The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 21

Friday Morning Links

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The Fed Has Been Wrong Everytime

Here’s a rather harsh (and well deserved) assessment of Federal Reserve policy from Sri Kumar, president at Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, who points out the central bank’s abysmal track record on forecasting economic growth and how they have a fantastic track record for “taking the punch bowl away” far too slowly.

His closing comments are interesting. Particularly after the recent developments in Iraq, 2014 is suddenly starting to feel a lot like six or seven years ago when stocks had reached all-time highs and then oil prices started rising rapidly. We all know how that turned out.

Thursday Morning Links

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It’s All About the Dots

The Fed will, at some point, rue the day they decided to make dot-plots showing the collective view of central bank members on where they think interest rates are headed.

Here’s an animated version of the recent progression from this CNN/Money story showing why interest rates rising sooner rather than later has become a concern for investors.

While the graphic will be updated at CNN/Money later today, that may not happen here.

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