The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 19

Cramer Says “Sell” (No, Not Really)

Haven’t watched or heard CNBC’s Jim Cramer in some time, but, just the first few seconds of this clip from yesterday, after what can only be described as a monster rally sandwiched between two monster sell offs (the latter coming today, apparently) just seems so dated.

What does he have to say? CNCB puts it thusly:

Mad Money host Jim Cramer preps investors for the next blitz down.

I could only take it for about two minutes – he seemed pretty sincere.

For those looking for something more highbrow, see The Bear Case for Stocks at Barron’s

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Error! Error! Error!

My apologies in advance if this takes too long to load or is overly annoying (if so for the latter, just check back on Friday morning and the next links post will displace this post from the top spot), but I felt compelled to share the animated .gif that Bloomberg is using to alert readers that it can’t find the requested file during what can only be described as an “exciting” (if ultimately unsuccessful, so far) makeover of its website.

Money managers trailing U.S. index fund returns by double digits over the last few years no doubt share some of the sentiments expressed by the gentleman above when looking at their Bloomberg terminal … and that’s what kind of makes the graphic fun.

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