The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 11

China and the Fed

The Federal Reserve brain trust must be rolling their eyes at the latest market turmoil resulting from China’s currency devaluation – first Greece, now China.

Keen on notching that first rate increase in about a decade, lest they be accused of leaving rates “too low for too long” again amid more “Fed-bubble machine” accusations, they are now growing more fearful of repeating the European Central Bank’s 2011 error when they raised short-term rates on nascent signs of inflation, only to reverse course months later.

Here’s Art Cashin’s take on the situation:

There’s nothing worse than a central bank that makes a bad situation worse and the trade-off here is whether the Fed’s action or inaction results in a near-term market crash or bigger asset bubbles later. My guess is that it will be the former combination.

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China Acts

China’s relatively modest currency devaluation appears to be the top news story of the day and, so far, equity markets are not taking it well – here’s why they did it.

Precious metals investors, on the other hand, have embraced the news since, like the Swiss bank action to remove the euro-peg from the franc some time ago, it comes across as one more sign that the global currency regime has an expiration date.

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China Readies More Stimulus

The sharp 8 percent drop in China exports last month has many thinking more stimulus is on the way for their sputtering quasi-command economy as detailed at Bloomberg.

On a related note, What if Mao still ran China? at the Financial Times points out that growth was pretty good long ago when there was no “quasi-” associated with the economy.

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