The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 18

Friday Morning Links

US threatening ‘chaos’ in Asia-Pacific: China – AFP
Greek bank deposits fall to lowest level in a decade – BBC
IMF warns of Grexit threat as judgment day approaches – Telegraph
DB: “Greek Endgame Is Here: Probability Of IMF Default Now 70% – Zero Hedge
Chinese stocks extend fall, investors jittery as Greece deadline looms – U.S. News
China Stocks Cap Wild Week With Two-Day Drop as PetroChina Falls – Bloomberg
Baltimore gets bloodier as arrests drop post-Freddie Gray – AP
Megan McArdle on the Coming Burst of the College Bubble – Newsweek
Obamacare’s $273 Billion Bonanza for Paper Pushers – Fiscal Times
The Economist Who Realized How Crazy We Are – Bloomberg
The Currency Manipulation Charade – Project Syndicate
The economics of John Nash – voxeu

Stock futures struggle ahead of GDP data – MarketWatch
Ask a Fool: Your biggest investing regret? – USA Today
As Activism Rises, U.S. Firms Spend More on Buybacks Than Factories – WSJ
A Generation of Wall Street Traders Have Never Seen a Rate Hike? – Bloomberg
Fed has fueled the bull market since the financial crisis – MarketWatch
Gold steadies as uncertainty over Greece lends support – Reuters
Life hasn’t come back to Canada’s mining sector just yet –
Swiss gold exports to China drop 67% in April, India down 28% – BullionDesk
London gold bulls vs bears – no real winners – Mineweb
Austrian Central Bank To Repatriate Gold From London – Kitco

Millennial College Grads: Young, Educated, Jobless – Newsweek
How L.A.’s New Minimum Wage Could Hurt the Poor – Daily Beast
Goldman Slashes U.S. Long-Run “Potential GDP” From 2.25% To 1.75% – Zero Hedge
Libya on verge of economic collapse, U.N. envoy warns – Reuters
Swiss Economy Unexpectedly Shrinks After Strong Franc Stifles Exports – Bloomberg
Controversial Campaign for DIY Abortions Shocks Chile – Vice News
The continuing investigation into the U.S. housing bubble – Equitable Growth
Something about home prices smells fishy – The Burning Platform
Kocherlakota: ‘Mistake’ for Fed to Raise Rates in 2015 – WSJ
Why is Yellen skipping Jackson Hole? – CNBC


Another One Bites the Dust

It’s not clear which is more idiotic – that some motorcyclists tempt fate by riding between lanes on crowded freeways (a practice called “lane-splitting”) or the fact that some of them film their escapades and make the videos available online as shown below.

This brought back memories of a former life where driving on crowded freeways was a fairly common occurrence and came to my attention after spotting an LA Times story detailing the effort now underway in the California legislature to make this practice legal.

So long as they limit motorcycle riders to 15 mph above the flow of traffic, they should be fine … yeah, right. (Or, perhaps this is just a veiled attempt to kill off lane-splitters.)

Thursday Morning Links

Nasdaq index closes at a record – BBC
China stocks slump 6.5% on Thursday – China Daily
China Margin Lending Tightened Amid Bubble Concern – Bloomberg
No change in Greek debt talks after another day of spin – Reuters
Greece aims to get bailout deal by Sunday but creditors wary – AP
ECB Warns of Contagion Risk If Greece Deal Not Reached Fast – Bloomberg
Growing Obesity Rate Threatens America’s Poorest States – Fiscal Times
I’m a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing – Vox
The Triumph (and Failure) of John Nash’s Game Theory – New Yorker
19 Things That Actually Happened in 1999 – Dividend Reference
Borrowing to Replenish Depleted Pensions – NY Times
Bernie Sanders’s Dark Age Economics – National Review

Global stocks down as Greece deadline looms – AP
Winter is Coming – Points and Figures
Byron Wien: The Stock Market’s Next Phase – Barron’s
The Tanker Market Is Sending a Big Warning to Oil Bulls – Bloomberg
Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Paul Singer Reveals The “Bigger Short” – Zero Hedge
Gold edges higher as dollar and European shares retreat – Reuters
Texas Senate Passes Bill to Establish Bullion Depository – Tenth Amendment
Gold has two major hurdles to overcome –
Something BIG Is About To Happen To Silver – SRSrocco Report
China To Create $16 Billion Gold Fund – Kitco

How Healthcare Is Dooming the Economy – Of Two Minds
Financial Vulnerability Haunts U.S. Families After Crisis – Bloomberg
No Improvement in U.S. Economic Confidence Index, Now at -9 – Gallup
French consumers express more pessimism in May – xinhuanet
China May official factory PMI seen lackluster despite stimulus moves – Reuters
Trade deficit hammers UK growth in first quarter – Telegraph
Samsung’s Ruling Family Tightens Its Grip – Bloomberg
Want to Make a Cool $72,000? Buy a Home and Flip It! – Fiscal Times
Williams says rate rise likely this year, economy to bounce back – Reuters
Further Testing ‘They Don’t Know What They Are Doing’ – Alhambra Partners


A World Drowning in Debt

I don’t know the source of all the data presented in the chart below, recently stumbled upon in this item at the Confounded Interest blog, but nothing about it looks to be out of order. The only major shortfall would appear to be that China is not included and, after reading stories like this one, you have to wonder how they would stack up.

Everyone knows about Japan’s public debt, but the business and bank debt in the U.K. was a bit of a surprise to me. Also, it’s nice to see that our neighbors to the north have now caught up to the U.S. (or passed us – it’s hard to tell) as indebted spendthrifts.

Wednesday Morning Links

Greece Likely to Miss May Deal Deadline – Bloomberg
Greece Risk Timeline — Why July 20 Matters Most – Bloomberg
Lew fears miscalculation over Greece could spark new crisis – Reuters
Nine Charts Show Shenzhen Stock Market is Like No Other in the World – Bloomberg
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Japan, Philippines to deepen ties as China asserts sea claims – Bloomberg
Obama says Russia adopting ‘increasingly aggressive posture’ – AFP
Bernie Sanders’s populist, policy-heavy campaign kick-off speech – Vox
Self-Driving Volvo Tries To Run Some People Over – Jalopnik
A $12,480 per year ‘tax’ per full-time employee – AEI

Stocks turn higher in Europe despite Asian losses – AP
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Gold steadies off two-week low as dollar rally loses steam – Reuters
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Russia’s central bank increasing gold reserves – Mineweb
Why Mining Stocks May Be Golden Again – The Street

More seniors are going hungry – CNN/Money
How Does Your Experience of Inflation Differ from the Average? – WSJ
Unemployment is a big threat to eurozone economy – MarketWatch
German consumer confidence hits 13.5-year high – AFP
Three Do’s, One Don’t to Achieve 2% Japan Growth – WSJ
California’s Competitive Housing Market Persists, Bigger Premiums Paid – WPJ
California Dreaming: Record $500 Million Tag on L.A. Home – Bloomberg
Fed’s Yellen Plans to Skip This Year’s Jackson Hole Conference – WSJ
Fischer Says Fed May Slow Rate Rises If World Growth Falters – Bloomberg
Be Prepared to Pass the Test of Fed’s Moves – Caixin

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