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It’s Dry in the West

Ski season is rapidly winding down here in Southwest Montana (my first year as a ski instructor has gone well, for those who may have wondered about the dearth of activity here at the blog in recent months) but, from what I’ve heard, ski season on the entire West Coast never really got started, a point that becomes quite clear when looking at all the brown (i.e., rather than white) in this Bloomberg video about Heavenly Valley Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe.

Also completely unrelated to today’s labor report is this new speed climbing record that, for most of us who have relatively normal strength-to-body-weight ratios, is just unbelievable.

Turbo Encabulator

Gotta get me one of these (hat tip ES)…

For more, see the Wikipedia offerings on Turboencabulator and Technobabble.

Our Possible Futures

From time to time I’ve wondered how Mankind could possibly evolve into anything like what you see on just about any episode of Star Trek given how we seem to be reversing course in many ways in recent years. Others are apparently wondering about the same thing.

From the archive at The Cagle Post.

Radio Shack R.I.P.

Commentary related to the bankruptcy filing of 94-year old Radio Shack has run the gamut from astonishment (that they could have stayed in business as long as they did – was it really just a money laundering operation for the last decade? ) to heart-felt reflection about the useful service they provided for many, many years. John Oliver takes a look…

As an electronics engineering undergrad in the early-1980s (with lots of lab work), I found myself spending a good deal of time at the local Radio Shack and they almost always had the solution to whatever problem I encountered, so, count me in the latter category.

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