The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 6

Tuesday Morning Links

China to post worst quarterly growth in 7 years – CNN/Money
Saudi Rating Cut for First Time at Fitch on Lower Oil Prices – Bloomberg
The 28 Classified Pages About Saudi Arabia and 9/11 That Obama Might Release – Slate
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Olivier Blanchard eyes ugly ‘end game’ for Japan on debt spiral – Telegraph
Strengthening Yen Leaves Kuroda Facing More Radical Options – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs to Pay Billions in Fines, but Nobody’s Going to Jail – Vice News
Hillary Clinton has a hilarious new 404 error page – The Week
Sanders and the Snapchat Liberals – Real Clear Politics
Trump’s support deeper than it looks – Politico
How Trump would change the Fed – MarketWatch

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Gloomy start to results season hits shares – Reuters
Goldman warns of earnings triple whammy – USA Today
Chinese Stocks Decline as Premier Li Flags Pressures on Economy – Bloomberg
Accounting Magic 101: This Is How Alcoa Just “Beat” Consensus EPS -Zero Hedge
What the Military Can Teach Us About Investing – Fortune Financial
Hedge Funds Abandoning Dollar’s Biggest Bull Run in a Generation – Bloomberg
Gold climbs as dollar sinks to near 8-month low – Reuters
Silver Bullion Surges 8% In 6 Days To Over $16 Per Ounce – GoldCore
Monday mad rush for gold stocks –

Income inequality is chipping away at Americans’ life expectancy – Vox
The Global Economy Didn’t Change Last Year, Views of QE Did – Alhambra Partners
Soaring air fares nudge inflation away from near-zero levels – Telegraph
Puerto Rico Aims to Appease Congress With New Debt Proposal – NY Times
China’s growth to decline to 6.7% this year: World Bank – CNBC
Brazil congressional committee recommends impeaching Rousseff – Reuters
Can Ottawa do anything to cool down the housing market? – CTV News
China steps up crackdown on underground banks – regulator – Reuters
Obama Is ‘Pleased’ With Yellen as Economy Shows Signs of Slowing – Bloomberg


Fun with Hillary

Saturday Night Live lampoons Democratic front-runner for president Hillary Clinton…

I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to four years of comedic takes on any of the current presidential candidates, though, if you had to rank the prospects strictly by their entertainment value, it would probably go Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders.

As any Daily Show fan could attest, Trump is the gift to comedians that just keeps on giving (though, admittedly, the idea of President Trump isn’t as funny as it was nine months ago), whereas the other three are more challenging (and not nearly as funny).

Monday Morning Links

Germany Takes Aim at the European Central Bank – Spiegel
Schäuble: Time Is Near to End Central Banks’ Easy-Money Policies – WSJ
Negative rates could fuel fresh ‘boom and bust’, IMF warns – Telegraph
Panama Furor Rumbles Into Week Two as Global Pressure Mounts – Bloomberg
How a US president and JP Morgan made Panama into a tax haven – Guardian
Obesity Is Now a Bigger Global Problem Than Hunger – Fiscal Times
Cruz, Trump prepare mass-money arms race in California – Politico
The Boston Globe imagined covering a President Donald Trump – Vox
Bernie Sanders Is Even Less Competitive Than He Appears – Five Thirty Eight
Janet Yellen disagrees with Bernie Sanders – CNN/Money
Bernie and the Big Banks – Robert Reich
Bubble Economy or Not? – Credit Bubble Bulletin
Rounding the Bubble’s Edge – Hussman Funds

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The Strange Case of the Missing Crisis – Wall Street Jounral
U.S. banks’ dismal first quarter may spell trouble for 2016 – Reuters
Bill Gross: Why Interest Rates Must Rise – Barron’s
Wall Street hope: 1Q profits to mark trough – USA Today
Reports of Oil Rally’s Death Premature as Inventories Decline – Bloomberg
Why beating lowered earnings expectations won’t help stocks soar – MarketWatch
Rate outlook helps gold to highest in almost three weeks – Reuters
Wishes Aside, Gold Is Going To Fly – Capitalist Exploits

Why no economic boost from lower oil prices? – Econbrowser
Minimum-Wage Test: Guess Which States Lost Retail Jobs Since 2014 – IBD
China Consumer Inflation Pick Up Continues in March on Food Prices – Bloomberg
China Newspaper: Great Firewall Necessary to Keep Out Western Propaganda – WSJ
Tentative Ceasefire Begins in Yemen Amid Threats and Fighting – Vice News
Tsipras demonises IMF to rally troops for bailout sacrifices – Reuters
There’s a surge in the amount of money in circulation in India – Quartz
Team Obama is setting us up for another housing-market collapse – NY Post
Can central banks make 3 major mistakes in a row and stay independent? – mainly macro
Yellen will regret slow pace of rate hikes, top forecaster says – MarketWatch


Yellen: “Not a bubble economy”

It’s hard (for someone like me at least) not to think that Ms. Yellen’s opening comments in the video below will come back to haunt her someday:

This is an economy on a solid course – not a bubble economy…

It could be right up there with Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” comments back when they could have cooled the late-1990s internet/stock market bubble and, of course, Bernanke’s assurance that “troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will be limited” (and not “limited to planet earth” as Jim Grant once quipped).

It doesn’t appear there are any similar offerings for Volcker.

Friday Morning Links

What scares America’s 4 Fed chiefs – CNN/Money
Fed chiefs joke about having all that power – USA Today
Yellen, alongside Fed alum, says rate hikes on track – Reuters
Obesity Trends in the U.S. Reflect a Global Epidemic – Scientific American
Knowing how long it takes to run off a pizza might help fight obesity – Quartz
Mark Levin Rips “Stop Trump” Movement: These People are “Frauds” – RCP
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the coming GOP train wreck – NY Daily News
Insiders: 90 percent predict contested GOP convention – Politico
Trump rally oozes fear, anxiety, and paranoia – Boston Globe
New York Campaign Ads Are a Tale of Two Cities – New Republic
Hillary’s world collapsing around her – Salon
Anti-Trade America? – Project Syndicate

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
The end of short covering and ‘Fed put’ spells market trouble – CNBC
Treasuries Set for Two-Week Gain; Greenspan Warns of Global Risk – Bloomberg
Why there’s no better investment for your money now than U.S. stocks – MarketWatch
The Stock Market Will Get Ugly Later This Year, and Debt Cycles Are to Blame – The Street
Oil Market `Fooled’ by Freeze Talks Seen Better Off Gauging U.S. – Bloomberg
Commodities: Gold and Zinc Crush it in Q1, Energy Gets Smoked – Visual Capitalist
Gold slips as equities recover, still set for weekly gain – Reuters
Something Big Happened In The Gold Market – SRSrocco Report
Trump vs. Clinton: Who’s Best For Gold? – Vince Lanci Speaks Out – Kitco

The Deflation Bogeyman – Project Syndicate
New Magic Number for Monthly Job Growth: 145,000 – WSJ
Why the eurozone is still headed for total disaster – The Week
Two views of the EZ Crisis: Government failure vs market failure – voxeu
China’s Economy Likely Slowed in First Quarter; Green Shoots Emerging – WSJ
Panama Papers: Argentine Prosecutor Wants President Macri Investigated – Vice News
Housing Market Recovery Powers Delinquency Decline – IBD
Most Economists Expect Next Fed Rate Increase in June – WSJ
Lost Faith In Central Banks And The Economic End Game – Alt-Market
How Do Survey- and Market-Based Expectations of the Policy Rate Differ? – NY Fed

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