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The Neverending Crisis/Bailout in Greece

It’s not hard to see where this is all headed in Greece – the Sunday referendum will result in a “Yes” vote (for the bailout package rejected by the Greek government last week) and the result will be an interim bailout prior to another election where the people will again vote for what sounds good (i.e., promises of a better deal than they vote for on Sunday).

This Bloomberg story provides the following flowchart:

There should really be a box at the top, something like, “Greece fails to meet terms of bailout”, along with a loop from the “Next bailout” box at the bottom.

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Grisis, Granks Grosed, Grexit Grossible

Just think … someday we’ll be able to have a little chuckle as we look back at the long-running Greek financial crisis and marvel at what policy makers were able to accomplish within a dysfunctional system that should never have allowed Greece to join it, the nation only being able to do so thanks to some Goldman Sachs financial engineering.

From Martin Rowson at The Guardian.

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What Greece Owes the IMF

One of the more interesting graphics about the looming (but, on Tuesday, probably actual) Greek debt default via this item at the Council for Foreign Relations:

Of course, Greece hasn’t defaulted on anything yet and it’s still possible they’ll kick the can down the road again somehow. Nevertheless, this is an impressive pile of debt that will have to be reckoned with someday, perhaps starting tomorrow.

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A Solution to the Greek Debt Crisis

Perhaps the IMF, EU, and ECB should try attaching a pair of these to the legs of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis prior to their next meeting.

From this story at the Atlantic which is actually kind of disturbing due to the enjoyment that law enforcement professionals get from this, particularly the test subject.

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