The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 3

Retail Sales Post Modest Gain

The Commerce Department reported(.pdf) that retail sales rose less than expected last month, up only 0.2 percent in June following an upwardly revised gain of 0.5 percent in May.

The consensus estimate for June was a gain of 0.6 percent and the miss was largely due to a surprise decline of 0.3 percent in auto sales last month. Retail sales less autos rose 0.4 percent and when both autos and gasoline are excluded, sales also rose 0.4 percent.

Sales increased for nine of the thirteen major categories, paced by a gain of 1.1 percent at general merchandise stores (e.g., department stores) and an increase of 0.9 percent at nonstore retailers (e.g., internet sales) and health & personal care stores.

Declining categories were led by home improvement stores where sales fell 1.0 percent and food service where receipts were 0.3 percent lower.


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Gold and silver prices dipped early last week after broad stock market indexes had reached record highs, but then the metals advanced sharply and ended higher as equity markets faltered amid new credit market fears, this time concerning the health of Portugal’s biggest bank. This marked the sixth straight week of gains for precious metals that are now at 3.5 month highs despite recent sharp declines for most other commodity prices.

Gold and SilverThough safe haven demand from a number of different sources (a list that seems to grow every week) has been the key driver behind rising gold and silver futures market buying, the big gains turned in by mining stocks so far this year are also being credited for some of the metals’ strength.

The silver rally has been particularly impressive as the “poor man’s gold” has risen 15 percent in just the last six weeks.

India and China remain non-factors for metals markets this summer and this is likely to continue over the near-term as the new Indian government chose not to reduce gold import duties and inquiries into commodity financing deals cast doubt over China’s gold demand. But quickly approaching seasonally strong periods of the year for both of the world’s top two gold buyers should prompt physical buying in Asia.

After surging in February and then faltering in the spring, precious metals are now again in strong short-term uptrends, seemingly determined to…

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