The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 11

Tuesday Morning Links

This Job Market Slump Started a While Ago – Bloomberg
Yellen signals Fed will wait to raise rates – LA Times
3 Signs of a Recession Janet Yellen Is Ignoring – Fortune
Yellen warns of the hit Brexit could have on US economy – BBC
Bank of England in preparations for potential Brexit – Guardian
London’s powerful financial hub: EU exit would be nightmare – AP
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Nothing Is Made in the USA Anymore? What About This – Ron Paul Institute
Clinton’s Historic Moment Tempered by Sanders, Who Won’t Go Away – Bloomberg
Why the AP, NBC News just called the primary for Hillary Clinton – Vox
An oil billionaire shapes Trump’s energy views – Washington Post
The Daily Trump – The Atlantic

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
S&P within 1.0% of record after Yellen speech – USA Today
Break out or freak out—stocks try to push higher – CNBC
What the Disruptor 50 list tells us about the tech bubble – CNBC
The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq Since Their 2000 Highs – Advisor Perspectives
World’s Safest Market Beset by Most Volatility Since 2008 Crisis – Bloomberg
Why investors can expect U.S. interest rates to stay low forever – MarketWatch
Gold holds near two-week high on Fed rate caution – Reuters
Pain is not over yet for the global miners, PwC warns – Telegraph
China Paused Monthly Gold Purchases in May After Prices Surged – Bloomberg

The Keynesians Stole The Jobs – Ron Paul Institute
U.S. Consumer Spending Remains Healthy in May – Gallup
The economic recovery just turned 7, and here’s why it feels so weak – LA Times
Venezuela Shows There’s No Shortcut to Economic Growth – Mises
Money, Jobs and Sovereignty: Myth vs. Reality Ahead of ‘Brexit’ Vote – NY Times
Excess capacity in Chinese economy distorting world markets, says Jack Lew – Guardian
The Canadian housing market puts us all at risk – Money Sense
Bay Area luxury housing market cools as economy slows – SF Biz Journal
The Case For A Super Glass-Steagall – Contra Corner
The Shadow Looming Over China – Bloomberg


John Oliver Buys Some Medical Debt

Pretty funny what Mr. Oliver does to shed light on things like this – how distressed medical debt is bought and sold in the U.S. like a commodity. Of course, there’s a rather dramatic conclusion to the story that you’ll discover toward the end.

We’ve come a long way from such things as debtors’ prison and the like and it’s funny to think that, up until the last 50 years or so, countries would actually pay back all the debt they piled up while fighting wars (that’s why the Revolutionary War came about – the British taxed the colonists to help pay off debts accumulated during the French and Indian War).

Monday Morning Links

Yellen speech may be attempt at damage control – MarketWatch
The Land Where Negative Interest Rates Are Normal – Bloomberg
Why Swiss voters said ‘No’ to a guaranteed basic income – CSM
Sterling volatility at crisis levels as polls show Britons back Brexit – Telegraph
Trump is a much worse threat than Brexit – Summers, Washington Post
Is The Trump University Scam Like Herpes For Trump? – MFI Miami
Vox suspends editor for encouraging riots at Donald Trump rallies – CNN/Money
Gary Johnson on Meet The Press: “This Talk About 3rd Parties? Well, I’m It” –
Hillary Clinton News: Secret Service Reveals Clinton’s Dirty Secrets – Morning Ledger
Why Sanders’ Supporters Might Not Switch Their Votes – Fiscal Times
Over-Adaptation and Market Drawdowns – Hussman Funds
Monkey with Money at Your Own Peril – CBB
You are here – Burning Platform

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The Upside of Academic Finance – Wealth of Common Sense
If only we could return to the glorious 1990s….. – Coppola Comment
DAVID ROSENBERG: I don’t want to alarm anyone but … – Business Insider
Global Yields Fall to Record as U.S. Jobs, Brexit to Hamper Fed – Bloomberg
Japanese Stocks Slump as Yen Gains Following U.S. Jobs Report – Bloomberg
Gold pares gains after hitting two-week high; Fed’s Yellen in focus – Reuters
Gold futures extend gains in weak jobs-report fallout – MarketWatch
Indian Gold Imports Said to Drop for Fourth Month on Slow Demand – Bloomberg

A Pause That Distresses – NY Times
US labor markets take a turn for the worse – Sober Look
US Economy: Brexit may not be the west’s biggest problem – Guardian
Early Look: China’s ‘Lukewarm’ Economy in May – WSJ
US vs China: 3 flash points between these economies – CNN/Money
It is too hot to work in India—and its GDP is panting – Quartz
Two-bedroom unit sold for a gobsmacking $1m+ – NZ Herald
Millennials a growing influence on housing market – rrobserver
The Fed Is as Clueless as You Are – Bloomberg
What Now, Ms. Yellen? – Alhambra Partners


Our National Parks

In advance of the official start of summer on this Memorial Day weekend, Five Thirty Eight took a look at visitation and other statistics related to the nation’s official playgrounds as the National Park Service gets ready to celebrates its 100th anniversary on August 26th.

Interestingly, while living in the Western U.S. for the last 35 years and seeing data similar to that shown above with impressive visitation numbers for Great Smokey Mountains NP, we had wondered what lied behind those numbers.

So, some years ago, we passed through that area to have a look around and – voila! – at the north entrance to GSM NP we found a veritable amusement park  heaven – really, an unbelievable collection of hotels, water slides, zip lines, go cart tracks, and the like – that – just speculating here – is the real draw for that area.

Friday Morning Links

Brexit ’serious risk to growth’ says G7 – BBC
Abe claims success as G-7 leaders back action on economies – AP
Bankers to share desks as part of financial world’s cost-cutting – Telegraph
Billionaire’s revenge: Peter Thiel’s nine-year Gawker grudge – Guardian
Seventeen Words That Spelled Trouble for Hillary Clinton – New Yorker
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Whether Trump or Clinton, Anxiety Creeps Into U.S. Stock Outlook – Bloomberg
Bernie Sanders tells Disney: ‘Bring Mickey Mouse home’ – Guardian
Dump Trump? Some millennials aren’t so sure – AP
Why Do We Ignore Obvious Dangers? – Observer
The Dow: An Index of Winners – The Atlantic
“Rage room” therapy in Houston – Guardian

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
What traders will be watching before heading to the beach – CNBC
Apple and 11 other stocks blow past the $100 barrier – USA Today
What $50 oil means to producers and the Fed – MarketWatch
Battle Inside OPEC Eases as Saudi Oil Strategy Finally Pays Off – Bloomberg
Currency traders told not to cheat and to keep chatting to authorities – Telegraph
Earnings fall at fastest rate since the Great Recession – MarketWatch
Gold heads for fourth weekly drop as U.S. rate view weighs – Reuters
Gold Prices Should Rise Above $1,900/oz -“Get In Now!” – GoldCore
Gold Investors Await Yellen’s Signals After Another Losing Week – Bloomberg

Have U.S. Wages Stagnated? Probably Not – RCM
Finding Better Ideas to Rebuild America – Bloomberg
Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Most Popular Man – Bloomberg
China and US clash over cheap steel imports – BBC
Muzzling Brussels: Why EU Leaders Aren’t Debating Brexit – Spiegel
Crisis-ridden eurozone matters less and less to UK – Telegraph
High cost of home ownership exposes strains in Canada’s housing market – BNN
America’s 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets for May 2016 –
Fed’s Yellen may send interest-rate message by not making one – MarketWatch
Central Banks Can’t Go It Alone Anymore – Bloomberg

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