This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 5

Got the Wütburger?

The current issue of Spiegel with the cover below will no doubt be a big seller on newstands in the days ahead after next-door-neighbor Belgium was the victim of another terrorist attack (Spiegel cover story is here, news reports on bombings are here and here).

As best I can figure, this translates to “Got the Wütburger: You lied up there to all of us”.

Clearly, they’re angry in Germany too as, according to this story, one of the country’s new words this year is “Wutburger”, loosely translated as “enraged voter”, a term that is no doubt a reference to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis.

Hope for Human Evolution?

Don’t know exactly how this video was stumbled upon (blue whales were somehow in the mix) but it’s kind of interesting to think about what might be next for human evolution, particularly given the state of the species today (e.g., Syria, Trump).

The possibility of C-sections allowing brains to develop in the womb to sizes greater than the birth canal allows is one of the more outside-the-box notions here.

Of course, the downside (or, maybe not a downside…) would be big-head, small-body alien type features for future generations.

Alternative for Germany

Elections in Germany yesterday, elections in the U.S. tomorrow, both pointing to more turmoil ahead for democracies in the West, spurred in part by turmoil in the Middle East.


German anti-immigration party celebrates dizzying rise – Reuters
China says Donald Trump is a great example of why democracy is dangerous – Quartz

For anyone who has looked at reviews at (and that probably includes just about all of Western civilization), the distribution of positive and negative assessments (as indicated by the number of stars) in the image below must surely seem odd.

As detailed in this story at The Guardian, there’s a reason for this “ungodly row”, which, suddenly, has become all the more interesting with Mitt Romney’s speech today on the state of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

John Oliver Does Not ♥ Donald Trump

What was once considered a benign, yet target rich, environment for comedians (i.e., Donald Trump’s run for president) has, to the surprise of many, turned into something much, much scarier, prompting this intervention by John Oliver in advance of Super Tuesday voting.

Also see A New Chrome Extension Makes Donald ‘Drumpf’ Again from Wired, for anyone wishing to banish the name Trump from their browser.

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