The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 2

Wednesday Morning Links

Trump Sweeps New York – Real Clear Politics
Clinton rolls over Sanders in New York – LA Times
5 takeaways from the New York primary – Politico
This is a terrifying chart for Republicans – Vox
Trump Has Reason to Cry Foul Over a ‘Rigged Election’ – Fiscal Times
This election is an unpopularity contest for the ages – Washington Post
BoC’s Poloz Says Global Monetary Stimulus Is Reaching its Limit – Bloomberg
Big U.S. banks grapple with costs as they face an ominous 2016 – Reuters
Female Student says ‘I Wasn’t Raped’, boyfriend expelled anyway –
Utah declares porn a ‘public health hazard’ – The Week
Living Longer, With More Disability – The Atlantic
4/20: National Weed Day, explained – Vox
The Farewell to Jackson – NY Sun

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Oil falls on end to Kuwaiti strike, supply outlook – Reuters
China’s Stocks Tumble Most in Seven Weeks to Break Trading Calm – Bloomberg
This Market Cycle Diagram Explains the Best Time to Buy Stocks – Visual Capitalist
Oil Market Hype And Crisis Signal Greater Troubles Ahead – Alt-Market
Who’s Buying the US Stocks that Foreign Investors Are Dumping? – Wolf Street
Gold retreats as dollar firms; silver hits 11-month high – Reuters
Silver hits 11-month high. It’s up more than gold in 2016 – CNN/Money
China yuan gold fix aimed at gaining more influence in pricing –
Gold mines are exploding again – This is why … – Secular Investor

Intel to cut 12,000 jobs globally – CNN/Money
Bad News for Those Using the Jobless Rate As a Shield – Alhambra Partners
Brazil’s President-in-Waiting, a Political Insider, Is Preparing – Bloomberg
Germany trims 2017 growth forecast to 1.5 percent – Washington Post
We won’t be euphoric if India is the fastest-growing large economy – Reuters
Record Temperatures have Killed Over 100 People in India – Vice News
A 10 Point Checklist for Buying a House – Motley Fool
PBOC Signals Less Appetite for Stimulus as Outlook Improves – Bloomberg
The Case Against Helicopter Money – Project Syndicate


High Prices and Whole Foods

We only shop at the grocery store for items we either can’t buy at Costco or can’t use fast enough (e.g., a 10 pound bag of onions), so, reports like this one from Marketwatch about high prices at Whole Foods falls into the category of fantastical.

We’ve been to Whole Foods stores a number of times over the years when we travel (from here, the closest one is 300+ miles away) and we just kind of marvel at the numbers we see on the shelves as shoppers go blithely on their way, toting their basket up to the register and then paying whatever the clerk says. I guess you’re paying for “the experience”…

Tuesday Morning Links

The Saudis are going in for the kill – Telegraph
Saudi Arabia turns oil weapon on Iran – Reuters
The bad smell hovering over the global economy – Guardian
Fed’s Kashkari says U.S. economy in ‘uncharted waters’ – MarketWatch
Early Warning Signs of Recession Flash Faintly in U.S. Jobs Data – Bloomberg
Institutionalized Lying—— Why Central Bankers Never See Bubbles – Contra Corner
Dozens Killed in Kabul in First Taliban Attack of Spring Offensive – Vice News
New Yorkers turn up for a lot of stuff — but not at the ballot box – Vox
Will New York Go for the Front-Runners? – Atlantic
How the Donald could defeat Hillary – Washington Times
For Trump and Clinton, winning isn’t enough – Politico
HBO’s High-Tech Lynching – Townhall

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
2016 Fund Flow Trends In Two Charts – Barron’s
Hedge funds post best gains in 4 years in March – CNBC
German Investor Optimism Rises as China Risk Abates – Bloomberg
Why this market rally looks like a classic investor trap – MarketWatch
It’s All Suddenly Going Wrong in China’s $3 Trillion Bond Market – Bloomberg
US 2015 Oil Production and Future Oil Prices – Our Finite World
Gold gains on dollar weakness, silver hits 10-month high – Reuters
Why One Analyst Believes Gold Could Hit $3,000 an Ounce – US Funds
Hedge funds have never been this bullish on silver –
Opinion: Gold is 33% overpriced, by this measure – MarketWatch

Worst March, worst first quarter since 2010 – Wolf Street
Most Americans think economy is ‘getting worse’ – CNBC
Sadly, Canada now seems to be the best hope for the global economy – Quartz
Economists blast ‘one-sided’ Treasury warning on Brexit – Telegraph
Argentina returns to bond market after 15-year isolation – BBC
What Makes Housing Too Expensive – Bloomberg
Too Big to Fail From the Eyes of a Specialist – NEP
What Did Fed Chairman Yellen Tell Obama? – Ron Paul Institute
Fed’s Rosengren takes another shot at pessimistic markets – Reuters


They probably got at a little chuckle in the Russia Today newsroom when preparing this piece about how officials at UC Davis (one of the most liberal institutions of higher learning in the land) spent upwards of $175,000 to lessen the internet presence of their infamous “pepper spray” incident that resulted from the Occupy UC Davis demonstration in 2011.

I imagine they already have special instructions in place about the possible use of pepper spray here in 2016 now that the University of California Student Association and some lawmakers are calling for the resignation or firing of UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi who, as of this morning, has rebuffed their demands.

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Monday Morning Links

Oil price dives after output talks fail – BBC
Oil sinks after top producers fail to reach deal – CNN/Money
Grand Oil Bargain Is Victim of Saudi Arabia’s Iran Fixation – Bloomberg
The US Just Transferred Nine Guantanamo Detainees to Saudi Arabia – Vice News
57% of Americans Say Income Taxes Are Too High. Only 55.5% Pay Income Tax – WSJ
America’s missing wage growth has been particularly cruel to Generation X – Quartz
How the Hyper-Liberal Enclaves of America Could Pick the GOP Nominee – Politico
None of the candidates are viewed favorably by a majority of Americans – The Week
Superdelegates have destroyed the will of the people – Salon
Deflation is the dog that has failed to bark, let alone bite – Telegraph
The United States of Insolvency – Grant, Time
A financial hockey stick – Econbrowser

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Defaults hit highest level since ‘09 bust – USA Today
What if the ‘big, fat, juicy bubble’ bursts? – The Hill
China’s Stocks Slump as Oil Producers Slide – Bloomberg
Pushing Desperate Measures Too Far – Credit Bubble Bulletin
Permanently High Plateaus Have Poor Precedents – Hussman Funds
The Hole at the Center of the Rally: S&P 500 Margins in Decline – Bloomberg
Gold boosted by dollar and equities after oil freeze fails – Reuters
Funds Are Betting the Gravity-Defying Gold Rally Isn’t Over Yet – Bloomberg
Faber: “Messiah” Central Banks Helicopter Money“Will Not End Well” – GoldCore

The Keynesian House Of Denial – Contra Corner
Will Autos Be The Cyclical Trigger? – Alhambra Partners
Participation Rate: Aging Is Only Half of the Story – Atlanta Fed
China Ocean Freight Index Collapses to Record Low – Wolf Street
Rousseff Hangs by a Thread After Losing Impeachment Vote – Bloomberg
Putin Swears Off Stimulus as Policy Mix Moves Toward ‘Orthodoxy’ – Bloomberg
China March home prices rise at fastest rate in two years – Reuters
Why the U.S. Housing Market Will Spring Ahead – WSJ
China eyes boost from ‘superpower’ Federal Reserve – CNBC
Federal Reserve heads battle over GDP accuracy – NY Post

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