The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 2

Wednesday Morning Links

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Ray Dalio sees Fed launching quantitative-easing measures – MarketWatch


The Emporer is Indeed Naked

From Alberto Gallo, head of credit research at RBS, via this item at the Fiscal Times comes this handy guide to post-Great Recession monetary policy and its various effects.

How long will it take for this to become the mainstream view?

After the events of the last few days or so, perhaps sooner rather than later.

Tuesday Morning Links

China cuts interest rates after days of market turmoil – BBC
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Asia Should Call Truce on Currency War – Bloomberg
Joseph Stiglitz: “Deep-seatedly wrong” economic thinking is killing Greece – INET
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Will the Stock Market Correction Hurt Housing? – Forbes
Rethinking Mortgage Design – Liberty Street Economics
Trigger-Happy Central Bankers Reversed Course – Bloomberg
Rate Hike Fever – Krugman, NY Times


Panic on the Street

It looks like they’ll have plenty to talk about this week beyond the official topic of  Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy at the Federal Reserve’s annual gathering of the brain trust in Jackson Hole, WY, what with the sky being full of smoke from physical fires burning to the West and financial markets around the world figuratively going up in smoke.

What’s interesting about recent developments (if not surprising) is that China’s disappointing economy is being blamed for the market turmoil, prime evidence being the graphic below in this Wall Street Journal story today:

What gets short shrift from most media outlets (this Forbes piece by Steve Keen being the exception to the rule) is that we may be looking square in the face of yet another ugly unwind of yet another reckless expansion of credit and debt. Oh well…

Monday Morning Links

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