The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 30

Tuesday Morning Links

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Much ado in the financial media this morning about yet another warning from the Bank for International Settlements about the current state of affairs in the global financial system as it relates to debt levels that now exceed the 2007 highs, negative interest rates, and faltering confidence in central banks who seem increasingly befuddled and desperate.

The tone appears to have been lost on whoever penned the outlier headline below.

The Bloomberg article is about as positive as the headline, so this can’t be blamed on whoever’s responsible for ensuring that headlines are click-worthy to readers.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to look on the bright side of things now and then, though this may not be a particularly good opportunity to do so…

Monday Morning Links

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For anyone who has looked at reviews at (and that probably includes just about all of Western civilization), the distribution of positive and negative assessments (as indicated by the number of stars) in the image below must surely seem odd.

As detailed in this story at The Guardian, there’s a reason for this “ungodly row”, which, suddenly, has become all the more interesting with Mitt Romney’s speech today on the state of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

Thursday Morning Links

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