The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 9

Housing/Internet Bubble 2.0

Maybe it’s just me, but I got a headache after listening to these two talk for just a couple of minutes about the San Francisco housing market- you’ve been warned…

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Wednesday Morning Links

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Almost Total Capitulation

It should be an interesting couple of days in Athens as the Greek people come to understand that the deal Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras brought back from Brussels is worse than the one they rejected ten days ago, a key element being that lawmakers approve it by tomorrow.

The pundits seem to be almost universally pessimistic:

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Tuesday Morning Links

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My guess is that the use of the “a-Greek-ment” contraction by European Council president Donald Tusk is not a good sign for what comes next in today’s Greek debt deal, a deal that is the same or worse than the one the Greek people voted against a week ago.

Markets are rallying on the news – China stocks, U.S. stocks – it’s all good…

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