This Has Nothing To Do With Alan Greenspan | - Part 5

Let it Snow

From this item at the Weather Channel on the Top 100 Photos of the year comes the image below depicting how “lake effect snow” around Buffalo can make life  interesting.

Of course, that first stop sign was probably pretty interesting too. More photos from the massive snowfall last month can be found here.

Let the Present Opening Begin

You Better Watch Out

It’s always good to hear this one around Christmas time…

NYPD Aftermath

The photo below from this Vice News story about the NYPD shootings over the weekend speaks volumes about what New York City police officers are feeling right about now.

Asking For Protests to Stop After NYPD Killings Is Standing on The Wrong Side of History, also from Vice News, provides some interesting historical context as the relationship between New York Mayor Bill DiBlasio and local law enforcement worsens.

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