The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 18

Weight and Credit in America

Not sure what to do with this first item after saving it the other day, I noticed that the deep south turned up at the bottom of this and another survey recently- obesity and credit scores per the latest data from The State of Obesity and The State of Credit.

There’s probably a handful of other surveys that Mississippi ranks last on, though, at this point, I don’t think I really want to know what they are.

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Fun with Zero on the Y-Axis

To someone who used to produce a lot of charts (not so much at all anymore), this video about when and where to place zero on the y-axis was pretty entertaining.

Of course, this being Vox, Fox News was the poster-boy for using the Y-axis to lie, however, when looking at the detail behind the example that was offered up, the deception that was produced by the “Fair and Balanced” network was pretty egregious.

Friday Morning Links

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Another Leg Down for Commodities?

Like many others who opine on this sort of thing, in an item at Project Syndicate Harvard economist Carmen Reinhart says another leg down (or two) could be in store for the commodities bear market now in its fourth (or seventh, depending on when you start) year.

Even though the dollar has weakened today, the price of WTI crude oil briefly dipped below the $40 mark which, should this move continue in the weeks ahead, make the Fed’s deliberations on interest rate hikes all the more interesting.

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