Big Banks | - Part 2

The Dangerous Fed

Here’s an infographic that’s been making the rounds this week and for good reason – it paints a none-too-flattering picture of what the Fed is and what it does.

Also, I didn’t know that Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill has been held up in the Senate for over a year now – I guess that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Dangerous Fed
For the entire graphic, see The Dangers of an All-powerful Federal Reserve.

Inequality for All

Robert Reich’s highly regarded new documentary Inequality for All debuted across the country over the weekend and, as a result, its garnering a good deal of media attention, for example in Prosperity for the Few, Inequality for All at U.S. News and World Report along with Is America Catching Up With Robert Reich’s Income-Inequality Crusade? at NY Mag.

Here’s the trailer:

The Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer gives it a 100% rating.

I’ve always liked Robert Reich and I hope this kicks off some sort of a broader movement as the growing divide between rich and poor, enabled by the Federal Reserve and Washington lawmakers, is headed for a French Revolution style ending at some point if left to take its natural course. Then again, this kind of ending would actually be its natural course…

Big Bank Fury

The Daily Show’s John Oliver (who’s doing a great job filling for Jon Stewart this summer) looks at the recent action being taken against big banks for their role in the financial crisis.

Yes, this is another case where the whole thing would be a lot funnier if it weren’t true…

Also see New Bank Investigations: Real Action, or More of the Same? at Rolling Stone.

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The Daily Show on Banking in North America

Once again, the folks at the Daily Show have put together another fine piece of satire about Wall Street that would be much funnier if it weren’t both true and disturbing.

While there’s a pretty good chance that Canada’s housing bubble is going to end badly, somehow they seem likely to come out the other end in better shape than we did.

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