The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 4

Our Fat Future and Other American Ills

More evidence that Devo was right comes via this Marketwatch story explaining why our collective American future may not be so bright. It includes the chart below (along with three others that all point in the same direction) as the reason for concern.

About the only good news here is that we seem to have licked the hunger problem…

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Deflation: The Central Bank’s Bogeyman

Ahead of the Federal Reserve’s big day today, via this item at the WSJ Real Time Economics blog, it is learned that the Bank for International Settlements has questioned the conventional wisdom amongst the dismal set that deflation is such a bad thing. From their recently published quarterly review comes the graphic below demonstrating such.

The report concludes that, save for the Great Depression, there is little or no correlation between falling consumer prices and economic growth, however, falling asset prices are entirely different and, sadly, in our asset bubble dependent global economic growth model, this kind of trumps everything else.

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