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It’s nearly impossible to avoid the goings-on at the Republican National Convention, but I’ve found that it’s much more palatable to only get your RNC news from comedians.

Good point about the Melania Trump speech/plagiarism – “this is a truly astonishing display of incompetence – they ripped off a passage about the value of hard work”.

Generational Overlap

Oh geez … nothing in the headlines (e.g., coup attempts, terrorist attacks, police shootings) to keep the Republican Convention from getting maximum coverage in the news today.

How about generational overlap, courtesy of this item at the Wall Street Journal?

FWIW – I’m in that 5-year overlap – never felt comfortable being called a baby boomer and even less so for Gen X – didn’t know that a big overlap was the exception, not the rule.

Rectifying Bad Aim?

Just got back from a very pleasant week in Grand Tetons NP (i.e., considering it’s mid-July and the combination of still-low gas prices and a big national ad campaign by the park service have the entire country on something of a national parks binge) and thought this item spotted in a public restroom inside the park was worth sharing.

In Yellowstone (we drive through it to get to the Tetons), there were all sorts of measures taken to help stop people from doing stupid things and potentially killing themselves such as even brighter colored paper handed out with the park map to warn people that park animals are wild (i.e., they’re not in a zoo) and to stay out of the boiling water.

Another pet peeve of ours was addressed in many new signs telling people to go to the nearest pull-out to view wild life rather than stopping in the middle of the road or parking half on/half off the road, many of these areas now blocked with attractive sets of logs.

That’s progress, I suppose, in the fight against people losing their common sense when spotting their first bison … not sure if the bathroom sign above is working or not.

For many years now it has been my belief that Darwin’s natural selection was no longer a factor in human evolution, but a quick review of this list of selfie-related injuries and deaths (prompted by this Marketwatch story about the latest incident) has me rethinking that a bit.

That latest entry for a 51-year old German man appears to be an outlier – this seems to be an under-30 phenomenon and mostly in Asia.

Per this story at Scientific American, they’ve been writing about fireworks for 170 years now, digging into their archives today in advance of Monday’s national birthday.

There’s some real fireworks going on in precious metals markets lately, particularly for silver that has embarked on another violent ride higher.

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