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MSNBC Most Opinionated

I guess this isn’t too surprising given the evolution of MSNBC in recent years – a recent survey from the Pew Research Center titled State of the Media showed that MSNBC offers up more opinion than any other cable channel.

Like many other Americans no doubt, a little more than a year ago (just as the election was heating up) I stopped watching political cable channels completely (save for a little Comedy Central) and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. For some time prior to that, I’d try to catch some shows on MSNBC and on Fox – just to better understand how opinions were being shaped, but, it just became unbearable after a while.

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Was 2011 a Good Year for Stocks?

Much was made of the major U.S. stock market indexes finishing in positive territory for the year, however, it was a very different story elsewhere in the world as indicated in red below via the December 31st print edition of the Wall Street Journal.

While the S&P500 and Nasdaq indexes both finished slightly in the red, the widely held ETFs that track them produced modest gains while the big stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw a 5.5 percent improvement or, an 8.1 percent return including dividends.

Ron Paul on Face the Nation

GOP hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared on Face the Nation yesterday and host Bob Schieffer provided a very compelling display of how, for the most part, the mainstream media works against any fundamental reform for the U.S. government as Schieffer seems to only be interested in putting words in Paul’s mouth that, fortunately, are rejected.

Some media-watchers have called this a hit-job after Paul had risen to a statistical tie for the lead in some Iowa polls and it’s hard not to come away with that impression when you examine Shieffer’s words closely, as was done by Paul Mulshine of the New Jersey Star Ledger in the article No wonder these talking heads don’t like talking to Ron Paul.

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The Biggest Q4 Rally in 13 Years?

After a dismal start to the month, major U.S. stock market indexes bounced the other day before closing in bear market territory and this has spawned all sorts of reports in the mainstream financial media in which analysts and pundits are now hopeful about a big fourth quarter rally. This Bloomberg story is typical of the lot.

Strategists See Biggest S&P 500 Gain Since ’98

Wall Street strategists say the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, after falling within 1 percent of a bear market this week, will post the biggest fourth-quarter rally in 13 years even after they cut forecasts at a rate exceeded only during the credit crisis.

The benchmark index for U.S. stocks will climb 14 percent from yesterday to end 2011 at 1,300, according to the average estimate of 12 strategists surveyed by Bloomberg. The last time they were this bullish in October was 2008, when the group predicted a 27 percent gain and the index lost 18 percent.

Analysts from Oppenheimer & Co. to UBS AG and Barclays Plc say equities will rebound from a decline of 19 percent since April as policy makers prevent a default by Greece and profit in the S&P 500 climb to $95.85 a share in 2011. Europe’s worsening debt crisis and the U.S. government’s loss of its AAA credit rating led strategists to cut their S&P 500 forecast in the past two months from an average level of 1,401.

“Investors are way too bearish and are being swayed by macro variables,” Brian Belski, the New York-based chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer, wrote in an e-mail on Oct. 4. “Fundamentals drive stocks,” he said. “U.S. portfolios are not positioned for a positive third-quarter earnings season.”

It is very true that sentiment is worse than the underlying economic fundamentals that, so far, are only indicating sluggish growth or a very mild recession, though, after the 2008 experience, it’s understandable that the mood of the stock buying public has soured in advance of any major decline for either the economy or equities.

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A Liberal Version of the Tea Party?

It would appear as though the two-week long Occupy Wall Street protest is gathering momentum after some 700 people were arrested yesterday after they blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge as detailed in this report at Fox Business News.

Based on the video above – now with their own food kitchen and media center in New York City – it looks as though they’re planning to hang around for a while, some now thinking that the group could have an impact on the 2012 elections.

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