The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 6

Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer opines on the “noisy and sudden” impact of artificial interest rates and exchange rates engineered by the world’s central bankers, concluding “It is a day to take measure of our infatuation with central banking”.

Grant reportedly called this move a few months back and recommended cheap (at the time) call options on the CHF/EUR exchange rate that are, today, doing quite well.

Not surprisingly, the key takeaway here for Grant is that, as it relates to influencing prices, Mr. Market is much more powerful than any or all of the world’s central bankers, recent developments demonstrating the temporary nature of the latter.

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Back to the Past

The Detroit Auto Show has focused even more attention on tumbling energy prices that, suddenly, have American car buyers thinking more about how much horsepower they can get instead of how much gas mileage they’ll need to help make ends meet.

This item at the The Atlantic had a series of pretty interesting photos from the area’s heyday many decades ago that included the photo below. Give the aforementioned energy price slide, we might see something similar to this at gas stations in the not-too-distant future.

These photos from the early-1940s include both race riots and war preparations, a timely reminder that, despite the current problems the world faces, things could be worse.

Thursday Morning Links

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