The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 8

Debt: The Descent into Madness

I think Grant Williams is right when he says that more books will be written about the last ten years and the next ten years than any other period in modern history and, importantly, writers are not likely to look kindly upon the current crop of central bankers.

With the gold price now closing in on $1,400 an ounce (and perhaps set to go much higher), look for more from Mr. Williams and others who have endured a difficult few years due to a struggling market for precious metals and related investments.

Thursday Morning Links

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For many years now it has been my belief that Darwin’s natural selection was no longer a factor in human evolution, but a quick review of this list of selfie-related injuries and deaths (prompted by this Marketwatch story about the latest incident) has me rethinking that a bit.

That latest entry for a 51-year old German man appears to be an outlier – this seems to be an under-30 phenomenon and mostly in Asia.

Tuesday Morning Links

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Per this story at Scientific American, they’ve been writing about fireworks for 170 years now, digging into their archives today in advance of Monday’s national birthday.

There’s some real fireworks going on in precious metals markets lately, particularly for silver that has embarked on another violent ride higher.

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