The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 5

Are You Smarter than a 7th-Grader?

Next Thursday’s “Top Ten Only” debate amongst GOP presidential candidates is likely to draw the biggest audience ever for a gathering of White House hopefuls this early in the election cycle and the nation has none other than real estate mogul/reality show star/promoter extraordinaire Donald Trump to thank for that.

From the Drew Sheneman archive at the New Jersey Star Ledger.

Friday Morning Links

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Given the remarkable increase in the number of stock trading accounts and soaring margin debt in China over the last year or two, stories such as the one below about a farmer losing his life savings (and then some) should be expected, but, after seeing this man’s distress and learning of the dollar amounts and approach involved, it is a little surprising.

Investing his entire stake of $164K in one company and then being extended $1 million in margin probably weren’t the best moves Yang Cheng could have made.

Clearly, the government should have provided some basic instruction about investing in stocks when they began their effort to promote stock ownership. Maybe they did and he thought he knew better – the only thing missing from this sordid tale is the claim that Yang Cheng at one point was worth $4 million, or something like that.

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Thursday Morning Links

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The Yellen Term at 18 Months

The body-less images at about the 30-second mark notwithstanding, this is a pretty good recap from the folks at Marketwatch of how the current and former Federal Reserve Chairs have fared during their first year-and-a-half on the job.

Interestingly, there’s the potential for the Presidential election cycle, Fed chairman cycle, and financial crisis cycle to line up again at the eight year mark. Recall that Bernanke was appointed in 2006 and had smooth sailing for a while, then the election cycled heated up in 2007, and then the wheels fell off of nearly everything in 2008.

Interregnums are particularly good times for financial crises…

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