The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 12

After seeing stories on network news about how long airport security lines have become at major airports, just one thought comes to mind – thank God I don’t have to fly anywhere anymore. The graphic below from this Quartz story explains the situation:

CNN/Money reports that travelers in Chicago are being told to arrive three hours prior to their departure time – as if Chicago doesn’t already have enough  problems…

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Retirement Regrets

There’s nothing really surprising in this survey of regrets current and future retirees have about their current or future retirement.

Too little saving and too much debt account for two-thirds of the responses with the other third split about equally between None (the correct answer) and “Something else” (which screams out for some elaboration, given that it’s a pretty big share of the responses).

Low financial literacy and our consumer culture (buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have) work against those with the best intentions and, in the end, this is kind of like the obesity epidemic where, “eat less, exercise more” is easier to say than do.

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Wednesday Morning Links

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Stay Away from the Wildlife!

The story of a father-son couple in a rented SUV in Yellowstone National Park attempting to rescue a bison calf from the cold has made the national news in recent days.

It ends badly, as it would have regardless of the tourists’ actions.

The latest from East Idaho News can be found here.

FWIW – from what I’ve read, the calf had been rejected by its mother and was approaching people (not that this should have made a difference in how the tourists acted).

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