The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 4

Tuesday Morning Links

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Global market steady after rout extended into Asia – AP
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Inflation and the Fed

They’ll probably be writing about this in the next update to the Federal Reserve policy manual as it has become increasingly clear that current Fed policies that have strengthened the dollar (i.e., talking about raising interest rates) have caused the government’s measure of inflation to move lower as shown below via this story at Bloomberg, all of which makes the case for actually raising rates (in the minds of economists) much more difficult.

Recall that there is a strong inverse correlation between the trade weighted dollar and both import prices and oil prices, so, the more the Fed talks about higher rates, the stronger the dollar gets, and the more difficult it becomes for the central bank to hit its inflation target of 2 percent, a target for which there is virtually no justification.

Monday Morning Links

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What if the Fed is wrong? – FT


Yellen: Agonizing to Watch

In a speech at the University of Massachesetts last night, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said that the prospects for the U.S. economy “generally remain solid” and that the central bank is “on track” to raise interest rates in the months ahead.

Then dehydration is said to have caught up with her and she cut her speech short:

She received medical attention then resumed her schedule as the stock market ripped higher, traders concluding that she was just fake vomiting, something that Stephen Colbert popularized on his Comedy Central show and brought to CBS with Emily Blunt the other day.

Friday Morning Links

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