The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 6


Add the title above to the growing list of oddly amusing new words prompted by the ongoing crisis in Greece though, from the looks of the graphic below from this story at the Telegraph, they may be a bit premature.

Though Ireland appears to have pulled back from the abyss, never to return, the Italian economy is not looking so hot these days along with Cyprus that, until their own crisis a few years back, was flying (relatively) high.

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Tuesday Morning Links

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Stocks cautious after plunge in Chinese market – AP
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Endangered Species: The Self-Employed Middle Class – of two minds
America’s trailer park residents poor, but owners are getting rich – Guardian
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Blogger Ben’s Basically Full Of It – Contra Corner


This story at The Nation about Baltimore’s economic ills that have led to this city being the country’s latest hotspot on police conduct and inequality points to a Pew Research poll from a couple of years ago that provides the following take on how vastly different household assets and debts are between blacks and whites in the U.S.

Note that these are averages, not medians, and the latter would show a much more accurate picture of the “typical” black or white American.

Nonetheless, the asset-to-debt ratios and the components of each offer compelling evidence of just how broad the economic/financial divide currently is between races.

Monday Morning Links

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Stock Futures gain ahead of factory orders – MarketWatch
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GDP Number Signaled A Healthy Economic Boom – RCM
5 Tufts students go on hunger strike over janitor layoffs – AP
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