The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 18

Friday Morning Links

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Yellen and Global Uncertainty

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appears to have said everything that folks on Wall Street were wanting to hear yesterday as she basically green-lighted a little more asset price inflation at the cost of lower interest rates for just a little bit longer.

Like previous Fed chairs Bernanke and Greenspan, “too low for too long” is not really much of a concern. See also:

Thursday Morning Links

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Self Driving Cars and Stop Lights

It doesn’t appear as though flying cars are anywhere on the horizon, but self-driving cars seem to be in our not-too-distant future, perhaps finishing the job of killing the stop-light that round-abouts started here in the U.S. a while back.

Anyone with an engineering/software inclination should quickly understand how “slot-based intersections” (as detailed in this Vox story) could be designed and implemented, but it would require extraordinary safety measures, lots of testing, and, of course, no more human drivers.

Wednesday Morning Links

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