The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 30

Unrelenting Oil Supply

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and that axiom is demonstrated nicely by the blue bars in the chart below from this iMFdirect story about global oil supply.

As recently as 2014, OPEC nations seemed happy to reduce oil supply to support prices and, of course, back during the financial crisis, output was slashed before, during, and after the oil price bottomed out, but things are quite different now.

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CNBC reports that the Janet Yellen Fed has a “mini-revolt” brewing with a total of four Open Market Committee members favoring a more hawkish approach to monetary policy.

Of course, financial markets will have the last say on whether short-term interest rates are raised from their current freakishly low levels and, if so, how fast.

Markets seem to be giving the Fed the go-ahead at the moment, but, as we’ve seen over the last year or so, that could change rather quickly.

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Got the Wütburger?

The current issue of Spiegel with the cover below will no doubt be a big seller on newstands in the days ahead after next-door-neighbor Belgium was the victim of another terrorist attack (Spiegel cover story is here, news reports on bombings are here and here).

As best I can figure, this translates to “Got the Wütburger: You lied up there to all of us”.

Clearly, they’re angry in Germany too as, according to this story, one of the country’s new words this year is “Wutburger”, loosely translated as “enraged voter”, a term that is no doubt a reference to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis.

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