The Mess That Greenspan Made - Part 9


In this Bloomberg story, misery indexes (i.e., the combined unemployment rate and inflation rate) are calculated for countries around the world yielding the following results:

Based on this Cato Institute report that puts its annual inflation at just shy of 300 percent per year, Ukraine has the potential to far surpass Venezuela, Argentina, and South Africa.

Also, there’s lots more related data in this table at The Economist where, for some time now, they’ve refused to publish the government reported inflation rate in Argentina,  kindly characterizing it as “unreliable”.

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Too Successful?

Der Spiegel devoted a recent issue of their magazine to the subject of climate change and, in the process, posed the question of whether capitalism is responsible. One look at the chart below from the lead story would suggest an affirmative response.

This is, of course, another case of attempting to find a single root cause where there may, in fact, be many contributing factors, a point that is fleshed out in this comment:

Ironically, both Adam Smith and Karl Marx wrote that capitalism must be controlled and regulated by governments because a system dedicated solely to the amassing of wealth would destroy itself. Unchecked capitalism, as evidenced by global warming, provides an example.

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Monday Morning Links

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