The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 4


It’s nice to see that, while leaders come and go, some things remain the same, namely, the growing number of spinning plates the Chinese government attempts to keep from crashing to the floor (a.k.a. the credit and infrastructure binge that future historians will marvel at).

Bloomberg provides the details in this story that includes the graphic below.

SOE: State Owned Enterprise, FAI: Fixed Asset Investment

Of course, to the enlightened modern-day Western (and, apparently, Chinese) economist, there is no such thing as “malinvestment”, so, there’s that…

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Brooks on Rose on Trump

When NY Times columnist David Brooks last appeared on Charlie Rose he said he had to get outside the New York – Washington bubble in order to understand the appeal of Republican Nominee for President, Donald Trump. In this return visit, he shares what he’s learned.

Lots of interesting stuff here – Hillbilly Elegy, “word-people” and those who aren’t, Trump’s extremely strong “short-burst” sentences, etc.

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Olympic Golf Course Overrun by R.O.U.S.

Fans of the movie Princess Bride will no doubt recall the unusually large fire swamp dwellers known as R.O.U.S. when seeing what golfers are dealing with at the Rio Olympics.

Better than playing alongside alligators, I would think…

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