The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 30

I Bet They Didn’t See That Coming

What is it with the French?

Presumably they ask the same questions about us ‘Mericans and our guns, but the bloody French Revolution from about 225 years ago comes to mind watching these Air France executives trying to exit the scene after announcing mass job cuts yesterday.

Details of how the executives were “almost lynched” are found in this story from Agence France-Presse, Whochit News provides this video, and there’s this report at The Guardian.

They’ll probably think a little more about security next time…

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Another Measure of Participation Rate

Deep into the comments section of Ben Bernanke’s WSJ op-ed today about how he saved the world (I don’t normally read this stuff, but made an exception in this case to see how far into the 400+ comments I’d have to go before finding something positive – ultimately, I gave up) came a link to another measure of labor force participation rate from the St. Louis Fed that excludes two age groups – 16-to-25 and those 55 and over.

This is marginally better  than the BLS version that includes people 16 years and older that appeared here on Friday (i.e., a 30-year low rather than a 38-year low), but still begs the question of what fundamental factors are driving the change, that is, aside from the catch-all conclusion from the Atlanta Fed that “people just don’t want to work” anymore.

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Participation Rate Falls to 38-Year Low

Amongst the other bad news in today’s September Labor report (i.e., payrolls up 142,000 vs. expectations of 200,000 and downward revisions to prior months totaling 59,000), comes word that the labor force participation rate fell to the lowest level since 1977 (i.e., less than half-way through the decades-long transition of women entering the workforce).

Interestingly, according to the household survey, while the civilian population rose by 229,000 last month, some 579,000 people were counted as no longer in the labor force with only 23,000 of them still wanting a job.

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