The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 11

Global Inequality Grows

Not having watched more than the first ten minute of the Democratic Presidential debate last night, I’m not sure how big an issue wealth/income inequality was (I’m sure Bernie Sanders talked about it a lot), but one thing seems clear, the situation isn’t getting any better, at least according to a  new Credit Suisse survey as detailed in this Guardian story.

Of course, the big headline from this survey (and the actual headline of the Guardian story) was that the top one percent own half of the world assets, but, for us ‘Mericans, an equally important takeaway is how much we, as individuals, move up in charts such as this one when all the poor people of the world are included.

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Wednesday Morning Links

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Fed Consumer Spending Survey Plunges To Record Low – Zero Hedge
2015’s Nobel prize-winning economist has practical punch – CBS MoneyWatch
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Global Dovishness – Krugman, NY Times


More evidence that the giant student loan bubble will someday wreak havoc on the U.S. economy in one enormous delayed reaction comes from two charts that go a long way in explaining why and how the labor force participation rate is so low.

First, it’s not retirees that are causing more people to not work or look for work – the 16-24 age group accounts for all of the net decline in participation rate per the St. Louis Fed.

What are these 16-24 year-olds doing if they’re not working or looking for work?


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Tuesday Morning Links

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Global shares fall as Chinese data dims economic outlook – Reuters
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Citi dials down risky block trading amid market turmoil – Reuters
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Nobel Economist Showed We’re Helping the Wrong People – Bloomberg
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German investor confidence down as VW adds to worries – AP
Britain falls back into deflation as tumbling fuel prices take effect – Telegraph
China to put growth before reform ambitions amid slowdown fear – Reuters
China imports slump 20% amid falling commodity prices and weak demand – Guardian
House prices for first-time buyers rise to record high as supply dwindles – Telegraph
NYC Housing So Bleak People Would Happily Live in a Bar Bathroom – Jezebel
In South Florida housing market, food-service workers flounder – Palm Beach Post
Where’s the Courage to Act on Banks? – Bloomberg


John Oliver Does North Dakota

This Last Week Tonight piece on North Dakota covers a lot of ground – from Midwestern culture vs. New York manners to the unintentionally comic Blood & Oil TV series and, of course, the shale oil boom that is, for the moment at least, transforming the area.

Don’t forget, season two of Fargo debuts tonight! Ted Danson?!? Murder at a Waffle Hut?!?

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