This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 5

It Takes All Kinds

From The Atlantic comes this story of a man who, for many years, yearned to live in a tree house and then finally saw his dream fulfilled (including a permit from the city).

Also see this item from the Atlantic from a week or two ago about the tiny town(?) of Polebridge, MT, an area that we visited early last summer and may return to next year.

Legal Immigration Explained

From’s October issue comes the graphic below depicting how one goes about becoming a U.S. citizen under the current immigration system.

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That lower left corner is kind of interesting in that, if you don’t have family in the U.S. and are neither rich nor skilled (education or sports, apparently), you’re basically out of luck since, for the garden variety green card, “the wait time approaches infinity”.

Landing on a Duck-Shaped Comet

Via this item at Vox comes the video below from the ESA (European Space Agency) that details what will be happening over the next few hours in a galaxy far, far away (no, not really on the Star Wars reference but, in human terms, it’s pretty far away).

This amazing feat can be followed at the ESA’s website and via the live stream available here.

Back in a Few…

We’re all done with travel for the year after trips to the West and to the South over the last month or so, but extending this break here at the blog seemed like a good thing to do amid all the market upheaval of late (I think crude oil will soon cost $8 a barrel again).

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