The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 8

Tuesday Morning Links

Trump hopes to land decisive blow in Indiana – Reuters
Ted Cruz desperately seeks to stop Donald Trump in Indiana – AP
The Three Possible Outcomes In Indiana’s GOP Primary – Five Thirty Eight
Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Deepens as Government Misses Payment – WSJ
16 Reasons Why Venezuela Is on the Brink of Collapse – panam post
Venezuela Officials Check If Empresas Polar Really Ran Out of Barley – WSJ
Storming Iraq’s Green Zone: Wake-up call for political reform? – CSM
ECB’s Draghi defends low rates policy against German complaints – euronews
Are Central Banks Running the Oil Market or Just the World? – Great  Recession Blog
The Super Rich Were the First to Bail During the Financial Crisis – Bloomberg
Robert Reich: The rich simply can’t lose in our rigged economy – Salon
Debt: The Key Factor Connecting Energy and the Economy – Our Finite World
America’s Plunging Worker Productivity Explained (In 1 Depressing Chart) – Zero Hedge

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
U.S. futures lower, global stocks mixed – USA Today
The ‘sell-in May’ strategy that’s been working for 10 years – MarketWatch
Euro Set for Longest Run of Gains Since 2013 as Fed Focus Fades – Bloomberg
Charlie Munger says we’re starting to look like Japan, and that could be trouble – CNBC
Here’s why investors should ‘mind the gap’ between bonds and stocks – MarketWatch
Gold rises around $1,300/oz on weaker dollar, fund inflows – Reuters
Emerging Markets Should Go for the Gold – Project Syndicate
Gold soars past $1,300 — first time since Jan. 2015 –

What’s the deal with U.S. wage growth? – WCEG
Output gaps and unemployment by age and gender – voxeu
The Global Economy’s At Stall Speed, Rapidly Loosing Lift – Contra Corner
EU Trims Economic Growth Forecasts Amid Global Uncertainty – NY Times
UK manufacturing suffers shock contraction as ‘deep unease’ sets in – Telegraph
China home prices grow faster in April despite tightening in big cities – Reuters
Canada’s housing market ‘inching towards instability’ – Globe & Mail
Las Vegas housing market rising from the grave – Las Vegas Sun
Reserve Bank of Australia cuts interest rate to record low of 1.75% – 9News
China’s banking regulator moves to contain off-balance sheet risk – Reuters



CBS makes you sit through two commercials, but the prospect of Big Banks being the next sector to be overtaken by technology advances in the U.S. is worth the wait…

It couldn’t happen to a nicer sector…

Monday Morning Links

Australian Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator – BBC
Buffett issues a fresh warning about derivatives ‘timebomb’ – Telegraph
Longest Negative Rate Experiment Shows Perversions Ahead – Bloomberg
Puerto Rico Will Officially Default on a $422 Million Payment – Fortune
Q&A: Puerto Rico’s debt crisis explained – Associated Press
The Health Globe: A Trip Around the World of Obesity – Spiegel
A reasonable Donald Trump? We’re more than a little skeptical – LA Times
Donald Trump and the Rise of Loudmouth Politics – Time
How Democrats Became the Party of Rich Elites – In These Times
Why Rubio hasn’t endorsed Cruz – Politico
“Justified” Consequences – Hussman Funds
The Red Line – Credit Bubble Bulletin

Stocks: Four things to know before the open – CNN/Money
Japanese stocks tumble as yen surges – Marketwatch
Sell in May? Not so fast! – USA Today
This is what could bring back the turbulence – CNBC
Saudis Heed an Oil Warning From History – Bloomberg
Markets Update: The Global Rally Loses Ground – Advisor Perspectives
Wrong-Way Bets Rule U.S. Stock Market’s $3 Trillion Recovery – Bloomberg
The golden age of investing is over: get used to the ‘new normal’ – Guardian
Gold hits 15-month high, eyes $1,300/oz as dollar wilts – Reuters
Gold Rallies Above $1,300 as Investors Like Low Interest Rates – Bloomberg

Obama Brags About His Economic Record – IBD
America’s economy will rebound from this false dusk – Telegraph
First U.S. cruise ship in decades set to arrive in Havana – AP
China April official factory activity PMI expands, but at slower pace – Reuters
China Lending Inflates Real Estate, Stocks, Even Egg Futures – NY Times
‘A lot of people wouldn’t really care if the property market crashed’ –
California’s housing market slows due to affordability ceiling – OC Housing News
Colorado Springs’ housing market 12th hottest in the nation in April – The Gazette
Fed Ponders Catchup With Economic Theory Signaling Rates Too Low – Bloomberg
Why the Fed will never get what it wants: Strategist – CNBC


This looks pretty interesting – an upcoming piece by the team at Vice News about California’s ubiquitous pumpjacks, once the subject of a piece at the old blog nearly 10 years ago – Three Chevy Tahoes and a Wal-Mart Truck.

Reading that post and the comments brought back some memories – here’s comment #2:

The Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon do seem to be the vehicle of choice for house-rich Californians in their thirties – gots to have the thousand dollar custom wheels with the performance tires though.

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Friday Morning Links

Prince Dead at 57 – TMZ
Hints of Prince’s Failing Health – NY Times
The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans – Atlantic
Why the S.E.C. Didn’t Hit Goldman Sachs Harder – The New Yorker
The Post-Crisis Economy’s Long Debt Hangover – Project Syndicate
How Fiat Money Fuels Government Spending – Tenth Amendment Center
Merkel says criticism in Germany of ECB is not interference – Reuters
U.S. suicides have reached 30-year high, led by baby boomers – The Week
The chart that shows how close we are to a climate catastrophe – Quartz
It’s not over until the FBI clears Hillary Clinton – and it shouldn’t – Salon
Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters – Politico
Trump: Tubman on the $20 is ‘pure political correctness’ – CNN
Dishonoring General Jackson – Townhall

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open – CNN/Money
What you need to know about the slowdown in buybacks – CNBC
Chinese Stocks Have Biggest Weekly Drop Since January’s Rout – Bloomberg
Which one of these indicators for the stock market is lying? – MarketWatch
April Cheers Could Bring May Tears, Have a Look… – First Rebuttal
50% Returns Coming for Commodities and Emerging Markets? – Meb Faber
More Americans Say Real Estate Is Best Long-Term Investment – Gallup
Iron ore nears $US70 but analysts warn rally won’t last – ABC News
Gold dips as dollar strengthens versus yen – Reuters
Why is China buying all this silver? – Secular Investor

On the U.S. economy, is the glass half full, or half empty? – MarketWatch
Retailer Bankruptcies Are Hailing Down on the US Economy – Wolf Street
New Zealand Steps Up Scrutiny of RBNZ After Inflation Misses – Bloomberg
U.S. split deepens over Putin’s intentions in Syria civil war – Reuters
Brazilians Hate Politicians, but They Love This Anti-Corruption Judge – Vice News
Why the U.S. Doesn’t Want Britain to Secede from the EU – Bloomberg
Home Sales up in Signs of Strong Spring Selling Season – Reuters
Is there any ammo left for recession fighting? – Brookings
Easy Money Is Like Insulin – Bloomberg

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