The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 6

Monday Morning Links

China stocks start new week with 5.3% drop – CNN/Money
Asian stock markets’ horrible start to 2016 is getting worse – Quartz
The Consequences of China’s Stock Slide for Top Leaders in Beijing – WSJ
Market Bubbles: What Goes Up Doesn’t Always Come Down – NBER
Are we  on the cusp of another stock market and property bubble – Daily Mail
Why Minsky Matters: An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist – THE
Complex Systems, Feedback Loops, and the Bubble-Crash Cycle – Hussman Funds
ABC severs debate partnership with Union Leader – Politico
Angry Voters: They’re ‘Sick of Politics’ – Real Clear Politics
For GOP ‘Field of Dreams,’ is Iowa heaven? – The Hill
David Bowie, master of reinvention, is dead at 69 – CNN
How to Build a House on Mars – The Atlantic

U.S. stocks hope to stabilize after dismal start to year – USA Today
China’s yuan spikes higher, but stocks tumble – Reuters
Stock Gains Short-Lived as Chinese Volatility Hurts Oil, Metals – Bloomberg
The Stock Market Is Plunging — Here Are 3 Questions You Should Ask – Motley Fool
Global Stock Markets Off to Worst Start in History – Visual Capitalist
Hedge Fund King Ray Dalio’s All Weather Fund Down 7% In 2015 – Forbes
Oil Seen Heading to $20 by Morgan Stanley on Dollar Strength – Bloomberg
Gold down, but stocks turmoil keeps it close to 9-week highs – Reuters
Top Chinese bank buys 1,500 tonne London gold vault –
Gold in 2016 – GoldSilverWorlds

The Next Recession? – RCP
Where’s the inflation, Mr Shin? – BIS
The Rise and Fall of Growth – Economic Principals
The TPP as a set of international economic rules – voxeu
The Chinese Economy’s Great Wall – Project Syndicate
Why household debt makes economies prone to crises of confidence – voxeu
The US Trolled Kim Jong-un by Flying a B-52 Bomber Over South Korea – Vice News
China Rout Threatens to Spawn India Crisis, Top Banker Says – Bloomberg
Why the Fed needs to prepare for the worst right now – Washington Post
So much for QE (guest post) – Noahpinion


John Oliver on New Years Resolutions

Still on hiatus (and not returning until next month?!), HBO’s John Oliver details how we should modify our New Years resolutions in order to increase the possibility of succeeding (either that, or being better able to rationalize why we’ve again failed).

Don’t know about you, but I’ve not made any New Years resolutions in years…

Friday Morning Links

Soros: It’s the 2008 crisis all over again – CNBC
Is this really 2008 all over again? – Economist
China stocks pull back from the brink – CNN/Money
China stocks up after circuit breaker axed, yuan fixed higher – Reuters
Job Market Remains Strong Even as U.S. Economy Slows – NY Times
U.S. Jobs Data Take on Added Importance With Markets in Turmoil – Bloomberg
For economy czar of crisis-hit Venezuela, inflation ‘does not exist’ – Reuters
The trouble with student loans? Low earnings, not high debt – Brookings
The FBI Now Considers Animal Abuse a Class A Felony – Vice News
Trump plays media like a fiddle. This Ted Cruz birther flap proves it. – Vox
5 ways Donald Trump is driving Hillary Clinton crazy – Politico
Donald Trump must be destroyed – CNN

Stocks and oil calm as China markets steady – CNN/Money
Call Me Crazy, But I’m Buying Stocks Today – The Street
China State Funds Said to Buy More Shares After Market Rout – Bloomberg
These stock markets are in correction (or worse) – CNN/Money
Why Emerging Markets Are Melting Down, and Why It Matters, in 10 Charts – WSJ
Strange things are happening in financial markets – Secular Investor
Be Scared of China’s Debt, Not Its Stocks – Bloomberg
Gold slides from 9-week high as stocks steady, dollar firms – Reuters
Gold & Silver Up In A Sea of Red – Get Used To Days Like This – SRSrocco Report
China may be regretting modest forex gold buys –

Why Private Payrolls Aren’t a Great Predictor of the Jobs Report – WSJ
What to expect in 2016 for the global economy and security? – The Hill
European Solidarity In a World of Crises – Project Syndicate
Employment is rising in Italy—but millennials are still screwed – Quartz
Another Chinese billionaire has disappeared – CNN/Money
US Marshals raided a Chinese “hoverboard” company in Las Vegas – Quartz
Farewell to the vultures? Argentine debt restructuring and bargaining theory – voxeu
What’s ahead for the housing market in 2016 – Washington Post
The dollar’s international role: An “exorbitant privilege”? – Brookings
Federal Reserve’s “net worth” collapses 33% in two weeks – Sovereign Man


China Circuit Breakers in Action

It’s been a pretty rough opening week for financial markets in 2016 with China’s stock market circuit breakers functioning something like this:

At the 3:25 mark comes the portion of the video best representing China’s shortest trading session in history that occurred yesterday.

Thursday Morning Links

China stocks halted after just 14 minutes of trading – LA Times
Investors Scramble for Answers After China’s Stock Halt – WSJ
Oil drops to $32 as fears about China’s economy grow – CNN/Money
3 big reasons oil’s caught in a death spiral – MarketWatch
Hydrogen bombs versus atomic bombs, explained – Vox
North Korea Probably Tested an H-Bomb, But Not the Kind You’re Thinking Of – Vice News
A $500 Car Repair Bill Would Send Most Americans Scrambling – WSJ
Gary Johnson Calls Trump’s Plans “Just Whacked – Just Nuts!” –
Can Hillary Outflank Bernie on Wall Street Reform? – The Atlantic
Trump accuses Cruz of supporting ‘amnesty’ – Politico
Is Bill Clinton a Sociopath? – RCP
Yes, Bill Clinton Still Has It – Bloomberg

Wall St. braces for more losses after China rout – CNN/Money
China trading halt sparks 3 percent fall for Europe shares – BBC
Jeremy Siegel: Stocks Could Rise 10% in 2016 – Knowledge@Wharton
The absurdity of finding a reason for the recent drop in stocks – MarketWatch
10 Bear Market Truths – A Wealth of Common Sense
A “Stealth” Bear Market Has Already Begun – Wolf Street
Gold at 9-week high as China worries hit stocks – Reuters
U.S. Rate Hike Effect “Overdone” – World Gold Council Reports – Kitco
Great Graphic: Is Gold Breaking Out? – Marc to Market

World Bank Cuts Global Growth Forecasts – Bloomberg
Is the whole theory of secular stagnation a hoax? – Telegraph
The End-Game of Debt-Fueled Economic “Growth” – of two minds
How Economics Went From Theory to Data – Bloomberg
Venezuela’s Bizarre System of Exchange Rates – Mises
There’s another recession out there somewhere. We are so not ready for it. – WaPo
Even all its refugees can’t help prevent Germany’s longterm population decline – Quartz
Terrible News for Aboriginal Communities – Canada’s Ice Roads Are Melting – Vice News
There are 2 big reasons why UK house prices jumped again – Business Insider
Tantrums and hot money: How Fed policy affects financial stability – BernankeBlog
Despite Inflation Unease, Fed Still Talks Big On Rates – Fed Watch

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