The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 10

Tuesday Morning Links

Do China’s GDP numbers matter? – Marketplace
No one believes China’s growth, but… – CNN/Money
Canada’s Trudeau topples PM Harper in shock election win – Reuters
PAUL SINGER: Developed countries are hopelessly and utterly insolvent – BI
As debt limit deadline nears, Lew worries about ‘terrible’ accident – LA Times
No, the U.S. will not default on its debt, no matter what – MarketWatch
Illinois Downgraded by Fitch as State Budget Crisis Worsens – Bloomberg
For Hedge Funds, a Can’t-Miss Trade Goes Bust – Bloomberg
China’s watchdogs step in to avert Sinosteel bond default – SCMP
The Trouble With Financial Bubbles – Project Syndicate
Robert Shiller Is Shilling for Socialism – Mises
Ghost Towns of the 21st Century – Atlantic

Global stocks waver as China growth remains key – AP
Saudi, US Oil Inventories Hit Record High as Demand Fizzles – Wolf Street
This sector is what’s keeping S&P 500 rally hopes alive – MarketWatch
“Shadow Convexity” Means The Death Of Modern Portfolio Theory – Zero Hedge
Here’s Why Japanese Investors Have Gone Ga-ga Over That Leveraged ETF – Bloomberg
Chicago trader accused of ’spoofing’ on Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Chicago Tribune
Irrational Fear of Rate Hikes You Can Bank On – Forbes
Gold rises as euro reclaims ground ahead of ECB – Reuters
Gold: Third Time’s The Charm? – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold price rally fizzles –

Top 10 disappearing jobs in America – Fortune
The 10 jobs that attract the most psychopaths – Statista
Should We Be Concerned about Declines in Labor Force Growth? – macroblog
Household Incomes: The Value of Higher Education – Advisor Perspectives
Venezuela’s currency is so worthless that even some thieves won’t steal it – Vox
Reasons behind the poor earning power of Japanese firms – voxeu
Fannie and Freddie are not going to go away – Fortune
Homebuilder Confidence Reaches Decade High – Bloomberg
Fed’s Williams Sees Reasons to Increase Rates Soon – Bloomberg
Five Bad Reasons For The Fed To Raise Rates Now – Econtrarian


On Gun Laws (and Hungry Bears)

I’m a devout agnostic when it comes to the second amendment (that’s prone to happen to you when you move from California to Montana), but this video (via this item at Vox) makes a pretty good point about how things have changed in this country gun-wise.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems we were in the national news the other day when a bear in hyperphagia (another thing you learn about when you move to this part of the country) visited the local high school – here’s the report from the local news.

Friday Morning Links

Solid growth is harder than blowing bubbles – FT
Fed’s Mester Says Economy Ready for Higher Rates – Nasdaq
Fed’s Dudley downplays divisions at central bank – Reuters
Taylor tells Fed’s Dudley: ‘No one knows what you’re doing.’ – MarketWatch
What’s Coming Next from Our Comedian Central Bankers – Bonner & Partners
Here comes more QE in Europe as ECB combats deflation – MarketWatch
No Cost Of Living Increase For Social Security Recipients In 2016 – NPR
The Cost-of-Living Adjustment Is What Really Needs Adjustment – Time
What’s really causing the student debt crisis, according to Sheila Bair – MarketWatch
Why Clinton and Sanders Are Both Wrong About How to Fix Wall Street – Fiscal Times
Trump warns of a stock market bubble. Is he right? – CNN/Money
Sanders and His Followers Are Not Outliers – Mises

Global stocks higher on optimism from US rally – AP
Chinese Stock Investors Regain Risk Appetite – WSJ
Credit Suisse: Clients Are More Confused Than Ever – Bloomberg
How fast we forget what drives stock prices – MarketWatch
How the Recession Hurt Americans’ Retirement Accounts – Atlantic
The biggest American debt selloff in 15 years – CNN/Money
The VIX Index: The Stock Market’s Crystal Ball? – Motley Fool
Gold slips from 3-1/2 month high, but set for weekly gain – Reuters
How To Know When Gold’s Bull Market Has Resumed? – GoldSilverWorlds
Gold’s rallying — but should investors still be wary? – MarketWatch

Empire Fed Index SCREAMS Recession Warning! – Confounded Interest
How Student Debt Broke The “Birth/Death Adjustment” Model – Zero Hedge
China vs. United States: A Tale of Two Economies – Visual Capitalist
China’s Economy May Be Even Bigger Than You Think – Bloomberg
Argentina’s Ruling Party Eyes Bigger Banknotes amid Soaring Prices – PanAmPost
Petrobras has a powerful ally as it sorts out its financial mess – Quartz
Canadian housing market activity eases into fall – EconoTimes
Why the U.S. government holds nearly 50% of all residential mortgages – MarketWatch
Four Words That Have the Fed in a Panic: “Pushing on a String” – Wall St. On Parade
How Banks Funded the U.S. Oil Boom and (So Far) Escaped the Bust – Bloomberg


Liquor City R.I.P.?

The latest in the long and growing list of modern ghost towns in China is “Liquor City” as shown below via this NPR story the other day where we learn of another victim of the commodity boom gone bust – it seems that financing a liquor production center with coal revenues didn’t exactly work out as planned.

There is good news to report, however, in that the brand new $160 million airport (which doesn’t sound like nearly enough to build an airport) isn’t completely deserted – it gets three to five flights per day (wouldn’t be surprised if the planes are pretty empty).

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Thursday Morning Links

Fed Doubts Grow on 2015 Rate Hike – WSJ
Goldman: This is the third wave of the financial crisis – CNBC
The Pitfalls of the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy – Caixin Online
Citibank’s Buiter: World faces recession next year – CNBC
Billionaire Singer Lauds Gold as Central Banks Aid Recovery – Bloomberg
Atlanta Fed: U.S. economy seen growing 0.9 percent in third-quarter – Reuters
Oil Slide Means ‘Almost Everything’ for Sale as Deals Accelerate – Bloomberg
Illinois Will Delay Pension Payment Because of Cash Shortage – Bloomberg
Evidence of an Alien Civilization? Probably Not. But Still Cool. – Slate
Wine isn’t special: drinking small amounts of any alcohol can be healthy – Vox
Capitalism vs. Socialism: Why Both Clinton and Sanders Are Wrong – Fiscal Times
Trump: Economic bubble about to burst – The Hill
NYPD has super-secret X-ray vans – NY Post

Global stocks spike as US rate hike fears fade – AP
Dollar falls after Beige Book, retail sales – Marketwatch
Largest Leveraged ETF Halts Orders, Cites “Liquidity Constraints” -Zero Hedge
Wal-Mart Stock Hammered as Profit Warning Triggers Price War Fears – NBC News
The Chilling Thing Wal-Mart Said about Financial Engineering – Wolf Street
Wal-Mart Heirs See $11 Billion Vanish in a Day on Share Fall – Bloomberg
The Ultimate 1929 Stock Market Comparison – ETF Reference
Gold steadies off 3-1/2-month high as dollar recovers – Reuters
Gold Stocks Rebound as Fed Speculation Spurs Volatility – Bloomberg
Gold price makes a break for $1,200 –

Retail Sales And GDP Still Far, Far Apart – Alhambra Partners
No raise in store for 60 million on Social Security – CNN/Money
Kenya’s central bank tries to stop bank failure from triggering panic – Quartz
Treasury says not in talks to undertake Puerto Rico obligations – Reuters
China’s White Elephants: Ghost Cities, Lonely Airports, Desolate Factories – NPR
China economic growth seen slowing despite policy easing – Reuters
Here’s Why Housing Must be Propped Up – of two minds
hy the Fed is wrong about deflation – MarketWatch
Get ready for ‘panic’ signals from the Fed – MarketWatch

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