The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 10

Bloomberg editor-at-large and TV host Trish Regan shares some insight on what’s roiling the stock market these days in this commentary at USA Today that is full of contradiction that quickly becomes apparent in the first two paragraphs which, by themselves, may be enough to send investors scurrying back up to their hotel room to sell some tech stocks.

Use of the term “virtual” was prompted by the recent Facebook acquisition of Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker, however, it was probably ill-advised to combine virtual with insanity when referring to bubbly tech stocks.

The recent sell-off in names such as Amazon, Facebook and Netflix is spurring many to wonder whether investors are waking up to the virtual insanity that’s gripping the technology space.

It’s still too early to tell how this plays out; however, there are signs that suggest investors should proceed with caution.

Take the new term to describe a hot new tech company. Forget start-up or pre-revenue. Instead, try this: pre-product. It carries more cachet.

With U.S. markets opening just a short time ago, stocks are shrugging off their recent difficulties and the latest developments in Ukraine, but that may not last.

If it doesn’t and this becomes a much more serious decline for share prices, at least we’ll have those wonderful images of people wearing Oculus headsets.

It’s just too bad that we couldn’t get anyone wearing a virtual reality headset to ring the opening bell on some stock exchange – that would have been priceless.

Ukraine Crisis Escalates

This item at the new and improved Vox website depicts the situation in Ukraine where protests and the takeover of government buildings in the country’s eastern region have reignited the crisis that began over the winter and has been on simmer so far in the spring.

As noted in the report, this is how things started in Crimea before that region was annexed by Russia, so, in the words of Jesse Pinkman and Walter Williams, “There’s that.”

Here’s the latest via CNN:

I wouldn’t mess with that guy in the white ski mask.

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Saturday Night Live Skewers GM’s Barra

I didn’t see any of GM CEO Mary T. Barra’s testimony last week when she appeared before Congress to answer questions about the carmaker’s faulty ignition switches in Chevies that have led to at least 13 deaths and dozens of accidents, but, based on this take from the crew at Saturday Night Live, it must have been pretty bad to warrant this kind of treatment.

Having spent a couple decades as an engineer prior to turning my attention to financial markets and having become familiar with such things as trouble reports, engineering change orders, and retrofits, I can’t imagine a situation where any engineer would knowingly cover up something that has the potential to kill somebody (or already has).

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