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Robin Williams Live at the Met – 1986

Lots of retrospectives on Robin Williams today, all of which make for some good reading about celebrity, entertainment, depression, etc.

I’ll never forget this performance from almost 30 years ago – not sure if we had it on tape or whether we’d catch it on HBO, but it is an indelible memory of a master comedian at work.

Click on the YouTube logo directly above  to navigate to Part 2. Don’t know where it appears in this, but the discussion of his cocaine usage is pretty funny. I recall him talking about waking up in the morning (or afternoon or evening) with Buddy Rich drumming on his chest.

The U.S. is the world leader in prison population and a close second in prison population rate. How we got there is shown below from the animated graphic in this story at Vox.

We currently lead the world with over 2 million people incarcerated (many for drug crimes as part of the wildly unsuccessful “War on Drugs”) and our prison population rate is exceeded by just one country – the Republic of Seychelle (no, never heard of it before either).

Back in a Few…

We are off to the Crazy Mountains for the next few days…

Bowman Lake

As one might imagine from the picture below taken by the missus earlier in the week at Bowman Lake in the North Fork section of Glacier National Park, it’s been difficult getting back into the swing of things here on a Friday in July.

We had never been to this area before and were glad we finally ventured up that way. As detailed here, it’s in one of the more remote parts of the park and it’s meant to be kept that way, something that comes fairly easily when the roads are kept as they are.

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