This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 5

Ron Paul on Donald Trump

Former Texas Representative and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul is not hopeful about the competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the White House.

And some deep thoughts from The Economist:

It is far from clear what Mr Trump believes in; where he has concrete policies, such as on the economy, they are completely implausible. His supporters aren’t interested in the details; it is the broad sweep (anti-immigration, isolationist) that they like along with the impression of decisiveness that he creates. In that sense, his appeal resembles that of a Latin American caudillo, or strongman.

When the ancient Greeks contemplated the idea of full democracy, they worried that emotional appeal, rather than reason, would sway the crowd. Plato wrote that

Popular acclaim will attend on the man who tells the people what they truly want to hear rather than what truly benefits them


The Republican Party is in for a tough slog (or, perhaps, knocked out) :

The good news is that the November election is only six months away.

Here’s what the Daily News had on its cover after the New Hampshire primary:

This should all be fun to watch…

Unprecedented Unpopularity

After last night’s results from the New York primary, the fall contest to see who moves into the White House next January is all but certain to include candidates who aren’t very popular, at least according to this poll from the Wall Street Journal.

The good news here is that, for those who have already given up on the U.S. political process (see the Serenity Prayer), it should be quite entertaining to watch.

High Prices and Whole Foods

We only shop at the grocery store for items we either can’t buy at Costco or can’t use fast enough (e.g., a 10 pound bag of onions), so, reports like this one from Marketwatch about high prices at Whole Foods falls into the category of fantastical.

We’ve been to Whole Foods stores a number of times over the years when we travel (from here, the closest one is 300+ miles away) and we just kind of marvel at the numbers we see on the shelves as shoppers go blithely on their way, toting their basket up to the register and then paying whatever the clerk says. I guess you’re paying for “the experience”…

Fun with Hillary

Saturday Night Live lampoons Democratic front-runner for president Hillary Clinton…

I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to four years of comedic takes on any of the current presidential candidates, though, if you had to rank the prospects strictly by their entertainment value, it would probably go Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders.

As any Daily Show fan could attest, Trump is the gift to comedians that just keeps on giving (though, admittedly, the idea of President Trump isn’t as funny as it was nine months ago), whereas the other three are more challenging (and not nearly as funny).

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