This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 2

Radio Shack R.I.P.

Commentary related to the bankruptcy filing of 94-year old Radio Shack has run the gamut from astonishment (that they could have stayed in business as long as they did – was it really just a money laundering operation for the last decade? ) to heart-felt reflection about the useful service they provided for many, many years. John Oliver takes a look…

As an electronics engineering undergrad in the early-1980s (with lots of lab work), I found myself spending a good deal of time at the local Radio Shack and they almost always had the solution to whatever problem I encountered, so, count me in the latter category.

Faber: Short Cental Banks

Purveyor of the newsletter Gloom, Boom, and Doom and frequent CNBC personality Marc Faber hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders in recent years as U.S. equity markets have melted up but, like all bears, he’ll eventually be right again.

For one possible reason why, just listen to the awkward silence after he predicts “The central banks will be exposed for what fraud they commit” less than a minute into the clip below.

On a related note from another CNBC video, Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison comments on how it has become difficult to find physical gold from the wholesalers he works with.

It seems that the Swiss Bank move, the prospect of a GREXIT, and ravenous demand for the metal in Asia might finally be manifesting itself in tighter supplies domestically, though we’ve certainly heard that story before.

Americans, Religion, and Evolution

A reminder of how different we, as a nation, are as compared to the rest of the developed world when it comes to the things we believe in (or don’t believe in) comes via this story at Vox where they found someone who thought it might be a good idea to create a scatter plot to demonstrate just how much of an outlier we really are.

Reports such as Among Wealthy Nations U.S. Stands Alone in Its Embrace of Religion from Pew Research and the sortable results of this Gallup poll about the importance of religion in countries around the world provide added context to the West’s heightened tensions with other religions around the world while, at the same time, add weight to the argument that Devo may have been right all along about our collective future.

Back to the Past

The Detroit Auto Show has focused even more attention on tumbling energy prices that, suddenly, have American car buyers thinking more about how much horsepower they can get instead of how much gas mileage they’ll need to help make ends meet.

This item at the The Atlantic had a series of pretty interesting photos from the area’s heyday many decades ago that included the photo below. Give the aforementioned energy price slide, we might see something similar to this at gas stations in the not-too-distant future.

These photos from the early-1940s include both race riots and war preparations, a timely reminder that, despite the current problems the world faces, things could be worse.

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