The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 21

Tuesday Morning Links

Oil hits five-and-a-half-year low – Reuters
Rig count falls as seasonal slowdown meets lower crude prices – fuelfix
Oilsands camp provider cuts third of staff in Canada due to slowdown – FP
China, Russia launch financial tools in local currencies – RT News
There Is A Run On US Dollars In Russia – Sprout Money
Japan’s stock market peaked 25 years ago today – CNN/Money
Central Bankers At Work: Money Dies In Japan – Alhambra Partners
Cops Who Turned Their Backs Are the Most Threatening Protesters Of All – Vice News
Obama’s golf game in Hawaii bumps Army couple from wedding spot on 16th hole – AP
Here Are 10 Outrageous ‘Zero Tolerance’ Follies of 2014 –
A Libertarian Millennial’s Response to Paul Krugman – Libertennial
Are some diets “mass murder”? – thebmj

Global markets lower as Greek polls raise caution – AP
U.S. Bond Sentiment Is Worst Since Disastrous ’09 – Bloomberg
The market calm before a potential third-phase bull blowout – MarketWatch
Energy Bargain Hunters Plow Record Amounts Into ETFs – Bloomberg
The Line Between Rational Speculation and Market Collapse – Hussman Funds
Treasury Yields Fall Amid Haven Demand as Oil Tumbles – Bloomberg
Gold climbs as year-end jitters knock stocks, dollar – Reuters
Gold the second-best performing currency in 2014 after the dollar – Arabian Money
2014 In Review: How Could Gold Bugs Have Been So Wrong? – Dollar Collapse
Federal Reserve Bank New York Lost 47t Of Gold In November – BullionStar

Five Reasons for Slow Growth – Project Syndicate
Recession Hurt Black College Grads More Than Their Peers – Atlantic
Everything We Don’t Know About Minimum-Wage Hikes – Bloomberg
How are Venezuelans coping with tumbling oil prices? – BBC
Welcome to the era of Chinese outsourcing – Bloomberg
Greece warned that political chaos may hurt credit rating – AP
Will the Real Angela Merkel Please Stand Up? – Bloomberg
Inflated Home Prices Strangle US Housing Market – Wolf Street
Don’t Buy a Home as an Investment – WSJ
Housing Market’s Foundations Crack – WSJ


John Oliver on New Years Eve

HBO’s John Oliver explains how New Years Eve is like the death of a pet – you know it’s going to happen, but you’re never really prepared for how truly awful it is.

He suggests the best way to get out of celebrating the occasion with friends is to tell them you’re doing a “cleanse” (the discussion will usually stop right there).

Monday Morning Links

Get ready for a new Greek drama – CNN/Money
Eurozone on brink of crisis as snap Greek elections loom – Telegraph
Could the Great Oil Price Crash of 2014 Be a Disaster in the Making? – NI
OPEC must defend income of its members – Algerian energy minister – RT News
OPEC’s Export Revenue To Plunge From $900B To $450B – Daily Finance
China’s Censors Take Final Step in Blocking Gmail – WSJ
Crackdown on Christmas Celebrations in China – CNM News
Prying Eyes: Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security – Spiegel
2014: The Year of the Pointless Freakout – Fiscal Times
And the Big Winner of 2015 Will Be … – Fiscal Times
The bubble that lurks in 2015 – MarketWatch
The Obama Recovery – Krugman, NY Times

Stocks: 3 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Supply, demand and the price of oil – Econbrowser
Ten Investing Facts of Life – Bloomberg
Japan marks 25 years since Nikkei Average’s peak – MarketWatch
For 2015, investors expect more stock gains, cautious about Russia – AP
Treasuries Rise With Bunds as Greece Faces Fresh Election – Bloomberg
Gold edges lower as markets digest Greek vote – Reuters
German central bank: We’re still taking back our bullion –
SGE Withdrawals A Whopping 61t In Week 51, YTD 2016t – BullionDesk
HSBC: Gold Market Still Vulnerable To ETF Redemptions – Kitco

The Big Economic Unknowns of 2015 – NY Times
Simple Economic Growth Won’t Fix the Middle Class – RCM
Which Growth Rate? It’s a Weighty Subject – NY Fed
Japan Approves $29B Spending Package to Boost Economy – Bloomberg
Economic history: Germany’s hyperinflation-phobia – Economist
Russia shows first sign of recession as GDP contracts – BBC
China Gives Up On Housing Bubble – Forbes
UK housing crisis: brick stocks hit record low – Telegraph
10 states missing out on the housing recovery – USA Today
The Federal Reserve Publishes Another Paper on Bitcoin – Coin Telegraph


Let it Snow

From this item at the Weather Channel on the Top 100 Photos of the year comes the image below depicting how “lake effect snow” around Buffalo can make life  interesting.

Of course, that first stop sign was probably pretty interesting too. More photos from the massive snowfall last month can be found here.

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