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Next Thursday’s “Top Ten Only” debate amongst GOP presidential candidates is likely to draw the biggest audience ever for a gathering of White House hopefuls this early in the election cycle and the nation has none other than real estate mogul/reality show star/promoter extraordinaire Donald Trump to thank for that.

From the Drew Sheneman archive at the New Jersey Star Ledger.

Jon Stewart and Donald Trump

In his last two months as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has found comedy gold in real estate mogul Donald Trump’s bid for the White House next year.

The clip above is from last Monday, as the crew came back from a two-week break, during which they must have been chomping at the bit, watching the mainstream political news coverage and becoming increasingly anxious about getting new material on the air.

Fun stuff, that is, for everyone except Trump’s campaign staff and The Donald himself.

Monster El Niño

Bloomberg covers the most recent news about climate change in general and what’s shaping up in the Pacific in particular in this story about what will almost assuredly be a record breaking year of temperatures, a development that should be clear in the graphic below.

The graphic is interactive at the link provided above should you desire to become even more thoroughly depressed about how rapidly the climate is changing. As for the developing El Nino, about the only good news is that California’s drought might soon end.

Little Man Takes a Ride

From ViewMixed comes the image below depicting a tiny man riding on the back of a woman who saw fit to have herself photographed after he jumped on (either that or it’s a good example of “forced perspective“, a concept that one can learn more than you’ll ever want to know about by watching the Lord of the Rings DVD bonus material).

Another pretty good one can be found here and, of course, this being 2015 with a now pretty mature internet, you could probably spend the rest of the day amusing yourself with forced perspective images via a simple Google search.

Another One Bites the Dust

It’s not clear which is more idiotic – that some motorcyclists tempt fate by riding between lanes on crowded freeways (a practice called “lane-splitting”) or the fact that some of them film their escapades and make the videos available online as shown below.

This brought back memories of a former life where driving on crowded freeways was a fairly common occurrence and came to my attention after spotting an LA Times story detailing the effort now underway in the California legislature to make this practice legal.

So long as they limit motorcycle riders to 15 mph above the flow of traffic, they should be fine … yeah, right. (Or, perhaps this is just a veiled attempt to kill off lane-splitters.)

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