The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 18

Investors Hate Stocks?

According to the graphic below from this Bloomberg story, investor sentiment has recently plunged along with stock prices, but, “fret not” they say, as big gains normally await those who dare to invest money after such an historic loss of confidence.


It’s hard to know what the correct price of anything is these days, what with the central banks of the world having their heavy thumbs on the scale and investors never knowing if or when they’ll relent, last week’s Fed no-decision being the latest example of such.

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The Fed Decision in Two Minutes

This Bloomberg video of some of Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s prepared remarks during her press conference yesterday was popping up all over the place this morning. It’s actually the first four pages of a six page opening statement(.pdf) available at the Fed’s website.

It really just boils down to about the last 10 seconds – central bankers’ fear of deflation:

… in light of the heightened uncertainties abroad and a slightly softer expected path for inflation, the Committee judged it appropriate to wait for more evidence, including some further improvement in the labor market, to bolster its confidence that inflation will rise to 2 percent in the medium term.

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Clearly, Three Hours Was Too Long

For those wise enough to have skipped last night’s debate amongst those vying for the GOP nomination for president, here are the highlights, courtesy of this item at Marketwatch.

I fell asleep at some point, but not before hearing Donald Trump comment on how such a long debate boosted advertising revenues at CNN (Wow! – 40x normal ad rates).

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