The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 32

A Solution to the Greek Debt Crisis

Perhaps the IMF, EU, and ECB should try attaching a pair of these to the legs of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis prior to their next meeting.

From this story at the Atlantic which is actually kind of disturbing due to the enjoyment that law enforcement professionals get from this, particularly the test subject.

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A Greater Depression in Greece

This morning’s headlines read “Tsipras slams creditors…”, “Tsipras flies to Brussels…”, and “Tsipras faces domestic revolt…” as the Greek debt tragedy continues to play out in the latest attempt to avert a “Graccident” resulting from a “Grexit”.

Fortunately for anyone who has already grown tired of Greek-related contractions, none is needed when combining the words “Greece” with “Great Depression”, which is what the Hellenic people are now enduring as illustrated below in this Bloomberg story.

Yes, the economic data from 80 years ago is sketchy, but, as detailed above, it’s actually been much worse in Greece than in the 1930s U.S., as hard as that might be to imagine.

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Ron Paul vs. the Fed

It’s kind of weird seeing Ron Paul doing commercials for Stansberry Research that appear to be running at high volume on selected cable networks while his son is running for president, presently attracting a boatload of criticism for a flat tax plan.

In the interview below, the elder Paul found time to talk to CNBC about the Fed.

According to the accompanying CNBC story, he offers good news for investors:

I think the Fed is very efficient and the Plunge Protection Team is very efficient and they have gained a competence in the market, that the Fed won’t allow this market to drop

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