The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 11

Wednesday Morning Links

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Russia and Venezuela to fight low oil price – DW
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Stocks turn higher in Europe ahead of Fed minutes – AP
Gold vs. Stocks: The 10-Year Winner Is… – WSJ
The latest M&A boom is going to end badly – MarketWatch
Five things to do now if you’re near retirement – USA Today
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Gold retreats from near 3-week high ahead of Fed minutes – Reuters
Silver Physical Demand Forecast to Drop 6.7% in ’14: GFMS – Bloomberg
Australia exports two-thirds of gold mine supply to China – SRSrocco Report
India readies draconian gold import rules –
Gold mining equities pop – Mineweb

The ultra wealthy get $2 trillion wealthier – CNN/Money
Economists: Inflation Measure ‘Distorted,’ a ‘Statistical Quirk’ – WSJ
Deflation and the markets: Trends in low places – Economist
Americans recognize slow economic recovery – YouGov
Abe’s Tax Decision a Mixed Blessing for Central Bank — BOJ Watch – WSJ
Putin Said to Stun Advisers by Backing Corruption Crackdown – Bloomberg
Housing bubble? Turns out we might need all those condos and houses – FP
American Dream homes: Prices in 10 cities – CNN/Money
Yellen Should Not Let Wages Be Her Guide – Manhattan Institute
Yellen Inherits Greenspan’s Conundrum as Long Rates Sink – Bloomberg


Why Bretton Woods Ended

… or at least one of the major reasons why the “gold-backed U.S. dollar” post-World War II monetary system met with a speedy demise in 1971 after the U.S. government embarked on a “guns and butter” spending spree back in the 1960s.

Courtesy of Nick Laird at Sharelynx who once again has managed to produce a chart that says more than words could ever say about the evolving global monetary system that, lately, appears to be getting a little unstable.

Tuesday Morning Links

Japan’s Warning to the World – Bloomberg
Japan’s Abe calls snap election, puts off tax hike – AP
‘Godfather’ of Abenomics: Japan’s sales tax hike must be delayed – Telegraph
As Japan Falls Into Recession, Europe Looks to Avoid It – NY Times
NATO sees ’serious military buildup’ in Ukraine – Reuters
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The Bloody History of Money, From Ancient Rome to ISIS – The Atlantic
Obamacare’s Approval at Lowest Rating on Record – Fiscal Times

Japan leads world markets higher on stimulus hopes – AP
Greenspan Conundrum Risk Rising for Fed as BOJ, ECB Add Stimulus – Bloomberg
Hong Kong, China stocks ease on profit-taking after stock connect launch – Reuters
Five charts show how stock repurchases boost prices – MarketWatch
Flash Boys Raising Volatility in Wild New Treasury Market – Bloomberg
Gold gains 1.5 pct to 2-1/2 week high as dollar softens – Reuters
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More aging parents move in with their kids – MarketWatch
Long-term Unemployment a Sign of Slack, NY Fed Economists Say – WSJ
The US doesn’t have any debatable recessions. That’s about to change – Money Illusion
‘Red Warning Lights’ Are Flashing On Global Economy, David Cameron Says – WSJ
UK inflation rate rises to 1.3% in October – BBC
Reforming China’s Commanding Heights – Project Syndicate
Old foreclosure debt coming back to haunt former homeowners – CNN/Money
Fed Dual Mandates Clash as Jobless Drop Vies With Inflation – Bloomberg
Fed Inflation Barometer Tumbles To Lowest Since 2008 – Zero Hedge
The Risks to the Inflation Outlook – San Francisco Fed


The Japanese are Turning Japanese

In case you hadn’t heard about Japan’s horrific third quarter GDP numbers, the chart below via this BBC report should aid in understanding why the financial world is again baffled by the failure of central bank largess to impact the real economy in the desired fashion.

Analysts were expecting a growth rate of +2 percent and what they got was -2 percent, surprisingly fitting the widely accepted definition of a recession (two consecutive quarters of contraction). This sort of thing seems to happen a lot in Japan.

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