest of the world is a bit behind the curve on the whole Iraq mess when the media can’t decide what to call the group that is redrawing the borders, a point that is taken up in ISIL or ISIS? Why the World Can’t Decide at Quartz. BTW, how ’bout that stock market?

A Bad Day for One FedEx Driver

This kind of reminds me of a scene from the 1980 indie movie hit The God’s Must be Crazy as one FedEx driver appears to have forgotten something important when exiting his truck.

It’s pretty neat how the truck “threaded the needle” between the tree and the house (akin to what many hope the Federal Reserve will do in formulating monetary policy to withdraw unprecedented stimulus over the next year or so), though the driver’s door didn’t fare well in the process (insert your own Fed metaphor for this one).

This related story at CNBC indicated that no one was hurt and the property damage was minimal, though, I’m guessing that this particular driver will not soon forget this incident that has now been seen by over 9 million viewers on YouTube.

Saturday Night Live Skewers GM’s Barra

I didn’t see any of GM CEO Mary T. Barra’s testimony last week when she appeared before Congress to answer questions about the carmaker’s faulty ignition switches in Chevies that have led to at least 13 deaths and dozens of accidents, but, based on this take from the crew at Saturday Night Live, it must have been pretty bad to warrant this kind of treatment.

Having spent a couple decades as an engineer prior to turning my attention to financial markets and having become familiar with such things as trouble reports, engineering change orders, and retrofits, I can’t imagine a situation where any engineer would knowingly cover up something that has the potential to kill somebody (or already has).

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