The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 6

Thursday Morning Links

Yellen: December is ‘live’ for first rate increase – WSJ
Janet Yellen: The U.S. economy is ‘performing well’ – CNN/Money
Fed’s Yellen sees possible December rate rise, gradual hiking path – Reuters
God Wants Yellen to Delay Rate Hike to Spring, Lawmaker Says – Bloomberg
US Officials: Russian Airliner That Crashed in Egypt Was Likely Bombed – Vice News
Here are 10 countries more ‘prosperous’ than the U.S. – Marketwatch
More than 1 billion people now use Facebook every day – Quartz
Christie to get bumped from main stage at next GOP debate – Politico
Sanders trouncing Trump, media ignores – The Hill
The radical isolationism of Donald Trump – The Week
Tuesday’s Election and the Two Americas – RCP
Ben Carson’s Jeb Bush Problem – WSJ

Chinese gains lead markets higher – AP
Six giant stocks smash all-time highs – USA Today
China stocks enter bull-market territory – MarketWatch
Dollar jumps as markets fix on December rate expectations – Reuters
Bonds Tumble Around the Globe as Fed Rate Odds Climb Past 50% – Bloomberg
How Markets Will Behave in a World of ‘Quantitative Exhaustion’ – Bloomberg
Gold near 1-mth low with December rate rise still on table – Reuters
The Official Chinese Gold Trade Rules By The PBOC – BullionStar
Could Silver Test Its Lows? – GoldSilverWorlds
Fed inflicts more damage on gold price –

Middle Class Comeback A Generation Away – Forbes
Money-Rich and Time-Poor: Life in Two-Income Households – Atlantic
Welcome to the Zero Lower Bound Global Economy – voxeu
German manufacturing orders fall for third month – MarketWatch
Inside the Jungle – the sprawling refugee encampment in Europe – Quartz
China Burned Way More Coal Than Officials Previously Said – Vice News
Some ‘Ghost Cities’ in China Are Seasonal, Study Says – WSJ
The Fed’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Phillips Curve – Economics21
Federal Reserve policy in an international context – Bernanke’s Blog
What 2016 Might Bring – Fed Watch


Druckenmiller Does Not ♥ the Fed

Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller has high praise for the Federal Reserve’s response to the financial crisis, but nothing good to say about the organization that didn’t see it coming and has now fostered new bubbles that are sure to end badly.

Notes Druckenmiller:

You would have thought we’d have gotten out of emergency measures… At some point, over six years, when you have zero rates and quantitative easing, you move investors out the risk curve, you cause emerging market governments … to act in ways they’ve never been able to act in history because markets wouldn’t have let them … you cause corporations to start acting in bizarre ways, buying back twice as much stock at prices two-and-a-half times where they were four or five years ago…

Wednesday Morning Links

Carl Icahn warns of a Fed ‘minefield’ ahead – CNBC
Bubbles: No One Has Any Idea What’s Going On – Motley Fool
The Self-Defeating, ‘Grand Delusion’ of Monetary Policy – WSJ
Big Bank, Regulator Warn of Financial Risks – Wall St. On Parade
Cost of Cheapest Obamacare Plans Is Soaring – Bloomberg
Sugar has caused a global health crisis and should be regulated – Quartz
The Media Are Terrible. But So Are The GOP’s Debate Demands – Federalist
Where are all the conservative university professors? – The Week
Trump says Fed keeps interest rates low on Obama’s orders – US News
Ben Carson and the rediscovery of humility – The Hill
Jeb Bush plummets in latest national poll – Bloomberg
Why Millennials Really Love Bernie Sanders – Vice News
The Case for Bernie Sanders – Taibbi, Rolling Stone

China surge leads world stock markets higher – AP
Oil holds above $50 on Brazil supply worries – Reuters
Chinese stocks jump on hopes for new trading link – MarketWatch
Stanley Druckenmiller Offers a Bearish Warning – NY Times
Barclays: Investors More Scared of China Than Yellen – Bloomberg
Wall Street looks set to build on November rally – USA Today
Gold Sees Corrective Bounce Following Recent Pressure – Kitco
Gold investors foolishly think the yellow metal will rally – MarketWatch
Why Austria Is Repatriating Gold From London – BullionStar
Gold price: Hedge funds ready to dump 430 tonnes –

College costs $43,921 this year – CNN/Money
China’s One-Child Calamity – Project Syndicate
China’s Economy Is Worse Than You Think – Bloomberg
China, Taiwan Presidents Poised for Historic Meeting – WSJ
Five Things About the Taiwan-China Talks – WSJ
Credit Suisse: Chinese Home Buying in Australia Easing – Bloomberg
Denver tops list of hottest U.S. housing markets – Mortgage Professional
Dec Fed Funds Rate Hike Chances Now Above 50 Percent – Confounded Interest
The Fed Desperately Tries to Maintain the Status Quo – Mises


Carson in Control?

According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll as detailed in the latter today from which the graphic below was swiped, the long-awaited denouement of Donal Trump may be at hand, engineered by none other than Dr. Ben Carson.

Of course, the odds are pretty good that the longer Carson remains perched at or near the top, the more his “outsider appeal” will fade as well, leaving the two trailing senators to pick up the pieces as actual voting nears.

Tuesday Morning Links

Satellite detected heat flash when Russian jetliner went down – CBS News
World’s Biggest Banks Still Not ‘Truly Resolvable,’ FSB Says – Bloomberg
US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich – Guardian
Money Flooding Out of Canada at Fastest Pace in Developed World – Bloomberg
America’s harrowing painkiller and heroin epidemic, explained in 5 graphics – Vox
Bitcoin Price Hits 2015 Highs Led by Chinese Exchanges – Bitcoin Magazine
A new sound money movement for the GOP? – Washington Examiner
Ben Carson Vaults to Lead in Latest Journal/NBC Poll – WSJ
Jindal edges ahead of Bush in Iowa poll – The Hill
Jeb 2.0: Embattled Bush Tries to Reboot – RCP
Carson’s cash juggernaut rolls on – Politico
Rubio and Cruz atop the GOP – National Review

Global market rally runs out of steam in Europe – AP
Tech boom eases world stocks to two-month high – Reuters
Valeant’s Woes Weigh On Canada’s Stock Funds – Barron’s
Financial Engineering At Work – How Valeant Got Vaporized – Contra Corner
Here’s why U.S. stocks are likely to beat China’s markets – MarketWatch
S&P 500 moves within striking distance of a new record high – USA Toda
The Top 10 Things I (Re)Learned in October – The Street
Gold extends slide for fifth session, hits four-week low – Reuters
India’s festivals, wedding season flop for gold traders –
Sound Money Takes Center Stage in Presidential Campaigns – MME

The Coming Age of Austerity – Pat Buchanan
Global factories struggle as stimulus fails to spur – Reuters
Summers: Where Krugman and I differ on secular stagnation – Washington Post
China Slowdown, Turbulence Trigger Collapse of German Export Orders – Wolf Street
Economic conditions to deteriorate as Australia runs out of risk. – Australia: Boom to Bust
Xi Says China Needs at Least 6.5% Growth in Next Five Years – Bloomberg
Say goodbye to $3 billion in sales as Calgary’s housing market fades – Financial Post
The Fed’s communication breakdown trips up investors – MarketWatch
The stranger-than-fiction story of how the Fed was created – LA Times
How We Got Here: The Fed Confuses Itself Part 3 – Alhambra Partners

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