The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 20

For anyone who has looked at reviews at (and that probably includes just about all of Western civilization), the distribution of positive and negative assessments (as indicated by the number of stars) in the image below must surely seem odd.

As detailed in this story at The Guardian, there’s a reason for this “ungodly row”, which, suddenly, has become all the more interesting with Mitt Romney’s speech today on the state of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

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For someone who will turn 90 this Sunday, he seems pretty sharp…

The Fed Chairman they once called Maestro thinks that negative interest rates “warp” investor behavior (something that you just don’t say when you’re sitting at the head of the big table at the Eccles Building) and that he hasn’t been optimistic in “quite a while”.

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John Oliver Does Not ♥ Donald Trump

What was once considered a benign, yet target rich, environment for comedians (i.e., Donald Trump’s run for president) has, to the surprise of many, turned into something much, much scarier, prompting this intervention by John Oliver in advance of Super Tuesday voting.

Also see A New Chrome Extension Makes Donald ‘Drumpf’ Again from Wired, for anyone wishing to banish the name Trump from their browser.

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