The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 20

Wednesday Morning Links

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Russia Politician Urges Obama: ‘Don’t Be Like George Bush, Forget Ukraine’ – Moscow Times
Strap ‘em If You Got ‘em: Texas Set to Allow Guns on Campuses and Open Carry – Vice News
There are two Americas for kids now, thanks to income inequality – Quartz
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As Silence Falls on Chicago Trading Pits, a Working-Class Portal Also Closes – NY Times
Top U.S. CEOs reaped billions from stock gains in recent years – Reuters
Fighting the “War on Terror ” by Banning Cash – Mises

World stocks drift as Fed, China weakness weigh – AP
Are Biotechs the New Dot-coms? – Irrelevant Investor
What Happens When Vanguard Owns Everything? – Morningstar
American cash is flooding into European stocks – CNN/Money
Oil ETF Holdings Soar; Investors Await a Bottom for Crude – Barron’s
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Gold near 2-1/2 week high on U.S. rate expectations – Reuters
SocGen’s ultra bearish gold and silver outlook – Mineweb
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Is Jobless Growth Inevitable? – Project Syndicate
The ACA and labor force participation of older workers – MarketWatch
“All the Eurozone Is Capable of Is ‘Stealing’ Growth from Others” – Wolf Street
Yemen’s Houthis Extend Advance in South After Saudi Warning – Bloomberg
Yemen president flees Aden home as Shiite rebels near, official says – LA Times
Canada’s housing market hits Wile E. Coyote moment: Yale lecturer – Global News
What to do when Canada’s housing boom turns to bust – Financial Post
Fed’s Evans: Central Bank Shouldn’t Raise Rates This Year – WSJ
Bernanke Was Right: Interest Rates Aren’t Going Anywhere – Fiscal Times


Here’s the chart from about half-way through a highly entertaining Ted talk (due in part to a Tennessee twang) given by hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones depicting where the U.S. stands on a measure of inequality via-a-vis social ills (go here for the entire clip).

It’s not clear how that left scale is calculated, by my guess is that the American obesity epidemic is what puts this nation off the chart.

Of course, the headlines that were generated from this talk had to do with how situations like those depicted in the chart are resolved and I’ve obliged in the title above.

Tuesday Morning Links

Bullard: Raise rates or face ‘devastating’ bubbles – FT
Fed’s Bullard says zero U.S. rates no longer appropriate – Reuters
George Soros: Greece is now a lose-lose game – Telegraph
China March flash HSBC PMI contracts to 11-month low – Reuters
Tudor Jones: ‘We’ve Ripped the Humanity Out of Our Companies’ – NewsMax
The world’s next credit crunch could make 2008 look like a hiccup – Telegraph
Liberty U. Students Forced to Attend Ted Cruz Speech, Make Stand for Rand –
Wait… Can Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Actually Become the Next US President? – Vice News
Norway is Caught Between A Housing Bubble And Falling Crude Prices – Zero Hedge
Moscow continues its aggressive policy – Stratfor
Mortgaging the Future? – San Francisco Fed
Hospitals Are Robbing Us Blind – Slate

Stock gains tempered by weak China data – AP
10 companies buy up their own stock – USA Today
The Unbearable Exuberance of China’s Markets – Bloomberg
You won’t know the bull market is over until the bear is here – MarketWatch
Global Bond Yields Do Limbo Dance Again as They Near Record Low – Bloomberg
Gold rally continues on lower dollar and U.S. rate speculation – Reuters
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Will The Shanghai Gold Exchange Facilitate Gold Inclusion Into The SDR? – BullionStar

A Simple Guide to “Secular Stagnation” – Money and Banking
In Our Horrifying Future, Very Few People Will Have Work or Make Money – alternet
This Snookered Isle: Britain’s Terrible, No-Good Economic Discourse – Krugman, NY Times
Growth in eurozone business activity near four-year high – BBC
UK Inflation falls to 0%: what does it mean for the economy? – Guardian
French Output Growth Cools as Manufacturing Weakness Persists – Bloomberg
What Home Sellers Know That Economists Don’t – Alhambra Partners
Fed’s Fischer Says Rate Rise Probably Warranted by End-2015 – Bloomberg
The Fed Runs the Economy, Not Congress or the President – HuffPost
Why Yellen & The Feds Are Bubble Blind – Contra Corner


Shocker! New Tech Bubble Spurs Confidence

A recent Gallup poll indicates that, in a part of the country where stock values and home values are at nosebleed levels with a dovish Federal Reserve just last week providing a green-light for more of the same, the populace is pretty confident about the economy.

About the only thing that might be considered surprising about the data below is just how big the confidence gap is between the Bay Area and the rest of the country.

At the other end of the spectrum are areas in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma where folks are downright gloomy. In these areas, 60 percent or more of the respondents said that the economy is getting worse, not better, and less than 20 percent said that current conditions were good or excellent.

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