This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 5

Later that Same Life

As someone who will turn 56 in just a few months, I can relate to some portions of this “future self” interview by novelist Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller spotted at Boing Boing, an interview that speaks volumes about how we humans change as we age.

One thing I remember vividly from when I was an 18-year old was that I wanted to retire by age 40 – that goal was missed by six years, though I would never have guessed the route that was taken to achieve it a bit late.

On a completely unrelated note (well, not completely unrelated as I went to college early enough to avoid today’s student loan catastrophe in the making), here’s a pretty stunning statistic about student loan debt via this story by Mohamed A. El-Erian at Project Syndicate:

Over the last ten years, the combination of higher tuition fees, more student enrollment, and greater reliance on loans has caused the stock of outstanding student debt nearly to triple. It now stands at well over $1.2 trillion, more than 60% of which is held by the bottom quartile of households (those with a net worth of less than $8,500).

That’s likely to have a big impact on a lot of future self videos started today.

Gas and Grass

Quite a few states have marijuana legalization ballot initiatives ready to go for next year (actually, here in Montana, we’re supposed to have two initiatives – one to legalize pot and one that would ban all forms of legal cannabis, including the medical variety), so, we’ll probably be seeing more places like this all across the country in the years ahead.

Grass buyers who are also gas buyers will get a discount of 15 cents a gallon on the latter, though the odds are pretty good they won’t be overly concerned about their fuel bill.

Carson in Control?

According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll as detailed in the latter today from which the graphic below was swiped, the long-awaited denouement of Donal Trump may be at hand, engineered by none other than Dr. Ben Carson.

Of course, the odds are pretty good that the longer Carson remains perched at or near the top, the more his “outsider appeal” will fade as well, leaving the two trailing senators to pick up the pieces as actual voting nears.

The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made

You can skip the background info by going directly to about the 2 minute mark to see what it looks like inside a watch containing 2,800 components.

Also see this related Bloomberg story in which a new word is learned – horological … not sure that I’ll ever see that one again.

Great Scott! Back to the Future

Today’s the day – too bad things don’t look so good for the Cubs.

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