The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 40

Monday Morning Links

Fed faces big decision over a few choice words – Reuters
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon helped whip votes – The Hill
Wall Street’s Win on Swaps Rule Shows Washington Resurgence – Bloomberg
Dodd-Frank Budget Fight Proves Democrats Are a Bunch of Stuffed Suits – Rolling Stone
Wall Street’s Revenge: Dodd-Frank Damaged in the Budget Bill – Krugman, NY Times
Suspected Islamist Gunman Takes Hostages in Sydney Coffee Shop – Vice News
US stripper well operators eye closures amid low oil price – Financial Times
Gulf markets plunge as OPEC says ‘no set price’ for oil – USA Today
Bakken oil pipeline project slammed shut – CNBC
Junk-Bond Worries Spread Beyond Oil – WSJ
Well Played, Wall Street! – Dollar Collapse
A Sensible Proposal and a New Adjective – Hussman Funds
The Collapsing Periphery – Noland, Prudent Bear

Ruble hits ecord low; Europe stocks higher – AP
Barron’s Couldn’t Find a Bear – Reformed Broker
Oil hits new five-year low before rallying to $63 – Reuters
Yet Another New Phase For The New Normal? – Capital Spectator
Treasuries Drop on Speculation Fed Will Abandon Low-Rate Pledge – Bloomberg
Gold slips 1 percent as dollar firms before Fed meeting – Reuters
Why Austria Is Likely To Repatriate Its Gold From London – BullionStar
The Golden Age – NY Times

Fake Jobs, Fake Growth, and a Two Class Society – Dark Bid
Oil prices as an indicator of global economic conditions – Econbrowser
Median wealth for whites in the US is $142,000. For blacks, it’s $11,000. – Vox
Japan’s Abe must deliver on economy after victory – CNN/Money
BOJ survey shows Japan business mood fragile, highlights Abe’s challenges – Reuters
Bundesbank backs ECB line on possible further measures – Business Times
Subprime lending market in Canada skyrockets to record as banks tighten reins – FP
Just how big a threat is Canada’s frothy housing market? – Globe & Mail
Mortgage Binges and Painful Hangovers –
More Questions for Yellen – Fed Watch
A Considerable Period – Alhambra Partners



My favorite chart from the Jeffrey Gundlach/Doubleline Capital presentation the other day.

This one was pretty good as well – a stroll down memory lane at the last interest rate normalization campaign by ‘Ol Greenie that was affectionately called “Baby Steps“.

Thursday Morning Links

Russia raises interest rates to 10.5% – BBC
China Pumps $65 Billion Into Banking System – WSJ
Fed’s debate shifts from lift-off to long march to normal – Reuters
Fed Bubble Bursts in $550 Billion of Energy Debt – Bloomberg
Oil price drop a conspiracy, Iran’s president says – UPI
It’s Different This Time… Rig-Count Edition – Zero Hedge
Canada Heavy Oil Nearing $40 Threatens New Oil Sands Projects – Bloomberg
Chart Of The Day: Crude Oil… How Bearish Are You? – Short Side of Long
Duck And Cover——-The Lull Is Breaking, The Storm Is Nigh – Contra Corner
The Spending Bill Giveaways To Wall St. and the Wealthy – Commond Dreams
Atheists Are Banned From Holding Public Office In Seven US States – Vice News
Jean-Claude Yellen – Krugman, NY Times

Asia stocks down on global economy jitters – AP
Sometimes Markets Are Stupid – Bloomberg
Plunging Oil is Bleeding into U.S. Stocks – Barron’s
S&P 500 Selloff Accelerates – Advisor Perspectives
6 decisions every investor must make – MarketWatch
U.S. 30-Year Bond Return Tops 25% in 2014 – Bloomberg
Gold falls from 7-week high as dollar, shares recover – Reuters
Indian households spend 8% of its daily consumption on gold – India Times
Gold forecasts for 2015 – Scotiabank mining panel – Mineweb
Expect Higher Gold Prices In 2015 – GoldSilverWorlds

This is what it feels like to be unemployed for years – Vox
The myth of self-reliance is fueling income inequality – Washington Post
The Rise of the Economic-Policy Truthers – New York Magazine
Yuan Has Real Shot at IMF Blessing on Reserve Status – Bloomberg
Bank of Canada warns house prices are overvalued by up to 30% – Financial Post
D.C. region’s housing market remains stalled – Washington Post
Where Will Aging Baby Boomers Buy Homes? – WSJ
Elizabeth Warren is really angry about Dodd-Frank change – CNN/Money
Central Banks Have Failed Because They Can’t Push Wages Higher – of two minds
Challenging the Fed – Fed Watch



This can’t be good.

From this item at GoldCore yesterday.

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