The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 20

Shiller on Bubbly Markets, Investor Psychology

Yale Economist, Nobel Laureate, and Bubble-Spotter Extraordinaire Robert Shiller comments on how, even after the late-August correction, the stock market remains kind of bubbly and that investor psychology could play a big role in exacerbating any renewed decline (perhaps prompted by the Fed) now that everyone’s back from their summer vacations.

Also at CNBC, see Robert Shiller: THIS is the sign we’re in a bubble – apparently being super-confident in the market while ignoring valuations can be a bad thing.

Wednesday Morning Links

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David Stockman Does Not ♥ the Fed

David Stockman on Bloomberg on the impact of low interest rates:

To summarize:

You shouldn’t be pegging the money market rate. That is a false function. It doesn’t work in a world that’s drowning in debt. The only reason to peg the interest rate below the market is if you’re trying to encourage businesses and households to borrow. Businesses in America have all the debt they’ll ever need and they’re spending it to buy back their own stock. Households are at peak debt. Ninety percent of households can’t borrow more if they wanted to. So the only thing that zero interest rates do is create a tremendous subsidy, a tremendous incentive for Wall Street to gamble more and more recklessly.

Thursday Morning Links

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Disability Insurance Trust Fund R.I.P

Veronique de Rugy at the Mercatus Center put together the chart below depicting the dire state of the Social Security Disability Trust Fund, said fund functioning lately as a bridge to social security payments for those who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to work.

It should be interesting to see how this is handled next year when the fund is depleted since, apparently, this fund can’t just borrow money from the general social security trust fund which has a much longer life expectancy.

On a related note, a couple of articles at the New York Times:

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