The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 10

Maybe 1960 is the Outlier…

Much is being made of this Pew Research report indicating that the number one accommodation option for the 18-to-34 year old age group is to live at home – either moving back in after a brief foray into the real world (or college), or, in many cases, never leaving.

But, looking at the graphic below, it seems that we’re just returning to the more traditional patterns with the 1960 sample being the exception, not the rule.

The marriage spike in 1960 is unusual as well – just what was going on in 1960?


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Trump Protest in Albuquerque

In advance of his visit to the Treasure State (i.e., here in Montana), the BBC reports on the latest Trump protest, this one occurring last night in New Mexico.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting summer – as the weather warms (and the national election news coverage heats up), the natives will get even more restless…

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Credit Cards Reanimated

From last week, the WSJ reports that the number and popularity of credit cards has experienced something of a resurgence after the near-death experience Americans had with debt (that is, excluding student loans) during and after the Great Recession.

I dont’ know about you, but we regularly get offers for new credit cards with introductory rewards of anywhere between $100 and $500 each. You’d think they’d stop sending them to us since we just make the minimum purchases to get the reward and then go back to using our Costco Amex which morphs into an even better Costco Visa next month.

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